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  • We are planning to visit India in Nov 08 after three years. I would be using my AP to return after 4 weeks. My wife is planning to stay there for seven months and plans to return using AP. Based on what I see on this thread, seems like it would be very risky for my wife to use AP to re-enter after a seven month period.

    I'm still working on H1B and my wife on H4 ( although she has an EAD, she doesnt work). We have H1B approval valid till March 09. My wife would be re-entering in June 09. I'm in the process of renewing my H1 and H4.

    If my wife gets her H4 stamping then she can re-enter in June 09 using H4 visa. I plan to re-enter using AP in Nov 08.

    I am also planning to consult my lawyer. Would this work out? Gurus, pls. help

    No need to use AP to travel when you are in valid H1 status, and are continuing to work with the GC sponsoring employer. You can use the valid h1 stamp to reenter without any risk to the pending 485

    Spouse can travel and reenter on H4 even if she has a valid AP provided that you maintain H1 status. Note that H4 is a derivative of H1 status. H4 status ends once EAD is used for work purposes. If the EAD is used for work, then it is safest to travel and re-enter on AP.

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  • If all members of this community pay 100 grand , we can buy a country in africa and build our own country!!
    This could be good substitute for buying houses here worth 500-1000k$

    What do u think!?:D
    don't we have our own country already?:D

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  • bump :rolleyes:

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  • One who introduced the bill? Or our state senetors or our Representatives? Or someone in particular? I am NJ.

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  • I have an nre repatriable demat acct thru icici - it took all of 5 mnths and over 30 calls to cust svc to get the acct opened. The acct was mainly for utilizing the indian stock opts given by employer. You can trade as an NRI but online trading is not available for US residents on nre demat accts - u can however trade thru a broker like sharekhan etc.

    All dividends are credited only to your NRE savings a/c - not to regular savings a/c. Any stock sale requires an authorization number which the broker can provide. Taxes on capital gains must be paid only if you sell within a year of purchase - the percentage is the same as for Indian citizens. There is no tax on long term cap gains

    Since we do not have any taxable income in India, and many NRIs make charitable contributions regularly, the tax liabilities are usually not very high

    Also there is a very informative section on sify.com for NRI taxation. You are not required to file any tax returns if you are in NRI status and are within the exemption limits.

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  • Dude, you need to be street smart to succeed anywhere. You brag about being from upper middle class but what has that given you here?.. Don't bring up the topic of reservation again, but concentrate on immigration issues.

    People here are waiting for years. your's is a recent case, I think it is better for you to start packing. If you are down south, I personally will come to see you off...

    Thanks sir, if I need ur advise I will contact you.

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  • Do not worry. I will tell your name when I see them next time.

    The pattern of these killings is so strange that most of the people that got killed are from AP.

    My friends from AP, Be careful. They are coming after you :)

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  • I ran across this article in one of the websites and read through all the links. I think, there is a strong message in this case, something I have personally faced in the past and do still face at at a smaller level. Though it is not an attempt to help raise money for her. Do please go through those news articles.
    Moderators can delete this thread if it is not relevant.

    [B]Neelima is a native of AndhraPradesh, and most of you know about her racial discrimination and harassment law suit and her fight against injustice (below are the links for details) in US. On March 26 her case is going to trial in Dallas Federal Court.The legal battle has changed their life completely – financially and emotionally. The harassments, threats, slurs and retaliation that she faced at Caremark left her with no option but to file a discrimination lawsuit against the company. Because of the extreme harassment, she was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder resulting in her husband quitting his job to take care of her and their two small kids. Their American dream was shattered, they exhausted their savings, sold their house and car just to bear expenses and survive. With no health insurance her medical bills piled up as a result of the hospitalizations, expensive medications and treatments. Despite all these setbacks, she intends to keep the battle alive and keep fighting for a just cause.

