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  • Wata,

    If I were you, I would rather wait atleast till Nov 2006 before converting I-140case to premium processing because as you said NSC is currently processing I-485 cases for Dec 2005 and it would take 5/6 months more from now to come to June/July 2006 to process I-485 at current pace. But Again this is my personal thought....

    Moreover, in order to take advantage of AC21 portability you I-140/I-485 case has to be 6 months old. So getting I-140 approved through premium processing does no good as you would have to wait till Dec 2006 anyway for your I-140/I-485 case to become 6 months old.

    Law Loving Alien

    Law Loving Alien, I suggest you change your name to Law Loving "Legal" Alien ;)

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  • I think there is a new office that has been started to address the plight of the NRIs.. I am not sure if the office is under the 'External affairs ministry'. I think, it will make more sense to send it to this new office.

    I just joined this portal and I am very impressed...., wish I had joined earlier....

    If we can quickly put together some PPT presentations and our problems in immigration, we should rush it to President and PMO office in India and make a request to hand it over to Mr.Bush when he is visiting India....., It may be too late but we can give a shot.

    What you think ?

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  • Found this one on the internet... maybe someone can help to give more information about K-3 visa ...


    Only US citizens can file for a K-3 visa. Geencard holders will have to bring their spouse on a non immigrant visa (HI or L1) or under the F2A catogory for family based immigrant visa which is heavily backlogged.

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  • Its not a legal loophole. Some states just do it that way. Their under pinning argument is that you are on a temporary visa and does not have permanent residency. Also, its not the University that makes up the rules. There is some thing called domicile office in most schools and they determine residency for in state/out of state purposes. The domicile office has specific set of instructions on how they should determine eligibility requirements for in state. For example common wealth of VA has state council for higher education ( that provides these guidelines. Check out what AZ has to say and if they say only permanent residency is a requirement to be eligible for in state, there is nothing much you can do.

    Also, its not a federal violation as states decide what they want to do with their university systems. If you want you can write to your state senators and assembly man and see what they have to say. Its very difficult to explain them these nuances when there are a bunch of people crying out loud that many illegals are getting in state rates.

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  • Thanks for your support, Please ask a core member i would think "pappu" would be the best.

    Why don't we just voluntarily mention the amount that we contributed in our signatures ? Since contributions are voluntary, so should be the option of disclosing information on it. When many contributing members start furnishing their contribtion information voluntarily, it becomes the "fashion" and others will follow suit, as no one wants to look like a free-rider.

    As for the veracity of the information, we got to trust each other on that and follow an audit policy- I assume the core members/ administrators have the ability to cross-check the contribution information if someone looks suspicious. Anyone caught furnishing false information can be blacklisted. Such a policy minimises the work of the core team, without being overly intrusive.

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  • how short ? I am waiting for aug Bulletin from lat 1 hr :cool:

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  • I don't think they will accept matriculation certificate as primary evidence. Since the birth certificate is initial evidence, you should contact your lawyer ASAP. told me its a birth evidence and we can send BC later...seems like he may be looking for employers benefits..anyone knows if its OK..otherwise I may have to redo the medicals

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  • Before going to senate STRIVE BILL has to pass in congress. When this is going to happen?

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  • IMHO, this is a legitimate website as I have been getting updates from them regularly and they are a supporting group for illegal immigrants path to legalization. As per the email I received today, anti-immigrants have sent 693,437 faxes to Washington this month to oppose reform.

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  • In our case got EAD directly, but AP went to Lawyer.

    I guess only god knows how USCIS works!

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  • Hello guys,

    My frustration is increasing and patience going down. I am strongly considering moving back to India. When planning the move, a few questions popped in my head the answer to which I am not able to find (yet); hence putting it out here.
    1. How can I inform SSN department or credit bureau that I am not longer in USA..hence no one can use my SSN even if it gets stolen? Is there a way to "lock" things down?
    2. What happens to 401K? Is there a IRS tax law that says because this guy was on H1-B and leaving..don't charge him the 40% penalty?
    2.1 After 40% in penalty and 30% in taxes...with the market beaten down...not much remains...wonder if it's even worth touching it. So if I decide to leave the money here in my 401K account, what happens when I want to withdraw it? Rather what is the best way to withdraw it?
    3. Any estimates on how much it costs to ship things back to India? I live in 2 bedroom have the usual stuff.....couch, bed, tv, clothes of many sizes, lots of kitchen utensils. Just an average...I understand things can vary a lot.
    4. PIO card has the passport number of my son on it...the passport will expire when he is five year old. So do I get a new passport number? If so what happens to the PIO card? Do I need to get a new one?

    Others, please feel free to add to the list of questions.
    1. You can walk to your local SSN office and ask them about the lockdown on SSN.

