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  • Hmm... ties for first and 3rd places. Someone vote. :lol:

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  • Wish we would not getinto United States Civics discussions and concentrate on Increasing memberships and contributing.

    Dont forget the goal....there are a lot of hurdles ahead as pointed out by Sen Durbin and elk already

    To have a meaningful discussion / resolution to our problems we should be aware of the process.

    We SHOULD have discussions on United States civics. If we are trying to become permanent residents of this country, we need to learn about the political process.

    guitar chords for songs for beginners. Guitar Chords for Beginners
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  • You bring up some valid points. But then, every issue we bring up with regards to USCIS is valid. There is no transaparency in this agency, which is why we have all these issues. Even before this 180 day rule, there was no way for us to find out if and when USCIS requested NC and when it was completed.

    Right but if my doubts are valid and USCIS may be planning to act in the said way then we can proudly say that " we have been legally fooled" by USCIS.

    2011 basic guitar chord chart for guitar chords for songs for beginners. Guitar Lessons for Beginners
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  • Thank you for your advice. My last M.Sc. and Ph.D. is from the USA. My Ph.D. is about manufacturing of aircraft brakes with Honeywell.

    EB1-B or EB-2 is more suitable for me?
    what bothers me is that I am not cited in the literature yet and I do not have awards.

    Your profile does not sound enough for either EB1-OR (aka EB1-B aka EB1-2) or EB2-NIW. As pointed out before, if your employer is unwilling to "sponsor" you (i.e., not willing to sign a support letter), then you can go only with either EB1-EA or EB2-NIW. All other categories, including EB1-OR require sponsorship from the employer. In general, the lowest non-retrogressed preference level is the best bet. If you were born in Egypt, then that is EB2 (standard EB2 sponsored by your employer). For people who were born in India and (mainland) China, it is EB1.

    guitar chords for songs for beginners. Beginner Guitar Chords
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  • looks like I have been given membership to this exclusive club, by USCIS...:)

    My status on USCIS Online case tracker shows,

    "Current Status: Fingerprint fee rejected and notice mailed; case in suspense."

    When I spoke with my attorney, he says, There are two options.

    1. I can dispute and in turn get my processing delayed
    2. Repay the fingerprint fees ($70) and forget about my first payment

    Naturally, anyone would prefer option - 2.

    Just wanted to share with you all...

    Before I read the whole thing I thought why this guy is even thinking about it ... Know what I mean ...:) I read the whole thing and thought this guy is as smart as me ... hehe ...Good luck with everything

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  • I have been banned too - simply because I raised the cause of international students and IV's duplicity in its stance, and that makes some GC-greedy members paranoid. :D

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  • Take a look @ this link

    I was in a wait state for 16 months until my 140 was cleared earlier this month. Continue business as usual, your case will eventually go thru if all your docs are in place and your case is clean ( no 3 yr Ed issues).

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  • If IV is successful with this 485 filing ability by 2/15 deadline thing... when does it become law and more importantly how soon can we file for 485 (before or after the CIR wars in Mach-September)?

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  • 17th Feb LUD is for everyone that is system update

    my case
    applied on 14th Nov 2007( 8th Yr ext Vermont Regular Processing)
    Soft LUD on 17th Feb 2008
    LUD on 7th March with Approved status


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  • Labor category is not an issue here. It is the position (Manager), job roles and responsibilties listed appears to be very restrictive. Secondly, the audit has increased.

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  • Originally posted by Makaveli
    ooooooooh, Guuig0 is a poet and shakespeare lover!!! .....but, you are seriously scaring me Guig0 with that shakespeare stuff...i failed many essays and tests on that dude and his stories...

    No shakeaspere man, TOLKIEN! I have read all his works :)

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  • The people with Master's in STEM are expempt from the cap.
    It will benefit them

    Exempt from the H-1B cap; not the EB cap. See line 14 on page 2 of H.R. 5630 (



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  • I can completely understand the liberation from people who take undue advantage of our status. For now, I can only dream about my liberation:)

    Best of Luck with your future endeavors. Please stop by to answer any questions on this forum


    Got the approval notice today :) "Welcome to the United States of America" - ironically i have been in this country for a decade now! finally the "welcome" :)

    It has been a very long journey!!! and a very frustrating one for the last few years... but the feeling that I now get is really liberating... first thing I did was thanked God for ending the seemingly endless wait that me and my wife (she didn't care as much) were in.