    Her fight is not against America or Americans, it’s against injustice. She is fighting for the dignity and the rights of every one of us.

    http://www.atimes.com/atimes/South_Asia/GL14Df02.html http://www.rediff.com/money/2005/dec/15guest.htm http://www.ciol.com/content/news/2005/105120504.asp

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  • What if DMV refuses to renew the license if I-94/H1 is extended for 1 year (mostly in the case of H1 extension beyond 6th year) but is not stamped on your passport. This happened with me. DMV officer insisted on visa stamped on my passport and he was not ready to accept the I-797 form which I was showing. Finally, I've to go to other DMV and count on my luck to get my license renewed.
    This is a as much a problem with DMV as a problem with employees. I did not 100% agreed with your comments that it's a problem with an employer. Now a days even filing 6 months prior to expiration is not guranteed to give you a timely approval.
    In Florida, no matter if you have 1 yr or 3yrs I-94/Visa, they only issue you a license for 1 year. Period. Florida..anyway sucks.

    Also, can someone tell me, once you get an EAD, can we use that to get the license renewal?

    Yes, I agree with you. Asking for valid visa stamp is too much, the latest I-797 and latest valid I-94 should be enough to get driver's license, because latest valid I-94 proves that you are legal and that's enough. Passport stamp is not neccesary to prove legal status.

    The sad part is that employers should get involved with state legislature and state regulators, DMV etc to make sure their foriegn workers have ability to get driver's license based on approved I-797. Its a mess.

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  • yea i hope USCIS completely cleanses the system and gets things back to the way it was pre - 2000

    except for mayb 5% of the bodyshoppers ( i could be wrong as i'm not frm IT , have friends who tell me etc) rest all 95% commit fraud to some degree or the other

    they need to be weeded out

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  • I am filling out the form G-639 to obtain a copy of the I-140 approval notice. I am little confused about section 6 and 8.

    In section 1, I indicated that I want the information under the FOIA. It is indicated in section 1 that I have to complete all sections except section 6 which is the "Verification of subject's Identity". So if I don't have to complete the section 6 then I also shouldn't have to do any notary in section 8, right?

    It appears that section 8 is related to section 6 and I should be able to skip both. Any ideas guys. Thanks.

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  • good guys/gals.... for your opinions and votes.....

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  • ----
    Ok, now that you have negated all ideas from other people, we anxiously wait for your ideas :)

    I am sure you are not just some reactive person who can only criticize but can also provide us with a solution.
    Lets hear em.

    I feel lobbying is the best way followed by occasional rallies.
    And we need to do some high-profile lobbying. Like get the big companies involved. I hear these big companies have their own lobbying manager (Google has them) working full time. And they have deeper pockets than our $20 or $50.

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  • I think it is still June 29 2007

    so TSC processing time actually retrogressed this month by 8 days if it is at June 21. For times of April, it shows that they are processing June 29, 2008.

    what is going on man. when will they get to Aug 7. but then again, if EB3 is not avaialable then what si the point.

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  • Lunch is supposed to be taken at cafeteria not at cubicles.It doesnt matter whether it's curry or burger.Both smell bad.
    The project where I worked in the past does not have a cafeteria at all. All my friends/colleagues used to eat at their cubicles only. Is there some kind of unofficial rule that you have to eat at a cafeteria. I feel most small companies do not have a cafeteria. I've seen in different projects that I worked, most employees whether desi or somebody else ate at their cubicles only.

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  • I wouldn't call ourselves losers. But I do agree with your statement about Richard Attenborough and Danny Boyle, because I was thinking the same thing!

    It took a richard attenborough to show case Gandhi and it took Danny Boyle to show case Rahman's talent. as simple as that.. people who cant rejoice at this moment are sore frigging losers. end of story. :D

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  • Waldenpond,

    It was my second contribution...


    Hello wrldnw4me,

    Sorry about that. I did not realize....

    Thank You for the continued support and contribution.....whole of IV team really appreciate your help and good work.

