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  • I would like the STEM related BILL to pass............ Many coun tries like AUSTRALIA, CANADA gives more preferrance to graduates from their Universities.

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  • Mr. Vayalar Ravi , Minister of Overseas Indian Affairs,is coming to USA on June 27,2006. He is coming to Washington DC on July 4 to meet Indian Ambassador and Indian community. We should try to meet him personally and explain the problems we are facing. He can talk to US counterparts and do something for us.

    Let us organize an event to meet him on July 4. Since It is a holiday, lot of people can meet him and chat with him.

    Any comments from IV Core Team ? Can we contact Indian Ambassador to arrange a meeting with the minister ? is it possible ?

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  • I have a 4 yrs BE (ECE) degree. so am not sure what could be the RFE. Do we also have to submit education evaluation for a 4 yr BE degree from Ind?
    also since its a govt organization, my LC juz said 4 years bachelors or equivalent. i do have a Masters from an US state university. so not sure what could be the RFE.. ability of pay is not an issue i guess, cos its govt. what other rfe's are there?

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  • The statements that were enclosed with the checks received from Insurance Company shows deduction of OASDI and Medicare taxes but not Federal and State taxes. When we contacted the Insurance Company asking for a tax statement we were told that they have mailed all the statements to the employer and they should include in the W2 statement. Upon knowing from the Insurance Company, we wrote an email to the HR asking for a corrected W2. The HR replied that we can report those wages even without a W2 from the company and later she replied saying she didn't received any statements from the Insurance Company and also they have changed the payroll company and so they can no longer issue a new one.

    We are based in NY. We also called IRS to confirm if we are suppose to pay taxes on those income. The IRS officer said it should be included in the W2 and have asked to wait until 02/15. The insurance premiums nor the cost-plus-fees for the sick pay (maternity disability) were paid by us.

    There is a bold note on the statements saying:
    1) The tax information must be reported on year-end w-2 forms
    2) Federal Law HR4331 states that all disability payments will be subject to the Social Security Tax for the first six (6) months only
    3) This tax has been deducted from your payment in compliance with this law

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  • Thanks for your input guys!

    My lawyer (from the new company) is suggesting I go to the local airport to have it corrected. I plan to call there and see if they can handle it.

    Else I plan to go once again to the local USCIS office and this time ask for a correction.

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  • Hello Kiran,

    :) Thank you! Yes, I personally have always been a supporter of FIFO for permanent residency and I empathize with all who are waiting much much longer than me. That's why I said that I wish there are more IOs like the one who is working on my case.

    Good luck to all of us and let's keep IV strong!

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  • The benefits to the porting are obvious. However let me share with you the considerations:

    1) You have to change jobs presumably on another H1b visa in order to do so. There is inherently a risk in this when you do not have a green card. You'd certainly be a brave soul to change jobs on an EAD based on your EB3 petition while trying for an EB2 petition. How would you justify the same/similar requirement?

    2) PERM labor certification is not going to be what it was previously given the current oversight.

    3) Ported cases will definitely get more scrutiny (and probably more RFEs) from the USCIS.

    4) Premium processing of 140 petitions is for a narrow subset of 140 filers who need to extend their H1b visas, failing which you are likely to take well over a year to get you 140 approved and therefore your PD ported.

    5) Political calculations and the elections will be over by later this year, there will definitely be the impetus to address immigration as an urgent issue in the new political cycle and there will likely be a solution. If you are at the 485 stage, with a retrogressed PD as your only issue then you have one problem, if you are at an earlier stage then you may not be approvable at the stage when they are "generous".

    If even after all this you feel your best chances are with EB2 then you should go ahead.
    Good luck.

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  • Based on what you believe that "BC has a much higher standard of living than Boston?". I hope that is not one of those silly annual surveys in which they interview low income and beggars on the streets and rate mainly based on health care and welfare for them.

    Regarding raising kids, if you believe that doing that around prostitutes, lesbians and drugs is a good thing, so go ahead and live in BC.

    Read the below for some truth about the Socialist Canada. I lived there and I know how it is.

    Very true, but if you are doing a degree in Canada or US its not that bad.
    Tito_ortiz , yoru country of chargability is Germany which is not in a mess like I, China.
    For you US makes more sense, but someone from I (definitely) or C, Canad makes more sense than go for EB2/3 based US green card.

    PS: I live in Toronto and left US in 2007

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  • Thank you so much for your responses! I did not mean to lie to the consulate when I answered "no" on the form the previous time. I think the thing that we've actually came back in time proves it.

    This is not a valid reasoning. The "no" is not related to immigration intent. It is related to if you made factually correct statements.

    The new DS-160 form doesn't have this questions because I've heard that many people were confused by it. The consulate officer did not ask us if we were planning to immigrate to the US. I know of quite a few people who were issued a non-immigrant visa while replying "yes" to that question. Does it mean the law was broken on that case?

