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  • Can you change job after you get 3 year extension (based on approved 140)?

    It is kind of dicey...If you are quick enough you can pull it off...
    You can refer to some posts up above that some people have actually done it..

    Especially if you are laid off you have not much to lose and try something ...
    USCIS has traditionally not taken a hard line against H1B as far as I know...

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  • ALL,

    While we watch the election drama unfold, here is something everybody can read, if even one of us is lucky to have our story published. Please send emails to the media. Even the president may read it..
    Please dont forget to include that we can buy houses, create jobs but only this backlogs from INdia are holding us. And that we are legal Permanent applicants and Already here. Tell them we can help solve housing problem, create jobs.
    Please find some email addresses. Trying to find's email address.

    NY Times :,
    Washington post :
    San Jose Mercury News :
    (CNN online to submit a story):
    Fox News:

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  • I have two passports one with H4 Visa stamped and another Surname changed. While entering US, I have used my name as in the Visa (new surname) in the I-94 card.

    I have applied for H1B with new surname in this May and change of Status with that I-94.
    During H1 processing, I have travelled out of US and while entering back I have used old surname( as sometime back DMV ppl told that the name on I-94 should match with H4 Visa)

    Now I got H1 approval and COS approval with my middle name taken as first name and new surname.

    1) First thing is, the I-94 on COS approval and I-94, currently present in my Passport does not match.
    2) First name and middle name are interchanged in the passport and H1 approval.
    Is this going to create any problem while applying SSN? What are the possible consequences..

    Also, any similar scenarios, plz respond..

    oh boy this really tikkles my funny bone,

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  • Let bygones be bygones. No point in beating the dead horse. Nothing will be achieved by opening old wounds.

    Let us be united from now on for all our sakes ( both Eb2 and Eb3)

    Agreed but this should be from both the side.

    Most of us talk about unity till it suits us ( and i dont mean walking_dude, i am aware of the great service has done, including the fight to ammend the drivers license issue).

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  • 1) According to law you should not use, if they notice then they may deny your wife's entry at port of entry

    2) If they notice this while approving I-485 stage, then they will deny your wife's complete I-485 application.

    3) Her next Advance parole filing, if they catch this blunder, most probably they will catch, then her Advance parole extensions will be denied subsequently

    My wife and daughter planning to go to India next month. They do not have H4 stamping but H4 validity is there up to next year. Plan is to come back after receiving AP. I am thinking that once their AP is approved I will send their AP to India, and they will come back using that AP. Experts, do you see any problem in this. Please share your thoughts.
    Thanks, Regards

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  • I guess when it comes to GC processing, NOTHING is really "wrong" is it? If you get a chance to work around and beat the long lines, I guess "It's all good". Some people are lucky that they get a chance to get Labor Sub, some ppl marry the GC and some ppl like the rest of us wait in line like "honest citizens".

    The REAL question is, just how many of us would have refused a good labour sub, given the present conditions, solely on the basis that "it is unfair to others"? I know i would have taken it. Reason? It's LEGAL (or used to be). Our "misfortune" (if i can use that word), is that we did not get a similar chance.

    For those wondering, what I am babbling about: "Let's not look down on this guy who got his GC approved by Labour Sub, or even continuously point out that he did."

    Fellas, I exactly understand your pain you feel when you see a person like me with Labor Substutute ending GC journey in 3 years.
    I know my words are not going to change your opinion or make your pain feel less but be rest assured that i had gone thro same agony and distress as you during this immigration process for past 10 years. I entered USA as F1 in Aug/1997. I had been legally working (ResearchAssistant/OPT/H1) eversince. Before that I had 3 years of experiance in top indian company as an engineeer. Many of my Batch mates have received their GCs 4-5 years ago. So logically i should have got my GC then since i had alredy busted by B*** enough so that USA economy gets benefitted.
    I coulnnt get GC because i was late in applying. Are you going to now say that simply because i was late in applying to GC, my efforts put in job for my employer are worthless to get an immigrant benefit?
    I put the same point to my employer who rightfully agrreed with it and helped me with a labour substitute. I am sure if you had a valid case , a genuine USAbased employer would have done the same to you.

    Anyways, I belive all of those who had applied GC after July VB will get their cards within next 6 months due to economics of situation. USA is on the verge of reccession right now lead by crappy housing market. The USA government does understand that EB based immigrants do have a (lot of) money and if they pump that money in USA economy , the recession could be avoided/be less severe. Also Conservative Bush administration people ( lIke Attorney General Alberto Gonzales) are resigning and are being replaced by less fanatic administrators. So (artificial) crapy things like Namecheck can not be cooked anymore. This will result in many many apporvals. Trust me no one can ask feds if thay give millions of GCs to legal immigrants (Off course the converse is not true- yaa the VB scenario) so expect your approval soon.

