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  • Is the AP document mailed to the attorney or to the applicant?

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  • I dont understand, why in the world some one wants to take responsiblity if the client is not paying. As long as you submit your time sheet in time, you are done. Why one should take responsibility to collect and legal fees...come on..give me a break

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  • If anyone from the New England area, want the details please let me know.
    If you can join the state chapter that will be great.

    Help everyone to help yourself.

    GO IV GO.

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  • my FP is done on 19th sep and got LUD on 485 on 20th sep and same day card production ordered.

    you mean EAD card production ?

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  • GCPlease - I am also in the same boat! RFE not yet received but looks like it could be for the photos. Its been over 8 days now. I did not get a notice for biometrics. It could be because we did our 485 biometrics just 8 months ago. Perhaps they will just use that.

    Should I just send the photos in and see what happens without waiting for the actual RFE? Where did you send the photos? Same address as the docs that you sent?



    wait for 15 days since USCIS said they sent you the rfe. After that you can call uscis at the # they have in the EAD Receipt they sent you, and you can open a Service Request for non delivery of the RFE. There is a 15 day rule. if you call earlier, they are not gonna entertain you. I got my RFE after 3 days I opened the SR.

    But call immediately after the 15 days because the time limit for you to send the rfe is 33 days and this clock starts from the time they say they have sent you the rfe (which you may have recived in an email notification or the online status). They did not extend this time period for me due to non-delivey.

    The RFE they sent had the address we need to send the response. I think it was a different address.

    The above said information is based on my experience. It may be be different with each case. you know how uscis is. just use it as a guideline.

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  • I got an RFE on Nov 15th for copies of my degree certificates and my attorney sent them in a few after getting the RFE notice. I had an LUD on Nov 30th (Date when they received response to RFE) saying case processing has resumed. I also have another LUD on Dec 2nd. But the status still says case processing resumed. Does anyone know why there are 2 LUD's even though the case status is the same. Does it mean anything?

    Relax, LUDS could be internal updates no one can tell you with absolute certainty what they mean. I saw this whole thread you are in panic mode and restless. Just relax man your case will be approved soon.Think of it this that they are working on your case not like others who have filed and heir cases are lying on the shelf.

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  • I urge you to ask for second opinion. From my understanding it depends how long your I-140 was pending.

    Here is a part of "The Child Status Protection Act � Memorandum Number 2" by
    Johnny N. Williams

    Yes, I will speak to an Immigration Attorney on this. And thanks again, the link was informative.

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  • Thanks a lot gccovet for you reply.

    You should write " AOS (Adjustment of Status) Pending". Also, don't forget to add (in #9) SS#.

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  • The USCIS has not taken any official position on whether they would allow the after I-140 3-year extension to be transferred to another employer.
    Using this loophole looks like many of us have actually sucessfully tranferred the H1B to a new employer after the 6 year limit..

    As long as USCIS does not release any regulations...We can do this ....
    If asked officialy some attorneys say that it cannot be done and some are fine with that...

    Immigration laws are kind of applied sporadically and can be pushed to a certain extent

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  • My 485 was apporved in July 2010 and have not recieved the card yet. I have contacted with couple of Service Request for non-delivery of permanent cards. First reply from USCIS was that my case was waiting for finger printing information from my local USICS was backlogged for appointments. So, I have told to wait for 60 days for either FP notice or physical green card. After 60 days, I have called them and another service request was created and the reply was completely irrelavant as they says my address was updated for my query about non-delivery of GC.

    Is there any other escalation request that I can made for deliveriy the GC or the FP notice? whenever I called the USICS are creating the SR and have to wait for answers like above.

    I have recieved the 485 approval notices (for both of us) on July itself but waiting for cards now. Are anyone with the same boat ? Or Is the unusual case?


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  • All,

    My employer revoked the i140 of a person after 180 days. He did not reveal this information to me and used labor substitution for me.

    The other person used AC21 and got his 485 approved. INS has denied my I140 since a 485 has already been approved and there can be only one GC on one labor. INS says that once the 485 is approved that job ceases to exist.

    My company is saying that they have done this in the past and got approvals. They are saying that they applied the I140 substitution long before the 485 approval of the other person.

    Now they are saying that they will appeal that the other guy never had the intention of working for the comapany.

    Is there any chance for the I140 approval and using the existing labor ? If not will the INS help me keep the Priority Date.

    Does anyone have knowledge of such cases (or) know the results of such appeals.

    Thanks !

    I would suggest, you explore other option and try a join a new employer to process GC rather than looking for options that are uncertain. Although, I feel sorry for your case, it does not sound right to jump lines, while so many people are waiting in line for GC for many many years. There are certain genuine cases in LC Substitution case, but these are very few in numbers, and also it just can't be right when someone just gets ahead of you, while you are waiting for years. It is really good, that LC Substitution is eliminated, so that people like you do no loose the precious time depending on these employers like this and also people who are waiting for years get their chance first. Appealing, etc can be done, but a positive outcome is very very slim in this case, if the original person had worked for this employer for 180 days or more and invoked AC21, then AC21 protects the original beneficiary. If original beneficiary has not worked for this employer at all, then there might be a small chance, but still it is very complicated. As posted here, talk to an attorney other than your employers attorney or yours and get a second opinion and decide accordingly.

