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  • Aaj nahin uthogey toh kab uthogey....
    If not today, when shall you wake up????

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  • It seems we are busy calculating $1= 42 Rupees all the time. Maybe we should reduce the recuring payments to Rupees 20. That will help everyone.

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  • [QUOTE=h1techSlave;231111]I have listened to a couple of speaches by Bernake in NPR. Basically that guy is completely in the blank on how to handle the economy. He simply says, we are in this mess, because the lenders were very lenient. Fed measures such as interest rate cut and pumping money into the banking system is causing the dollar to fall thus further weakening the economy.

    Dude; not that your idea is bad, but don�t come up with assumptions that the fed chairman is clueless!! He has been handling the crisis extremely satisfactorily. So far he has proved to be a good chairman and similar to Greenspan and Volker.
    You have to understand derivatives and structured investment vehicles to understand what the economy is facing. The risk of sub prime CDO's has been spread thorough out the credit markets. Just imagine Bear Stearns which has a head quarters building in NYC worth $1 billion was sold for $236 Mil. Yankees pay A-Rod more than that. This will tell you how the valuation of derivatives has depleted cash flow and liquidity of a wall street titan which had stood through the great depression, 2 world wars, market crashes in the 1970's, 87, 01 and recessions in between.
    Google "Long term Capital management (LTCM)" and study their history you will see what derivatives are capable of. Warren buffet calls derivatives "Financial instruments of mass destruction".

    So the man is faced with such a mess, don�t insult his intelligence by making unwarranted statements.

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  • stay in Canada... Use you current job for transition. I am very sorry to hear what you and your wife has been through...

    More humane H1B is already a necessity. We should work on improving the conditions for h1b holders too...

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  • I have nothing more to say guys. what some people are saying is logic and what i'm saying is the fact.

    Anyway, My lawyer used the PERM. right after i received my Labor I had to renew my H1b which took 6 months (regular processing). After i received my renewal I sent my I-140 application. I didn't even bother to use the premium processing for my i140 because the i485 was not current that time, instead it way way back as a EB3. anyway, you know the rest of the story.....

    Shimul999 may not be trying to play or may be doing so, only Shimul999 knows. But there are legitimate observations such as below (Assuming s/he provided all information for his/her case correctly) can lead any person like VKKKK to believe that.

    1) He is claiming labor filed in Feb 06 and he got approval in May 06 (As per
    his signature). Now if his file is in BEC this would not have happened so it is
    safe to assume that either he might have used substitution labor OR his file
    is filed in PERM. Now Feb 06 was the initial stage of PERM and during that
    period there were lot many software glitches in the PERM system so many
    lawyers were almost hesitant to file under PERM. But assuming that his
    lawyer took decision to file under PERM, end to end process was almost 4
    months for PERM so either his file was reached before Feb 06 then only he
    could have labor approval in May 06. So there is definately something
    wrong there.

    2) If my labor is approved in May 06 why would I wait to file I-140 till Feb 07
    (His signature)?

    Now 1st point, considering Shimul lucky even that time one can assume it might have happened. For second point one can assume any reason for that long wait so it is not necessary that by looking to these both points we can fairly say that s/he is not representing the fact. It can be a fact and in that case s/he deserves our congratulations.

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  • My wife got EAD but mine is still updates at all.
    Bothe GOT FP, AP..

    Went to infopass, CR said we will sent email and you should get copy. ..nothing happened after 5 weeks..Callled USCIS..she said wait 75 days from the date of FP.
    I thionk they have nothing to offer..just some new excuse..

    I have no clue what to do?

    You are not the only application was also sent on July 2nd and I got FP notices (both my wife and I) and AP approved (both my wife and I).
    My wife received EAD on 10/22 and so far there has been absolutely no update on my LUD and EAD application is still pending. The service center is Nebraska and I am the primary applicant. I think there a a lot of people in the same boat.

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  • EB2/FEDEX delivered on 02-Jul-07 @9:01AM

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  • Wow PCS, your case is great example!!!
    I vote for PCS

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  • The number of people prior to Jan 05 is up to 89 and I am sure it will keep peeping up.
    The factor of 100 (1 % polling) seems to be a realistic assumption.
    Considering the above numbers/assumptions we are looking at the following number of people awaiting approval next month:

    89 * 100 * 2.25 = 20025

    By this poll/statistics somewhere between 20K - 25K people are awaiting approval next month.