    Thanks you, Wish you all hte best and Good Bye.

    BTW , i have also contributed $100 to IV so far.

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  • I am GCBikari and I approve this message. You are saying you ran out of savings and in next paragraph you're talking about investments!! Anyway what I did was list out all minimum payments (rent/mortgage, car, utilities, groceries, gas). This gives the money needed every month in worst case. Then multiply by 6 months. Keep that amount in bank or a locker (now a days difficult to trust banks also!!). Then go for what others talk about like 401k, Roth IRA.. You will have a better start once you know how much you need per month to make a living on bare minimum.

    My recommendation would be to build at least 6 months of emergency fund. Open an account with ING Direct or HSBC where they pay decent interest rate on a savigs account. Build the emergency fund first.

    Once you have sufficient foundation, then I'd say start building investment foundation. If you employer has 4o1K plan, then start putting pre-tax dollars upto the maximum contribution at employer matches (generally it is 6%). If your employer doesn't have 401K plan, then open a ROTH IRA and start investing in low cost mutual funds or index funds. Vanguard is generally the best place to get low cost, no load funds. Once you max out both 4o1K and ROTH IRA, then start looking into opening a taxable individual investment account.

    Hope this helps.

    Disclaimer: I've all of the above I'm recommending and have followed the same plan I've given you.

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  • When I was hired last spring, I was not told about GC retrogression by my employer. I beleive they should have explained in graphic detail and if they done so I would not have left a good job and my home in Canada to move to an American nightmare.

    I recently discovered that I have at least a 5 year wait as an EB-3. My teenage daughter will be too old to get a green card as a dependent and my wife is seriously depressed about not being allowed to work.

    How many other people are as P-Oed as I am and is there a class action suit here?

    They are legally not irresponsible....They very well know what is going on....
    They are the ones who designed the whole doggone system....
    At the worst you can say that they are ethically wrong...

    They have no obligation to explain anything to you...
    In fact some would tell you to wait for two years to file for green card and they would be well within their rights...

    For a class action suit you need a credible argument.
    The way the law is structured...we do not have a very good argument..

    If you do find good argument let us know..I am sure there are members who would be interested...

    Also who exactly would you sue ?? People have tried suing USCIS already with not much of success...

    If you sue your employer..there goes your job...

    The best recourse we have at present is through legislative efforts...

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  • Dependents don't need SS# to file. Only primary applicant is required to have SSN.

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  • Done.

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  • Cool down dude, I can understand OPs frustrations, I am in same boat and see similar cases around, not that ead or ap is anything great, just that someone who applied before feels rejected seeing TSC giving out eads like cookies:)

    When baby cries mom gives milk cup or some time slap. But they like each other. So nothing to cool down here. You need to face argument.

    Even receipt is also not some thing great but for you question should be what is more critical at this time getting receipt or getting ead.

    I guess every one can wait for EAD but every one need receipt first.

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    There is established a commission to be known as the `Comprehensive Immigration Reform Commission'.

    SEC. 3. PURPOSE.

    The Commission will review and evaluate the implementation and impact of United States immigration policy.


    (a) In General- The Commission shall conduct a comprehensive review of immigration reform policies that affect family reunification, employment-based immigration, the protection of refugees, and the diversity of admissions by country of origin, consistent with the purpose specified in section 3 and shall submit the report required under subsection (b).

    (b) Report-

    (1) REPORT- Not later than 6 months after the selection of the 2 co-chairpersons and the Executive Director of the Commission, the Commission shall prepare and submit a final report that contains a detailed statement of the recommendations, findings, and conclusions of the Commission to the Congress and the President.

    (2) PUBLIC AVAILABILITY- The report submitted under this subsection shall be made available to the public.


    Very interesting. Today I tried to find something on immigration on thomas and I could not. I do not know how you digged it out, but definately you did a good job. From what I see...something is cooking behind the scenes. I wonder if the core IV ara aware of this immigration commition thing....

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  • In short how do I can look up at AACRAO database? I believe that is what USCIS follows.

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  • My and my employer talked to National Customer Service Center and they dont provide any information other than opening service requests. My employer asked her to connect him to an IO and she said she doesnt have authorization to do so. what the heck? Is there anyway to talk to an IO rather than the customer service rep. Please let me know if anyone has done that before and how they were able to get to them.

