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  • One of my colleagues got audit for two consecutive years and he received his green card last month.

    My worry is what if we pay panalty after IRS final decission on audit ?

    Did your friend have to pay the penalty any any of those audits.


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  • It would be a smart choice to accept those application, but based on USCIS recent behaviors, I really doubt their decision makers have that intelligence to make such a smart choice.

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  • Ok, So 32000 was our total expenditure for H1b, for all 22 of them.. My bad.

    Yes - Good Lawyers Take that much ... About $1500. Lawyer Fees.. 1200 Bucks, Educations Evaluation 200 Bucks, Postage 100 Bucks.
    I can get it done for $500 bucks, But Would you want your H1b to be done in Hyd/B'lore/BBy.. by some one who does not have clue ?... I don't think so.

    To Chi_Shark -- Why am I not entitled for the same things as you ? You have time to post stuff here, I guess You have a 'job' as well. Hope this answers it !

    The Point is not Reduction of HR Expenses. BTW, we are not as large to need a Para-Legal working in-house.


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  • AILAs take

    Immigration In Conference

    There are the three possible scenarios now that S.2611
    has been handed to the House:

    (1) the House does not name the conferees, hence no conference report and immigration reform dies this Fiscal year;

    (2) the House names conferees and goes into a contentious conference, resulting in no conference report and immigration reform dies this Fiscal year;

    (3) the House produces a conference report, immigration reform legislation is passed.

    If immigration reform fails in conference, a statute could still ensue. There is still opportunity for a Republican vision of immigration reform, i.e. emphasis on enforcement, to be enacted, if House Republicans choose to attach such legislation with the appropriations bill during budget reconciliation. Stay tuned.

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  • All EF work!

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  • Dominican Republic does not require a visa either.

    Thanks Sunny, I have updated the first posing.

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  • I am in 9th year extension with priority date 09/2002.

    My I-140 denied on 06/18/08n and immediately I485 also denied.:mad:

    I have Visa vailid till Jan09.

    1.If I change employer and able to get labor cleared before jan09 , can I apply for I140 PP and get H1B exension.

    2.Is the Priority date transferrable if I change the employer?

    You can carry forward the priority date only if the 140 is approved. You will have to start from scratch (ie. from labor) - it will be neck to neck, act fast.

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  • Hi Guys,

    I need your help on this. My cousin is running this small IT company in india and he mentioned that when US client sends their money to India via Pay Pal or some secure money transfer , they are charging them 4 % of transfer amount.

    He ask me that what could be the best way to avoid this fees , some of the option that we thought about,

    1) If they (cousin's company) open an bank account in USA and utilize this to transfer the money to indian bank account - Would they still need to pay US tax as money is being deposited into the US account?

    2) If I utlize my bank account - I think in this scenarion I have to pay the US tax for whatever money the client is depositing into my account in order to make this legal transfer

    3)If US client utilize remit2india, ICICI to transfer money which I highly doubt

    I appriciate your responce on this.

    lol you are complaining about 4% tax? :)
    1. not sure about this...normally you need a SSN or TaxID to open a back account here...however some banks dont require it...which is what illegal immigrants exploit.
    so if its done without a SSN or TAXID then you may get away without paying tax.
    However some companies wont pay you if you dont have a TaXID or SSN

    2. worst of the 3 ideas...cause u will be paying individual tax rate...of around 30% or more

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  • come on...folks...comments please?

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  • I believe my situation is a lot similar to man-woman-and-gc except maybe that I am single. This is what I have achieved so far after sticking to Company A for 4.5 years (this one was pretty big in size; so didn't have to worry about any paperwork):

    1) I-140 approved in August 2008 (total of 198 days till date i.e. March 5th 2009)
    2) I-485 pending since July 2007 (USCIS receipt date of September 29 2007)
    3) EAD valid till October 2010
    4) H1-B valid till October 2010
    5) PD: Feb 2007

    However as a preemptive measure against any potential layoff from company A, I have started looking around. I am preparing a checklist of things that I have to inform the other companies (say company B) so that the transition is smooth. The 2 main things I can think of to talk about with any potential employer are:

    1) I DEFINITELY want to maintain my H1-B; so they will have to transfer it. I will be pushing this to make sure I have the flexibility to get a dependent at any time

    2) They will have to help me MAINTAIN my GC process. For example any minor changes in the position requirements to show that the job is similar or same. Thats one reason I am primarily looking at similar work profiles

    I would GREATLY appreciate if someone from this thread can point me to any location or list out the things that I should be extremely careful about or notify to both my previous employer and the future employer to avoid any future pains in my GC process. A few things that I remember are as follows, but please provide more information that may be missed out here:

    1) Do I have to ask Company B to apply for anything relating to my GC? I want to make sure that they know and agree to all costs associated with the paperwork? Dont want to end up paying from my pocket as I have heard in a few cases before

    2) I believe since my I-140 is approved for more than 180 days or actually my I-485 being filed for more than 180 days, I am allowed to move, correct?

