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  • If you guys don't mind I am opening this thread.

    I am just trying to find out the average Lawyer Fee and Cost of GC (including Labor, I-140, 485, AP, EAD etc)

    So far I have paid 8K to Lawyer and USCIS.

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  • I am still waiting- applied May 1 eb-2.

    NSC is now a Premium Processing Service Center.
    We should wait till phaseIII of the bi-specialization and application be tossed around here and there again.

    how systematic...

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  • I played around with the 14n at Adorama. Also I have been at DPR Kodak forum gathering user experiences. For its price, its a great camera for its targeted purpose.

    There are two problems for me. There can be major magenta fringing at back-lighting and low light conditions (What will happen for shooting one hour before sun rise and after sun set?). You must shoot raw and do significant digital dark room work.

    Complaint: Even the D70 has spot metering, 1/500 x-synch, 30 - 1 / 8000. Cmon, Canon, at least put the d*mn spot-metering on the 10D-II (if not 12mp, FF, ... for $999.00)

    StevenI dont' know, is there canon 10D-II? with those spec I think I'll have to buy one

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  • Yeah there's nothing offensive about that. I mean, if we're being silly i find all the ones that use the colour black offensive. It's RACIST!

    I voted for the serif one. Looks good!

    You didn't offend anyone(well not me)� just provoked them, which I believe is a good thing.

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  • got it--just followed abhijitp's thread. Thanks.

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  • keep records of all the facts. create a file to gather all the facts to demonstrate that the job was eliminated due to the downturn of the business. you need to have good faith intentions to join the sponsoring employer. if you have those and then still couldnt work for that employer due to the things beyond your control, then there is nothing anybody can do about it. so enjoy your days and dont worry about the future. just be prepared with necessary documentation that you need to do for the citizenship...

    check with a good lawyer as i am not one. this is a personal opinion.

    Hi everyone, I have been approved on 9/6/7.
    only 92 days after AOS filing.
    My sponsor, I did work with them from 2002-2007. They agree to file i-485 in the hopes economy would get better. However house builders are doing very bad now and they cannot take me back after approval.
    The question is, does this spoiled my chances for citizenship?

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  • Good work, at least you want to show them what you feel.

    Address him as "Mr.President" in future and avoid using names most of the time.

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  • Rueb am a sensing just a touch of animosity toward Nikon ;)
    Hahaha, despite the fact that an ever so considerate d100 user decided to sit himself at the edge of the runway to check his images on my last show shoot, effectively ruining 30% of my shots. I have no grudge against nikon except for the fact that it wouldnt have killed em to put some curves on that D70.

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  • I realized we all took thread to direction It was not intended to.. Thats why
    I deleted all my posts into this thread... as I understand we all have responsibility to maintain the integrity/relavence of subject when we post something.. I failed but corrected latter on.

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  • Sbind,
    I am also in the same situation, My (including my wife) I-485 case was approved on 8/5, my wife received physical card 2 weeks after and I received a FP notice (Code 2) and i gave my biometrics on 9/29 and my I-485 status changed from Approved to Initial Review on the same day. Its scared me and i immediately called USCIS to know whats happenning and have created an far no response yet. I have my approval notice, as you suggested i will take an INFO pass and get it stamped on my passport.

    Please update your case in this thread.

    Thank you

    I got my FP done on 10/05. My 485 status changed from Approved to Initial Review on that day. I believe it's auto status change. I have my approval notice and Permanent Resident stamp on my passport. I booked infopass appointment on 11/01 to know inquire about this change.

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  • Labor RIR Case from MN (Approved Recently)
    Labor RIR Case from TX (Approved Recently)
    Labor PERM EB3 (Approved in 2006)
    Paid so far 8K

    Lawyer is asking more now for
    Filing I-140 - I-485 - EAD - AP (for both me and my wife)

    Have I paid too much? Should I pay more to him?

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  • Thank you for your advice. My last M.Sc. and Ph.D. is from the USA. My Ph.D. is about manufacturing of aircraft brakes with Honeywell.

    EB1-B or EB-2 is more suitable for me?
    what bothers me is that I am not cited in the literature yet and I do not have awards.

    Your situation is slightly different than many I have come across. If your qualifications, research work, project etc have unique qualities, then you may still have a fighting chance. But you may have to do a lot of homework: find out NIW holders in your / related engg field, ask a few lawyers: do not believe right away if somebody promises they could, try to enroll in as many professional associations as possible, enlarge your skill portfolio etc.

    BTW, is any degree of you from US?

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  • I am a July 2nd filer and my checks cashed August 14th. I got the receipts on August 20th from my lawyer and am waiting for my FP notice. Does anyone know how long does it take to get the FP Notice?

    The avg waiting time is about a month.