    Does it matter if the "I-130" was not approved yet? Does it count "immigration intent" from the date they've received documents from my brother? Please comment. Thank you.

    You need to *prove* that you have no intention for immigrating to US. Your intention is within your head; it does not start from any given date or given action by USCIS. The IO needs to "read your mind". The legal standard is that the court concedes that no one can know for sure what one's intentions are, however, the immigration officer can make a reasonable guess at the intentions by observing the actions you took or someone else took on your behalf.

    In your case:

    1. Someone filed I-130 for you. This is for permanent immigration to US.
    2. You have family ties in US.
    3. You have traveled to US before (I do not know how frequently).
    4. You want to join a university that does not even have your major; that too you do not know what exactly you will study in that university. This itself is a very strong indication (at least in my mind) that you are not really interested in the education, but you applied to that university just for coming to US.

    All together, it shows a clear pattern of observable evidence that your intention is to immigrate to US.

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  • USCIS reverses its rule. I-485 can now be submitted without medicals. RFE will be sent for that.

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  • Hi all,

    I am from Grand Rapids. I'd like to help.

    I think, It would be a good idea to get an approximate count of legal immigrants who are stuck in the GC process in Michigan. We should use these numbers to write to our Senator and make them feel that the State of Michigan is not about americans only, its about us as well.

    What are you thoughts? Amit, do you want me to email you on your email address?



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  • pwned ... hehehe :D

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  • How many paystubs do you need to file for H1-extension.

    In biweekly pays..can i send in 3-4 stubs....that is 2 months ..but i had taken a few days off (LOP)..hence they are not for full 80 hrs.. only the last months stubs are fro full 80 hrs.

    will that be enough or do i need all 4-stubs to be 80 hrs????

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  • Just want to share the info that I have received the Permanent residency approval notice Y'day.
    Have been here in us for more than 10 years. No more h1b renewals/ stamping, DL renewal issues/ EAD issues etc etc.

    congrats bhatt.

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  • August VB??? As per the IV core team's post this news has got nothing to do with Aug VB. What's happening?

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  • I guess you can either come back or reschedule you FP appt...

    Try your best not to miss the FP appointment. There is certainly a way to reschedule, but with so much backlog, your next date can be very far away. Missing a FP will also impact your processing time.

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  • I urge you to ask for second opinion. From my understanding it depends how long your I-140 was pending.

    Here is a part of "The Child Status Protection Act � Memorandum Number 2" by
    Johnny N. Williams

    Yes, I will speak to an Immigration Attorney on this. And thanks again, the link was informative.

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  • I applied my first H1B extension through my company in June 2008. On 11th Feb, I received REF. I am very much tense about it. Since I am out of project. I got cleared my I 140 with this company in July 2008.

    I applied H1B transfer(Normal process) also in October 2008 to other company . This one is still pending.
    I am very much tense about my status. Please suggest me what to do?

    Is it better to answer to RFE for first company?
    Can I do PP with second company? or else any better thing?


    months you are out of projects? if its more than 60 days then even though if you transfer to other company they will ask for pay stubs..... which you may/may not have......

    Can anyone pls respond to my situation. Thanks...

    Today I received RFE for my H1 Extension.

    I received only one RFE which is obtaining contract documents from the chain .

    Here is my situation.

    I work for Client A for whom Company B does the project work. I was contracted through Company C who is the prime vendor for Company B.

    Here is the chain.. My Company --> Company C --> Company B --> Client A.

    RFE states that my company need to provide contract documents within the entire chain which is highly unlikely they can obtain.

    Company B and Company C can only provide letters to affirm that that I work for Client A. Will this be enough or does it need to be only a Contract document?

    Below are my questions
    1.) My company says that they have PO from Company C which provides details about the entire chain. Will this be enough to answer the RFE?

    2.) Does withdrawing H1 extension cause any problems ? I can invoke EAD

    3.)Also Company B is willing to take me fulltime, so essentially if I abaondon H1 extension and join Company B , will this help or cause any more problems?

    Thanks and appreciate your response.

    For 3-9 years, it is a good news.

    For 10 and 10+ years, this is already laws in place in terms Social Security benefits. Hope that this does not worsen. Presently, retirement and some other benefits are available to foreign nationals such as India, if 40 points are accumulated.

    Let us say I accumulate 40 points and return to India for good. Do I still get Social Security in India if -

    1. I am a US Citizen living in India?
    2. If I am a GC holder living in India?
    3. I am neither a US citizen nor a GC holder living in India?

    Any helpful links are appreciated. I have tried to calculate benefits using Social Security benefits calculator, but if you key in residence outside USA and non-citizen, it does not work...

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