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  • Yes, I agree - my experience has been the same. The customer service representative insisted the receive date was whatever showed up in the online status, even though it was ~45 days after the receipt date printed on my receipt notice.

    Btw, I have a question about background/namecheck. I remember reading someplace (official) that fingerprints are valid for a period of 15 months. Now imagine this - at the end of that period, you are fingerprinted again, and while the background/namecheck is in progress the "annual lottery" period opens up in Jul/Aug/Sept. Is that file skipped again since background check is pending?
    Regardless of what laws USCIS vouches for, I believe this is what happened during last year "lottery season" in Aug/Sept. My background check was completed and entered in the system mid-Aug., while the USCIS ran out of visa numbers a week or two later.
    Anything is possible my friend. We are only trying to understand (from remote) what may be happening. No one there really has any well defined method to manage cases. Their annual report tells how many cases were processed, and how many visas were given away. There is nothing to vouch on this report if it was done in any genuine and sensible sequence. Monthly published processing dates, as we all know, are approximate. They are not updated regularly as no one really knows how to determine those dates (Extremes "no one before this date is pending" and "at least one case with this date has been processed, may differ by several months/years?).

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  • july 2nd filer

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    Movt is not very bad for EB-2 India, but EB-3 India does not move!!

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  • Ron says it will be current for a "brief" period. (similar to july 2007 fiasco ?)

    It will be a good opportunity for people waiting to file 485. For people already in the queue, it may not make that much difference.

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  • This issue about parents falls under the "family re-unification" issue to a certain extent.
    It affects everyone not just EB category. There is a huge support behind this issue from many different immigrant groups.

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  • Project_A - Were you able to file eb2 and got approval after completing online MS ? Also how does uscis treat online MS compared to full time MS for eb2 approval ?

    I also have 3 year degree+1 year PG+ 20 years progressive experience. how can i get approval under eb2 ? I heard that uscis is now stricly looking for 4 year degree for all eb2 approvals.

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  • I'll look out for the revised version and take a look - nice job guys!

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  • OKay, when I commented on the English, I was trying to be funny (which obviously I am working on) and see if that can help you in the misinterpretation angle.

    Also, when someone does not support your theory, he/she is actually supporting you, by letting you know that your theory does not sound reasonable.

    Contact a Taiwanese/Asian lawyer and ask him to help you. You can add him as a lawyer, and even if you are replacing your lawyer, and if asked, you can claim language barriers with the old lawyer.

    And no, we are not experts here, and no one has claimed to be one, but I believe the real purpose of yours posting your situation here was to have ideas. There are thousands of thoughts going thru your mind on this situation and you are definitely not able to see thru clearly.

    I hope we were able to help you think more clearly, and sorry if we offended you.

    That's the last post I put here. Let this thread disappeared

    Firstly I am not from India where most of your guys come from. Instead from Taiwan 2 and half year ago. As travelled much between Asia countrys, no much time staying is US office although I based here. Yes, my English is poor and broken but this is not a fake story, make no sense for me. Just kill the time???

    When cops knock out your room, handcuff your hands on the back, force you stay down at the corner , if you could keep calm and state very clearly. I can only show my respect but unfortunately I did not make it. This is my first time. :( Should be the last time either.

    Now the negative point is mostly from my statement, no matter whether you believe, the attorney told me drag with anger is battery. we think that's okay does not mean it is okay on the law. So I wish you guys be careful on this kind of play around to avoid any trouble. I knew you all have better english than me. so you could explain clearly :) But Same level, do it on your spouse is even worse on a stranger.

    I create this thread just wish listen your opinion and try public view how much chance I can win the jury trail. Some of your advice is really helpful and I will take them.

    My wife is writing the mail to DA and wish it helpful to my case. I will have several rehearsal with my attorney in coming weeks. Anyway, we will fight for the justice and not accept that ridiculous battery charge.
    Any advice, please PM me, highly appreciated. If you suspect my honest, please don't waste your own time. Let's shut up on this thread and let it gone.


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  • My current EAD expires this Friday. I e-filed on May 5th. Infopass after 90 days did not help. They approved my expedite request on 19th and said I should hear something in 14 days which is another 5-6 days.

    I did contact my Senator (Cornyn) who actually offers to help with time-sensitive problems with federal agencies. This was about 2 weeks ago, even before I submitted my expedite request. I'm going to give them a call tomorrow to see if they have heard anything.

    Despite all my attempts, nothing happened at NSC. The last resort, Local Congressman helped. The staff did an excellent job, resolved the issue in a matter of hours. Not only my EAD was approved right away, they also arranged a Letter indicating that my case was approved, so that I can present it to my HR.

    Before I called the congressman's office, I did have very little or no hope, as I went thru many things. This is a very happy ending.

    Thanks, and if anyone in the same boat, pls try all your options.

    Good Luck

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  • The article is right on the money, but the country is wrong - it is written about Russia.
    I predict that the author of the "prediction" will disintegrate before the US.