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  • Date filed: August 27/07
    Receipt Date: August 29/07
    Notice Date: September 17/07
    Service center: NBC (former MSC)
    If EAD received, date which you received: Not received
    If still waiting, Last Update Date: Sep 19/07 received Notice of action regarding FP

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  • It's because you, me, or any temporary legal immigrant will go back home if some law changes, and new batch of H1 B people will come in to fulfill industry requirement, but for illegal, route from South America is a one way street to USA and no going back. Plus, if temporary legal immigrants leave, US Govt. got to keep all our social security, retirement saving etc. if you think from their angle (US govt.), I guess for them, it makes more sense to legalize illegal (so at-least govt. can get some share of money from their taxes) because no matter what govt. do, illegal are never going to go back.

    After one has been here for 10 yrs. , does US have any Internation tax treaty with INDIA to give back social secuirty benefits or return the taxes back, if one goes back.

    I dont care about GC, Indian govt. must get our social security taxes back. This is a legitimate concern atleast. I guess Indian govt. can take this issue up for sure.

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  • If it was EB2, you have better chance of winning lotto than get EB2 approved with 3 year degree. I had 3yrs + PG Diploma + 6 Years of Indian Experience + 13 Years of US experience and I was never able to cross the labor certification hurdle. BTW, I tried 2 times.

    My I-140 got denied based on my Education.

    I have 3 yrs + PG Diploma which is equivalent to US Degree according to my education evaluation.

    - 6 yrs of OUTSIDE USA experience
    - 5 yrs of USA experience including 2 yrs of experience with current company.
    - I am working as FULL time with an American Company at present

    The JOB Description for PERM was:

    "Bachelor�s degree in Computer Science plus 5 years experience; 3 year Bachelor�s degree plus 2 year post-graduate diploma in Software Engineering and 5 years experience acceptable. "

    Gurus, please help me providing some info, if there is any chance of getting it approved if I file a Motion.. or what should I do next?

    Since it was denied on Aug 4th this month, I have 30 days to reopen this case..

    Please advise me..

    Thanks in advance..


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  • Is it possible to file I-485 without I-693(Medical) ?

    The reason I ask is that I cannot get a doctor's appointment in July. For some reason, if we are able to file in July, can I submit the 485 first and submit teh I-693 later.

    Please advise

    There were doctors in my area who did not ask for appointments. I got my medicals done by walk-in. It means you have to wait, but you can decide wen to go instead of an appointment. Call all doctros within a certain radius and see if anyone will accept walk-ins.

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  • My Lawyer does whatever my employer tells him. They never give any receipt notice or approval notice to employees.
    They did not even let me file my EAD and AP along with I-485.

    I can file EAD/AP myself but I'm worried they might not give me the receipt notice of my I-485 filed in july, in a last ditch effort to prevent me from fleeing(I don't yet have any intention btw) or atleast make it difficult for me.

    I'm sure there would be many in this situation.

    Any thoughts what can be done?

    If they do not show you anything, how do you know your I140 was applied/cleared? How do you know your 485 was filed?

    If we place ourselves in the employer position, almost everyone who can file 485 now is dreaming of invoking AC21 6 months from now. Imagine the mayhem if everyone or almost everyone quits. Many companies which are not direct vendors & where the employees are mostly H-1b will probably have to close shop. Naturally, employers would want to be cautious.

    In your case, since you do not have the intention, you do not need the EAD anyway. At the least, try to get the case number. Even if your attorney does not give it to you, you can call USCIS and get your case number for 485 as 485 is really your application. You can also change the 485 address to yours during the call and then all communication will come to you.

    You can invoke AC21 with your H-1b. That is the preferred method.

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  • The customer rep said that I am in legal status pending my H1B petition. I heard about the 240 day rule. Through my research I learned that I can work and stay in U.S until 240 days of I-94 expiration. After 240 days I can not work, but can stay in U.S peding H1B petition. I am not sure how far this is correct. My companies attorney says that I have to wait or go through the senator to see if your case moves. Aren't we legal as the case is pending. Mysterious laws of USCIS to cover up their own faults.

    I got my EAD today...Even i received my Wife EAD also...Mine is sent to NSC on july 2nd...I received EAD's from Texas Center...I think my application was transferred to Texas...I have approved I-140 from Texas...Are receipt numbers for EAD, 485, AP are in serial? I haven't received receipts yet...I filled attorney did not receive my receipts...I don't know what is going on...

    Every one are highly educated and highly skilled and there is always needs to be difference compared to other forums. Actually after Moderators started monitoring messages one person is putting abusive languages in comment section of the Reputation of many posts as those are unnoticed unless the person complained. I welcome red or green dots in reputation but abusive words in the comment section are not acceptable to me.

    It may not be possible to micromanage everything. But moderators are taking prompt action if anyone reports abusive languages.

    in that case it ...we should have a wall of shame section & tag members...;)

    but the point is how much of micromanagement can u do on a "free" forum!

    HateIV was an extreme case..

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