    3) Since my I-140 is approved and I have an EAD, can USCIS/Company A cause it to be revoked? OR it doesn't apply to my case?

    4) Do I need to ask Company A to maintain anything? Or just keeping good relations with them is enough :)

    Thanks a lot to everyone in advance. Please let me know at your earliest convenience as you never know when opportunities come knocking at your door. Its better to be prepared ;)

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  • Thank you thank you thank you sooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!! I didnt even know you had to do this!! I would put my receipt number in check status and worry like a fool. I am just plain stupid!!!!!!!

    After creating my account, I realized there has been updates!!! And now am thinking about all those days I worried.... what an idiot I am!!

    My husband would be very happy to know this. THANKS SO MUCH!

    you may see LUD changing frequently-whenever there is any action or whatever. I saw lud after fp , multiple luds for ead and case trf

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  • No. You do not pay double Taxes.

    US & Canada have a tax treaty. Nearly always Canadian Income Tax is higher than US, so you pay US taxes first and then when you file Canadian taxes you get credit for the amount of US Taxes you paid.

    so ex you make 70 K and your US Taxes come to 20 K , you go ahead and pay 20K. Then when you file Canadian taxes, your tax amt comes out to be say 25 K You will then only pay Canada Revenue 5 K difference.

    Only complication is Canada doesnt recognise US 401K contribution or mortgage as tax deductable, so you will have to calc Canadian taxes on gross income.

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  • Do you have a better way of increasing contribution?

    Anyways anyone can check people's contribution by looking through all the posts made by a user by clicking on "find all posts by user". It is possible but requires little bit of digging.

    It does not do any good. In my opinion.

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  • I live in the West suburbs (Des plaines)

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  • According to my attorney 2 things

    1. You just need the receipts to travel not the Ap approval perse.

    2. If your H1B petition is still valid, you are OK, if you notice the botton part of your petition is your original I94, so you are covered with that.

    3. according to my attorney CIS will take 45 days for the RD to deliver the I797 notice to you home, so if you applied the last days of July, by the 3rd week of September you will receive the I797 notice.

    As note my attorney was president of the AILA last year and her husband work in the CIS, so some how the info is trustable.

    Good Luck

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    add-on to autorefresh for all those Firefox users out there ....

    that's what i have ...

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    Kindly answer question posted--does IV endorse this??

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  • No halt at JFK..starting 1. nov 2008.

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  • abbe ghado...
    he is a worm...;-)

    LoL. The response from the senator (actually from one of his assistants, for Obama did not even read your letter), may appall you thoroughly, but it was completely expected. We may think of our predicament apocalyptic, but from the point of view of a wannabe president, it is not even a problem which requires a careful and personal reading of a letter. With huge issues like Iraq war and 12 million foreigners living illegally in the country bearing down on him, who has time for a few thousand law abiding workers waiting patiently in line.

    How disheartening it can be to realize that let alone helping solve your problem, this country has not even noticed our problem on its radar. Part of our problems is actually caused by illegal immigrants, and yet we are being confused as being one of them. The analogy may sound crude to many, but now I know how the Sikhs must have felt when they were the victims of hate crimes in the wake of 9-11.

    Somewhere in these forums I read somebody�s suggestion to rename the organization to legal-immigrants-first, or a similar sounding name. It may sound wholly redundant exercise to many of us, who are living the retrogression problem everyday, but it will make real difference in achieving our goals. We must first clearly identify and register ourselves in the eyes of leader of this country, before letting them know of our problems.

    My I485 is pending, recently I have changed my address online. I also recieved confirmation letters for this address change.

    After 2 weeks of address change, USCIS issued an RFE. I have not yet received it, but I just want to prepare for this.

    What could be the reason for this RFE? Is it common?

    People here have related change of address to RFE but I personally do not blv. it happens as I changed address 3 times and nuthing adverse happened.

    Wait for the RFE. It could be something minor. Since you are eb1 they might need something related to your job/experience. Each RFE is different and no one can predict what it could be. I have seen that 80-90% RFE can be replied easily so dont worry. Post again when you have information on what USCIS is asking for and I am sure that somone out here will be able to help you out.

    Good Luck.

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