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  • got database?


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  • One of my friend got EAD 2 year back even though his priority date was not came. Ofcourse this was even b4 this mess created USCIS. He was still using his H1 till couple months back, he is afraid of USCIS may roll back his EAD since PD is not yet reached.

    I do heared 11 people from Infxxxx company got EAD even though their PD was not current. They are saying by mistake send the package but they got EAD.

    I do know personally that person on the 1st paragraph, on the 2nd paragraph I dont have any evidence.....

    Just sharing this information to help this thread, hope there may be lot more cases got EAD without PD even before this mess they have created.:D

    Sorry if I sound offensive man but with this kind of English you need serious help before you need EB category green card.

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  • What will be my status after i file my I485?

    My current I-94 will expire on 16th Sep 2007 (on the day my current visa stamp in my passport expires and my current H1 B is set to expire Mid April 2008).

    I am planning to make a trip to Cannda or someplace to get a new I-94 as soon as i get my new passport (i had sent it for renewal on june 2nd). But i am a little worried about my status if i am unable to make the trip.

    So my question is what will be my status after 16th sep 2007 (once i file for I485 (first week of July2007) and my I-94 expires on 16th Sep 2007)?

    Appreciate any responses ...

    Your question is not clear but when you say I-94 I assume you mean the I-94 that you got the last time you entered the country, right? The expiration date on that has nothing to do with your status as long you have an approved I-797 for your H1B extension till April 2008. You are in status till that time.
    But you do need an unexpired Visa stamp on your passport if you leave the country and want to come back to the US.
    So the way I see it, even after filing 485 you will continue to be in status till April 2008 and then I am sure you will extend that for another term if your I-485 is still pending.
    As for going to Canada to get a new I-94, it may not work because they do not make you surrender your old I-94 when you go to Canada and so therefore do not issue a new I94 when you return after a short trip to Canada.

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  • Hey, I want soul to win this, his is awesome.

    I think if I did my original idea I would have gotten more than 1 vote, but no where near 20 like Soul has now.

    But I will never reveal what my original idea was :bad: Just in case I decide to do it some other time in the future.

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  • Hi
    I am also from south east michigan. I don't any see posting in this section, which surprises me. We have to mobilize our friends in this region as Michigan Senator is going to hold a key position in the new congress.
    Thanks for signing up on this thread for MI chapter. I am surprised too that overall only few members have volunteered. we need to really get more people at local level to help out with IV activities. pls. contact your friends to sign up and spread the word.

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  • We haven't gone out celeberating yet. We are working on the Next round strategy with QGA. Please bear with us. We'll unfold stuff when time/situation permits.
    Basic question .. thanks for answering.

    Proceedings in Judiciary Committe wil be transparent? Does IV lobby with committe also, what happens next.

    Some where in the forum , some one posted (sorry I do not remember the name), that a post bill analysis will be posted. Will Post Bill Analysis , indicates what is in the Senate bill or what can we do next.

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  • Thanks for posting a very relevant question, I am in a very similar situation, my labour has not yet been approved (was applied in July 09'), i think 2010 is a defining year of immigration drain.

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  • Stay in the US

    I went through similar circumstances and finally I found that US was the better choice

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  • Congrats for the painless Visa stamping.

    If you are on EAD before leaving US, you better to continue the same status. Their might be a situation for USCIS considering giving up your AOS, if you enter US on H1b while you were on EAD before leaving US.

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  • Sounds good. Almost done with mine!

    By the way, the title at the top of the browser assumes I'm graphicslash.
    aren't you? :evil: :P

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  • My DL was renewed for four years, much beyond my I-94 expiry, both the guys, come on to CA...Golden land of jobs, good weather, cosmopolitan and accomdating/tolerant ppl of all races/religions :-). I am still on H1-B though..

    Man you have a punchline which you could use to sell CA in Mexico.. send this to Arnold...and you could land up with the PR job for the state..and get your GC under EB-1 ..

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  • Since there was talk of the HR 5882 being taken up in two months time in a lame duck session, I thought it might be helpful to have this on this page.

    Source =

    Lame Duck Sessions of the U.S. Congress
    Once rare, now commonplace
    By Robert Longley,

    Lame duck sessions of the U.S. Congress happen in even numbered years when Congress has to reconvene following the November general election to take care of unfinished legislation. Some lawmakers who return for this session lost their bids for reelection and will not be in the next Congress. Hence, they are informally called "lame duck" members participating in a "lame duck" session.
    The possibility of lame duck sessions of Congress began in 1935, when the 20th Amendment1 to the U.S. Constitution2 took effect. Under this amendment, ratified in 1933, regular sessions of Congress begin on January 3 of each year, unless Congress passes a law in the previous session changing the date. Also, the terms of members begin and end on January 3 of odd-numbered years. Under these arrangements, any meeting of Congress between election day in an even-numbered year and the following January 3 is considered a lame duck session.

