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  • I agree with your suggestion, but for attorney change, do you think any bad effects? Someone told me judge and jury might question why you change attorney? We already move out that place, so no chance to contact them. Also in terms of the law, we can't access witness.
    Feel shamed on my poor English, yes, I need improve it ASAP after that jury. Thanks for your advice again!

    And who is going to be a witness, if your wife is going to take your side?
    The neighbours that complained and any other neighbours who have heard you guys in the past.
    Now, DO NOT TALK TO THESE NEIGHBOURS AT ALL. Nothing, NADA. Do not show any emotions to them, say hello if you see them and move on. If they try to talk, it is good, but DO NOT STOP TO talk. Inform your attorney about it.
    Change the attorney, if you think you are getting a raw deal.

    THis case should be dismissed.

    I believe this case is a dismissed case from the beginning. Police/lawyer have nothing else to do, I mean, they are just doing their jobs, and they cant be funny at all. They will go by what the law says. Period. Research what the law says.

    Now on the actual event:
    Everyone, I mean everyone will have disputes. Now, the dispute is so large that the neighbours call the cops? I will guarantee that every IVian here who is married for 3 years or longer (or already has a kid), has had a bad argument, where either of the spouse has screamed(or spoken with a very high tone).

    Your wife continued screaming so loud that you had to cover her mouth to pacify her, bcos she peed on herself.

    Wait a minute here, if I was a cop, I would definitely judge this as DV. Unless, you absolutely had shut up to begin with. No chair, no drag, no nothing. which now has to be proved as misinterpretation.

    And any offer that your lawyer brings you is trying to resolve the case, You are the one who should decide whether this case goes to trial or not.
    Past peeing incidences, where the neighbours heard screams should be kept in mind.

    And finally, take English lessons, dude, your written English too is very poor.
    You can actually submit this as a proof that you were misinterpreted, if this goes to a Jury trial.

    Also, please Delete any proof of the incidence, including the one posted here. No one shold be seeing the 100% truth, your 100% truth is scary.

    I am not a lawyer, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last weekend.

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  • I checked with some folks who have got GCs in the past and they mentioned that FP (2nd time ) is not needed.....unlike the minds of USCIS one's FP doesn't change over his lifetime...that said..if you apply renew EAD u can get FP notice....

    But if 15 month rule of FP is correct then very few will get approved as very few have received 2nd FP notice....so I am not sure what is good or bad...we need to know if the folks who had got FP notice had recently renewed their EADs or not.

    I am current next month but I rate my odds as 2/98 meaning 2% chance of getting clear.....taking into account RD/ND/transfer/FP all vagaries into account....even Indian monsoon is more predictable.


    No rules are rules for uscis. Remember during the famous 07/07 VB fiasco-- Uscis came out with an explanation for reversal of initial VB as follows:
    60,000 visas available were made available to approve able cases' over the weekend.. So you can expect anything from those quarters..

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  • allow me to illustrate my point



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  • will be there.

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  • Based on my reading I would like to provide few AP Renewal FACTS for the I-485 pending cases:

    1) You need to submit 2 recent photos.
    2) You do not need to submit $80 FP fee.
    3) As per the text, you do not need to provide the letter justifying your request for AP, but I think it would not harm giving one. The reason does not have to be an emergent situation, it could simply be "Family Visit".

    Please correct (or) add more.

    Editing on 06/25/2008 - Adding additional information (provided by one of the IV-members)

    Templete Cover Letter for AP

    Some more clarifications

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  • just a few years back the masters quota would take till aug to fill up , and this time it went in to lottery , i wonder how :rolleyes:

    It's not surprising. The EB system is so slow that there is demand from spouses of H holders for H1 either before or after an MS. This is new demand that in earlier years did not exist due to people getting EADs fairly quickly. Also add to that the production of MS degrees by the universities locally and the growth of the economy in this decade. The demand for the H1 are only a symptom of clogged EB system.

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  • Hi,

    I have my I-140 (approved in May 07) approved from my previous employer. I am not sure whether he has revoked it or not. I am now working as full time employee with another company. How can i find out if my I-140 was revoked or not? I am yet to file a New PERM, i already got a PERM denial after joining this new employer :( looks like i have to file one more... This looks like a infinte loop :(

    Thank you,

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  • The following may not happen after the bill defeated ......


