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  • Wata,

    If I were you, I would rather wait atleast till Nov 2006 before converting I-140case to premium processing because as you said NSC is currently processing I-485 cases for Dec 2005 and it would take 5/6 months more from now to come to June/July 2006 to process I-485 at current pace. But Again this is my personal thought....

    Moreover, in order to take advantage of AC21 portability you I-140/I-485 case has to be 6 months old. So getting I-140 approved through premium processing does no good as you would have to wait till Dec 2006 anyway for your I-140/I-485 case to become 6 months old.

    Law Loving Alien

    Law Loving Alien, I suggest you change your name to Law Loving "Legal" Alien ;)

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  • My 8th year H1B extension applied 10/03/2007. Approved on 12/22/2007.

    My wife's H4 extension applied 10/03/2007, status still pending.

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  • I applied for my first 3-year h1-b extention last October.

    My H1-b processing or the receipt date is Oct. 26, 2006. The USCIS website showed that California Processing Center are currently processing cases for the date of Jan 13, 2007.


    The only thing i received was the receipt telling me the processing date of my case is Oct. 26, 2006. I paid $1690 for the application fee. I also submitted my I-140 was approved.

    I went to the immigration office in downton Los Angeles by using the INFO Pass to find out the case status. All they can tell me is to wait. I asked them as if i need to pay for the premium processing fee and the official told me it would not make much difference.

    I wrote the letter to the California Processing Center to find out as if my case is pending anything or if i need to submit additional information . The reply i get was the center is no longer accept any request through mail?

    I am getting so depressed as days go by because i do not know what else i can do.

    Can someone please give me some advises?


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  • This is why I said 221G is a good initiative. Even if people have to suffer a little bit, full check is needed for every visa stamping and every green card application.

    I guess its much better for frauds to have an EAD/AP, then they can easily bypass the checking at consulates.

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  • I have been through this situation and now work for consulting company. Actually I got layed off without notice in 6th year of my h1b with Labor pending in backlog. I had no resources, tools and no one gave me any consultations, everyone told me "go find another job". In 20 days I found myself a 6 month contract assignment and had a consulting company transfer my h1b and they also applied for my 7th year extension based on pending labor from my layed off company. I went for stamping at Chennai and was through, applied for GC through EB2 PERM and got my 140 approved also and now I just got used to consulting and this is my 3rd contract position with the same company and I earn 50% more than what I was earning 5 years on my fulltime job. Now that I got used to consulting, I would want to think twice if I have to get a fulltime job offer on h1b. Everything is so customozable in a good consulting company , like moving charges, allowances, expenses, traavel expenses, can be worked out in good faith.

    In general, there is an unofficial grace period of atleast a month, stretchable to 2 months based on case to case and worst comes, if a job hunt exceeds 2 months, then your new job, they may give you a h1b approval but you have to get it stamped immediately as they wont attach an i 94 with it, I have seen this happen to people.

    In your case, as you already have an approved 140, you have to smartly get copies of all your documents and look for a genuine consulting company, get letterheads and keep contacts with some good friends and have them give you an experience letter and move on. You can get 3 years transfer and also retain your PD. If you qualify for eb2 in new company, then you can port eb3 PD while you take advantage of eb2 movement.

    Good luck

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  • While we can seek IV's help in this for future.......

    If majority of the people
    - dont want to be involved with IV action items,
    - can not overcome their obsession about receipt notice and FP notice and EAD/AP approval...., and anxiety attacks about visa bulletins

    then there will be a time where there is no IV.

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  • i believe that whatever the above stories convey it does not apply to skilled workers......life in india/china has got better only in the last 5-7 years....otherwise i have seen above average people in india retire with barely enough to live a good life.

    if a skilled worker spends 6-7 years in usa with good financial planning he can easily retire, unless one has really started living the dream(big car....big house...all the latest gadgets....yearly india trip...etc..)

    i do agree that this story can be related to a non-skilled worker from any country....(even below average americans have nothing except for social security when they retire....)

    techy2468 I hope you are kidding & r not serious :) . If you are then u need to meet someone (ofcourse skilled professional) who came 6 /7 yrs ago & ask his opinion on retirement or check out where he stands.

    You did not mention any figures (would love to see them from you as well as others reading this thread ) so not sure what you consider to be good savings/financial planning for retirement ?

    According to you all those who came in 1999/2000 have enough savings & can start thinking of retirement now.
    Do you all guys agree to this or is it only me who is still poor :D ?

