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  • hi guys,
    The PD current for EB1 in the month of Oct.
    I have filed my I-140,I-485 on Oct10 2007 in the category of EB1.
    But until now i did not receive any confirmation notice..
    Can anyone say what should i do now or have to wait for some more weeks?

    Thanks in advance...

    Give them some time.

    It has only been 15 days since you applied. They can take upto 2 months to send you the 485 receipt notice due to the huge influx of 485 applications they received over the past 2 months.

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  • I had posted the prediction stuff as a simple questions... sorry if i had created ripples within this young movements....

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  • // you are right on the money!!But i don't see any use for guys with PD>2006 coz anyway they would have to wait for more than 3 years to file their spouses bcoz of retrogression. y not wait for PD's to bcum current at a later date and apply together..GET IT!!! //

    Only use applying for 485 now single is to be eligible to apply for EAD anytime. And if your spouse decides to study (F1) or work (H1), you can apply and get your EAD and use it. Once the PDs become Current, you can add her case (AOS) and her EAD too at that time.

    If you think that your spouse would remain on H4 no matter what, then you are correct, there is no use filing 485 alone now.

    What say ???

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  • You all are right that we should not divide ourselves on EB2 and EB3 basis. But it is true that there is no hope for EB3 unless the point is raised for it in IV drive. EB3 is a hopeless case. People are so frustated since they are unable to decide about their future. Let's do something for it too.

    I am glad that some EB2 guys can empathise with us....EB3(I) is completely hopeless....but I doubt if IV will take this up...even a small admin fix like applying the spillover to EB3 this year...that will take away some stress on the EB3(I) pipeline....

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  • I received my EAD last month. But no AP yet. However, i received an email from my lawyer today AP got rejected. The rejection letter is saying that I485 got approved that's why the I131 is rejected.....therefore, my lawyer is waiting for the I485 approval.....but my lawyer told me that I can expect my card soon.

    I don't know how to react. The online doesn't have any update about the I485 status yet. They received my application on July 2, 2007.

    I am sorry if you have answered this question before. Did you made a phone call to USCIS and tried to get update on your case from IO instead of relying on your Attorney ?

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  • You can change your signature now - no more waiting:)
    Ha - good point!

    There you go

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  • gc101, if you are not able to get married before you you file your I485 (by Aug 17th). I would recommend that you file alone. these are my reasons for this recommendation:
    1) You have more options open to you for your wife after you file I485 (ie. throught family based categories, even though the wait time is 7 years).
    2) If you don't file now and have to wait for you PD to get current, with the current laws that might be close to 6-7 years. In this time you might get your GC and your citizenship too. After citizenship your wife can get her GC very quickly.

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  • My Priority date is April 09, I don't have I-140 and no EAD ofcourse. I bought a house last year.. whatever you say, i want to live every moment of my life. While coming to US 5 years back i came with just $500 never thought that i will stay in my own house one day in US.. I want to enjoy every moment of it. In future i am not sure what will happen you can't plan everything, atleast in my case, my plans never work out because destiny always plays its part and the plan gets Fcuk up. I don't want to rely on GC or EAD for happiness because its destiny.. if i am destined to get it i will get one day else forget it... i will go back.. If i had to get GC i would have got it long time back.. me and my friend applied for labor in Mar 06 he got is GC last year... but i am still stuck with my new PERM.. so there is no point in holding back your happiness.. just do what makes you happy.. after all it depends on each individual. Initially i did the same thing rented an apartment saved money and use to watch visa bulletins... its time to live life the way i want.

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  • Assuming that AC21 documentation does reach my file, is there any harm in it?

    I am not sure, but I have heard that most cases go through just fine because AC21 protects you, but only when ex employer withdraws the support for 140, some officers may want to ascertain that the new job is satisfying AC21 criteria and may ask foer more information than that was provided - now all this is based on what people talk about in the forums and on my discussions with people, as such, if you are doing everything by law there should not be any issue

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  • Hi All,

    I filed my I485 in 08/05 and my labor date is 07/05 in perm. My I140 got approved in 2007.
    I was in bench for around 6 months in 2008 starting from Jan 1st to 06/20th. I took full time position in last week of 06/08 and continuing in the same job. I got RFE on my I485 and asked for employment verification in 12/09. My attorney replied with presnt employment letter and applied for AC21 also at the same time. Now i got another RFE asking for last 5 years employment letter, w-2 forms and tax returns.

    Can some one please let me know how i can handle the period that i was in bench in 2008.


    Follow the advise of your lawyer.

    Following is my take on this (I am not a lawyer):

    - I dont think you need to have "continuous employment". (I am assuming that you were not any employement visa (H1) during the "bench period"
    - You already have EVL letter that states that "a permanent job -same or similar- is ready for you once you get your GC"--that is your AC21
    - Your 485 was filed way before "bench period".
    - During the bench period if you were only with "pending 485 authorized period of stay" (ie. not on H visa), you were not "required" to maintain employment any way. (If you were on any employment visa, you are out of status during that period).

    So my advise: Just submit all the documents related to your employment history. Do not lie or falsify any information. You will be just fine.

    Again, this is just my opinion. Follow the lawyer's advise.

    Good Luck.

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  • The fact is Obama has not done anything he promised about immigration. He just speaks a lot and acts very little unfortunately...

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  • Can we send email to George Bush Directly

    Dude, The President doesn't make laws...he only signs off on them.