    Skilled Workers May See Green-Card Surge
    Problems with the green-card program have prompted informal discussions in Congress about a law to offer more visas to highly skilled applicants

    Congressional leaders have begun to discuss legislation that would sharply increase the number of high-skilled foreign workers who could become permanent U. S. residents in the next few years. While it's sure to be controversial, the measure, if it passes, could mean more than 100,000 additional green cards would become available for skilled workers, perhaps even doubling the 140,000 that are allotted each year. "There are some discussions going on informally," says Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.), who chairs the House subcommittee on immigration.

    A sharp increase in green cards would come as a relief to many, particularly in the tech industry. High-skilled foreign workers have become increasingly upset in recent years because the wait to gain the cards, which confer permanent residency, has stretched to five or more years for certain applicants. Technology companies, including IBM (IBM), Microsoft (MSFT), Google (GOOG), and eBay (EBAY), have also advocated for more skilled workers from other countries to be let into the country.

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  • sent mine through email and with the links provided in the website.

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  • How can you judge God's intentions when you don't know Him? Can you prove that God does not exist?

    I prayed god to get my GC before 2008.If God really exists I'll get my GC in 2008.If not it's a proof that God doesn't exists.

    I'll have to wait for few more hours to prove.

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  • Contributed $25 today 05/10/2007.
    Paypal receipt # 1937-8357-4137-4453

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  • EB2 July 2 9.00AM

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  • I agree that it's really a personal choice. It's quite risky in this economy with housing prices going down. It needs a lot of reasearch and lot of thinking before you can make that decision. I don't think surveying people will help because there's lots of personal factors that can play a role in making that decision. Maybe it may help to listen to different people's decision making process. Having GC is a factor but it's not the only limiting factor. I know a lot of people who bought homes much before they filed the i-485 and i know few others who didn't and you can't blame them for their decisions.

    For the record, i bought my home in 2008 and i must admit that owning a home is one of the nicer things i did in this country. We and the kids love the extra space and the luxury. My kids will be going to public school next year so will be making full use of the taxes we pay.

    If you have a stable job, IMO you can buy a home and i bet you won't regret that decision. But stable job is as hard as finding a treasure these days.

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  • No need to worry abt that.

    Hello Guys,
    I need your advice here. Six month ago i joined one of the many blood suckers -Desi cosulting company in new jersey. As you all know, they ask me to sign their contract in which its mention that if i leave their company before 1 year then i need to pay them 15k. Thy also charge me 3k for my H1-B which i am still paying everymonth from my paycheck and we have 70/30. In just six months i am so much fed up with them. These people are so rude...always show their arrogance over phone. I have no libarity to find job by myself. They always looking for higher pay rate sp that their big money tummy get filled up.and i also feel that they didnt told me the right pay rate for the project i am working on right now.

    I really want to leave them, Even before 12 months. Is there any importance of that contract letter i signed with them?. Can they Sue me? What are my options? Please suggest me.....i am in stress.


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  • Dear sgorla,

    We will all miss you since you are leaving for India soon. It seems that you have figured it all out and know what India needs. Now the next step is, you need to go there to create "Transparent Government", "clean drinking water", "roads" AND "change attitudes", oh! Last one is a biggee. Changing attitudes starts with the person preaching it

    Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    If we cannot focus on the issues at hand but expect others will do it or IV core will pay from their pocket, then how is your assertion about changing attitudes different from your behavior. No offense meant, I am just trying to understand. Changing attitudes starts with each one of us, not just by talking or writing it for others to follow.

    Now let’s get back to real problem at hand. What is the $ rate to Rs. today? I do not want to waste my time going to finance.yahoo.com. Let’s make Iv a one stop shop for all our needs.

