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  • I just PayPaled $300 yesterday. Please, keep all of us PBEC and DOL victims in mind as well. We need your help!!
    Thanks a ton anaintchev. PBEC and DOL issues are very much part of our efforts, we have several volunteers stuck at that stage.

    Once again, thanks a lot.

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  • I will try my best to come. I also pledge $151 for this event.

    Good Job IV. Happy to know that we are doing something so big.

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  • I'd say, we've waited enough(6-12 years). I know we are all chasing the american dream (perhaps it is just a dream), we should just make peace and move back. Thank you congress, america for giving ppl (from so called 3rd world nations) like us the chance to come and serve this great nation.

    mind you.. dont forget to take back your $$$

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  • I am not sure what's a Humanitarian AP...maybe the officer was just bluffin sumthin. I'm sure he mes've had a bad day.

    Although I have not used the AP yet, to me it seems like ure exp was really bad and an "outlier" I guess. Havent heard ne such bad exp elsewhere...

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  • Thanks for adding the poll.

    GO IV GO.

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  • Tuesday 05/01/2007 - 3:00 PM
    2237 Rayburn House Office Building
    Subcommittee on Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security, and International Law
    Hearing on An Examination of Point Systems as a Method for Selecting Immigrants
    By Direction of the Chairman

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  • The Training on Sunday June 6th will be held at Hyatt Regency near Capitol Hill ( ecific_wasrw_hyattregencycapitolhill&k_clickid=5a3402af-3df6-af68-63e2-000060fa8023)

    The closest airport to the capitol is the Reagan National Airport. The other two airport are Baltimore International, MD and Dulles International, VA are options too - if you can get good deals.

    Priceline can offer good pricing for hotels.

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  • I always loved this board for what it does - especially the Gurus who always spend their precious time giving input to member's queries. Well... this is not query. I just want to vent my frustration, helplessness to fellow friends in this board. In spite of graduating from a reputed univ with a Masters and very good GPA and also having 7 years of professional experience, I am bound to be a slave to my current Employer without any promotions, career growth or anything remote to that for next (God knows how many Decades) several years. ppl who are junior to me in every aspect are growing left and right and are also getting brighter opportunities. I dont care if you guys think I am jealous of them.... But does God really exist ? sorry for wasting your time with this depressing note. I guess there is a limit to how unlucky I can be !! call me a cry baby but I am one real unlucky individual !

    There is always a silver lining in the black clouds. Do not despair. Believe in GOD AND YOURSELF. Rest all will fall in place. Can you explain what's going on?

    If you will be benefited by “I-485 filing without current priority Date”, please vote YES on the Poll.
    Then please send an email to with subject - "I485 filing without current PD - Impacted Member". Include your 1) IV username 2) Email address 3) Ph#, 4) State of Residence so that grassroot efforts can be coordinated. Please refer to the first post on the thread and use the flier,talk to your friends/colleagues to spread the message.We need all members to get involved.

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  • Here is what I dont understand..
    245(i) cases are supposed to be hindering forward movement of EB3 cases because of Apr 2001 deadline. I would guess that majority of those cases are from Mexico (I am sure there are some from India as well). Now if that is true, then how come Mexico dates have moved to the month of May 2001 while India EB3 is stuck in April 2001 for the last so many months?

    Just wondering..

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  • Days when President started talking about fighting to make sure the immigration bill be passed, I felt even people who are here legally should get a fair chance. Not that it is a competetion for immigration, but its playing a fair game.

    The immigration bill if passed, will come and stop at the same place where everyone of us are in now or even worse and pulls the whole system down.

    I'm glad to see such a thing like immigration voice. This will make the law makers think with a broader mind.


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  • Folks I had an infopass this morning for EAD pending more than 90 days. The officer basically told me cannot issue EAD but will contact NSC to check status and gave a customer information receipt saying "Our records indicate that your I765 is pending. I will contact NSC for further review of your application"

    I was very disappointed by this. Is there anything else I can do to get interim EAD? I still don't see a LUD on my case.
    I took 3 infopass appointments but not one helped, but if they take your FP in the infopass appt, you may get your EAD approved after 4-5 weeks(as happened with me)

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  • You create your own luck, my friend!! God is not working against you or anybody else.