    Here are some approximate figures, which i hope go for most of the skilled professionals
    Assume billing rate: $90K - $100K per year
    Consulting Company cut $ 30K - 40K per year
    Let's say average salary is: $60K ( i know many professionals r working for even less but let's include some little rich guys too :) )
    Now 60K means $5K salary per month
    After Family Health Insurance (considering married) & taxes salary in hand is $3500 to $4000

    Let's take $4000 in hand
    Now expenses :-
    House rent : $850
    Car Insurance : $150
    Car Loan payment : $250 (assuming used Toyota/Honda for 8K - 12K, No big dreams :) or rich lifestyle )
    House Utilities bill : $150 (like water, electricity etc)
    Cable/Internet/phone : $75 ( No HBO or special channels - No big dreams :) )
    Grocery : $500
    Eating out once a week : $125
    Lunch out : $0 ( ask your wife to give u lunch :D - No big dreams)
    Misc $300
    Total monthly expenses $2400
    (living an average middlecalss lifestyle)

    Savings per month 4000 - 2400 = $1600

    Now in 6 - 7 yrs (assuming the person worked like a "Donkey" :D with not a single vacation , no trips to india)
    12months X 6/7yrs X 1600savings = $ 115,200/ $134,400 (Total Savings)

    Do you really think this is sufficient to buy a house & lead a retired life either here or in india ???? or maybe i hv started thinking big :D
    (By the way even after 6 yrs i don't hv anything close to above figure -maybe because i did't live/work like a donkey)

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  • I agree .. this should be tried. I do not know heard about this minister before,
    my apologies but by title of Ministry he seems to be a appropriate to apprach
    for help.

    The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs is headed by Vayalar Ravi, who has the rank of a Cabinet Minister. On the administrative side, a Secretary to the Government of India heads the Ministry.

    Presently, the Ministry is organized into three functional divisions and three functional units. Of the three Divisions, two are headed by Joint Secretaries. They are the Diaspora Services Division and the Financial Services Division.

    The Protector General of Emigrants (PGoE) heads the Overseas Employment Services Division. The Social Services Unit and the Management Services Unit are staffed with officers of the rank of Deputy Secretary. The Information Services Unit is headed by the Senior Technical Director (NIC).

    Check out their site;


    Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs
    9th Floor, Akbar Bhawan, Chankya Puri
    New Delhi - 110 021, India
    Phone Number: +91(11) 2419 7900
    Email: contact@overseasindian.in

    Indian Embassy in Washington DC
    2107 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20008
    USA - 20008
    Telephone: (202) 939-7000
    Fax: (202) 265-4351
    Embassy Hours: 930 AM - 600 PM

    Mr Vayalar Ravi is a good politician. He is very reasonable and educated person from Kerala. He was a lawyer by profession. He can understand our problems !

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  • I was just thinking if it would help to gain more publicity if this site goes by a different name. On several instances while calling lawmakers or other people, the moment I mention immigrationvoice.org they think it is related to Illegal immigration / CIR etc. I need to stress that it is about legal immigration.

    Even the flyers don't catch enough attention
    Any name that does not have immigration in it (something like numbersusa), and reflects our main focus - green card retrogression and legal immigration would help - Just a thought...

    That is a good point.

    But now its too late. Changing names means:

    1. We have to change names everywhere, including the name in the registration of the organization in New Jersey where its registered as non-profit, name change in other places like IRS where we got approved as a non-profit organization for tax purposes, in next year's tax return, etc.

    2. Changing names in other reports we file at Federal Govt.

    3. Letting all offices and other org we are working with know about this.

    You would be surprised how much awareness and knowledge is there about Immigration Voice in the staff of various Senators and senior house members. Most of the Judiciary counsel staffers know about immigration voice. Since so much work has gone into building the name-recognition .... A VERY IMPORTANT ASSET... it would be tough to transfer all the name recognition to a new name.

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  • Ok, so my PD got current (EB3 India). What next?

    Optimystic -- is your PD current?

    IF you have a current PD RIGHT NOW...AND submitted your I-485 on or before June-July 2007... AND have an approved I-140

    (i) they are sweeping through all the files to find such files because if you filed your application in June-July 2007, 180 days have likely passed since your name check was submitted to the FBI. Name check request are made within weeks of generating a receipt for you.

    (ii) they plan to complete this sweep by March 10; UNLESS visas run out, they plan to process such cases in approx 60 days (hah! like I believe them).

    (iii) within the set of applications with current PDs, they apparently process in order of RD. Not sure if this is within the EB preference and current PD or across all EB preferences.

    (iv) Some cases are approved without any changes in LUD i.e. that amazing email arrives before without any prior LUD changes.

    IF you don't have a current PD, I have nothing to say except best of luck to all of us...the situation is pretty grim. The movement of EB-3 ROW will mop up most of the green cards left this year.

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  • Can you please help me with this?...I have already submitted the affidavit copy and now they want it from Registrar office. Has any one got it from registrar office in India? if so, how difficult it is and what is the procedure?

    "A photocopy of a birth certificate issued by the Local Registrar if the person named above was born in a city, or

    A photocopy of a birth certificate issued by the Additional District Registrar�s office if the person named above was born in a village.

    If a birth certificate does not list the names of both mother and father, or the child, secondary evidence must be submitted to establish parentage. Secondary evidence includes, but is not limited to , copies of: medical records, school records, census records, government-issues identity cards, religious records and/or affidavits from at least TWO persons alive at the time of birth. The oldest available evidence that lists the names of both parents should be submitted."

    Thank you!

