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  • My EAD card ordered and LUD on AP on 9/25/07


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  • Hi Guys,

    I need your help on this. My cousin is running this small IT company in india and he mentioned that when US client sends their money to India via Pay Pal or some secure money transfer , they are charging them 4 % of transfer amount.

    He ask me that what could be the best way to avoid this fees , some of the option that we thought about,

    1) If they (cousin's company) open an bank account in USA and utilize this to transfer the money to indian bank account - Would they still need to pay US tax as money is being deposited into the US account?

    2) If I utlize my bank account - I think in this scenarion I have to pay the US tax for whatever money the client is depositing into my account in order to make this legal transfer

    3)If US client utilize remit2india, ICICI to transfer money which I highly doubt

    I appriciate your responce on this.

    lol you are complaining about 4% tax? :)
    1. not sure about this...normally you need a SSN or TaxID to open a back account here...however some banks dont require it...which is what illegal immigrants exploit.
    so if its done without a SSN or TAXID then you may get away without paying tax.
    However some companies wont pay you if you dont have a TaXID or SSN

    2. worst of the 3 ideas...cause u will be paying individual tax rate...of around 30% or more

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  • Yes, even though July VB brought good things and everybody is busy in getting documents together, we should also take some time and look in to this.

    The July VB has distracted us. Should re-mobilize quickly. Shouldn't rest till favourable amendments are in.........

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  • This is a Tricky need Medical leave for your child but 4 months is a bit too long. your Attorney about the consequences of taking 4 Months leave on H1B visa.make sure your HR provides you with all the Paper work that your Attorney might ask to substantiate your leave.

    My LC and I140 approved (PD: may 2004). Applied 485 on Aug 8.
    I became father last month.
    My new born son is sick and he needs total attention for next 4 months. I have used up all my vacation and planning to apply for medical leave. Pediatrician recommends me getting medical leave and support my wife.

    I work in a very big hardware company. I have completed 3.5yrs in H1B so far.f I apply for medical leave, I may get a pay cut (like 20 to 30%). Will I be affected because of this medical leave? Are H1B's allowed to take medical leave (upto 4 months)..

    Your comments are very much appreciated.


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  • are sure it is 7 years? i thought .. it is 3 years.

    You can expect it anytime. The retention period is 7 years, so keep all your tax filing papers and all related docs for at least 7 years.

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  • ah - never mind - i see it now, after one logs in! :)

    I love your handle... F O O B A R appropriate, given the situation we all are in..

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  • i am trying to find what questions they can ask.

    1.brith certificate is a concern rest all is good as far as i know.

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  • Did he also mention that to qualify for EB1 you have to be from Mars?

    Good one, dude!!

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  • Yeah right! and that too ask them to buy it at 2005 price ;-)
    My company paid me oneway air tkt back to india. I own a house. Can I ask them to buy my home ???? :D

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  • I live in the city. Would like to register

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  • is it nessary to show I-485 pending status assuming you are still on H1B
    ( 8th year )? just want to make sure i show only required docs and not others to avoid unwanted confusion. thanks.

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  • The link to states clearly what "Last acition" is in your case.

    "The USCIS responded that the travel does not change the equation. The USCIS, through Efren Hernandez, Chief, Business and Trade Services Branch, reasoned that the last action would not be the travel and reentry in the prior status, but the previously-approved petition and change of status with a future start date. The travel does not invalidate the previously-approved USCIS change of status effective from a future date. This is because the last action regarding the person's status governs. "

    I believe there is no diffirence in that logic for extension of status or change of status. It would be good to find the original letter of Efren Hernandez.


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  • I live in Chicago suburbs. Please add me.
    However, every Thu-Sun I am in Minneapolis.

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  • I am not sure when the CIR will pass...its not on Nancy Pelosi aganda in forseeable future... and several people already mentioned that if it didnt pass by MAY07 then you are looking at Jan 09 to get immigration stuff to happen...

