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  • Hi friends,

    Can we start working for the new company immediately once the transfer petition is mailed i.e. without waiting for the EAC number ?

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  • logiclife
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    Send webfax 15


    Webfax to push Brownback Amendment.


    The bill will be passing the Senate soon, and most likely be finalized and voted on Thursday.

    Please bear in mind, that immigration voice DOES HAVE alternate ways to get the amendments into the final text of the bill if both Cornyn and Brownback's amendment are not floored and voted in this final lap of the debate. So please be patient and please have faith.

    In order to give one more push to this amendment, we urge you to send a webfax support Brownback Amendment. Its is under the webfax menu as webfax Number 15.

    Please enter your real name,(full name) and your address, phone etc on the webfax before sending it. With a few clicks, your webfax will go to all 100 senators therby generating support for this amendment.


    I do appreciate the full intentions of our admin in asking us to send faxes,

    While these discussions are going on, if we send faxes - would it draw attention to a few hundred of them ? . Certainly worth the try, without loosing anything.

    (2) - I also feel that Sending it to Cornyn, Spectre, in addition may help via faxes to remind them of our problems.

    (3) - I do understand that the admins have a plan to get some relief via backdoor as the admin posted in case legal immigratns donot get a significant relief in the present form as posted just now, do you really think this is feasible ? would not we bypass the senate ?

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  • Probably a dumb question which was answered before in some other thread.. but just so that I understand better:

    Am I correct, or totally off base to say: There are no clear cut legislative guidelines regarding how cascaded visas or recaptured visas are to be used especially w.r.t country limits. USCIS has the discretion in how these visas are to be handed out..
    If so, how has USCIS handed out these visas historically?

    It's a bit more complicated than that:

    Law comes from three sources:

    Comman Law: Laws inherited from the british justice system (evolved over centuries).

    Legislative Law: Laws passed by congress and signed by the Prez.

    Regulatory Law: Regulations created by the regulatory agencies to implement the laws made by congress. Congres doesn't always finalize all the details to the last comma and leaves that work the relevant government agency. For example, FCC, SEC create regulations about how the congress' laws are to implemented. These regulations have to conform the laws passed by congress. These regulations have the force of law.

    So when congress did not stipulate any specific overflow mechanism, it left it completely up to USCIS to work that out.

    Historically EB2-RoW overflowed to EB2-India and EB3-Row overflowed to EB3-India. Soon after EB3-RoW was retrogressed, USCIS channelled EB2-RoW to EB3-RoW. This is expected to continue till EB3-RoW becomes current itself.

    Therefore, if you're looking for any progress in PD, whether EB2 or EB3, the key parameter you should be watching is EB3-RoW cut-off. Only when this becomes current, others can even _think_ of nirvana. Without overflow of RoW's, both EB2-India and EB3-India cannot progress more than a day in every bulletin (at a average). EB3-Row moved a month and a half in Jan bulletin, which counts as a progress, however small, for everyone. That holds true -though not easy to intuit- for EB2-India as well!

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  • My college got his I140 approved just in 2 months with normal processing. He filed in EB2-I. Mine was also approved last year in 2 months in EB2-I. Does the location from where are you applying affect processing time?

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  • RN received on today from TSC
    PD: 8/2006
    LC Approved: 9/2006
    EB2 140 Approved: 10/2006
    485 filed on 7/2 @ TSC
    RN 7/2
    ND 8/13

    What is your first 6-7 charecter of Receipt Number
    like SRC0724******

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  • My point is not TSC or NSC - my point is we all sufferers should now unite and create pressure. I cant do alone , you cant do alone.
    How do you want to contact AILA - why they should suddenly listen to a bunch of 10 stray immigrants like you , me ??

    One thing i dont follow in your post how EB3 becoming U affect Processing times of I-140 ? I-140 doesn't depend on "Country of Origin" or "Retrogression".

    Let me know !

    There's a EB3 140 approval drought in not just NSC, but TSC too. I think it's going to get worse with EB3 becoming U. I am myself EB3 Mar 2005 and my job isn't looking very stable after my company resorted to outsourcing.

    Can we suggest to AILA reinstatement of premium processing for those who've waited beyond some acceptable period of time? The same way they are doing for people whose H1's are at the brink of expiration.

    I don't see any other way they will ever give heed to this problem i.e. where no monetary gains are involved.

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  • anyone has any suggestions.

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  • Is there any advantage choosing a local lawyer? Can some body please suggest attorney in Chicago area.

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  • zCool
    I was wondering when you received the RFE. Were you in the US when you received it ? Did you travel to India for a visa stamping ?

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  • This is not typical, this guy sounds like a scam, ignore..................This is not a family court.According to Mislim crap,you can marry as many as you wanted, you can divorce some saying talak over the phone.This is not some thing rational, stupid muslim crap, i dont understand why every one is eager to help him.

    Such hatred has no place on IV.

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  • isnt the ielts offered in very few places in the US?

    Yes only 12 to 15 places.

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  • they sent 290B with denail .what documents did u send with MTR? so repeipt number would be new not the one i have for 140?

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  • With current situation in economy, I don't think our HR 5882 will be in the mark uplist. US govt has bigger problems than spending time for "recapture EB visas". I have no hope of recapture bill will be discussed near future. Sorry for my pesimistic views

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  • Then, please have the courage to start one. :) It is not very difficult to start a chapter. It is preferable to lead than be led. ;)

    jansilal...ltnc!!!! how r u?

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  • I am in a similar situation and was rejected due to the same reasons.

    Has the original poster received any update on their E-file yet?

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  • Fax Sent

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  • Mil gaya to nariyal phodunga... bas aur kya bolu?
    (If I get it, I will break a coconut, what else can I say?)


    Please someone who is net savvy or from the core team could you please create something like this: where we can track people's contribution.

    This is not so that people can finger point but so that people who have not paid are "tempted" and people who have made major contributions are recognized.


    I applied EAD Renewal on April 26 and then got RFE on May11 saying that they need 2 photos, I have send them and they resumed process on May 20th. Finger prints done on May28th.

    Recenly I called USCIS and I requested for expedite, but today again they sent me RFE, I dont know what is this for I am waiting for hard copy.

    if any on is in this situation please suggest me.

    Thanks in advance

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