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  • One big missing piece in your analysis - Country quota.

    As per your analysis, there are around 125K pending cases. If there is no spill over (that is the case this year and that will be the case for the coming years as per State dept.), then EB3-I or EB2-I gets only 2700 visas per year.

    Now, please redo your math and you can easily see that the current retrogress might look like there is hardly any retrogression.

    country quota will not impact I and C once the dates are current for ROW due to the spillover. If the number of applications pending is, say 100K and 95 K out of that are I and C. And assume 10K applications from ROW are add to the queue, what I am saying is all 110K will be cleared by end of the fiscal year.

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  • The fact is Obama has not done anything he promised about immigration. He just speaks a lot and acts very little unfortunately...

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  • Wake Up
    Wake Up

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  • In EAD form, they are asking about previous EAD which service center, what date, GRANTED or REJECTEd etc.. Now I had two is OPT and other one I got last year. Do I have to write info for both one or just for last year?? In last year's form, I wrote info about my OPT. But what now?

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  • News article from Sify below.
    Can IV work with ITAA(a lobbying group representing high-tech companies) to lobby our cause too.

    Silicon Valley: The high-tech industry in the US has opposed the immigration bill being debated in the Senate, saying the measure as currently drafted would harm the American technology industry.

    The Information Technology Association of America (ITAA), a lobbying group representing high-tech companies, says the bill won't do enough to compensate for a shortage of skilled workers and will make it more difficult to hire qualified people from overseas.

    In a letter to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, ITAA President and CEO, Phillip J Bond, said America's economy is strong and vibrant, but the country's future competitiveness rests on the ability of firms to recruit globally.

    "As you know, the H-1B cap for FY '08 was reached in April, shutting out US employers from recruiting highly skilled foreign nationals who are graduating from US institutions with degrees in computer science, engineering, mathematics and other scientific and technical fields.

    "Vacancies go unfilled and highly valued workers are forced to leave the country. Even worse, significant shortages exist in the permanent resident visa (green card) programme," Bond said.

    Jeff Lande, a senior vice-president at the ITAA said the industry wants more people to be able to come into the country to fill shortages.

    "We also want more green cards because for many companies they want someone to come in here who can innovate for their companies work for their companies and who can transition to permanent status," Lande told the National Public Radio.

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  • Lets all pledge that we will work towards a world that will not have any religions like Christian, Hindu, Muslim ..............

    There will be only 2 religions

    (1) man
    (2) woman

    ...and that religious war is going to be brutal !!! :) :)

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  • In Orance county it's not the same.
    My 6 yrs H1 and so license expired on Sept 11, 2006. I am still waiting for my 7th year I 797 document. I went to Laguna hills DMV and they denied accepting the renewal application, since I do noy have my 7th year paper.
    They asked me to come back when I have my I 797.

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  • I agree with you. PenDot does not give online extension for non-immigrants(if it was mentioned originally that you are foreigner when you first got your license). Also they extend visa for H1 only after you get approved extension letter in hand. They do not accept receipt notice. I think they accept i-485 receipt notice to extend you Driving license though.

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  • i am not sure if any one of you has tried donating blood in the US, i have, and have been refused a couple of time for reasons ranging from

    you have been to india too recently, need 12 months of continued presence in the US


    our records show that last year India had an outbreak of Malaria and unfortunately you mentioned that you were in India then...

    I find it hard to digest why would they mind if some one has been to India recently?

    Does this argument apply just for the indians or does it apply to individual of any nationality?

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  • My priority date Sept 5, 2006 is almost current and I am switching job to another company but similar job duties. From Sr. Systems Analyst to Sr. Business Systems Analyst. Should I file the AC21 now or wait till the RFE? If I wait and they approve my 485 without an RFE, then should I file AC21 at all?

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  • Once you invoke your EAD ,your H1 goes void. H4 is dependent on H1 and it should also be void. Assuming it does not go void, then you will enter into another problem when the H4 expired. You will not have any avenue to renew her H4 without you being on H1. I would recommend you to stay on h1 if your wife is on H4.


    I have a similar situation, but different factors. My labor has been approved May 2007 and I can apply for my 140 and 485 together and I'll do it now well before Aug 16. I'm getting married and my wife would be here by September or October. She'll be on H4. I won't be applying for my EAD if she decides to be on H4. If the dates go back to say 2005, I will need to wait for my priority date of May 2007 to come CURRENT again and then only do her AOS (I'm assuming until then even my 485 won't be touched by USCIS). Once my date becomes current and my application starts processing, I'll add her immediately.

    Now the only thing I'd be missing in such a case would be applying for my EAD anytime soon. If she decides to apply for H1B next year or even go on
    F1, then I can apply my EAD and start using it. I'll be on my EAD and she'll be on H1/F1. When my priority date becomes current (in a few years assuming), then I can add her AOS.

    Please suggest what should I do now ??


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  • I am watching visa bulletin for 1 years now and found that if it releases early around 8th to 10th of month then no good movement but if releases close to 15th .. like 13th or 14th then some very good movement.

    This is one of those weird correlation no one thought of e.g. if economy goes south more men opt for vasectomy and more business for the docs!

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  • Did you had the paystubs or the immigration officer did not ask for it?

    What did you mentioned at line # 30 and # 38 of DS-156?

    How long was your wife out of status? Please respond. I am unable to get the paystubs from the employer. He is not picking up the phone.

    One of my Friend's Wife had same issue and She got H4 stamping from her country with out any problem. Visa officer asked paystub/w2's of spouse (H1b holder) and not dependent's and least bother about her previous status. Do not attach her H1b document while applying Visa.

