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  • Since USA home land Security depends on Legal immigrants bondage and slavery .. ..I mean fees they pay to stay in this country .. Amendment to File I-485 with out Visa being Current should pass easily. That way EAD reneavals will keep USA Govt running ..

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  • Thanks for the reply , let me file the H1 transfer with Employer2 now in "Premium route" with the I-140 approval from Employer1 and see if we get a approval. Once i get a approval , i think stamping it wont be an issue after 7-8 months even thought Employer1 has revoked that I-140 ?

    However i want to clear even if the Employer1 revokes this I-140 my PD still remains locked - right ???

    >> if my I-140 gets revoked can i switch to another employer and extend my H1B by 3 more years ??
    No, I-140 must be active in order to extend H1-B beyond 6 years.

    Not a legal advice.
    US Citizen of Indian Origin

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  • CAdude , Your efforts greatly appreciated. But how come 100,000 Applicants are being applied again for New merit system ? Is it becoz they are looking for all current Labor petetions being not approved ? as current legislation says I140's pending or approved as of May 21 2007 continue in current system . Please advice.

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  • I foudn following latest posts on only members can access this postings..
    if anybody is member of AILA..can you pls update these postings here..there is some update from senate commitee to AILA...

    Talking Points on Comprehensive Immigration Reform from the Center for American Progress

    Memo from the Center for American Progress on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

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  • One of my co-worker was in same boat. His desi employer revoked his I-140 when he took fulltime employement in 2005. He got his GC finally.

    I am in same situation. As of yesterday, my previous employer would have revoked my 140.

    I already sent the AC21 letter, there are no LUDs. My attorney says, chances that the letter may not go into the file are high and the reason we send AC21 paperwork is to keep a record that we sent. I took a screen shot of the DHL tracking info too.

    Any ideas how to ensure that AC21 paperwork is getting into your file.

    The answers I see on this forum is
    (1) USCIS is overwhelmed with documents so mail can be trashed
    (2) USCIS clerk does not know how to handle the paperwork
    (3) USCIS certifying officer is not well educated about AC21

    Any idea on how to ensure AC21 paperwork really goes into your file.

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  • Eb2 have never moved beyond may 2004.. so until it goes past that.. these movements are not really worth anything.. it has to overcome that resistance.. then maybe 2005 will be a reality


    Slow and steady is good in contrast to arbitrary, jerky movements, suddenly forward and then suddenly backward into the ice age, which does only harm and no good to anyone. Like they did it in July 07 and then closed down the gates.

    I'm hoping EB2-I marches right into 2005.
    Hopefully, EB3-I will also see forward movements well into 2002. Let's keep all our fingers crossed.

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  • my point is if dates retrogress and if processing EAD's and AP's takes a long time getting a EAD might be easy in the first 60-90 days but renewals will become more difficult.

    its ok for folks that are within their 6 yrs of H1b but for others it will be a big head ache. As someone already mentioned earlier, you might have to apply for your renewal EAD the day after you get your 1st EAD and so on.

    Maintaing H1 status (even during I-485) is a very good idea. One can get H1 beyond 6 years (in one year increments) if I-485 is pending.

    I would apply EAD renewal after 3 months. It is a small price for peace of mind.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • 500 Eb1 numbers are unused
    500 numbers spills to Eb2
    There are no 100 Eb2 India cases and 50 Eb2 China cases and Eb2 ROW/phillipines/mexico is current
    Now Eb2 India+Eb2 china uses up 150 numbers and

    350 numbers spills to Eb3

    Now there are 1000 Eb3 India cases from 2001 to 2003
    Eb3 china,ROW etc there are 1000 cases fom 2003 onwards and none from 2001 to 2003

    As spill over needs to go by PD Eb3 India takes of the 350 numbers and may be moves by 1-2 months and Eb3 ROW doesnt get any because no older cases.

    DISCLAIMER: this is only illustrative and highly oversimplified, Actual scenario will have many many variables

    OK thanks for this explanation. I think I need to get a few drinks now!!;) Thanks ags123

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  • Will be joining in this year! Will contact my state chapter leader for further coordination.

    Thanks Pappu

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  • This is like the banana joke in an old tamil movie, it is over 157 days and the USCIS now wants to go by processing times which mention july 3rd processing date, which is still late, but then they will say it is just one day over your receipt date.

    If I were planning to use my EAD now or in the near future I would just cough up $380 and apply for a fresh EAD instead of chasing USCIS.

    If it works, then it is money well spent compared to running back and forth to USCIS offices, calling them daily and all the painful aggravation involved.

    I will gladly spend 380 instead of risking the possiblity of picking up Diabetes or Blood pressure due to stress.

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  • Well, there are many folks here including me who filed around first week of june.. I haven't heard anyone getting the EAD yet. I haven't seen any lud's after the receipts. Hopefully, one more week to go and then we are all good to get the 2yr EAD....

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  • ... And got a red dot! see the comment:
    Gultu, what's wrong with you? Are also one of them (blood sucker)? shame on you!!!

    Why don't you come out form hiding and post this ???

    Started this thread with 2 green dots, and so far I have 3 red dots . . .

    Gave you some green. Dont worry much about the reds (I myself got a couple for this post), there are some (many) hijadas in this forum that are incapable of constructive arguments and resort to anonymous reputation poisoning.

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  • Sorry I didn't mention the country. Mine is EB2 India PD 09/2003

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  • They will know because when you fill out the N-400 application form, you are required to list your employment details for the last 5 years.

    can they really deny you on this basis alone?

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  • Not sure why you would generalize all H1b holders as experiencing hell - I for one did not. Anyways if you take the time to browse the forums you will find the answer to your question.

    Malibuguy007 , you seem to me a guy who could save 2-3000 dollars per month and think you are in heaven(Typical GULTI mentality) . These are the points on basis of which i called life of H1 hell

    1. Your spouse can't work . Think about their self esteem and self respect they are loosing.

    2. You don't know about your future if tomorrow you loose your job , you will be kicked from this country.

    Tell me what is hell then ? Don't think its just about counting dollars , think about your life stability and about your family members too. Try to come out of Sambhar-Rice world(thats the way you save money here and call US heaven). Live with pride ,ok . Fight for being treated like H1 ( HIGHLY SKILLED PROFESSIONAL) not slaves.
    I hope now you feel we are in hell.

    PS : I work with one of best semiconductor companies in world and earn decent salary .

    All GULTIs , start giving me red and i don't give a** for that.

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  • For those of you who qualify, HSMP , I think is a much better option. There in UK the permanent residence is not dependent on employer and you can do your own consulting. Typical bill rates are 350 to 600 GBP per day based on skill level and years of experience.

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  • Yes.. I own the house since 2003.. Some time love it some time ... don't know..


    what you are talking about...... in winter when there a ton of snow on drive way...:D or when your grass grows too fast... :D

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  • Dude, you forgot the most important point....

    After apology/providing GC, they are going to provide settlement assistance as a welcome gift....

    Right!!! and in the future bulletins, the dates will continue to move to the future and all the FOBs will be forced to take the GC at the POEs else they will be denied entry into the US of A.

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  • Pappu,

    Please let me know your thoughts..
    I-140 is approved. I-485 was filed in July 2007. I have an opportunity to move to another company for a similar job profile. But the new company wants me to work as a contractor (hourly) on W2.

    Is that a problem when filing AC-21?

    Please advise.

    You may be able to find answers in the IV wikki - have you tried it?
    AC21 FAQ - Immigration Wiki (

    EB3, Delivered on 2nd July at 9.01 AM

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