    Ideally if you are near 40 quarters of SSN contribution I will stay here few quarters longer to make it to 40 quarters. This way even if you are in India you will get some money when you retire ( few 100 dollars are not bad). ( I know about SSN and its problems but still there will be something there)

    2. There is nothing in 401K laws that says you can withdraw the money before you turn 59.5, but you can try to establish a case of hardship and see. The predefined cases are here - Hardship Withdrawals Give Access to Your 401k Savings, But at a Cost (

    2.1 The Penalty is not 40% it is only 10%, (usually the way it goes in 30% tax + 10% penalty gives a total of 40% loss). But as someone suggested you can withdraw it in phases and not pay the taxes, in that case you will only pay the 10% penalty. I will consult a tax attorney to get more information on this.

    also r2i websites are great help.

    Good Luck

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  • H1 B Alien need not be paid all the time. I guess one can be on unpaid vacation for a while. pls see below. D&vgnextchannel=1847c9ee2f82b010VgnVCM10000045f3d6a1 RCRD

    Krishna_brc is correct. H1 B alien can be on medical leave, sick leave and can be unpaid during that period.

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  • In this current scenario , by the time anybody get to file 485 , he/she would have spent considarable time with the same employer with no promotion and pay hike. The thought of to spend another 1 year after green card leaves everyone shivering and hence was my earlier post

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  • Please include me.

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  • And Code 1 means red alert uh

    Code 1 = if you applied EAD only (Index Fingers + Photo)
    Code 2 = if you applied I-485 only (All Fingers only - FBI Name Check)
    Code 3 = if you applied I=485 + EAD

    I may have code 1 & 2 reversed :-) But thats the overall concept...

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  • With mush ballyhoo, the Nikon D2H hit the streets not too long ago. It was approximately two years in the making, and seemed to counter the 1D for Nikon users. The Canon 1D Mark II (on paper) , seems to be a very significant improvement to the 1D, and jettisons again past the D2H. How confident can Nikon users be that Nikon can maintain pace in the professional DSLR arena?

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  • If you are an immigrant what’s your status...Tell us more about you.

    If not, what’s the purpose of you are visiting IV. Just teach about the scam?

    The ICE, USCIS and DOL are there and very much capable to take care these scams. So if you have any information about the those authorities. We don’t have anything to do with that. Otherwise please get lost.

    C'mon dude, i wouldn't use the word "get lost" for someone who has kept cool and putting up thoughts without using extreme/harsg words. even if you suspect the person could be from anti-immigrant group, I don't think it's appropriate to sentence someone based on suspicion.

    Dear vjone, like somebody said above, there is no profession where there are no fraud people, there are fraud doctors, fraud lawyers, fraud religious leaders(are there any good ones?), fraud teachers you name it. Posts like yours are welcome, they help us remember that there could be fraud happening around you and you gotta be careful. But in case you are not immigrant and the news made you believe that the %age of such fraud people among legal immigrants is significant then let me assure you that it is not, in fact work-visa community is at the top of the list of cleanest/noble communities. Their contribution to national prosperity and keeping America is # 1 is among the highest. In a way they are the soldiers with keyboards in their hands, fighting for America.

    You are more than welcome to express your thoughts as long as they are in line with the goal/mission of this site.

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  • That's just it; isn't it. I'm here legally paying taxes, immigration and all that other good stuff. This last year many illegals who filed 2006 taxes and were awaiting refunds did not get the refunds due to their immigration status! Many things are on the change and when 4 of you are on TIN#'s it is easy to get pulled. What they audited us for was stupid totally illogical! Prove we were married, that the kids lived with us and we lived together in same house. That was it. Why would you file jointly if you did not live together in the first place. IRS office confirmed, then 2nd one re-confirmed it was flagged by INS and it wasn't even hidden well. So, that was August and we filed 07/05 the audit was for 2005 returns. They have all paperwork, but haven't heard anything back yet. That is a good thing too. I crammed every bit of evidence I could into that sealed file before sending it off. The officer who confirmed receipt of it was laughing harder with each turn of the 50 odd documents of proof that I had sent. She said I don't think we can deny that you live together and the kids live with you!!! Please don't worry about it. You should receive a letter in about 30 to 40 days with the outcome.

    That is it and I shall wait for the letter to arrive signing it off.



    Working in the accounting/financial industry, I have to deal with the IRS time to time. From my experience, I can tell you that IRS care about their customers and if you say something, they will actually listen to you. Their customer service is actually pretty helpful.

    After all you have provided them, if they still cause you more trouble, hire a local CPA and the CPA will work with you to resolve any issues with the IRS. CPAs are usually less expensive than lawyers.

    Hearing your case, it sounds to me that your's was just a random case. I don't think they will bother you anymore. Good luck.

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  • The attorney gets the AP documents.

    I did get my EAD cards at home but the AP went to Attorney.

    I am in the same boat. My 1st paper file was rejected the same reasons (incorrect fee and no I485 notice.)

    so I efiled right away after i got the returned package on june 24. I received the notice a week later dated June 24. Since then, no news... no updated.

    Since that people who filed the 1st week of June had already got their renewal notices or physical cards.......

    mine current exp on Aug 14... so far I only have 2 weeks....

    will I get anything within 2 weeks??????

    Anyone out here file around June 24 at TSC and got any news???????


    Its the oldest trick in a spammer's book.

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