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  • Hi all,
    my priority date is jan 2003.first ours was at TSC and then it was transferred to VSc and now it was transferred to TSC.

    Wow !!! did you check with an Infopass?

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  • My first PERM (through company A) was denied, as I told before, just because the PERM software automatically denies application with requirements that exceed "normal" SVP level. (Moreover, it accuses you in claiming that the requirements are normal, even if you didn't claim that!) I am not preparing a second appeal. I am preparing a second PERM filing through another company.

    I couldn't really find any information about the appeal process on the LC once it is denied. the ironic thing is that my first LC was approved then after I got promoted to a senior position and applied for a second LC, the 2nd LC was denied because they think there is no difference between the 1st and 2nd position. does the DOL have an automatic system that processes the LC and that why it coudn't see the difference between the 2 positions??
    where can i find more info about the appeal process?? any links to go to??

    Styrum: did your lawyer give you any info on how long the appeal process takes? and the probability of success in the appeal?? Thanks

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  • great work everyone. thank you nycgal and others that took initiative and pushed this effort further. committed members like all of you in this thread help us a lot by sending emails to reporters. several letters highlighting a particular issue generates interest in reporters and media orgs and they choose to write about us. It is not easy to get even a single article published in newspapers and it is due to the efforts of our members, we are able to generate awareness. There is still a long road ahead of us and I am sure with active participation from everyone, we will surely succeed.

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  • :mad:

    I am taling abt the state depts official site

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  • Those of you who are now thinking that being able to file 485 will give you freedom - just read through the list to see how many 485 filers (mainly Indians and Chinese) are stuck in the name check russian roullette.

    This is one of the biggest bottleneck to 485 and naturalization processing. Most would think it would catch moslems - in reality it catches anyone in "hi-tech" and more often than not Indians, Chinese and Russians. And ofcourse Koreans too. One of the person's stuck in name check commented on the above link - if the FBI knew that a fifth of the nation shares the last name Kim! I guess the same would go for Wu, Yu, Zhou, Singh, Kumar etc.

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  • I contributed just now.

    I hope after the concall this weekend, more people will contribute.
    Suggestion, can you guys highlight what our lobbying firm has done so far and what it will do fot he upcoming bills ? Seeing that progress will make a lot more come forward.

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  • Dont worry, I am sure, being the feminist he is, he wont mind :)

    I dont disrespect females...anything wrong with that?

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  • Guys,
    Regarding Mathew Oh comments:

    "...There is a possibility the DREAM Act could be passed, allowing the children of undocumented immigrants (who complete their high school educations in the United States)..."

    How do you think the passage of the DREAM ACT could impact our situation ? If they pass this, they would relief a sizeable portion of illegal immigrants to get amnesty through their children (few millions). I am just wondering whether the illegal alien supporters would lose steam to support CIR after this ? Ironically, they would get a sizeable amnesty, overhelm USCIS with millions of applicants and probably make the passage of a CIR bill more distant. I can't think of something less advantageous to us than this. I hope I am totally wrong.

    What do you guys think ?
    There are favorable indications from the industry that they will get increased H1Bs. There is hence a strong belief among many lawyers that the H1B lobby will provide some relief. But we need to meet lawmakers so that they don't forget about the Green cards.

    If you live in NY state, please contact bottlemani or myself. We need to organize ourselves before meeting the lawmakers. We will also have to take the trouble to drive to their offices. If we don't do this, all these pessimistic predictions will come true. Believe me, meeting the folks in the offices of the lawmakers makes a huge difference.

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  • We have a huge task ahead of us. Looks like anti immigrants working against us.

    Surprised Hillary and gang did this.

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  • I think its already failed. Needed 60 votes to pass and 5 didnt vote(i guess they dont wait for the people who were absent while voting)

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  • July 2 07:55am Fedex

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  • One interesting point that came out of that recent hearing.

    PD movement results in both 485 approvals + new 485 filings. CIS blames backlogs partly due to the policy that allows 485 filing whenever PDs are current. if PD movement results in 5 approvals, it also results in 10 new 485 filings and thus a backlog is built over which they have no control.

    So in their opinion, PD movement should only control approvals & 485 filings should be controlled separately. If this happens, there would no backlogs and no one will ask them any questions or drag them to court for hearings!

