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  • Hi Guys please help me

    Yesterday i got my receipt i check the status online the status is saying

    Receipt Number: LINXXXXXXXX
    Current Status: Fingerprint fee rejected and notice mailed; case in suspense.
    On August 21, 2007, we rejected your fingerprint fee and mailed you instructions for how to submit the necessary payment. This case is now in suspense.
    Please submit your payment with our notice as soon as possible after you receive our notice so we may resume processing of this case.

    But USCIS cashed my checks i didn't know what went worng the total amount i paid is 325+70,170,180.

    Did any guys get same kind of problem?

    Dont panic... yet. On your I485 receipt notice, there's an amount mentioned. What's that amount? :cool:


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  • All our members in the state chapters are verified and by posting information on state chapters we are ensuring that sensitive information is being passed only to trusted and verified members. There are lot of members in several state chapters that are very active but they are not as active on the IV boards. it is only fair to pass info. first to people who work hard on every action item on a consistent basis. State Chapters have Gate Keepers and we do not add anyone without verifying but remember the Gate Keepers work full time, travel for business and have families so it takes anywhere between 1 to 5 days before a member gets his request accepted. We do not have the luxury of having a dedicated Gate Keepers to our state chapters 24 x 7. I add members to chapter only after verfying them. I have the time currently to send an email and ask people for info. if they did not provide info. that is mandatory but I might not have the time to do that in the future. I might not be responding to people who do not provide mandatory info. I only have 24 hours in my day just like everyone else. Hope this helps


    What are we getting by getting this update on sate chapter vs. here. If someone wants the link they can get from our signature. Have the state chapter gatekeepers declined anyone? If not then we are really not protecting any information and spliting our audience.

    Any comments?

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  • The only issue I see with using H1/H4 visa for re-entry is that if your I-485 is approved while you are outside US and you use H1/H4 for re-entry, it invalidates your GC and you have to start all over again. You either need to have your GC or an approved AP in hand when you re-enter US in this scenario...

    That is not true. You should have no problem re-entering if you have a valid Visa or AP, even when GC is approved. Technically, you have to be first "admitted" and then the green card status takes effect. you have to show the IO at POE, the latest I-485 status if you have, which they can always check in their system.

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  • What will be my status after i file my I485?

    My current I-94 will expire on 16th Sep 2007 (on the day my current visa stamp in my passport expires and my current H1 B is set to expire Mid April 2008).

    I am planning to make a trip to Cannda or someplace to get a new I-94 as soon as i get my new passport (i had sent it for renewal on june 2nd). But i am a little worried about my status if i am unable to make the trip.

    So my question is what will be my status after 16th sep 2007 (once i file for I485 (first week of July2007) and my I-94 expires on 16th Sep 2007)?

    Appreciate any responses ...

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  • We submitted our EAD application in June first week and we got our card this week, effective from last week of July for the next one year.

    Our priority date is October 2006- EB2 and we are not current. So shouldnt we have been issued a 2 year EAD?

    Also we gave our finger prints last year (July 2007 filer) but this time too both the EAD cards shows no FP available .

    The EAD card of my spouse (he is the primary applicant says signature waived) I still have signature on my EAD card. Anyone else with the card that says signature waived. Previous card had his signature in there.

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  • I guess PO should be fine. I am sure your attorney will also include a letter explaining the situation as well right?
    Which service center did you apply for H1 Extension? NSC?

    H1 extension was applied in CSC. Yes my attorney should be able to help with a letter. But I'm weighing in options as to what can be done to avoid my H1 extension as I can use EAD.

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  • Such a loss of talent and skill should be pointed out publicly by the employers and research institutions, rather than us. They primarily will stand to gain more, then this great country and last we mortals. What do you say?
    Excellent point!

    Maybe the IV team, when interacting with legislators, can also highlight cases of exceptional persons who got tired of waiting for their green card and are now productively employed in their home country. That will be a nice complement to the stories of people like us who have still not given up.

