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  • With the new rule on FBI name checks, a potential 47K with current PDs could get their GS's soon. I wonder how much of a shift we will see in the PD's from now, after the 47K is not taken into account. I would predict a minimum of atleast a year jump, or am I being optimistic. :confused:

    Some one pointed out in another thread, that the USCIS FAQ mentioned that only a 'subset' of the potential 47k cases have namecheck pending for more than 180 days. So may be not all of the 47k cases (even those with current PDs) may be eligible to qualify under 180 day FBI namecheck auto approval rule. Thus not all 47k cases will be approved by the mid March deadline that USCIS mentioned.

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  • we're not gonna fight...
    if you really have to.. look elsewhere.

    btw.. if this was genuine frustration, sorry dude.. but that's not the right direction.

    pal :)

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  • Yes you can claim them as dependants. I have done this in the past. All you have to do is file the ITIN application with your Federal Tax Return.

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  • My client is offering me a Project Manager position while my GC application is for Software Engineer.

    Is it okay to take such a position?
    How good match should be Job Profile match?

    Please share your knowledge and experience.

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  • It is very comprehensive list. It covers every field. Graduates of pharmacy, medicine, vet medicine etc are not PhDs. They have to go through special programs to get that degree.
    thanx for your reply. However I am afraid you misunderstood pharmacy, medicine, vet med PhDS with practice professionals PharmD, MD,DVM.The people who made the list of STEM have ignored the fact that Research is highly interdisciplinary. This is unfair for many researchers in biology who should be in the STEM majors but they are not in just because of technical/clerical reasons. I request you all to take a look at this anomaly.

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  • Most of the people are predicting that it will move a couple of months. If they are thinking for long time means they might have more visas ( Thinking of how to utilize the available visa numbers is good for forward movement)

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  • I do know a friend who fits the bill - EB2(ROW)

    I have asked him for his permission to share contact information with you. He is not a member of IV.

    A top national reporter wants to speak with someone in EB
    community who may have recently lost his/her job due to current
    economic situation. I think it would be best for our cause for someone
    who was offered a new job possibly in the 'same or similar' area
    immediately after losing their job. It would help to highlight that
    the highly-skilled immigrants are in demand because of their skills
    even when the economic situation is not doing well, but, there is no
    reason to keep us in limbo for over a decade, merely to test our skill
    level. There are better ways to test our skill level. If you or
    someone you know fits this profile, kindly email your information and contact details to info at immigrationvoice.org

    The reporter will also highlight the housing angle and that we can
    start new ventures that could potentially create new jobs to uplift
    the economy.

    This is a big opportunity as the interview from this reporter will be published in most big newspapers and on news websites. We need someone urgently today if possible.

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  • I appreciate both you guys for keeping this discussion so clean and issue based. I was little worried on my first post that someone might spin it personal. Kudos to your mature responses.

    Yes, I honestly think that quantity matters in meeting politicians. What is so clear to us may not be clear to them. Not because they are lesser mortals than us, they have a different perspective. Why and How is entirely not up to me to worry about. Someone has a different view and I can only respect that view. I cannot, and do not, think that I must invest my time in brainwashing anyone. I wouldn't call it a crab mentality either without knowing them personally.

    With that said, let me be a devils-advocate, if you will, and ask these questions:

    Given ours is a issue-based, goal-based struggle, with Goal & Issue being same for ALL EB immigrants:
    --- Why should I expect all immigrants to wear any organization's badge, be dedicated to any particular/one organization, whether that Org is IV/Democrats/Republicans/Congress/BJP
    --- Shouldn't I be just worried about who can SHOUT louder about my issue and less worried about the Organization that's making them SHOUT?

    Thanks for the discussion again.

    I agree, we are an organization and at this point we haven't even asked people to compulsorily donate for Advocacy. I would say, not registering on IV is being extremely narrow-minded and being a crab (benefiting IV?).
    Thousands of IV members have created an account on that site, so what is the problem?

