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  • Is anyone still upto doing something about the 140 situation?

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  • http://cnnwire.blogs.cnn.com/2009/01/08/stock-exchange-delists-indian-computer-company-after-fraud/

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  • In central NJ, I called over 9 Doctors and only two of them had an appointment before July 1st -2nd week.

    One is Dr. Neil M.S. Estrella in Clark, NJ. Appointment was available for Monday June 18th. But the fees for the exam plus vaccines is $430. The second one is Dr. Marcel Stern in Piscataway, NJ 08854. Appoitnment was available for Thursday June 21st. The fees was more reasonable at $350.

    If you're in Central NJ, Hurry, Hurry Hurry.

    P.S - If some of you get other appoitnments in NJ, post here so that others will know and not waste time calling other doctors.

    To look for doctors in your area, go here :


    You can just walkin to Dr Stern office. Even if you have an appointment with them, you may have to wait 0.5-1.5 hours depending on the time you go. If you go on weekend or weekdays after 5 you may have to wait longer but afternoon should be faster. And there fee may be more than $350 if you need to get shots and xray. Hope this help.

    If you call them recp. will tell that appt is required but actually it is just walk-in and you may not get any preference ver people who walked-in.

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  • waiting

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  • Thanks for bringing this up.. This is a legitimate concern.. Lets just hope this doesn't happen to any of us... Although hope is all we can do for now...:(

    Has anyone considered the implications of identity theft, fraud etc if the USCIS does start returning the adjustment of status applications? When my daughter applied for adjustment of status a couple of years ago her application was rejected erroneously and returned to her. When she opened the package, it not only contained her information, but also someone else's highly confidential and personal documents. The documents were completely mixed in with hers - all out of order - and even the other person's check was returned to her. The person's case was also very time sensitive and of an extremely confidential nature.

    We gathered up the information and personally returned it the local USCIS office - who told us it happens all the time! We sent a letter to the person concerned telling him what had happened and advising him to contact the office immediately.

    Imagine what might happen if the USCIS starts returning the 1000's of July applications. There is a good possibility they could mix up applications, return them to wrong addresses or lose valuable paperwork. They certainly won't return applications via Fedex or UPS - they'll just throw them in the mail without any way to track them.

    Many green card applicants, have social security numbers and have been working for years to build good a credit history. Anyone getting hold of these packages will have access to all personal history, addresses and of course the bank account information on the checks sent to pay the application fees. Just a thought . . .

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  • Can someone answer this? If you get your EAD before six months of filing, do you still have to wait 6 months to benefit from AC21? Or, can you change employers immediately after you get EAD, without waiting 6 months?

    AC21 has nothing to do with EAD.

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  • Ombudsman:

    Exactly what are you doing here? You raise irrelevant points, just to stall the discussion so that no progress is made. (You were doing the same thing when genscn raised some stupid questions on another thread about the SKIL bill.)

    I think you want to prevent all kinds of immigration, and my suspicion is that you are not an immigrant at all.

    Keep out.


    Are you now on the 'undocumented immigration' thing ? Undocumented is someone who had documents, but lost them. Called them using the correct designation; illegal aliens.

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  • Myht 1: If I-485 gets denied I have H1-B to as a back up.

    Think of this - you get AP and EAD based on pending I-485. Similarly, you get H1-B extension beyond 6 years based on your pending green card process. Once your I-485 is denied, your AP, EAD and extended H-1, all are gone at once. Yes, extended H1-B is no longer valid after that. You simply can not fall back on that.

    Myth2 : I want to continue on H1-B even after getting EAD, I feel safer.

    Think again. Suppose you came to the US in 2004. In 2007 during the visa gate scandal, you filed your I-485 and got EAD. At that point of time, you had two options. You could have continued H1-B or changed over to EAD. Person A changed to EAD. Well, once he changed to EAD his clock of "Time spent on H1-B" stops right there. Come 2010, if his I-485 gets denied, he still has 3 years of H1-B left and he can use it till 2013.

    Person B decided to continue using H1-B after 2007 and kept his EAD as backup. Same thing happened, his I-485 got rejected in 2010. He can not go back to H1-B. He has utilized H1-B for all 6 years and he can not get it extended without going out of the US for one year.