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  • My Friend your thoughts are very good.
    The AC21 Letter that one sends after changing a job is not a gaurantee that it is attached to your file(I-485). how do you expect to explain all that you are saying to CIS when they can't do there own work properly.

    I agree this is not easy, but in past IV CORE was successful when they convinced CIS to come out with revised visa bulletin in July 2007. Other successes include 2 year EAD and 29 months OPT etc. If we all support, this may also be possible. Atleast having an official procedure and forms for AC21 will be really good.

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  • CBP Passenger Service Manager Listing


    Port of Entry Name Phone
    Atlanta Hartsfield - Jackson International Airport Linda Fuller (404) 765-7175
    Washington - Dulles International Airport Richard Hall (703) 661-2865
    Philadelphia International Airport Dale Markowitz (215) 863-4204
    Boston Logan International Airport Domenic DeSantis (617) 568 1810 Ext. 2318
    Chicago - O'Hare International Airport Patrick Salgado (773) 894-2900 Ext. 2872
    Detroit Metropolitan Airport Donald Vaughn (734) 941-6180 Ext. 438
    Dallas - Ft. Worth International Airport Michael Morrow (972) 973-9873
    Houston International Airport Courtney Green (281) 230-4730
    Las Vegas International Airport William Jones (702) 736-2253 Ext. 224
    Los Angeles International Airport Kris Rueda (310) 665-4545
    Miami International Airport Daniel Lopez (305) 874-4300
    Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport Roxanne J. Rodriguez (954) 761-2012
    JFK International Airport Miguel Mercado (718) 553-5470
    Newark International Airport Domenico Calise (973) 368-6000
    Honolulu International Airport James Myers (808) 237-4608
    San Francisco International Airport David Sanchez (650) 821-8663
    San Juan International Airport Andres Vargas (787) 253-4511
    Seattle - Tacoma International Airport Frank Rohrig (206) 851-9690
    Orlando International Airport Enrique Archibold (407) 825-4356
    Sanford International Airport Larry Sherman (407) 322-6019 Ext. 203

    And may I know what is the modus operandi ? Tell the IO at POE - "wait Sir let me call your manager first.. can I please borrow your cell phone?" .... this is the time where our precious "Employers" need to come together and do something if they want us here. So please talk to your employer and ask them to talk to their lawyers and do something.

    Of course if some one is already in and have faced discrimination please go ahead and report it to the manager, AILA and immigrationvoice. Also report it to your lawyer and employer with as much details as you can.

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  • Pappu,

    Do I need to post my question on this thread or I can pass it on before in time to StarSun or you? B'cause posting my GC issue with personal information would not look appropriate on a public forum.

    Let me know.

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  • I am in Indiana and we do not have a state chapter. However, I would like to know the ongoing updates. With this in mind can you put me on the contact list for Illinois.


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  • Wonder why people who visit these forums often think that someone here knows how USCIS works...their updates/luds,status changes mean nothing.......until u get the card in hand it means nothing, zilch, nada, !!!!!!

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  • Guys,
    Thanks a lot for the response.

    I was finally able to get a doctors appointment on July 24th.

    Now comes the tricky part:

    Is the varicella vaccine required ? I have not had chicken pox as a child. The blood work showed that I need a chicken pox vaccine.

    I went to the county health department today , and they gave me shots for tetanus, MMR, PPD, and one shot for varicella. They said that I have to come back in 30 days for another shot of varicella.

    I am not sure what my doctor will say to this when I meet him on July 24th. Also, is it possible for the doctor to provide an I-693 with a statement that the varicella shot will be completed later ?

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  • mean NOTHING.

    My I-140 was approved in June.
    Even as of now- the processing date in NSC for EB2-NIW is Feb 07.

    My EAD was approved in July, has the NSC processing officially reached my RD? of course NOT! It's still stuck on April 16th.

    The dates are a joke.

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  • ANy one sent to NSC after 23rd July got RN/EAD/AP anything , from CSC?
    Basicallly trying to see if CSC moved beyond 23rd July?

    Sorry about your employment situation.
    If you think it is serious enough, I strongly recommend getting an Attorney's advice on how to transfer your H1B smoothly and also to clairfy any questions that you might have.
    Paying few hundred dollars for attorney's consultation is worth the peace of mind that you get, once your questions are answered., etc are some of the good ones that I know of.
    Good luck and donot worry too much (as these kind of things never stops occuring in life).

    Just a note, applications were accepted till 17 August, 2007.

    This thread is started to just gather the list of people who have approved Labor as on 31st Jul,2007 and could not file I-485 for various reasons like out of country,Not married, Employer did not file or Lawyer delayed etc.

    EB3 India PD Feb,2006

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