    Instead of wasting time of forums, just ask your Dad/Mom/Uncle to approach the nearest Taluk office / District Registrar's office, there are tons of agents sitting outside to provide information and even get the work done.

    You can use certain documents to get it properly registered and get a valid birth certificate, if your old ones does not have names.

    But, the above mentioned work requires some "serious efforts of a local person" by hitting several doors within a week time, forums in internet won't help you.

    Since you don't have enough time, I would not recommend to go thru any "internet" based agencies for this work.

    If you have to 'pay' for the valid & legal certificate, go for it. But any illegal document(even if you are not aware of it) will just screw up your GC processing in US.

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  • If it’s small consulting firm with a mom-pop type attorney just be very care-full! I was in same situation in 2001 my H1B pimp promised me that my LC was filed but they were waiting to put me behind 2001 May 31 (all 245(i)) and that’s what they did....that LC is probably still somewhere in PBEC ...well I was new to the game and I ended up wasting almost 5 years on that.

    Another story - my wife's consulting firm promised her that if she pays for LC they will continue her GC even if she joins the client we paid almost $7000 for LC it finally got approved probably few months back when attorney and employers stopped returning her call and e-mail. She contacted PBEC and we found that LC was approved...I'm sure they sold it someone else like us.

    Anyone needs name of these two consulting firms just PM me

    You must insist on photocopy and all receipts for your own record, your life depends on it!

    My Lawyer does whatever my employer tells him. They never give any receipt notice or approval notice to employees.
    They did not even let me file my EAD and AP along with I-485.

    I can file EAD/AP myself but I'm worried they might not give me the receipt notice of my I-485 filed in july, in a last ditch effort to prevent me from fleeing(I don't yet have any intention btw) or atleast make it difficult for me.

    I'm sure there would be many in this situation.

    Any thoughts what can be done?

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  • Guys
    I filed my EAD recently and here is what you should do,

    Send the supporting documents to the address mentioned at the bottom of your receipt.

    Documents I have sent,

    1. Cover Letter
    2. Receipt Notice for online EAD filing
    3. your earlier EAD paper in which your EAD arrived ( if this is renewal)
    4. Your 485 Receipt Notice

    This should suffice.
    P.S I have already done finger printing.

    what to mention in the cover letter any template available?

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  • You get the FP notices, attorney gets a copy.

    Best way to find out (if you missed it) is to call USCIS Customer Service number on your I-485 notice.

    Don't think it's delivered personally - it may not get delivered if you filed a change of address with the post office, but it should be in your mail if you haven't moved/no address change, imo.


    Who gets FP notice? is it attorney or us?

    We also filed on July 2nd at NSC.. got EAD and AP. buit no sign of FP yet. we were also out of country for last 3- 4 weeks. Is there chance we could have missed it?

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  • 1) Sep 16 2007 to Apr 2008 is > 6months so you cannot apply for 797 renewal to get a new i94 indirectly.
    It is 6 months before status expiry date (I-94). This is not linked with visa stamp expiry date. You are mixing visa status dates with visa dates.

    2) Currently your status is H1 , if you use AP then ur status will becom Parolee and if you use EAD then "???"
    Just using AP does NOT invalidates H1 status. Using EAD does.

    I think of these solutions...
    1) Exit and Enter the country to match with your 797 dates.
    2) Talk to your employer ,find a temporary employer to switch your h1 and switch back to your current employer. (do premium if necessary ).
    Simple solution is to file H1 extension before I-94 date.

    See above in Blue.

    Not a legal advice
    desi3933 at gmail.com

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  • Congrats Salawrene !!! Your GC journey is quite encouraging for the folks who are still in this limbo, like me.

    - Immi_Chant

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  • Guys,
    Finally my problem and my questions are solved.
    I drove up to the Canadian Border near Niagara Falls (Buffalo), they Canaidan Border Officials took my I-94. I took a drive in canada for 10 minutes. I even stopped at spot to view the Niagara Falls from Canadian side and drove back into US. I was issued a new I-94 with out any additional interogation.
    What surprised me was my Canadian Visa expired on 09/01/2007 and i was still allowed to enter into Canada.
    Anyways Thank you guys for all your responses.
    I am kind of relieved related to my issue related to I-94.

    Good it all worked out for you. I am sure they stamped your passport on the way back into USA. Just keep track of your intrnational travel at some point it might be required, you might loose track of them if you don't have exit or entry stamps on your passport.

    Good luck,

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  • Yes, Many just browse and forget it. If they have a question, they will register and post into the forum. To post a response/question you have to be registered. Those people are taken care of and are members. How ever, its those bunch of people who dont have a specific issue at this time and are just watching over. I feel that any given time 60-70 % of the guest are just watchers (I mean not anti-immi, reporters etc ). If we can entice half of them that gets us going a lot. Registered members will any way login as soon as they are on the website and will not be bothered by popups. The pop up should come only once per session.

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  • Click here http://www.immigration-law.com/

    I have sent an email to US Senator Dianne Feinstein, California.

    Please send an email to your Senators.

    Scythe - that is a great idea. I've edited the first post of the poll to point to your post :)

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