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  • This new proposed rule will not matter for retrogressed categories / countries.

    It will affect the lucky few whose PDs are current and can file concurrently. It certainly looks like they are enforcing (FORCING) premium process I-140s down everyones' throat now. It is a very typical dirty ploy from this administration.

    Think twice before you talk about corruption and bribes in third world countries. We all know how this system 'works' now...

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  • I got my Wife's and son's passports renewed at NY. I printed the phtos on the computer. My wife's i mailed it(got it back in 1 week). My sons i went to NY. If you go before 11AM, you can collect it back same evening. I did this almost 18 months ago.

    Hope this helps

    Thanks for the response. Did you use 3.5cm x 3.5cm?

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  • Here is the report of Mr. Bo Cooper:

    and Ms. Phyliis Norman:

    They are very knowledgeable about what is going on

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  • As I have argued in another post, this does not mean that the office is not aware of the problem. I think it means that they know the problem but don't have a good answer. This is a common strategy when you don't have a good answer.

    I put the line "I am not requesting H1B quota increase" as my first line. I still got the above rant. The last line says they will keep EB GC issue in mind. They know the problem.

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  • sorry 2004 labor was RIR, 2007 labor was perm offcourse

    So what happened to 2004 labor and I-140/485 based on that? Is that dead file or you ported?And 2004 was EB3 based or EB2 based? 2007 one EB3 based or EB2 based?

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  • My mother was here last year for almost 9 months (I got her visa extended). I thought one can only claim a person on visitor visa as dependent if he/she is a US or Canadian permanent resident. Is this not true? If not, how can I claim exemtions for her if she is back in India.

    The key is to get IRS to issue her an ITIN. Not sure if you will be able to get her ITIN unless she is physically in the US. Please check with your local IRS office. They are quite helpful. You can amend your 2006 taxes in 2007, 2008, or even in 2009, I believe.

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  • done...

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  • that the company did not hire any replacement for you?

    That company has not hire anyone, they have to let go some people. We all were waiting to see if bussiness got better. It did not.

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  • yes job market in canada is not good. Alberta (but ist very cold though) is doing better because of the oil sector (oil prices very high)

    Some use the 3 years stay neeed (for citizenship application ) to do some
    mba etc there that uses up the 2 years. and hang on there for a year
    and with canadian citizenship work in us on TN1 visa.

    otherwise canada is not that great....but is US great on H1B and married with chidlren ? Basically u have to decide between stay in India or Canada taken citizenship for ur family and then move to us.

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  • ETIN is a MUST for any company to pay a different company. Remember, when Company-A pays Company-B, Company-A shows that amount as EXPENSE (or Loss) on their tax filing. So, if there is loss somewhere, there must be a profit somewhere. Therefore Company-A will show that the expense or loss was due to paying that amount to Company-B.

    IRS does not care about names, it identifies companies and individuals only by numbers (SSN, ITIN, ETIN, etc.)

    lol you are complaining about 4% tax? :)
    1. not sure about this...normally you need a SSN or TaxID to open a back account here...however some banks dont require it...which is what illegal immigrants exploit.
    so if its done without a SSN or TAXID then you may get away without paying tax.
    However some companies wont pay you if you dont have a TaXID or SSN

    2. worst of the 3 ideas...cause u will be paying individual tax rate...of around 30% or more

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  • I recently came across an old friend of mine. I was shocked to hear his case. He is an original applicant EB3 India with PD of September 1998. Please note he is the original applicant and this is not labor substitution.

    Here are the details

    Sep 1998 : Applied with Texas Workforce Commision as regular Non RIR.

    Oct 2001: TWC asked to do recruitment. No action was taken on submitting results.

    October 2006 : Labor finally approved from Dallas BEC. Concurrently file I 140 and I 485.

    Jan 2007 : I 140 approved.

    Nov 2007: Took Infopass appointment. Was told case pending name check.

    This case is absolutely amazing. My friend doesnt care anymore since he recently married US citizen (genuine case ABCD). He has worked at the same company since 1998 and stuck to stupid job (non IT). My PD is August 2001 and seeing his case I am getting mentally prepared for much much longer wait.

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  • There are always going to be people who can not see other people succeed.
    Anyday EB2 wait times are always going to be better than EB3, so if anybody has a chance to port they should. It does not make sense to rot in EB3.

    If only my employer was so helpful.

    Why are you jealous. Seems like he is qualified for EB-2 and applied it.

    Buddy, I am in the same situation with an American company for which I am working since 2002. I applied in EB-3 (at that time per the job requirements). Company is ready to promote me but I am not accepting due to my EB-3. They decided to file labor for the future job which comes under EB-2. They filed it and waiting for approval.Once I get labor and 140, yes I will use EB-2 and take the promotion. How is this become an abuse, can you expalin? In my view if you get an offer for the future job in EB-2 category and not use that opportunity then that is called abusing yourself not the law.

    What's wrong there other than making some people jealous.

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  • Your lawyer is cheap. I paid 7500 for 1 labor certification.
    Question for you. What USCIS fees did you pay. I don't recall any USCIS fee on labor stage.

    I think your lawyer is screwing you. $7,500 just for labor certification.

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  • every drops count!! there is no single solution that would buyout all the foreclosures. Immigration is one of the major factors in fueling the economy.. folks, dont tell me that the legal immigration took away the jobs of an american.. may be one or two cases, most of the cases employers could not find any US people to fill ( high tech jobs). Letting the current non-immigrants to have GC, is not going to take away the new jobs.. all these non-immigrants are already in good paying Jobs.

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  • got the numbers from the attorney

    just got email from CRIS that my 485 has been transferred to TSC as my 140 was approved last year from TSC

    How did you got your RN and ND. Did you call USCIS? or got from your Attorney?

    I filed on July 23rd and signed by R. Pitcher at 9.29 AM and no news so far.


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  • Are you sure? Cause I did work with them, no one imagined the crisis of real estate was going to be soooo steep and also no one imagined that my i-485 was going to be approved so fast.
    I can proof I worked with them from 2002-2006 (4 years). They gave me a letter saying they still not able to get me a job, i did have intent to work with them.

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  • Yeh thats what I thought :beam:

    Although it seems quite a restrictive theme theres room for lots of variation :P

    What does everyone else think? Maybe I'll start a new thread because no ones paying any attention to this one lol, I'll do that now...

    - Soul :goatee:

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  • Excellent sanju...CNN is FOX News in a closet. There is no independent media left anymore.

    Larry King pushed Michael Moore schedule to cover Paris Hilton interview. That shows their committment to quality news.

    I will do the same.

    A few days I called Comcast to disconnect CNN and CNN headlines from my cable. The Comcast representative was surprised as to why I want to cut CNN. She transferred me to her supervisor. The supervisor noted down my complaint and said that he will get back to me in 3 business days. Next day I got a call from Comcast that they will block CNN entirely from my cable. I thanked them as I will not have bigotry coming into my house anymore.

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  • This is a million dollars question on everybody's mind. Although the books says you can, I bet no body will take the risk.
    Nobody can predict when July filer will get AP too.

    There is a good chance I am taking this risk. But if there is any hope I will wait. Contrary to that if there is no hope I don't want to keep waiting until July next year for AP.

    it looks real this time...

    It is known that many employers and their attorneys do not provide their employees with the 485 receipt number. To avoid unnecessary trauma and strain on the employer-employee relationship, we should request USCIS to send a copy to the applicant whether 485 was filed with or without G28.

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