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  • applied on 29th june
    reached on 2nd july TX.
    our checks got cleared on 15th AUG.
    on 17th our i-765(EAD)-status changed to card production ordered.
    but we are waiting of our receipt and FP notice

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  • A Tennessee woman sent her "7 Years" old adopted son back to Russia "ALONE" in a flight saying that "Its over".

    Can a 7 Years old understand what is going on around him, he was already in an orphanage and this lady sent him back alone saying "no need for him anymore".

    Hell, you guys are talking about "immigrations and citizenships", there is something beyond those called "Basic human rights"

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  • congrats!;)

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  • There is a very clear distinction b/n Legal and illegal immigrants. He loves chinese food, indian food. He never says he does not like other cultures. What he says is that others come into this country and try to claim that it is their own country and start doing things the way they want to do. But legal immigrants for the most part are different they come here and play by the rules. they speak english, they love america and that is the reason they stay here. I think it is very important to talk to him and see what his stand is on this. It does not hurt. It is tough to get thru' to talk to him and hence I posted the message here so that others can also try and may be one of us will get to talk to the guy. If we just stick to the IV talking points and tell him we love america and of course are english speaking ( we are definitely not lying) he will be fine.
    I would not recomen contacting Mr Savage. He does not appear to be the person that would help our cause.
    He is openly anti-latino, openly calls for burning of mexican flag etc..

    why do you think he would support legal immigration?

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  • If he stayed for 180 days and used AC21 then AC21 WILL protect this person

    Just to add, this is the risk of not working for the company after getting the EAD. The employer can easily prove that the person had no intention of working for the company. AC21 cannot protect that person.

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  • I currently have the Canon Powershot S50 which i'm selling.
    Looking into the minolta Dimage A2 and the Olympus C5060.
    Looking to spend about 1300.
    I mainly take indoor shots . and looking to print pics as big as 11 x 17
    Got the epson 1270 printer .
    any suggestion would be appreciated..

    thanks janey

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  • Kumhud2 - respectfully, money is much more helpful than additional ideas.

    Please contribute $$ if you haven't already.

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  • Stop polluting this thread..! Please stand on your respective street corners and voice your opinion...!!!

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  • Please donate that extra money meant for leisure to IV instead going to Bahama this year. You may help yourself doing this and that humble act may get your GC quick and thus enable you to enjoy cruises to Bahama every year without worrying about Visa validity and time lines.

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  • I was with Swede and the Polish guy at the rally. I myself chose IV over other organization precisely because the diversity and the common ground IV embraces--they represent the true American Dream and the fundation of Democracy.

    The diversity: IV was initially established by a group of Indians, but it has a welcoming attitudes toward anyone who has suffered, is still suffering, and will suffer from the broken system.

    The common ground: IV clearly estabishes that English is the language for the forum (at least the main forum). By setting the language, the IV sends a message of welcome to all who share the American Dream. By including individuals across countries of origin, IV recognizes the nature of the Great Melting-pot and shows that we have the ability to be inclusive, tolerant, and work together on a democratic basis.

    Let's make efforts to mobilize people across countries of origin and work towards success! KEEP IV STRONG!

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  • Pappu,

    Do you know why the 485 was denied? It seems AC21 was invoked, more than a year after 485 was filed.

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  • I would suggest not to risk renewing your passport in India just because you don't know if you would get stuck for some odd reason or another or not. As many have already posted on this thread - do it in the US if you have the time. I did my passport renewal from the SFO office a couple years ago and it was a simple straightforward process by mail (2-3 weeks).

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  • While NolaIndian plays the PM. This could be "The IV Fundraising Event" of 2008. It should be lot of fun

    Sure - great - lets get this to work :)

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  • Any Updates on this ... When is the Full House Hearing Scheduled , it was supposed to be on 23..jun

    If it happens it will be all over. So, just wait. It is tough to get an answer here.

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  • When my wife registered to the University here in New Hampshire they did not ask her for status.... and she did not bother to ask. She showed driver license and proof that she had been living in the state for more than one year. University registered her as a resident.

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  • I am in

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  • Thanks for your help. I will try and see if they can issue a BC with my mother's name. I am not sure whether they can accomodate that in their fixed format, but its worth a try!

    In your case, you have the birth certificate, so you don't need to submit the non-availability certificate. It is better you contact your municipal office and apply for your birth certificate with your mother's name included.


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  • Another pixel battle? Cool, I might enter myself in that one... I'm nowhere the standard of you two, but I could give it a go.

    Tell us your idea, then one of us mods can post the official entry details...

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  • Hello Gus
    My understanding is that Sen Maj. Leader and Min leader pick senate
    conferees. Similar with house. Democrats support the bill. Most of the
    republicans oppose it. House and Senate Bill are different like day and
    night. The bill has to pass because.

    1. Enforcement and Boarder protection is highly needed and the house
    really want it. If they need it they have to make some sacrifice accepting
    guest workers program with slight modification etc. Otherway the CIR supporting conferees may not agree and bill dies leaving things same as now
    which nobody wants.
    2. Election is approaching. Most of the leaders in Rep party openly admitted
    that Enforcement only bill will affect them adversly
    3. Mr. Persident is a strongly supporting Guest Worker program.
    4. If a enforcement only bill is pased thats going to affect the relationship
    with Mexico.

    I believe the House is against legal immigration too. Otherway some provisions might have survived in the budget bill. My biggest worry is that
    if CIR supporters and Opposers (conferees) will be happy to remove legal immigration provisions in the in the reconcilation process and call it deal!


    My understanding is that the legal immigration provisions were dropped from the "Budget" bill because the senate was planning to re-introduce Conprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR) bill. House probably didn't want to address it in an ad-hoc manner. House Rep. have always said, Border first.

    Honestly, from the senate debates it was obvious the issue is border security and illegal immigration. Legal immigrants took back seat in senate. Lets see if their issues are understood and the CIR passes House with the current provisions.

    "invoke AC21 without waiting for six months" - I completely agree , that is a great idea if IV feels it is not asking for too much in one bill.

    I think its good idea to try to add just one demand i.e. I-485 filing provision without current priority date into Supplemental resolution bill. But I think it will be really nice to try to get ability to change employer without waiting for six months(after filing 485) into the bill also. So that person can invoke AC21 without waiting for six months. I think both of these provisions go hand in hand.

    Does anybody know when the next session is starting and when are they going to start discussing this bill and when will we be able to find out if our provisions are there or not?

    Due to the retrogession,we cant file 140/485 concurrently till PD is current anyway.

    Please explain what this new legistation means?


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