    Why lame duck sessions are bad
    Lame duck sessions are never desirable. Defeated lame duck lawmakers, knowing they will not have jobs in the new Congress, either tend to "just go through the motions" while debating and voting on remaining important legislation or, in worse cases, attempt to hinder or even damage the lawmaking process. On the state level, the legislatures of only 11 states even allow lame duck sessions.

    By far the most dismal scenario for a lame duck session is whenever one of the two major political parties has taken away majority control of one or both houses of Congress from the other party, as happened after the 2006 mid-term election, when the Democrats won control of both the House and Senate from the Republicans. In these instances, with political tempers already running hot, the temptation for lame duck members to vent their frustrations by working to stall good bills, while turning bad bills into worse laws, becomes even greater.

    Why lame duck sessions happen
    Once rare, lame duck sessions have become all too common. The final days of the 109th Congress in November and December of 2006 became the 16th lame duck session since 1940.

    The typical "target" date for the annual adjournment of each session of Congress is during the first week in October. The target adjournment date has become a total myth in recent years. The first session of the 109th Congress, for example, did not achieve final adjournment until Dec. 22, 2005.

    During far too many recent years, the main reason for lame duck sessions has been Congress' failure to complete its work on the spending, or "appropriations" bills that form the basis of the annual federal budget. By law, the federal budget process3, including passage of the spending bills, begins the first Monday in February of each year and should be concluded by October 1st, the start of the federal government's Federal Fiscal Year. Failing to pass the spending bill by October 1, Congress is compelled to pass "continuing resolutions4," legislation that allows the government operate temporarily without an approved budget at the previous year's spending levels.

    Lame duck sessions: some bad, some not so bad
    Some sessions are not particularly productive, often because of political disputes and the difficulties of reaching legislative decisions in a post-election environment. In 1982 and 2002, for example, Congress returned after the November election in part to complete work on most of the spending bills. In each case, it failed to do so and the new Congress had to enact large continuing resolutions to fund government operations for the fiscal year already in progress.

    Other lame duck sessions, such as the one held in 1980, have been more productive. On that occasion, Congress approved budget resolution and reconciliation measures, five regular appropriations bills and a continuing resolution, an Alaska lands bill, a landmark environmental cleanup "superfund" bill, a measure extending revenue sharing, a revision of military pay and other benefits, and a bill changing the appointment power of the Senate President pro tempore.

    This page has been optimized for print. To view this page in its original form, please visit:

    �2008, Inc., a part of The New York Times Company. All rights reserve

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  • I think a DJ/Unflux crossover would rock hard tasty abs washboard style. And if you made it a "battle" I would be sure to join, in the hopes of competing against two very outstanding performers.

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  • Why do you guys have such a hard time believing....

    Law says what it says
    Visa bulletin has the notce
    Berkleybee isn't saying anything in that conversation with DOS which isn't already covered by the law or the note in 2005 visa bulletin.

    Still; everyone is thinking it is a mistake and it is going to get current in 3 to 4months?

    The cynic in me believes that everyone thinks it is just a matter of time before it becomes current or there is significant movements in dates. This is dead wrong. All one needs to do is look at data coming out from backlog processing centers; amount of 245i labors; statistics on how many people have come on h-1b; l-1's, b visas, f visas, amont of perm labor approvals; amount of greencards approved over the last five years.

    It is going to be a very, very long time before there is significant movement in dates.

    The cynic in me thinks Berkleybee posted it in so that people may now get the message the dates aren't going to move. They aren't going to move significantly next year either. There is TOO many people going for greencards.

    As long as people think that the dates are going to move, then they sit on the fence and don't do much to get rid of retrogression.

    I am sure if people could get convinced that in current environment; visa dates will never get current then people may have some urgency in participating to get rid of retrogression.

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  • I am looking for power electronics design engineer position anywhere in US. If you happen to know any please post it here.

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  • and still waiting

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  • If this is a sad story wonder what you would call people who have to wait for months and years for H1 approvals and LCA approvals.

    My wife's and my labor took four years to approve .. H1 usually took anytime from 60 -90 days everytime ..

    You should count yourself one of the lucky ones !

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  • bump

    You are talking of a perfect world where everything is in your hands and goes as you plan. It's not always the case my friend!

    Why are you even working for such a company? You should be with a company that values your contribution and wants to keep you and cares for you, similarly you should accept GC processing from a company that you are comfortable working with.

    Might wanna ask Telekinesis about that. I actually have no 3D knowledge what so ever. I just know how to make it look "flashy".;)

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