    I'm already thinking of the things I want to do after this new found liberation... it includes showing the middle finger to those who have taken undue advantage of my status :cool: :D and i'm not taking it anymore... I'll be a new person starting Monday!

    Just so there is no confusion... my PD was Feb 2003 EB3 but my wife's PD was EB2 April 2004... we got our freedom through her application. If anyone needs more info on how/what/when - i can share that (it had its up's and downs - mainly downs, but all's well that ends well)!

    Lastly as a token of my real support to the cause of IV I will be donating a small amount. I have donated in the past... I have participated in conversations in the past... I was not so active on other fronts but I truly believe in this organizations effort to help the community. And God willing each one of you will get this freedom soon! God Bless!

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  • -Can USCIS offer premium processing on I-485 after they re-capture lost visa numbers ?

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  • First thing is why members have found that title is scary? I dont think it is might attract your attention. Probably most of people who got scared might be using EAD or are considering using it.<br><br>
    I think using AC21 does not imply that 485 will be denied.<br><br> In a hypothetical situation lets assume it is denied we need to find why it is being denied? One can always switch to h1b (with previous employer - should be valid when AOS is denied) by going to home country and getting h1b stamp on passport but even before you have to do it you can appeal in court and you will be able to stay here.

    <br><br> I was discussing the same issue today with Ron Gotcher ( you can find it on his website as I have the same userid) and he said unless you are inadmissible or commit a fraud or have broken immigration law in past AOS is not denied. Just in case if you have done any of the above three things then your AOS can be denied and you can not even get any type of non immigrant visa..........<br><br> For using AC21 just make sure that:<br><br>
    140 is approved<br><br>Your GC sponsor will not revoke 140<br><br>Your GC job description and new EAD job description are same or similar (title does not matter) <br><br> ONet code for both the jobs match.<br><br><br><br> If you ensure the above things then there is no issue using EAD for a job after 180 day of filing 485.<br><br> Hope this helps and people who got scared does not gives me red dots for speaking aloud.
    <br><br> Support IV and make the difference for yourself and everyone else in the immigrant community.

    appealing/motion to reopen doesn't allow you to stay in USA.

    If employer revokes 140 then no basis for getting h-1b extensions.

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  • Thank you very much for valuable answer. I appreciate LazyCIS, pmb76 and sam. Then I will wait till 180 days to go.

    Just to clarify, Do I need to look / take jobs only permanent after 180 days?

    Thank you,

    As other members have advised, until 180 days+, maintain good relationship with your current employer as if you are going to be with them for ever (don't even give an inkling that you might be planning to leave). After 180 days you may leave, but you will have to find a new employer who is willing to hire you on permanent basis upon getting you GC for same/similar job as in the LC. What you do until your GC is approved (contract job with this employer or something else) is a different matter. Those employments can be on EAD, H1, temp/permanent, etc.

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  • I'm not from IL. ( I live in MI).

    However I'm interested particularly in your state as you have the bete noire of H1Bs - the infamous legal immigration killer - Mr. Durbin as a Senator from your state. Anytime you guys plan a rally outside his office ( or thousand IV members meeting Mr. Durbin program), do count me in.

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  • Thanks to everybody who took time to share their opinions here.

    Yup, there's some good information here.

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  • Do you have a question for IV?
    post it here...i'll compile a list once i have a good number of them
    if you know the answer to a question...please reply

    I would very much appreciate it if we can keep it civil and avoid hijacking this thread :)

    Q. What is Immigration Voice's agenda and purpose?
    A. The agenda is to lobby US Lawmakers for legislation to help clear the backlog for Employment Based green cards

    Hey, I have a question too

    - How come people like me go red after 1-2 posts, and utter rascals here remain fully green even after redded by many?

    Is it true that the reports for the medical check will take almost 4 weeks to come back?

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