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  • I just called all of them, including the not favoring congressman/women (cm/cw)

    to those not favoring, I told I understand the cm/cw does not support the bill HR5882, but I would like to share few points that might help him/her reconsider their decision.
    I then told about us not taking away any jobs since we already been employed for several years, and the bill if not approved we'll still continue to be employed in our current status. But on the positive side, if the bill is approved we'll greatly benefit the economy esp. the housing industry since several hundreds of applicants are ready to buy their house. and about us having paid taxes, and being a great consumer, etc.
    and then I told I would really like the cm/cw to reconsider her/his decision and to support the bill which is up for markup today.


    I hope this helps others with some talking points.

    Could someone point out who are the ones supporting the bills, so we only call them to thank them for supporting the bill. I called one cm's office, after going thru all the talking points, he told me that the cm already supports the bill. I then said sorry, and asked him to convey my thanks to the cm. I don't remember who that was 'coz I was really in a hurry to call of them in the short break I took at work.

    so pls everyone CALL before it is too late.

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  • Since you ask - the answer is YES. Not sure if you have heard of the "Servant Leadeship" but that is a management philosophy that believes an organization makes the most progress when the "leaders" at the top take the attitude of being "Servants" to those below them. The idea is based on the simple premise that people are more engaged and motivated to work when their boss listens to them and takes the trouble to keep them updated on what is going on. Instead, "Leaders" can always take the "high and mighty" road where they look down upon those below them (for various reasons - lack of trust being just one of them) but that is never going to be as effective or efficient as the former model I just mentioned. Don't take it from me though - feel free to do your own research on this topic and you will find that an increasing number of companies are starting to adopt this philosophy in order to achieve superior results and you don't have to look far to see how this is being practised in the world of politics today (President Obama)..

    I have one question for you:
    Are you willing to copy paste what you have written above and send it to your VP and CEO of the company and ask them to behave like your servants because this is the best philosophy for a company to progress? :D:D

    Please also ask them to be transparent and keep all employees informed of all discussions because you contribute your sweat and blood for the company?

    Can you do that?

    Likewise can you write this to your lawyer and ask him to behave like a servant because you pay him lot of money? :D:D

    Come on. Just because we have this open forum where we can hide our identity does not mean we can write anything. On this thread I see 2 anti-immigrant, anti-IV posters. They pose as regular members and whenever anyone posts such thread they do not lose any opportunity to attack.

    Let me share my experience with IV. Initially I did not know much about IV and when my friends said lot of good things about it, I always dismissed them and never came to the site. Then one day I decided to check myself and contacted IV and a core member was nice enough to explain everything. My senior member friends from my town were also helpful in explaining. So I will let them do the good work they are doing. I know I cannot spend so much time on social service that they do. I would rather spend my time on the beach playing beach ball.

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  • what state are you living??


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  • i hear there will be a special dance performance by the chapter leader...not worth missing :D

    You mean - leader of all the chapters? :D:D:D

    Well - I heard that if there are more than 50 people - the manager arranges for belly dancers - more added incentive - check out the pics on the site

    So, yes - make up your mind right now - don't miss this opportunity

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  • What about the false promises and carrots and propaganda of liberty, equal opportunity and land of opportunities? Of course they wont say its land of indentured servitude. Its our fault that we didn't figure this out, isn't it? another country which is better on those fronts which you mentioned (try to be objective with no rhetoric) ?

    I do agree about the indentured servitude part but is it our fault we did not figure it out ? certainly Yes.
    Try telling what your salary is to a person who is making the national average.

    All the rhetoric about going back to India (yes I have seen random cases, heard anecdotal cases) is nothing but empty threats. I do not see mass exodus and highly doubt if it will happen in the near future.

    Waiting for GC and then citizenship being hell kind of statements is doing more of a disservice than any real effort to help our cause. Growing up and acting like mature professionals with a proper plan like many active members who are working so hard is so much better than to open childish threads (the last para is not directed at you).

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  • At the age of 28, I bought 30 yr 500K term insurance from MetLife for about $475 / yr

    It includes a rider which will pay for my premiums and convert term to whole life if i become disable during the policy term..

    I plan to buy another 30 years 500K term insurance at the age of 40 (depends on lot of factors, including GC ;))

    it is the job profile that dictates whether the case is eb2 or eb3 - the applicant should meet the criteria for the job. not the other way around.

    My advice to most people who do not perfectly fit into eb2 is to do the eb3 petition first (which is guaranteed to be approved). Get your place in line for the greencard.

    If it is taking too long then you can try an eb2 later; if it gets approved then you will get the old priority date. If it doesn't; well you can say you tried but you didn't lost your place in line for the greencard because you still have the old eb3 in place.

    However, if your cases is not clear for eb2 and you try this first and it gets denied then you will lose valuable time in line for the greencard because you have to start from the beginning.

    Since, last august DOL has become weird with even approving eb3 labors. Generally, attornies will put language in the eta 9089 that they will accept three years of experience for each year of bachelors degree missing (this is in line with education evaluators and uscis).

    However, this isn't the same criteria DOL uses. They will state that if a person doesn't have a degree then you are willing to accept 12 years of experience which is excessive and they deny the labor (before they were giving hard time to eb2 but not it is eb3 that they are after). So now we have an issue that DOL criteria is different then uscis critera. You use dol criteria, labor gets approved but 140 gets denied. Use uscis criteria and labor gets denied. Now, everyone has to adjust and file eb3 labors as skilled workers and only require two years of experience (it's getting more and more messy)

    For those people who still hav'nt contributed please don't wait till the last few days we need the funds now so that we can hire a prof lobbist ... by the way I have just made my second donation via paypal, it is working fine.

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