    So by keep EAD for "in case I-485 goes south" and using H1-B, you are killing your options. If someone has a choice between EAD and H1-B, he should use EAD.

    Gurus.....any comments?

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  • basbawa10, Well, why they are transfering your case back and forth can only be explained by them. Very fact that your case has been transfered around suggests that somebody has seen your case. Procedures described in link mentioned above, has a protocol on determining proper processing center, which has a complex formula based on state of residence, center approving I-140 etc. If your I-140 was approved by one center, and if in the meantime you moved to a state in different center jurisdiction, or USCIS changed jurisdictions, it might have created ambiguity on who should deal your case. Back and forth transfer suggests that centers are not agreeing on who should deal with your case. You may want to try an Infopass, which would let you know if your case is preadjudicated. If so, you just need to wait for PD to be current again.

    Thanks JSB, I will try getting Infopass although I have tried it earlier but to no use. They do not give any info excepting "wait for your priority date to become current"

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  • According to an IO i talked to recently the background check has 6 stages which includes name check.

    Sometimes for verifying the names and address they send it to local USCIS office for verification.

    So it may not be for interview. But you could be in the last stages of the background check and will be approved soon IF the dates are current for your PD.

    Good luck!

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5iKpK07M4j8&mode=related&search=

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  • My wifes' application is in the same situation (though mine is clear). I sent (through attorney) proof of check encashment from the bank and also a new check for $70.

    Attoney gave these options

    1) Send ONLY proof of check encashment - This could lead to delay in Processing till they find the locate the missing check and account it

    2) Send proof of check + $70 - They may or may not encash the new check. If they resolve the issue without encashing the new check, it's well and good. If they do encash it and the issue is resolved - well, it's still better than her application getting rejected over $70 [ Of course MTR and other actions can be taken, but didn't think it was worth it]

    Attorney response has reached them. Waiting for the change in her application status ( God only knows when it'll get changed)

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  • There are reports that there are a huge backlog in medical examination appointments in certain areas. Currently, the USCIS requires the sealed medical report as the part of "initial evidence" for filing of I-485 applications. The attorneys here in Orlando asked the USCIS to change the current policy, allowing I-485 filers to file I-485 without the medical report. The USCIS took such request under advisement. Considering the fact that EB numbers could move backward again, such change of policy may be critically important for some filers.

    Its not confirmed yet so please cautious .. In Virgina there are couple of Doctors entertaining walkins..Please check who are near by DC metro .I finished my stufff in the morning after waiting for 3 hours ..


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  • So you mean I should not even think of invoking AC21 EVEN after 180 days ?

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  • check out http://cbp.gov/

    for more advice.

    one way is to travel abroad and get a new I-94, second is to file for extension with approved I-129

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  • Last year I had already filed for married filing jointly before stimulus check thing was in discussion. From what I understand once you file married filing jointly you cannot amend to married filing separately. You can amend otherwise.

    Anyhow this year if I do my taxes separately I end up owing to IRS. Does anyone know where to look for info for amendment?


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  • BTB i have read in a forum sometime back that they do renewal at Airports.Not sure on the truthfulness of this info though.If this helps.....

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  • This is a news RK charging for suggestions.
    I spoke to him couple of times prior to becoming his client and he never charged me anything.

    He was very polite and replied all my questions. He even responded to my emails. This was in 2006.

    I also suggest Amarnath Gowda(www.gowda.com), even he won;t charge any money for the suggestions to the general questions.
    I used Gowda and RK and I was satisfied with both of them.

    You should clear most of your questions prior to hire any attorney, then choose them according to to your satisfaction.

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  • But remember that this does NOT include 3 LARGE groups of potential EB's:
    1. Those who have NOTHING filed with USCIS yet, since their LC is still at the BEC==>THIS IS CORRECT

    2. Those whose I-140's have been approved, but can't file I-485 yet.==>I THINK THIS HAS BEEN TAKEN ACCOUNT OF BY USCIS.
    3. The dependants of (1) and (2).==>THIS IS CORRECT

    None of the above would be counted as having a 'pending' case with USCIS.==>nO.2 HAS BEEN ACCOUNTED FOR

    Applied Nov 7
    Still waiting

    I think it's fairly common. So don't worry about it too much.

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