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  • For Press Distribution:

    Highly Skilled Professionals Call on Congress to Pass Green Card Reforms

    Immigration Voice Organizes Congressional Advocacy Days for Highly Skilled Legal Professionals

    Washington, D.C. – From April 4-5 2011, over 175 members of Immigration Voice from around the nation will descend onto the nation's capital to ask their congressmen and senators for reforms to the broken Green-Card process.

    “While K-Street, the Hi-Tech industry and Congress is distracted once again by H-1B visas, recycling the same old talking points one more time, Immigration Voice’s laser-like focus remains on the nearly 500,000 highly skilled immigrants who remain backlogged for 10-15 years waiting for their Green Cards,” said Aman Kapoor, president of Immigration Voice. “These highly-skilled professionals believe that the H-1B visa controversy sucks-up all the oxygen in the room whenever employment-based immigration policy is discussed. However, the real problem lies in the fact that there is a huge pool of talent untapped by American employers in the form of highly skilled legal professionals who have been living here on temporary visas as they patiently wait for their Green Cards. These law abiding, tax-paying, highly skilled future Americans, cannot start their own companies and immediately create jobs in America, change employers or accept promotions during the Green Card application process, which now spans 10-15 years. This creates serious quality of life issues and ultimately hurts the U.S. economy.

    “Immigration Voice aims to create awareness with members of Congress, congressional staff and policy makers about the Green Card backlog, which inhibits job creation, entrepreneurship and wealth creation for all Americans. These immigrants are waiting to showcase their innovation leadership with their U.S. work experience American education. Immigration Voice will insist that Congress focus on the Green Card backlog rather than on H-1B visas,” concluded Kapoor.

    Immigration Voice has arranged nearly 350 visits to congressional offices April 4-5 in both the House and Senate. You are invited to meet these activists at their Capitol Hill reception:

    What: Immigration Voice Congressional Reception
    When: 5:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m., Tuesday, April 5th, 2011
    Where: B-340 Rayburn House Office Building

    To learn more and to arrange an interview with Immigration Voice on the dates listed above, Contact: Immigration Voice (202) 386-6250 or

    Founded in December 2005, Immigration Voice is a rapidly growing, national grassroots, non-profit 501 (c)(4) organization with 57,000 highly-skilled legal immigrants as members. Immigration Voice is committed to commonsense reforms to the employment-based immigration and Green Card process.

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  • Really great job on the singing Pankaj!!! It was really impressive!

    Even though it was not really the anthem for anyone there, it was a nice gesture to sing the national anthem of the people we are asking to help us. Plus, it is the only anthem that we all have in common...
    Also, you have chosen to move to this country, please have the courtesy to adapt to American values. Singing the national anthem is always right.

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  • At the moment, it's a 3-way tie for first and a 2-way tie for fourth. :P

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  • IV does have a very large reader base and I do agree to an extent that this is free advertisement for the lawyers, and no real benefit coming to this community from it.

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  • I do not know when you started the process of renewal, but you could have filled 4 months ago. Then, secondly, if you are so eager go and take an appt in another city. Just an option...Everyone has the right to do whatever they choose...

    I know sir every one has right to choose whatever they want but info pass only gives you the answer which in online or when u call them its the same thing. and for your information i have filed my application on june 2nd and still not received anything...and it can cause my job....and when i tried to get info pass it does not allow me another city when i put my zip code and all the dates in the next month are taken..........

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  • First thing is why members have found that title is scary? I dont think it is might attract your attention. Probably most of people who got scared might be using EAD or are considering using it
    I think using AC21 does not imply that 485 will be denied. In a hypothetical situation lets assume it is denied we need to find why it is being denied? One can always switch to h1b (with previous employer - should be valid when AOS is denied) by going to home country and getting h1b stamp on passport but even before you have to do it you can appeal in court and you will be able to stay here.