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  • web site http://hammondlawgroup.blogspot.com/

    The House and Senate get back to Washington DC on Tuesday, December 5. This will be the final session for the Lame Duck period. Depending on how much progress they are making, the session could last for just a few days or continue for most of the month. Here are a few rumors that we at Hammond Law Group are hearing could happen during the Lame Duck.

    1. The AHA and others still are pushing for the SKIL Bill. Some have pegged our chances of getting a Lame Duck SKIL Bill at 50-50.

    2. Others tell us that some Congressmen are advocating a 12,000-15,000 visa allotment for Schedule A visas. This would be a band-aid measure designed to get us visas until a CIR-type bill could be passed in spring/summer 2007.

    3. Some GOP members do not want any appropriations measures � including the 12,000-15,000 band-aid or a more robust SKIL Bill � attached to any appropriations bill. In other words, they want to pass a Continuing Resolution (CR) and then they just want to go home. The CR effectively extends the funding for the Iraq War into the New Year and then lets the next Congress deal with it.

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  • There are over 339,000 people stuck in name check - this is done for naturalization and 485. I can bet you this will be the next battle because a lot people who have filed 485 will get stuck in this black hole, where this no accountability by FBI to individuals because the "client" is USCIS and last quarter there were 400 law suits (Writ of Madamus etc) to force USCIS and FBI to do their jobs. It would be best if setting time limits for name checks are included in IVs goals now itself. No point in jumping from the frying pan if one is going to eventually land in the fire. The name check snares a lot of Indians, Chinese, middle easterners, russians etc. Most people stuck in the name check have never been involved with the law - go figure the algorithm FBI uses to trawl the ocean bed!

    Another thought i had was...Before all of us june,july,august folks land up in the blackhole of FBI namechecks...Can we lobby for some kind of transparency?What in the world can make them take 4 yrs to check a persons name?Can they at least maintain a website that they update as and when a name check is completed...Please core and members,do something about this...something as effective as the campaign to accept july applicants!!while they are overhauling the system let them get it right all the way!!

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  • RFE was for employers ability to pay .and my friends got same RFE and we has same atorney .employer is financially strong and im sure with good ability to pay .I didnt get notice yet .just got online update .

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  • Of Satyam's reported cash and bank balances of 53.61 billion rupees on Sept. 30, 50.4 billion rupees was non-existent, Raju said in the letter sent to the Bombay Stock Exchange.

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  • Hi Gurus,

    I have efiled for my wife's EAD/AP renewal. When I finally submitted, the total payment asked was only $645( 340 for EAD and 305 for AP). But, there is a note stating the following:

    "The biometric fee is $80 for applicants ages 14 through 79 who request a Refugee Travel Document or Re-Entry Permit, unless the applicant resides outside the United States at the time of filing their form."

    How am I supposed to send this? I was not asked to pay this amount during my efiling of the AP/EAD concurrent filing.
    How am I supposed to send this? Can I send it as a separate check for $80 only for the biometric fee( because I had already paid for the EAD/AP using my credit card)
    Please advise.

    Also, during the AP filing, I got this:

    "On a separate piece of paper, please explain how you would qualify for an Advance Parole and what circumstances warrant issuance of Advance Parole. Include copies of any documents you wish considered. (See instructions.) "

    What an I supposed write in the document that I am going to send to USCIS?

    Please advise.

    Thanks in advance,

    HI Gurus,
    Please someone answer..

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  • http://www.murthy.com/news/UDnograc.html

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  • My suggestion is not to insult or hurt anybody. I understand the purpose of immigrationvoice. I am a contributor and will continue to support IV. However the way people hijack threads really pisses me off. The leaders of IV should figure out a better way to motivate people to donate. If people are not inclined then stop calling them names etc. I am not talking about anybody in particular. If somebody is not inclined it is not completely his/her fault. The coercive tactics some people use on the forum to make people donate actually does piss of a lot of people. I am nor talking about anybody in particular, but this is NOT the way to motivate people to contribute.

