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  • 2. Section 201 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) sets an annual minimum family-sponsored preference limit of 226,000. The worldwide level for annual employment-based preference immigrants is at least 140,000. Section 202 prescribes that the per-country limit for preference immigrants is set at 7% of the total annual family-sponsored and employment-based preference limits, i.e., 25,620. The dependent area limit is set at 2%, or 7,320.

    Thats in most of visa bulletins. It would require a change in law. Removing country quota is definitely not the news announcement. However, it is a very good change in the law that is required.

    This is something that's doable without legislation. It would be done for employment based visas.

    I've been reading the posts all day since yesterday. The most plausible "PERMANENT SOLUTION" has to be this. Please read the msg from IV

    1. No change in July bulletin
    2. No change in August bulletin
    3. Well in that case it has to be this. It would be least controversial.

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  • Very Bad for Satyam employees..They shd take take steps to move on to other companies

    Some idiots will still try to be with them hoping, some thing ood maay happen.

    Pls pls pls guys, pls take steps to secure your future/career/life.
    Do not be spoiled by them. You were already.

    But pls take steps to do damage correction by moving to other companies with h1 transfers.

    L1/B1 s - sorry guys. Nothing can be done until quota starts again.

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  • All pls PM each other and exchange phone numbers and emails so that you can start building your local IV community. Once you have contacted each other, you can start the action items for state chapters.

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  • Legal immigrants and visa recapture in the dream act, contact your local congress man or senator, using the following template

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  • If you have a project, there are companies who will keep $6 hr and 10% as payroll taxes.
    Let me know, if you want more details.

    P.S. I am not connected with the company, but I know people who worked in that company for years.

    I know of a company which will keep $2 + 10% for payroll taxes. A lot better than the one above.
    There is so much competetion in this space that people have reduced their margins to next to nothing.

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  • Even though i didn't get my GC yet this info is helpful.;)

    PD : 2005 Oct. I-485 Still pending :confused:
    Hi guys,
    followup post:

    I think there is a mix up here between two things:

    180 day clock does start on the first day after filing 485, but that is for the purpose of AC21. Once you use AC21, then the next employer assumes the role of "your future permanent employer" and you should have "intent to permanently work for that(new, not the sponsoring) employer" AT the time of GC approval.

    If you use change the employers 7 times using AC21 before your GC gets approved; you should have "intent to work permanently for the latest employer".

    You are not bonded slaves. The only issue is that the "burden of proof" of proving the intent to work for such and such employer is on the GC beneficiary and not on USCIS. So in future, if USCIS questions (or CBP questions), it is YOU who has to prove that intent.

    One scenario where you WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROVE IT: if you never worked for the sponsoring employer.

    One scenario where you WILL NOT HAVE A PROBLEM PROVING IT: if you worked with sponsoring (or latest AC21) employer after GC approval for some duration (60 days?? 90 days?? 6 months?? 1 year??) law on this.

    This is the whole purpose of Labor Certification process and I140. And it applies to the categories of EB2 (except NIW) and EB3--any category that requires LC.

    This is from my discussion in following thread:

    I just put it here so that everyone would not have to try the link and may be this information is useful to someone.

    Good Luck.

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  • Ok my last attempt to convey my thoughts:
    If your H1B is approved and you are granted an extension it only means that your application was approvalble at the time of filling. Now in order to maintain H1B status you should have:
    1. Job with that employer who sponsored H1B
    2. Income as dictated in LCA
    3. Other condition such as NO DUI etc

    Now what if one of the condition in the list above is:
    4. Your I-140 on which the extension is granted should NOT be revoked.

    I know this is not spelled out clearly, becasue in the past no one took this avenue. Now with premium processing everyone wants to do a quick PERM + 140 to get 3 more years on H1B. It is important that USCIS should clarify their stand on it, one way or the other. In fact if any of the service center sets a precedence by simply implying that one's H1B is invald after I-140 is revoked the interpretation will be cleared. Unfortunately it hasn't happend yet or I we are not aware of it. I hope they clarify it sooner than later.

    That's why you have to be quick...Before your earlier employer revokes the petition...(that takes some time..) you got to get a new labor and a new approved I-140 and after that they cannot throw us out technically...
    The whole thing is a mess..

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  • Congrats on gradulating, I did that last year and just finished my freshman year of college this year.

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  • That is good idea to keep H1B status as much as possible. Use EAD when u have to use it.


    Thanks for the reply.
    But consider the below scenarios.
    - A person is on his 5th Year of H1 and his I-485 gets rejected - he can go back to H1 (Since he has 1 year left).

    - A person has exhausted his 6 years (May be in his 7th year). Now his I-485 gets rejected - he cannot go back to H1 (Since he has exhausted his 6 years on H1).

