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  • Hello, here are few practical things you can do right away:

    1. Call your embassy.
    2. Ask to speak with a Legal Attache / Equivalent
    3. Explain the case in your native language.
    4. Ask for help. Most foreign embassies are setup to help.

    Tell them you are helpless. Dont know where to go. Given them 100% facts. Dont feel shy about the 'gory' details.

    Remember, this is in the legal system now. Bulletin board responses from here are not as good as solid legal advice and help.

    Next, find a local Chinese / Asian community organization. Google for it. If you cant find one locally, search for ones in big cities like NY, Boston etc and ask them for a reference. These groups are setup to help immigrants in distress. You might find an Asian-friendly or Asian lawyer willing to take up your case, FOR FREE. Just ask.

    Finally, stop talking to all your neighbors. You can always reserve the right to file a Civil Rights / Discrimination suit. The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) can help. Call them. After you call your embassy.

    This can be resolved easily if you have the right people on your side. Got it?

    Good luck!

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  • This is easy, practical and may be more effective.
    Co-ordinate working round-the-clock (24 hours non-stop) wherever, in whatever organization/immigation community is working.Let it be coast-to-coast. let the work start as usual on friday morning at 8am and end at on saturday. Employers will be happy and we can win enormous support. Send simultaneous cards to uscis/law makers.

    Wow, nice idea....!!

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  • Your sense of humor is pretty low class, crass and ill-informed.

    Thank you brother!!

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  • One of the immigration lawyers I talked to said that photocopy should be fine.

    Will only the receipt number work at all? Any idea folks?

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  • Guys who r going 2 get married after August 17th and have their PD after Dec 2006 and have atleast 2 years of H1-B period left!!Y apply 485 now and wait for atleast 3 to 4 years to apply your spouses. The way I see it you can only apply your spouse's 485 when the PD becomes current again!!Instead y not wait 3 to 4 years and apply simultaneously!!Atleast give the guys who have older PD's a break!!

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  • ARR - great inspiration

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  • Folks,

    Back in those exciting/nail biting days of July 2007 ( I think all, who filed their 485, would remember that month throughout life) . There were couple of thread that got started to collect information on how to be our own BOSS and STOP being a slave of your Employer.

    I think it would be a good idea to start a thread (pls forgive me if you think its not such a good idea after all to stat a new thred) and collect some fresh/new/interesting information from people who did try to live thier dream of be their own BOSS. I think it will help other people as well to start thinking about the important steps in the life given the fact the GC is still little too far.

    Please post any information that is relevent to the topic of starting your own company while the 485 is still pending.

    Start the company on Primary's Name?
    Start the company on Spouse name?
    W-2 with the Vendor?
    Independent Consulting?

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  • what a timeless masterpiece!!!
    gives me goosebumps everytime i listen to this!!!

    Couldnt agree with you more - absolute magic from ghalib

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  • I haven't applied for green card yet. Is IV only for GC purposes or it addresses other issues too which makes life of H1b holder hell?

    Not sure why you would generalize all H1b holders as experiencing hell - I for one did not. Anyways if you take the time to browse the forums you will find the answer to your question.

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  • Sent my email.

    For those who are thinking what should be done, Please send an email to the guy who wrote that editorial

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  • in my humble opinion, we will never find justice and fairness here.

    the reason why we will not find justice is that our suffering is creating profits for the people with power and who vote.

    your freedom is reduction in their profits. exactly the slave-master thinking. they will try their best to delay your freedom.

    at my last employer (a large, respectable financial firm), they kept saying "GC next year" till they said "GC last months of 5th year". I was just a few months from that time, but i quit them in disgust anyway. doing GC with them would have meant another 5-6 years with those creeps.

    this is classic zero-sum thinking. you'll see it everywhere in the US. you just have to be sharper at seeing politics. only you can protect your interests.

    my advice to IV is to associate with some labour union. those guys are corrupt, but at least they have some power.

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  • I think what ever step we take has to be organized and inclusive of all groups. It is not like last year EB2 pulled out a smart trick to receive the spill over. I mean they were all suprised & shocked to see dates go forward as were other folks on this forum. So trying to unite Eb3 by kind of blaming Eb2 or Chinese or ROW or for that matter anybody will not be very productive. Remember we are facing immigration opponents who are well organized, united and well funded. They have years of experience in lobbying and using media to their advantage. We are a tiny minority and if we further fracture it besed on nationality or category of filing all we will do is weaken our case further. We should focus our efforts for EB reforms across all categories and I think the best way is to follow the direction of the IV leadership on this isssue.