    Sorry if I heart anybody feelings.
    And I will donate to IV again..

    I understand your point but theres been barely three fundraising threads to my knowledge in the whole existence of iv. and frankly ppl are just waiting to get offended - grow up ppl!

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  • 05/26/2006: Critical Role of House-Senate Conference Committee and Importance of Selection of the Conferees

    More than ever, in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, the role of the upcoming House-Senate Conference Committee will be critically important. Traditionally, once conference committee reaches an agreement, the floors of both Houses usually accepted the compromise report of the conference committee. It is thus critically important to learn who will be selected to the conference committee by each House. The key players in the selection are the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, Majority and Minority leaders in both Houses.
    In the Senate, the floor has already decided how the conferees from the Senate will be selected. It proposes to send conferees at the ratio of 14 from the House and 12 from the Senate. On the Senate side, all the conferees will be selected from the Judiciary Committee at the ratio of 7 from the Republicans and 5 from the Democrats. On the Republican side, the Majority leader will select the seven Republican conferees and the Minority leader will select the five Democrat conferees. Without doubt, the Democrats will select the hardcore supporters of the CIR, but it is unclear who the Majority leader Bill Frist will pick on the Republican side. He may attempt to balance between the hardcore supporters and the hardcore opponents within the party. We just wish that the hardcore Republican opponents who posed a roadblock to the today's passage of the bill in the Senate as revealed in the amendment and final roll calls do not take a dominant power on the Republican side of the Senate delegaton. Readers may want to know who these opponents are by checking the voting records of S. 2611.



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  • The fear is of USCIS rejecting the secondary application (due to insfficient evidence -wedding certificate)

    My wife cant leave the country as I dont hold a VISA now........I have a GC. Without both of us going to India we cant possibly get it as we never registered our wedding. She cant leave US coz we dont have AP and even if apply for AP now (which we ll do) it will take 90 days to get AP.

    If USCIS rejects the application we ll have to leave US even after I have got my GC and I dont know how long will it take for my wife and kid to get GC once we are in India.

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  • Hi Breddy2000,
    Was your attorney from your company very much expert or you hired top rated attorney like Murthy or someother same category lawyer?

    I am in same disstress as you were, please respond ASAP, becaue I am not getting the feel from my company lawyer, so thinking of not to take a chance and go for high-end attorney.

    Thanks In advance

    I guess I did posted in general section. I did not noticed other news sections ...as you can see I am new here.
    And if you just want positive posts ....thats good.

    Then leave some negative thinking,

    I dont have any other details other than ..what I have on my profile.

    Friend, with all due respect; what the members requested was to post some information about yourself. are you a immigrant? do you have any application pending / approved etc.
    This helps us identify with you as a group.
    Thanks for bringing this visa abuse issue to our attention. Just as in any other trade, surely there are many abusers, however, this economy fueled itself to the top of the world in a lot of things using talents from around the world and that was mainly via the temporary work visas including H1b. Now you might meet 1 person in say 100000 who falls into the catagory you mentioned and none of us entertain such people with any respect.

    Thanks everyone for being patient and supporting us. The work is happening at all ends and it is an uphill task.

    We really need to increase our membership. Higher membership will mean us looking tall when we meet lawmakers. Please all try to help us spread the word of IV to everyone you know that is stuck in retrogression. We represent at least half million people but we currently not even have 6 thousand members. Thus we have to bring lot many people into IV. I would encourage everyone to pls. register on this forum instead of being visitors.

    Pls try to help us increase our membership in your own capacity, in any way you can. This is something everyone on this forum can help us with.

    Many users just browse through the forum/website. How about making the forum available only to registered members ?? This will also make users register/login. Remove anonymous access to forum

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