    I think we need to work on an interm EB relief bill ...which is absolutely non contraversial and try to pass it....not worring about piggy backing the CIR...

    Issues such as h1 increase or adding more numbers need not be in it...we can include things like EAD after I-140...spouse/childer not considered for EB quota...etc...

    Unless we act desissively now...its going to be a long way to 2009..
    Pani, ak27, eb3_nepa, GCBy3000 etc in this thread,
    Thanks for your concern and enthusiasm to get something done. We do need people like you to help us out in achieving what we have all set out to achieve. All Pls. signup for state chapters to be able to work together with other IV members in your state. Each chapter can organize 'meet the lawmakers ' drive as outlined in my posts. Currently only few people have signed up to help with the grassroots efforts. Without active participation from members we willl be seeing the frustrating visa bulletins every month and debating about it on forums.

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  • by the way, can somebody answer these questions: If you got your EAD before the Receipts, does it mean your I-485 was touched and accepted? Is there any possibility that you got your EAD but your I-485 was not yet touched and accepted?

    Is there anybody here who got EAD but for more than a month after that still got no Receipts?

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  • ....
    We never heard about Employer-Employee relationship before 2010. ation%20or%20Fashion%20Model%20%28H-1B%29/Decisions_Issued_in_2009/Jul082009_01D2101.pdf

    [From the pdf link]
    On January 3, 2008, the director denied the petition.
    AAO must determine whether the petitioner has established that it will have "an employer-employee relationship with respect to employees under this part, as indicated by the fact that it may hire, pay, fire, supervise, or otherwise control the work of any such employee
    Upon review, the AAO concurs with the director's decision. The record is not persuasive in establishing that the petitioner or any of its clients will have an employer-employee relationship with the beneficiary.

    Not a legal advice

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  • I received IRS tax audit check for year 2005 last week. I guess mostly I can defend my audit and I have scheduled an appointment with IRS tax manager for next week

    However god forbid if I have to pay penalty on audit,I was wondering this would impact anything on my 485 process. Does it have any impact

    Appreciate your thoughts.

    If anyone faced this problem please, please give ur ideas

    No relation between these IRS checks and 485 process

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  • I got below response on 15th to my SR created on 9th Sept..

    The status of this service request is:

    USCIS is aware that according to the Department of State?s Visa
    Bulletin, there appear to be visas available however there has been an
    extremely large volume of case requiring visas. A visa may or may not
    be currently available for you, however if there is a visa available
    for your case, those cases are being assigned to officers and are
    being processed in date order. If you do not receive a decision or
    other notice of action from us within 30 days of the date of this
    letter you may place another inquiry after that period of time has

    If you have any further questions, please call the National Customer
    Service Center at 1-800-375-5283.

    :( All this time I wasnt worried too much about my GC... but now when both my priority and processing dates are current, I am getting very anxious... Its so frustrating not to see any email from CRIS for the whole day, not to see any LUD, not to get anything from CSR.... :( Why, GOD why? :( :( :(

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  • I'm trying to secure a residency in one of the hospitals in the US and my husband is already has I140 approved for himself. Currently i'm in the US on H-4 status and want to apply for residency at one of the hospitals. The problem is, some hospitals only offer J-1 visa and i know there is some restrictions to J-1 visa, that i might have to serve in some under serve area for ? years.

    I was thinking that i can sign the contract but by the time i'm done with my residency, my husband will already have his EAD or atleast GC and he wil aplly for me as well. WOuld this releive me of the responsibility to serve in an underserve area ot not? Thanks.

    I live in chicago as well. I missed the call. Are there any meeting minutes?. Will we set another call in the near future?

    I think your lawyer is screwing you. $7,500 just for labor certification.I know, my lawyer is not cheap, but as a result we were able to file i-485 2 months before my son turned 21. It was big relief for our family.
    Also she is very good in communication - I have copy of all documents, including I-140 approval and I-485 submission (around 3 inches of paper :) )

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