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  • My question involves employment and labor law for the state of: CA

    I have worked with a company on h1b from 1st jul to 12 nov in 2007 on h1b visa. They did not pay me for last 45 working days. My employer is telling about the following clause in in my offer letter:

    SALARY: You will be paid an amount equal to a 70% basis of your bill rate based on the understanding that you will work with us for a period of at least one year. If you leave Company before completing 1 year of employment your compensation will be adjusted to a $55,000 per year basis and the excess amount paid to you will be deducted from the last two months of your salary.

    Please let me know whether this is legal to have this kinda clause in offer letter. Is there any way to get my salary?

    Thanks much!


    CA Law very clearly states all employee dues including vacation payouts will have to be cleared within 72 hours of the employees last day. Unless you have signed any agreement to withhold your salary, your employer has no right to withhold the amount.

    Even if you signed such an agreement and they withheld a penny more, feel free to call the DoL and your ex-employer will become an ex-employer

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  • I am posting the sheet. It is a rough draft. We will revise it tomorrow. I will keep revising it in place tomorrow, so please keep checking!

    Please post comments preferably supported by URL based facts. Thanks!

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  • If this is true, it is really scary for people who are solely on EAD and no longer hold H1 status.

    New Traps for Aliens Filing for a Green Card (

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  • I came to us 02 june, bought home in 03 August. I applied for GC in Sept 2006. GC has nothing to do with house. If you can get a loan and buy in a decent locality buying any time is beter than renting.

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  • this whole thing sucks. USCIS cannot adjudicate even I-131 on time. We have booked our travel tickets after 100 days of Received date of AP renewal application and looks like we have to cancel our tickets and waste $1800. This really blows and its attrocity to the core that USCIS cannot process AP renewals inside 90 days time period and its a shame that they are not answerable to anyone.

    Please post your info-pass experience. We are in the same boat. My wife's AP is pending since 6th June 2010.

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  • I am on H1-B, Can I buy 2 underwears? It will cost me 3 dollars in WalMart. Please is really critical!

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  • Contributed $50 thru paypal,

    Thanks for your effort.

    check if it is any help


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  • I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient. Fed measures such as interest rate cut and pumping money into the banking system is causing the dollar to fall thus further weakening the economy.

    Let alone threatening him on buying homes and cure the economic woes in a jiffy, with this kind of intelligent appraisal of the much-respected Fed chief, someone from IV should also volunteer to replace him as Fed Chief if he feels the heat. Still if he does not oblige, then we should stop filling gas (thereby worsening the crisis).

    I say, we all write to Bernake that some 10, 000 immigrants will buy homes if we all get a GC. 10, 000 may or may not buy a home, but let us just polish the numbers a little bit. 10,000 * 300,000 (average home price) = 1 million billion dollars . Actually the total figure is 3 billion $$; enough to give a massive jolt to the sagging economy. I think we should also write to Wall Street journal and all major news paper organizations about this.

    In America, people gets recognized when they offers a solution for a problem faced by the country. Whiners are (who write to Bush or Senators) do not get noticed nor are respected.

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  • we can come up with many excuses that would easily fall under "emergent personal or bona fide business reasons" category.

    I thought we must get ready with some reasons, when using AP to re-enter US. I have come up with some of my own that I may use:

    1) Grandpa or Grandma is sick (most common reason, perhaps no body uses it as a reason anymore)(bona fide personal reason)
    2) Land dispute (bona fide business reason)
    3) Parents home need urgent repair (bona fide business reason)
    4) Water shortage problem (bona fide business reason)

    My Wife was had to go to India for a medical treatment. The cost of the treatment is much less then here in the US (also most of the health insurance dont cover it). She plans to go back in the next few months, Is that a valid reason?

    just becoz u'r kid is not good in spellings.... it doesn't make it mandatory for some folks to be jealous in demeaning way...... maybe you feel bad that a 10 year old has better english vocabulary than you at 40..... whatever it is.... u'r not always in competition with u'r surroundings........ grow up and appreciate the effort & dedication that breaks human limits..... even if it is a 10 or 12 yr old.....

    software can write software too...... then y do we need programmers.... y do we need eb2 and eb3?

    y do we have 100m race if we have cars? y do we have swimming contest if we have boats & ships that can go lot faster....

    have an appreciation for things around u..... just becoz u'r not good at something..... or just becoz u don't think its important to u..... it doesn't mean that it doesn't have any meaning...... there is lot more to this competition that meets the eye..... u'll value it only if you open u'r eyes and make an effort to see.....

    In 2005 my first kid got an OCI as the rules were diiferent then but in 2009 the current rule is that one parent MUST be a US citizen and I had to take a PIO for my second kid in 2009.

    Following is from the FAQ`s of Indian consulate at SFO

    6. Are minor children whose both parents are Indian citizens eligible for OCI?

    You are correct. The rules must have changed recently. I wonder what made them make that change, Now children of US citizens (who were once Indian citizens) have an advantage over children who has both parents as Indian citizens. Weird.. isn't it?

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