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  • I sent them my share of brickbats. Have you?


    Dear Sir/Madam,

    In your Online Edition the following section in a news item is misleading and misinforming.

    HIGH-TECH EMPLOYERS get lift from House Republican letter to Speaker Pelosi urging passage of immigration bill to help "attract and retain" high-skilled workers. But in the poll, 56% of Republicans earning more than $75,000 annually would "strongly" or "partially" agree with candidate who would bar illegal immigrants from path to citizenship.

    High Tech Employers DO NOT employ "Illegal Aliens". All immigrants sponsored by employers are law abiding LEGAL immigrants. Your news item is defamatory and libelous to legal Highly Skilled Immigrants who have been waiting for years, some as long as 6-7 years.

    Please take corrective action to rectify the mistake ASAP.

    Thanks In Advance.


    We gave flowers. Now lets give 'em some brickbats -


    Let the E-mailathon begin

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  • Do something.... Doing something is better than doing nothing. Can somebody make a template.

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  • please advise us , accordingly we will make travel plans

    1. ..If we can mail the her New Advance Parole document to India.
    2. Can she Leave the country while her AP in Process

    You cannot mail AP to her to use it for reentry to US. Find many of your answers here

    Question 4. Should I wait for the approval of my application for AP before I travel?
    Under current regulations, an AP document cannot be granted to a person outside of the U.S. One hears about people who did not wait for the Advance Parole document to be issued and had someone send it to them while they were outside of the United States. This is not the accepted procedure, and if the person left without having AP or without having H1B, H-4, L-1 or L-2 status, s/he is deemed to have abandoned the I-485 Adjustment of Status application.
    While there may be some people who were allowed reentry into the U.S., either in error or on humanitarian grounds, it is risky to depart before the AP is issued. There are provisions for situations in which a person has the AP and requests an extension prior to departure, then does not rely on the AP extension to reenter the U.S., but uses it for a future trip abroad. This situation is different from leaving without having AP at all.

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  • Labor is done via perm process and they are now centrally processed (only prevailing wage is state dependent). Your company can apply for it online and you should get a result in 3-4 wks if the case is not audited. Good Luck to you.

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  • I agree that the current political climate is so screwed up that, they are not doing anything except in a reactionary way. Part of it is a lack of visionary leadership, "W" has hardly been able to unite the country behind much legislation. The Congressmen have been too entrenched in political gamesmanship and more interested in political survival than the broader national interest. Nothing illustrated this more than the recent bailout legislation. Noone liked it but clearly there was no other option either. The lack of conviction in the way congress approached it however means, they spent 840 billion (instead of 700) and even that seems too little too late. And it might even end up being the first of many more bailouts. Sometimes you indeed can be too late to help out and drag it out more than necessary. Much is all about perception and confidence. Finally, vocal special interests who have selfishness and ideology at heart have no doubt contributed to this toxic mess, and elected officials seem less and less able to divorce themselves of their undue influence (it was not always that way in this country).
    The one saving grace is that an election is in the offing. Honestly it will be a breath of fresh air, no matter who is elected. Someone can then project some leadership and actually get something done. This last 4 yr term has been especially useless in terms of getting anything at all done, not just on the immigration front but any front at all.

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  • 4.1) you can support your spouse also even after using AP (i.e H4 support)

    I doubt it. When a person uses his AP, his status changes to PAROLE, hence he can't have dependents on H4 status.

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  • Yes, Its the same number, but at one of the prompts, you need to put a different number for LIN.

    I agree, It's not worth investing in India and going through all the legal hassles when it comes to getting it back.

    I myself invested a small amount there 2 years ago, which has grown quite a bit but I'm not sure if and how I can get it here.

    One thing I'm doing is that whenever myself or my family goes to India, We don't take much money with us from here. We just spend from whatever we already have in India. My brother is a joint account holder in my savings account with HDFC. I just sell some stocks and transfer that money to our HDFC account, he withdraws money and hands it over to us when we reach there.

    Whatever you earn in India, spend in India :)

    currently we have 39 members online on this forum. can we expect 39 mails by EOD to the economist and science magazine?

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