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  • And, would you mind explaining why would ROW get affected? If they were current all along, all the ROW candidates must have already filed, even before july fiasco, right? So, just exactly how do they get affected?

    Sorry for the outburst, but I sometimes get tired of people just throwing out speculations :eek: as if they are stating facts. So, back up your statement with logic.

    Um... ROW has been retrogressed for some time too (at least EB3), so there is no need to "wait for it to get affected" - wait for that to become current before significant change in other areas of chargeability. But I've been waiting for that for years too.

    You could wait, or you could come to DC and help us to get it changed!

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  • Gandhi was in S Africa for how many years before he returned to India? If he hadn't been humiliated in S Africa and didn't decide to perform Satyagraha-who knows what shape our freedom movement might have taken?S Africa made Mohandas a "Gandhi"
    Maybe, we all need to go to our home countries-and free them from "beloved politicians":-)

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  • :D

    I seriously hope that the Director of the USCIS understands our "Gandhigiiri".

    We dont want the Americans thinking, "hey lets keep screwing these immigrants and getting stuff like free flowers and free blood from them"

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  • From the same memorandum:
    "Accordingly, if the employer withdraws the approved Form I-140 on or after the date that the Form I-485 has been pending 180 days, the approved Form I-140 shall remain valid under the provisions of �106(c) of AC21. It is expected that the alien will have submitted evidence to the office having jurisdiction over the pending Form I-485 that the new offer of employment is in the same or similar occupational classification as the offer of employment for which the petition was filed. Accordingly, if the underlying approved Form I-140 is withdrawn, and the alien has not submitted evidence of a new qualifying offer of employment, the adjudicating officer must issue a Notice of Intent to Deny the pending Form I-485. See 8 CFR 103.2(b)(16)(i). If the evidence of a new qualifying offer of employment submitted in response to the Notice of Intent to Deny is timely filed and it appears that the alien has a new offer of employment in the same or similar occupation, the BCIS may consider the approved Form I-140 to remain valid with respect to the new offer of employment and may continue regular processing of the Form I-485."

    One is ok even if an apporved I-140 is withdrawn as long as we have notified USCIS. This is a memo from August 2003. Here is the link:

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  • [QUOTE=belmontboy;326916]sure prove me wrong.

    If you are telling me that VO or IO has access to all criminal records from all 51 states, i can't stop laughing here.

    If they have access, why do they even have a section for declaring voluntarily?? to test honesty of the applicant??[/QUOTe..

    I do not want to argue with you but can prove you wrong .. Give me your info and I will let u know if u have any records or not. Afet 9/11 all immigration systems are interconnected with the state and federal court records and minute one is arrested his name is there.. 100%...Talk to an attorney in the morning and pm me.. I will explain you how it works..

    Let us not shift the focus from the original question and if we do not have any answer let's sit back and let the guy face the consequences and make it an argument to prove who is wrong and right between us..

    I pray for you and hope you learn from your mistakes(not you belmont).. May God Bless you..


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  • The dogs may bark, but the caravan passes on. Just ignore. Read and be informed; but don't post. Don't mention.

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  • I understand it is a mess and I never suggested it should not be solved. However, I know a lot of my friends in PBEC who will apply PERM (pri dates 2003/04) if the pri dates for India became current.

    And I am myself stuck in Dallas BEC which is not even taking a look at State cases. And yes, if EB2 became current, I will file another labor in a jiffy. So, yes, it is a mess there but we got to look for avenues out of it.

    I am , in no way, suggesting that we should not support PBEC overhaul if thats what it takes to get labor approved. But right now, Comprehensive Immigration bill is about GC and H1 numbers for us, it will not deal with labor backlog, USCIS backlog etc. So, what do we do now - should we raise an issue that politicians will hear, but not act on, or do we raise a red-hot issue of what hard country limits will do and there is a fair chance it might be acted upon?

    I hope you do not misunderstand this.

    It needed 60 votes to pass I think and not a simple majority. In any event, i am not sure if it would have thru since it is an amendment and the main defence bill failed.

    But this is a huge eye opener, to see who-is-who of democrats voting against this.

    On second thoughts, may be it is expected becuase they are about illegal immigrants and republicans are about big business atleast according to popular perception.

    I think it sends a clear signal as to who our friends are when it comes to legal immigration.

    Now or Never... those not contributing would regret later and feel guilty. Ask yourself: When and Why (not contribute)?

    /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\\\\////// /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\\/\/\/

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