    Very well said, nozerd. Indians may keep dreaming about INR gaining value against USD. It might actually happen at some point of time, but without the proper infrastructure that it needs, its going nowhere in my opinion.
    What India needs is

    Transparent Government without any trace of corruption atleast in regular day-to-day life
    Clean drinking water, un-interrupted power supply
    Roads and neighborhoods without trash pile ups
    Change of people's attitude that Govt should do everything for them, but without having to have pay taxes, fee etc.

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  • I filed my I485/EAD/AP on August 7, 2007. Does this mean that I do not have to pay any fee for EAD renewal now ?

    The instructions say this -

    Special Instructions :
    If you filed a Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, on July 30, 2007, or after, then no fee is required to file a request for employment authorization on Form I-765. You may file the I-765 concurrently with your I-485, or you may submit the I-765 at a later date. If you file Form I-765 separately, you must also submit a copy of your Form I-797C, Notice of Action, receipt as evidence of the filing of an I-485.

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  • am not able to be there these days as I am travelling for work during this time. Also, I have 10k United miles with me, and I would be more than happy to donate it to someone who can travel. But I am not sure if 10k is enough for a round trip. If some one has any inputs on this, I am happy to be of some use at atleast by giving away these miles.

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  • can you hold these meetings on saturdays? weekdays are impossible for me with a 1.5 hr commute (common with most tri-state folks).

    informal get togethers can be held at the flushing hindu center on sunday evening, at least for those who are hindus living in queens. (the majority here, i guess)

    The idea was to make it easy for majority folks who work in Manhattan and surrounding areas. We were also concerned that the tri state folks travel long distances and work long hours during weekdays will need the weekends for themselves and a Friday night after work must be the best time.

    But, yes, based on majority of the folks's response, we plan to do one more on a Saturday, but not in Flushing, location will be decided soon.

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  • I can categorically state that once a category retrogresses, any I-485s with PDs later than the cut-off date DO NOT get approved.

    This happened to 1000's of us in EB3 in 2005 when EB3 RoW became 'Unavailable' after we had concurrently filed I-140.

    Now, this does not mean that processing stops (I got 2nd fingerprinting, etc), it just means that the I-485 cannot be approved until PD is reached. Since my PD (03-may-02) has now been reached, my approval is mere weeks away --- because processing continued up to the point of approval.

    Now, Schedule A's of course, benefit from being able to look at TWO categories (Schedule A and either Eb2 or EB3, depending on how their I-140 was slotted). Whichever of these has a cut-off after their PD, will be the category they get approved under.

    Assuming you get your 485 approved in a week or two, can you tell us how long it took for them to process your 485? If you tell me your receipt date of 485, that will be sufficient. Thx.

    Dunno how credible this information is, but quoting from usvisainfo (Pederson Immigration Law Group, P.C. - Home (http://www.usvisainfo.com/))... "Mr. Charles Oppenheim who is the official in charge of the Department of State visa number allocations and probably the only person alive who truly understands the mysterious and sometimes mystical movement of immigrant visa numbers made the following predictions for the movement of visa numbers during the current fiscal year as of October 17, 2009:

    * Indian EB2 may become unavailable by March or April 2010 for the remainder of the fiscal year.
    * Indian and China EB3 category will like advance a little in December 2009.
    * Indian EB2 has 35,000 applicants in line.
    * Indian EB3 has 54,000 applicants in line.
    * Worldwide EB2 should remain current for this fiscal year.
    * There are 15,000 EB2 Chinese applicants in USCIS line as of 10/13/09.

    Thanks lazcis. I would like to know if a person who has H1 valid until jan 1, 2009, files for AOS on oct 5, 2008 and then goes out of the country in Dec 08 and get paroled into the U.S as "AOS" in his/her I-94, using AP. What happens to this person...is he/she still deportable even though that person is now officially on AOS.

    Gurus, please comment as I am sure there are a few of us in this category.

    I am not a lawyer and not a guru. However I am stating my understanding from this new memo.

    Based on the example Sunny has provided, this person will be under parolee status till (whichever occurs earlier)
    1. End of the date mentioned in the I94 when peroled in to US.
    2. Decision is made on his/her I485 petition.

    From then onwards he will be deportable if his/her I485 is denied. Then his illegal presence will be counted from the next day of either 1 or 2 (mentioned above) whichever occured first.

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