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    They obtained authorization to file the lawsuit. They had it prepared to file and received good response from possible plaintiffs. It was possibility of good strong case by AILA that deterred USCIS to reverse the decision without a formal lawsuit. This is exactly what we need to further our cause. USCIS could care less about other petty tricks. They will only understand language of laws/court. For that we need congress to pass laws favoring us.

    Our decision to send flowers was initiated around 2-3 July and the first of flowers were booked to be sent the same day.

    follow this thread

    the talk of AILA filing a law suit was around 3 week of July and murthy about the same time. The flower campaign got quite a lot of attention and it did play its role

    What we need now is not another flower campaign but something else. We could take the suggestions of other IV members, may be sending a letter is not a bad idea with some extra postage stamps to help out the USPS since they also reduced some of their services due to funding issues. How about sending few $$ donations to the military fund any public fund to be used to spending.

    We need to consolidate all these threads in to a single one and start working on it and quickly.

    'While the jews argued about whether the romans were right or wrong they got sacked'. so lets have some focus and get something underway

    - kris

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  • EAD Renewal's are eligible for premium processing, so if you really need a renewed EAD to change a job, it's almost comes down to paying an extra $1000 to get it within 15 days. As far as a new EAD goes, USCIS will have to process it within 90 days. Now that they have stopped issuing Interim EAD's , if you go to to the USCIS local office after 90 days of filing the initial EAD applications, they are obligated to come back to you with an answer on why your application has still not been adjudicated. If you do a google search on interim EAD termination, you will find a couple of links about some law firms planning a class action lawsuit to dispute this. This is still not an issue because most people get their EAD's within 90 days, but you can almost bet your bottom dollar that there will be a hue and cry( read class action lawsuit ) if the first time EAD's get delayed more than 90 days because of administrative delays for reasons such as backlog.

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  • ^^^^^^^^^^^^

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  • Its very interesting to read about people�s different perspective about same thing we are all after.. lets ask ourselves.. honestly why we do want GC and I am sure we all would have multiple reasons for this in our subconscious but would not like to bring it to forefront because it would only undermine our own ability to fight it or make life more stressful.. but end of the day we all want this card.. for me I want it mainly for security and peace of mind�lets look at the different situations.. these might be extreme but we all might have thought about these situations atleast at some point in the recent past� .. and especially the people in the seventh year

    1. You are in your seventh year� and you loose you job�.what is the first thought that comes to your mind.. I got to pack and leave .. pack your home of seven years and all your possessions you collected, in two suitcases of 50lbs each and leave�forget the Flat Screen TV,, forget all the electronics and the two cars you love ... just list them in craigslist �

    2. You have home which you bought with so much pride�what do you do? ..List it.. make a desperate sale in this falling market.. loose a ton of money and leave�and don't even talk about all the silk plants..floor lamps.. the furnishing,, they are for the yard sale on the Saturday..

    3. You have child whom you love and have plans for them.. love the school.. are an active member in the PTA � all of sudden what you do.. pull them out of school, move them from the only culture and the country they have known the only President they know is Bush and the only national anthem they have learnt is "The Star-Spangled Banner"�to another place where they don�t even understand the language forget the culture, national anthem etc..

    4. Think about your spouse.. they have adopted themselves to this lifestyle.. probably felt lonely when you moved here 7 years but now like it.. its time for them to move back�why because your don�t have a GC

    5. Forget the Golf and Tennis you enjoy so much here �it was all a very good dream..

    1. You are educated.. have a masters, have a professional degree.. but have been in the same position and department because of your long wait for GC, what happens� the fresh college graduate or the dumb blond who joined two years back and whom you taught how to log into the network is now your peer and you are still on the same desk doing the same job getting the 2% raise and working even more that you can keep you job..with a new dumb boss.. who thinks you are so dumb that you have been in the same job for so long time..
    2. All your batchmates are doing great..some of them are now sweating to be VP�s having risen by changing jobs �. You are still years away from that situation.. what do you do.. stop attending alumni meets and envy the mails in your yahoo groups from people..
    3. Seven years in US.. you have made your professional contacts.. and have a social network.. in which you invested your time and effort.. loose your job in the seventh year.. and all these contacts are nothing but an occasional international long distance call in future..

    Last but not the least� flight back home to your country is not going to be as smooth as the flight to US was seven years back.. back home look for a job..learn the whole new professional culture �and then set up a new home,,new school for kids�.why because we could not get a GC.. which was not in our control.. and because some stupid insane guy sitting in cave 10K miles away decided to terrorize the people in America in 2001.. and make life difficult for all the people..including people in H1...

    We might all go back to our home country one day.. but the ride back home would be much more pleasant and happier of a choice we made and not because we did not get a GC�

    Good Luck and lets keep up the effort... :)

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  • Too tired to type, Please send me your phone number via a personal message. I will try to explain this to you.

    Update: I called him and explained.
    Hope that helped srikant.

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  • EB3/FEDEX delivered on 02-Jul-07

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  • reality is, a contraction of US growth of this magnitude was never anticipated...there is strong fear of deflation!

    its a do or die situation for immigrants. regardless of the visa status EAD , H1, L1, B1...or Z1.. the only hope of us to get a temp fix which helps the housing/eb crisis..

    So your solution is to open a thread with new annonymous ID and blame all Telgus for your problems

    I saw that you posted with your ID and then deleted it to avoid being caught. Now tell me who is fake?

    Why dont you do something instead of blaming IV and Telgus

    Let us talk about EB3-India category experiencing the discrimination against EB2-India. Why there are few EB3-India approvals this FY so far???????.

    Simple. COntribute to IV and work as a team. Are you ready?
    This is so outrageous! :mad:

    What can legals do then to change the situation? :confused:

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