    Very unexpectedly, just last year in a hospital, the doctor told me that unless I get operated ASAP, there is not much chance for me to live. As I was still trying to digest that news, I was thinking...

    ***k the Green card. ***k my job. I just want to live few more years until my son grows to at least 18 (he was just 1-and-a-half at that time).

    And I really laugh about the whole incident now. And when I see others vent or getting upset about something, I can't help but get a smile. Because I learnt the hard way that we never appreciate what we have got and always complains about what we haven't got.

    It's New Year time!! Enjoy and cherish your presence. And forget about the job/visa for a day or two.

    I agree with you Punjabi, I just got an car accident awhile back and thought the same thing like you. even a NORMAL situation is a blessing. we should always appreciate everything that we have and then from there maybe all the things that we always want will come by themselves.

    Happy New years All ... Let's enjoy and appreciate whatever that we have :)

    Hopefully next year will be better that this year.


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  • Shubh Shubh bol :)

    Someone gave me red with note: "English Please". Thanks to whoever did this. Sorry!

    Translation: "Please speak positive".

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  • Yes, I called them and they said the process would generally take 30-40 days. They said, keep checking if your checks have cashed... I read in 1 message board some one posted that checks are cashed on tomorrow is a Thursday :D

    Any body called NSC reg. the fate of July 2 filers !!!!

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  • I checked with some folks who have got GCs in the past and they mentioned that FP (2nd time ) is not needed.....unlike the minds of USCIS one's FP doesn't change over his lifetime...that said..if you apply renew EAD u can get FP notice....

    But if 15 month rule of FP is correct then very few will get approved as very few have received 2nd FP I am not sure what is good or bad...we need to know if the folks who had got FP notice had recently renewed their EADs or not.

    I am current next month but I rate my odds as 2/98 meaning 2% chance of getting clear.....taking into account RD/ND/transfer/FP all vagaries into account....even Indian monsoon is more predictable.


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  • I don't think you're following it too closely.. every year it creeps up a few early 2005 months, becomes unavailable the last quarter then in October jumps back to late 2003
    completely unexplainable monkey business !!

    If that is the case, I stand corrected. This whole country quota is unfair, that was my only point.

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  • LINK (

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  • This is my first message after so long time...
    USCIS stoped issuing interim EAD before years... We just been to local office this Monday and they said they don't issue it any more..

    Do you have offical link to this memo??

    According to June 12 2008 memo from USCIS FAQ :

    If you filed Form I-765 more than 90 days ago and have not received a decision, who should you contact?

    If you have not received a decision within 90 days of the USCIS receipt date and you have properly filed your EAD application, you may apply to obtain an interim EAD by appearing in person at your local USCIS District Office. You must bring proof of identity and any notices that you have received from USCIS in connection with your application for employment authorization.

    PM if you want a pdf copy

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  • Someone has obtained the number of pending 485 cases working with a Senator. Those are the kinds of information that we should try to obtain and then make a educated estimate. When that estimate is alarming , initiate some actions.

    my language stinks...oh no.... i used a bad word.... god forbid!!!

    so how would you best describe them then???

    wake up and smell the real world pal...

    I think it was a pun, arse-ole => stinks !! :-)

    Why the bloody hell are you guys judging him for what he has done? He only asked for some advise regarding immigration implications of his situation.

    I do not think any of you who is beating him down like this has any right in doing so. I bet that each and every one of you have done more mistakes than Mr.Sahaayam did. You just were never caught. You must have done more filthy things than 'shop lifting'. I'm sure you have all lusted after women, watched porn, frequented strip clubs and drank a lot of filth. Some of you might have slept with more than one woman.

    Don't you think these are more filthy than shoplifting? Guys come on! I would not have any problem if one of you who has never committed any mistakes in life would point out other people's mistakes. But none of you are good enough.

    If anyone wants to reply to my post, I would like the first person to do so to be the one who has never committed any mistakes in life so far! Others please get lost.

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