    I was discussing the same issue today with Ron Gotcher ( you can find it on his website as I have the same userid) and he said unless you are inadmissible or commit a fraud or have broken immigration law in past AOS is not denied. Just in case if you have done any of the above three things then your AOS can be denied and you can not even get any type of non immigrant visa.......... For using AC21 just make sure that:
    140 is approved Your GC sponsor will not revoke 140Your GC job description and new EAD job description are same or similar (title does not matter) . ONet code for both the jobs match. If you ensure the above things then there is no issue using EAD for a job after 180 day of filing 485. Hope this helps and people who got scared does not gives me red dots for speaking aloud.

    Support IV and make the difference for yourself and everyone else in the immigrant community.

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  • I have sent letter twice. They forward it as it is to USCIS and send a reply back that it has been forwarded to USCIS for action. Then you receive a letter or call from USCIS that your case cannot be considered unless your PD becomes current.

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  • Hello all,
    Does any body know why DOS isn't applying the spill over on quarterly basis... Law clearly stipulates that unused visa's should go to retrogressed countries..

    Excerpt from may visa bulletin:

    llocation of “otherwise unused” numbers in accordance with Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 202(a)(5)

    INA Section 202(a)(5) provides that if total demand in a calendar quarter will be insufficient to use all available numbers in an Employment preference, then the unused numbers may be made available without regard to the annual per-country limits.

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  • :cool:

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  • It really seemed ur in the campaiging team for Dems, hence the reply.

    Admin fix was the wrong thing to do anyways, else your Obama will create 101 rules that affect everyone, the check and balance system is a good thing for US

    Admin fix should happen for small regulations not a big law like the CIR.

    i'm not campaigning for obama...... simply trying to set the record straight.....

    the title of this thread implies that obama is not doing admin fix.... its not always about the campaign & votes, sometimes its about the truth and the truth is that republicans leaked the draft admin memo and wrote letters to oppose admin fix.... but now everyone here is blaming obama..... i'm simply defending the absent.....

    most people pass judgments based on incomplete or incorrect headlines...... i'm merely saying that there is more to the news than just the headlines.... & this is related to immigration.... unless u think that the only valid immigration question is - when will i get my gc......

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    has some program on h1b visas undergoing.

    Please call

    202 737 0001
    202 737 0002
    202 628 0205

    phone numbers to call in now (until 10 AM EST) to talk about misconceptions and problems faced by them when they apply for green cards.

    I heard last few calls. Could not call in as the time ran out.
    I think most calls taken were H1B-Hate calls.
    Did anybody from IV call?

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  • We submitted our EAD application in June first week and we got our card this week, effective from last week of July for the next one year.

    Our priority date is October 2006- EB2 and we are not current. So shouldnt we have been issued a 2 year EAD?

    Also we gave our finger prints last year (July 2007 filer) but this time too both the EAD cards shows no FP available .

    The EAD card of my spouse (he is the primary applicant says signature waived) I still have signature on my EAD card. Anyone else with the card that says signature waived. Previous card had his signature in there.

    I heard that's the way it should be from Aug 1st... :confused:

    Someone advise...

    Don't u think that if X has contributed $1,000 and I have contributed $20/$0 I might be temped to rethink that I need to contribute more. It is not comparing $100 vs $200.

    Think about it, any donation made by philanthropists are made public, i am not saying we are philanthropists here since we have a cause in mind. The reason is to prompt people to contribute. If this is not a key agenda IV then please ignore this post.

    Your logic does not really make sense to me. If I contribute X amount, I do so because I believe in IV's cause (which is my cause too) and not because someone else has contributed Y amount.

    I think we are all mature adults and not school kids, and do not require such kind of policing.

    NatrajS - I got my FP notice - its scheduled for 1st week of Sep.
    Ivaka -I am sorry I dont know about checks cashing because we are doing through a company attorney - company pays for our GC expenses..
    Dhirajs - There's no FP on my EAD, Is that a prob.?

    Based on what I heard(my experience too), if your attorney submits your I485 along with EAD and AP, you don't get a FP on the EAD card. When you apply for EAD online, then you will do a FP based on the FP notice that you will get later.
    To activate EAD, you need to go to SSN office and apply for new SSN and once you get your new SSN, you are all set.

    This is only my experience. For expert advice, always check with a qualified attorney

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