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  • 2011 hardstyle wallpaper. hardstyle tecktonik wallpapers.

  • Time of signing the contract also is very important. If you signed the contract after H1 transfer or joining the assignment will not have much impact. Because you signed that contract under pressure or without any option. Also any unpaid time (bench) is plus point for you. You can extract that money from them easily after leaving the company. Recently there was such case in NJ.

    I think before joining any of these companies, as an employee we should ask these questions with out any hesitation. Before joining, these employers will talk very friendly. That point we can not ask below questions because employer looks like a friend.

    1) Conditions leaving the company.
    We should also agree for reasonable conditions. I think 6 months is reasonable. By that time they make their expenses.

    We should make it very clear that we are not going to stay with the company as bonded labor.

    2) GC Process. Attorney. Documentation.

    We should be very clear on what happens if you leave the company before getting GC.
    Will you get the paper work (Labor, I 140 copies) as soon they are approved?
    Transparency. Control over the process
    Can you have your own lawyer?

    3) Joining the client where you are working?
    most of us finding projects/clients on our own. There is nothing employer is doing to find these clients. What are the terms. In these difficult situations clients may not be ready to pay head hunting fee to middle company and your employer.

    4) Payment.
    When and how will we get paid?

    Even I did not ask these questions before joining. But moving forward I would like to ask these questions.

    Hello Guys,
    I need your advice here. Six month ago i joined one of the many blood suckers -Desi cosulting company in new jersey. As you all know, they ask me to sign their contract in which its mention that if i leave their company before 1 year then i need to pay them 15k. Thy also charge me 3k for my H1-B which i am still paying everymonth from my paycheck and we have 70/30. In just six months i am so much fed up with them. These people are so rude...always show their arrogance over phone. I have no libarity to find job by myself. They always looking for higher pay rate sp that their big money tummy get filled up.and i also feel that they didnt told me the right pay rate for the project i am working on right now.

    I really want to leave them, Even before 12 months. Is there any importance of that contract letter i signed with them?. Can they Sue me? What are my options? Please suggest me.....i am in stress.


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  • Dj Dread - Tecktonik v.2 (2010

  • [QUOTE=belmontboy;326916]sure prove me wrong.

    If you are telling me that VO or IO has access to all criminal records from all 51 states, i can't stop laughing here.

    If they have access, why do they even have a section for declaring voluntarily?? to test honesty of the applicant??[/QUOTe..

    I do not want to argue with you but can prove you wrong .. Give me your info and I will let u know if u have any records or not. Afet 9/11 all immigration systems are interconnected with the state and federal court records and minute one is arrested his name is there.. 100%...Talk to an attorney in the morning and pm me.. I will explain you how it works..

    Let us not shift the focus from the original question and if we do not have any answer let's sit back and let the guy face the consequences and make it an argument to prove who is wrong and right between us..

    I pray for you and hope you learn from your mistakes(not you belmont).. May God Bless you..


    What are you going to do with my info? run queries on state criminal record database??
    or do u have access to database that IO's use??

    You have to agree that either of us have the facts to prove the other is wrong. If you have, then Fed's are looking for you :D

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  • Anyone got their AP renewal approved? How long it is taking these days?

    I applied for EAD and AP renewals concurrently on May 28th and sent following support docs for AP.

    1. 2 photos.
    2. old AP copy
    3. I-485 copy
    4. Passport biometric pages
    5. EAD copy

    FP appnt on June 23rd.

    AP Approved e-mail on June 23rd.

    My wife's Receipt was just 10 nos difference but she hasn't got it yet.

    Hope it helps

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  • In EAD form, they are asking about previous EAD info..like which service center, what date, GRANTED or REJECTEd etc.. Now I had two EADs..one is OPT and other one I got last year. Do I have to write info for both one or just for last year?? In last year's form, I wrote info about my OPT. But what now?

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  • I am also in the same boat. Could anybody suggest some good affordable online universities?

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  • I got a reply for these letters from my local Senator. She just said thank you for expressing my opinion about this bill and she gave me the latest status on it.


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  • gandhi's non violent resistance is a universal thing
    MLK and a Mandela adopted it
    it is just a way to show protest.
    why are we arguing about this?
    call it any name you want. we need to regsiter our views and get media attention.

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  • llc and s-corp are same for the situation you brought up... however, you gotta be mindful of the "corporate veil"... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Piercing_the_corporate_veil trap... which can affect any company llc or corp... dont worry, there is nothing bad in it... just make sure that you keep real good records and separate business operations from personal...

    further i doubt that s-corp or corp is a promotion over llc as your post seems to suggest...

    anyway... your choice is not bad... and neither is mine...

    disclaimer: many experts dont consider wikipedia a reliable source of information.

    the low risk lies in the fact that any adverse decision you may have to take ever (God forbid) like bankruptcy does not affect your own personal credit history and assets. I am not sure whether the same exists for corp or not. So I may be wrong regarding the low risk factor of LLC. But I always had the notion of starting any venture as an LLC and then moving on to a corp.

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  • Try to respect people who are trying to 'buy' an MS degree for the purpose of greencard ? Instead of feeling sorry for their situation, you should feel sorry for the legit EB2 applicant who these guys screw up by taking this backdoor approach.