    Also there seems to be no more approvals as per after 08/21. Either all the people have been greened (barring a few with some complexity in their case) or the visa numbers have been exhausted(I do not think the latter is the case).

    Hopefully a big chunk of these people do get their approvals next month.

    GOOD LUCK!!!

    Even if its multiplied by 100 we should be ok, if the USCIS does a good of not waisting visas by doing their best in the month of Sep. Say we have 6500 * 2 .25 (Family) = 15000people waiting from EB2 2004. Looking at the spillover numbers from last year, we might be lucky enough. Just trying to be optimistic for the next 35 days.

    We received our 2nd biometric appointment notice for Sep 11th. Our Notice date is Sep 19th 2007. Just keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for something good. :)

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  • ======================
    I agree that we MUST educate them.

    Most of them do not know anything about L1. They think only about H1. I have been to my Congressman's office several times and have written numerous letters (not emails but printed and signed letters, as they have a better impact).

    Requst one and all to do that. CIR is dead now. What next? can we debate?


    Politicians are very well aware of our issues; they just don't want to provide a solution because of the hispanic caucus.

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  • BharatPremi,

    Looks like we are in minority :)

    "Oye, PavanV", Do not worry. I believe in "Sawa Lakh se Ek Ladaun Tab Gobind Singh Naam Kahaun". :)

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  • What will we do after we get our green cards? No more bulletins to watch for? No more green card dreams... Enjoy it while you can... Maybe we can start some kind of a betting system going with these visa dates predictions... Its so much more exciting than betting on college basketball.

    (I'm kidding.)

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  • How about tourist visa? you can get multiple entry for 10 years, but I guess no of months you can stay in India is a question. I am applying for my son too, both of us hold Indian passport, what you guys suggest? go for OCI?


    I think, to be eligible for OCI, at least one parent should be US citizen.

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  • Do you really agree with multi-national managers(via L1A). This is the area wherein the interpretation is pretty loose. If you dissect EB1 data you would find that EB1C used bulk of it except for this year due to bad economy and tightening of screws. There should be some very clearly defined guidelines for EB1-C, somebody being an onsite coordinator or managing 5 people should not be eligible. This category should be reserved for those who are managing at least 100 people or control business in several millions. I agree that EB1 should be just for the exceptional.

    I support you, most of the guys L1A/Bdon't deserve to be in EB1. If L1 (especially the offshoring companies) are that good then all of us are eligible for honorary greencards....
    the whole L1 rule for GC and L1 visa is just exploited to its limit.

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  • I agree with PAPPU

    That's what i see, there are around 50,000 members in our LOBBY and it has become hard to gather 5000 members....

    HOW SAD it is that WE ARE not worried about




    Let's WAKE UP EACH AND EVERY person

    Will be there in the DC Rally ( 100 % )

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  • You can refer to this thread here. I think it has some valuable info too

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  • last time i posted this idea everyone ridiculed.

    Well we desis can only follow the lead of firingis.. so firingis say that who the f*** asked you to come here in the first place and we understand their logic and tell ourselves who the f*** asked us to be here in the first place .. so we are to blame ourselves for everything and take the crap anyway..

    But that is not the point.

    The point is that me and my company and you and your organisation have paid a service fee with a reasonable expectation of service. reasonable expectation of service is subject to interpretetion based on common sense and no f**king common sense says that waiting 10 years for GC is reasonable .. unless your common sense has been replaced by self disrepecting logic ....

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  • who ever is picked to represent , please make sure the speech is written by a professional Speech writer and have your PR guys Ok it.

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  • Nurses are part of EB. This nill has many benefits. More nurses will be out of greencard queue leaving others more chance. US has acute nurses shortage. It is well documented. There is not much shortage of IT professionals . Unemployment is so high. But nurses are in demand and it is important for the healthcare of the nation. Supporting the bill is a win win for everyone in EB wait.

    Really? Nurses are part of EB?? I was not aware of that. Which catagory EB3? EB2? Just curious. Either way i dont think the president is going to support this one.

    Great effort Pappu!

    When does the "Approval notice sent" status appear, it is about 7 days since I got the production ordered.

    ok, so you got card prodcution ordered. then after 7 days, it changed to "notice sent". then, card came in mail. Is that what happened to you, gcseeker?

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