    Not sure if my understanding is right here

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  • Please post it for other people who are not part of state chapter

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  • Hi
    U have 4 yrs degree.Ability to pay not an issue.No exp needed.This 3 are major RFE.So nothing fit for u.So maybe some minor issue.So of my friend got RFE 2weeks back but still didnt receive Actual RFE.his RD is nov15th
    i hope u r right..thx buddy

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  • My thread did do some good :)

    Dear fellow IVans - please do not take my first post in the negative sense. At this time we need maximum cooparation from all fellow community members.

    Thanks for coming forward and helping the cause.

    Nice one Chanduv23! I second this. Let's seize this opportunity, embrace it, and hold it tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, enough of this attempt at poetry. cheers.

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  • Let us say I accumulate 40 points and return to India for good. Do I still get Social Security in India if -

    1. I am a US Citizen living in India?
    2. If I am a GC holder living in India?
    3. I am neither a US citizen nor a GC holder living in India?

    Any helpful links are appreciated. I have tried to calculate benefits using Social Security benefits calculator, but if you key in residence outside USA and non-citizen, it does not work...

    With citizens of India, it is full penson benefits, what ever it is (earned based on contributions). You don't get medicare type of thing.

    For citizens of countries like Canada, it is limited by windfall limits. People who worked in both US and Canada become elligible for too much retirement benefits and it is curtailed by limits.

    So in nutshell, any treaty may worsen benefits of 10 or 10+ Social Security Contributers.

    Refer to

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  • As a non-indian joining IV lately, I feel IV is more an indian organization. I had communication with one of the moderators (core members of IV) and he clearly stated that retrogession is in IV's agenda, but FBI name check is not in IV's agenda as an organization. How come retrogession which is mostly a problem for indian immigrants in the agenda of this organization, but FBI name check which is a problem for most nationalities not in the agenda of this group(maybe with the exception of Europeans)? There are over 100 members at a yahoo group, and some more registered at an immigrationportal forum with common problem of FBI name check, cases delayed for 1, 2, 3 or more years because of name check. The registered use names suggest that there are from all over the world, yet no core members of IV is caring about this matter with the exception of one person who scheduled a conference call with an attorney in PA, but did not help any more. Sorry about my humble sincere feeling.

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  • Just being a part of the this whole thing gives immense pleasure of fighting for a cause. It is inexplicable to be a core member.

    Do not worry about some comments, its always going to be there for any work, good or bad. It is all part of the game, just play it well.

    We are all there to support you.

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  • What are the tax implications of this windsor-detroit thing. Don't you end up paying fed taxes to both the governments? If yes, is it really worth the trouble?

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  • [QUOTE=austingc;1967464][[I]QUOTE=sammas;1967354]Probably the RFE might be related to photos not being sent. A friend of mine received a RFE for not sending the photos eventhough they are not required to be sent but he did not get any Biometrics notice.

    What do you mean by lost in the email? What are you referring to here? I am sorry, I did not get what you are trying to mention here.

    The RFE was to send the photographs. Online status also was changed to Request For Evidence and then once the photos were sent the status was changed back to resumed processing and after that the status was changed to Approved. Hope it is clear now.
    Didn't you mention your friend did not receive biometrics notice? What I meant was he might not have received the biometrics notice to appear for finger print and photos. Thatswhy I said may be lost in the mail, since he did not appear for biometrics, USCIS issued an RFE to send photographs. Are you clear now?

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  • 1) You do not need one, unless you have no clue about any immigration system or have excess of 1000$

    2) around 1000$

    3) is a good place to start with keeping consultants aside.

    There are threads that discussed this extensively before. Check them out.

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  • I was with Swede and the Polish guy at the rally. I myself chose IV over other organization precisely because the diversity and the common ground IV embraces--they represent the true American Dream and the fundation of Democracy.

    The diversity: IV was initially established by a group of Indians, but it has a welcoming attitudes toward anyone who has suffered, is still suffering, and will suffer from the broken system.

    The common ground: IV clearly estabishes that English is the language for the forum (at least the main forum). By setting the language, the IV sends a message of welcome to all who share the American Dream. By including individuals across countries of origin, IV recognizes the nature of the Great Melting-pot and shows that we have the ability to be inclusive, tolerant, and work together on a democratic basis.

    Let's make efforts to mobilize people across countries of origin and work towards success! KEEP IV STRONG!

    The agreement, coming after President Bush’s pledge earlier today to provide $4.4 billion for border security, revives a bill that had stalled in the Senate and was all but given up for dead.

    Seeing the quote from the link provided, I feel all the ripped off $$$ from us will be used in enforcing border security..:-) They must've pondered "where will all the money come from??, and then someone must've come up with the idea, hey clear the GC backlogs of the past 5 years and make the dates current tomorrow!"

    i will in chicago. Please add me into the state chapter

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