    If your argument is that after holding a US Masters , OP will not be a legit EB2 applicant, even you are not legit. Go get some education

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  • .....Just thinking aloud : Out of 11 finalist 8 were kids of immigrant parents (7 of them indian). is it just co-incidence ?....

    No they are not Indians. All those 7 kids are Americans.

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  • Guys ! I know couple months ago a lot of us got RFE's and the status says " response received and cased resumed" but nothing after that , do you'll think that they might look into our files even with different PD dates.

    I received RFE and later after submission of requested documents, the satus is now 'recieved and case resumed". Is it possible to know if a case is pre-adjudicated?

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  • You don't need guns my friend. You need Roses!!!;)

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  • I am from India and I have worked in the USA for the last 6 years. I have immigrated to Canada with a Job 6 months back to avoid overystaying. My experience in Canada is very bad. I am a MCAD and Sun Certifitied Developer having more than 8 years experience. I am looking for a job for more than 3 months in Canada and still not able to get a job. There is lots of racism here and people are not polite. I have been regularly applying for .NET jobs and the response is very bad. Maybe because I am from India. Try avoiding Canada as much as you can.

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  • Project_A - Were you ablle to file Eb2 and got approval after doing online MS ? How does USCIS treat online MS compared to full time MS for approving under eb2 ?

    I also have 3 year degree + 1 year PG+ 20 years progressive experience. How can I file under eb2 ? I heard that USCIS looks for 4 year degree for approval under eb2.

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  • Your sense of humor is pretty low class, crass and ill-informed.

    Thank you brother!!

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  • added a small contributioin of $100.

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  • If you don't take the hunting class, I highly recommend a firearm safety class. Almost all firearm accidents are caused by human error and there are many technicalities you need to know (e.g. what to do if the cartridge malfunctions or fails to fire) to not endanger yourself or those around you.

    I recommend going to a nearby firing range and renting some firearms at the range and trying them out. You have a better chance of finding handgun rentals than long-gun rentals. The range will likely only ask for your Driver's license and will make you take a safety exam before they let you loose on the range. The experience at the range will help you determine if firearm ownership is right for you (noise, recoil, etc.). Go with a smaller caliber and a heavier firearm for a more manageable recoil the first time.

    Good info. From the pamphlet it is clear that if you have resided in the State where you are buying the handgun for 90 days and intend to make a home in that State AND are in possession of a valid hunting license or permit lawfully issued in the US the you are eligible to purchse a firearm from an FFL to possess in the US.

    I checked the GA Department of Wildlife website and you can get a license online for hunting in a matter of few minutes by paying a small fee unless you intend to hunt Deer for which you need to undergo hunting course.

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  • http://www.usinpac.com/issue_details.asp?News_ID=4

    They have got nothing for people like us on their agenda. Another bunch of political opportunists.

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  • These USINPAC folks are shameless creatures who will take credit for the sun shining tomorrow morning. Lets send this guy Sanjay Puri, Robinder Sachdev and his fraudsters team a dictionary so that he knows how to spell IMMIGRATION correctly even if he has some malicious thoughts and actions in his mind. All they are good at is to do photo oppotunities and do these frauds where they claim to have worked or be working on an issue. I can also do the fund raisers and get photos taken. But there is where it stops with USINPAC. The politicians walk away with the money and turn their back on them and these guys start looking for the next politician to do a fund raiser for and get photo opportunity. How much more foolish can this get?

    I agree with you 100%. I think Anti-Immigrants like NumbersUSA and Tom Tancredo is better than USINPAC. For Anti-immigrants atleast we know where they stand and we know what to expect from them. usinpac is the worst kind of disease for the community where they can trick you anytime and you will not even know when they are stabbing you at your back. They just want to do photo-ops and claim the credit for the things they didn't even know. I live in VA and most people in Indian community in northern VA know about the inside story of these scamster. Initially a few lawmakers got the impression that usinpac represent the Indian American community, maybe that is what the con-artist at this org conveyed to a few lawmakers. Now everybody in DC area, including the lawmakers, know the truth about this group. A journalist friend in MD told me that even press and reporters know about this totally useless org called usinpac.

    It is one thing if they do something and then claim credit for doing it. The problem is first of all they claim to represent entire Indian American community; on top of that they do not do anything about the any issue including green card issue. But when they see something happening they will try to take ownership of anything moving and will try to make a show that things are moving because of them. Just as in this case, all the members of IV sent flowers and these guys are releasing press release to tell to the world that they are the once doing this drive. Such press release from them is extremely damaging as the basic intent of the ENTIRE flower campaign was o draw media attention. In this case usinpac did not spare all the people spending days and nights to coordinate, Nixtor and English_august and thousands of people who sent flowers. How can someone stoop so low? Now they want to get media attention and that is why they have sneaked in this press release. IV core must come clean on this and clearly renounce these consistent immature acts of these con-artists. This org with extremely bad reputation and we must stay as far away from them as possible.

    Try Tri Valley

    I called some and it feels like not many had started calling yet.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.
    Please Call.

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