    Kind Regards,

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  • On the one hand we are fighting hard to get amendments. On the other hand we're also fighting hard to make sure that our provisions are not taken out. Just to give you further details, Diane Feinstein was working hard to introduce an amendment that would remove the exemptions for Dependents and STEM. Just think how much of a blow that would have been if those exemptions were removed.

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  • There are limits to everything - and to worries too. Of course you don't want to be taking meaningless risks, but to live like a chicken is not an option either. But this is more philosophical, here is my question.

    USCIS may send RFEs for whatever and whoever they think it's reasonable. They can investigate and reinvestigate and GC holders and citizens, it's their job. Now tell me. How many you know of GC holders who got denied their citizenships because they just threw away their W2s? How many GCs were actually revoked and people were deported because USCIS investigated company and found out that most of the employees were H1b?

    Here is case of my cousin, he had his GC for many years, his wife and kids got citizenships. He didn't because he didn't accrue his 5 years in the US. He felt that he would be more successful in his home country. So he had business over there and was traveling back and forth to/from US. Once, at airport the immigration officer asked why he was traveling so much? He honestly answered "i'm doing business abroad". What do you think? INS officer initiated investigation and put him on deportation. Reason? "Absence of immigration intent!!!!". The case was quickly dismissed by immigration judge. My cousin was telling me how angry the judge was at prosecutors, he told them not to waste tax money like this anymore. So... what would be the right choice for him? Taking risk and making money (now he has a $1M house in LA) or be "careful" and live in some crappy hollywood apartment until his citizenship?

    People who left employer early or want to leave early will say it is ok; because it suits their needs.

    People who plan on staying later or don't have any intention of leaving early will say to stay.

    Bottom line is it is upto everyones own risk tolerance. I have just seen some of the biggest cowards in terms of immigration all of a sudden get so brave after they got the greencard.

    If people are waiting years and playing it safe then what is the possible harm to wait a little longer and not get riled up by every small story of someone who got questioned at citizenship time, etc.

    Immigration laws don't change very often; however, uscis interpretations and memos do change quite frequently. When you have to start hiring lawyers, go to court, face uncertainty then we'll see how brave people are.

    In that case, people who sent flowers had their names on the messages too.

    It's time we stop thinking of consequences - it can't be worse than it already is for us.

    There is no big secret, except little bit of planning and starting something.
    I came here in 1997(at 22), but was in school for 2 years, started working in 1999. As soon as I started, I put money in 401k. I married early in 2000(I was only 25 then), my wife already did her M.S by then, she started working in 2000 even before our marriage. I made her put into her 401k(max out most of the time), we also put into esop. Together we have 300k in investment assests in 401k. Then I started a brokerage account and put 1500 every month, that accumualted to 150k now.
    I brought house early, as soon as I am out of PT, with in first year of H-1, it didn't appreciate much but I still have an equity of 200k in primary house(I took 15 year mortgage) and I brought another house, that I rent out which as an equity of 50k. I have some cash. I brought couple of plots in india and also constructing an house in my native town in India.
    But i want to do something else, I am happy with my life, for last two years, I got into golf, tennis and exercise, trying to be physically fit. I used to worry about GC before, not any more, whatever happens will happen.
    Except that I am not progressing ahead in my carreer, I want to do MBA and get into something else. Right now most of my money goes to day care for two of my kids around 24,000.
    More than money, you have to develop right habits, be healthy and have positive attitude.
    In my case, Secrets of my lifestyle are
    1. Getting started early, buying an house at 26. STarting 401k early.
    2. Marrying a girl, who is already working.
    3. Maxing my 401k and esop plan.

    Marrying a girl , who is already working??????????????
    If we are at this level of compromise, marry a millionaire's only daughter or a multi-millionaire's daughter (any number of kids) ;-) I'm sure you will find many.

    or mary a citizen.

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