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  • Ganguteli,
    If you can help our friend who is stressed, thats great. If you cant, this is no time for "you should have come to us earlier" moment. Ridiculing a guy who has just come to this forum is not going to help you get over your GC frustration.
    Dont stress out buddy. You might have to make tough move back to India, Canada...UK immigrants are going through a tough time...... You still have 9 months to either get your employer to apply Labor or find another job that does.......If you cant..its not the end of the world....Enjoy your time here...start applying in India..... For any other questions do come back to this forum again.....Almost everyone is very helpful, non-judgemental & friendly.

    You are undergoing what a lot of H1Bs go through.
    They do not care about greencard on H1B thinking that it will come whenver the company applies until it is too late. They enjoy the first 3 years of H1B enjoying America and dollars and do not bother about IV or advocacy or contributing money to IV. I have seen such people even telling others it is a waste of time and making fun of IV. After 3 years they renew H1B thinking that they still have 3 more years. But once 6 years are about to expire they worry that they will have to leave US of A and the land of opportunities. It is at that time they try to start greencard process and check out IV. These same people then start contributing to IV and take this effort seriously.

    You still have time of 1 year and 9 months and that is good enough to get your labor through. Good luck and hope you find help from people here.

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  • One quick addition.
    Consider the fact that you have to be in a project all the time (no bench pay) or else you are eating away your savings.

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  • You are funny. You should try stand-up. Even the president may read it... nice


    While we watch the election drama unfold, here is something everybody can read, if even one of us is lucky to have our story published. Please send emails to the media. Even the president may read it..
    Please dont forget to include that we can buy houses, create jobs but only this backlogs from INdia are holding us. And that we are legal Permanent applicants and Already here. Tell them we can help solve housing problem, create jobs.
    Please find some email addresses. Trying to find's email address.

    NY Times :,
    Washington post :
    San Jose Mercury News :
    (CNN online to submit a story):
    Fox News:

    Hi Attorneys/Seniors,

    I got an offer from US company.They themselves started processing the H1 transfer
    LCA Story:
    Applied Date:02/08/2010
    Denied Date:02/17/2010
    Denial reason Source of the Wage entered wrongly
    ReApplied Date:02/18/2010
    Approved Date:02/25/2010

    H1 Story(Premium Process):
    FedEx Delivery Date: 03/04/2010
    USCIS EMail Date:03/15/2010
    USCIS Received Date:03/12/2010 (According to Email)
    End of Day 03/16/2010 Status online:Acceptance(desc says received date is 03/15/2010 )
    Approved Date:03/17/2010( USCIS Email received by 03/18/2010)

    Looks like we need a month time to transfer our H1 though.

    Are H1 is Really in a speciality Occupation?
    When we apply 1st time they are asking all the documents which is fine.
    When we apply Extension they are asking all the details with Paystubs,client letter.
    When we apply Transfer they are asking all the details with Paystubs.

    Unless theyUSCIS) make a rule like H1 can work for any employer we suffer a lot and feel like slaves which is bad.There are lot of mental pressure when we deal with any H1 suff(new H1,H1 transfer,H1 extension).
    The problem of changing employer you have to hold your current employer untill your transfer is approved.Also the Transferring company they need to wait for one month.

    Originally Posted by ImmiUser
    Hi Ron,

    DOS moved the bulletin further for EB2 India. I remember you were telling in earlier blogs that you have got information from DOS that there are only a handful of visas left over. So I am not sure what DOS/USCIS is up to. USICIS is adjudicating all the applications for PD 2006 and beyond while putting the 2004 and 2005 applications in dark.

    It would have been much helpful had DOS put forth the no. of visas still left over.

    What's your take on the latest visa bulletin.


    Answer by Ron

    They did say that they only had "a handful" of visas left. This advance is not necessarily inconsistent with that earlier statement. In order to use up visas and avoid waste, the Visa Office has to manage the quota to make sure that there are enough applications AND ADJUDICATIONS to exhaust the quota. They have no control over the CIS, but they do have control over the overseas consular posts.

    What this tells me is that the CIS is doing nothing (or next to nothing) to use up India and China E2 numbers. By advancing the cutoff dates last month, VO was able to make more cases at overseas posts available for close out. Since the CIS obviously did not use many China/India E2 numbers in July and August, VO has had to advance the cutoff dates again to make enough cases pending at consular posts available to use up those few remaining numbers.

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