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  • no-it is something else....attitude of positive expectancy... ;)

    often times i have noticed that the blissfully ignorant GC applicants come better off than rest of us- who act like chicken with the head cut off after every bad news!!! may be they dont worry too much and look at it from a whole another perspective...who knows...i wish i could be one of those, but i am too far in the game...damage is already done...:D
    Awesome observation !!! absolutely right !!! I guess, I also need some break tracking immigration web sites .. its high time ...

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  • Emails dispatched. Got acknowledgement.

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  • Lunch is supposed to be taken at cafeteria not at cubicles.It doesnt matter whether it's curry or burger.Both smell bad.
    The project where I worked in the past does not have a cafeteria at all. All my friends/colleagues used to eat at their cubicles only. Is there some kind of unofficial rule that you have to eat at a cafeteria. I feel most small companies do not have a cafeteria. I've seen in different projects that I worked, most employees whether desi or somebody else ate at their cubicles only.

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  • EB2 India will be at Aug 31 2006
    Any One ?

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  • not a single person has explicity voted "No". In reality though, everyone who has viewed this thread (1563 views when I last checked - even if you assume each person has checked this thread at least 10 times, that's about 156 individuals out of whom only about 35 have voted so far!) and not bothered to vote is essentially voting "No"! However, again as you point out, I am not really looking for the "No"s since these people have clearly decided they don't want to part with their money at this stage (not ascribing any reasons or motives here - just stating the facts). .....Cheers

    Its a wrong fallacy to assume that NOs = people who dont want to part with their money at this stage. Let me put it this way for you with an example :-

    1. Yes I want e-bill to save tree.
    2. No I dont want ebill and I care a damn about the trees
    3. Dont Care

    The above poll is a loaded poll favoring one option only. Is the only reason someone may not want ebill is that they dont care a damn about the trees. NOPE. It can be a lot of other reasons - they may feel not so good about internet security or may not be internet savvy. And of course, paper bills can be on recycled paper and whole lot of other arguments are not covered.

    Similarly your poll is very much loaded.

    And again, you havent defined "more". Currently, I believe the contribution limit is 25 dollars per month. When you say more - what number are you thinking of. And now look at the folks who said YES. What numbers are they looking at. If you had put in a number and said "are you willing to pay x dollars per month .." - then you can be assured of that the members who say YES are on the same page as you. Right now, what you have is a number of folks but they may not be on same page.

    And what is the definition of "updates" ? We are not working here on a fixed time project where the deliverable is due at the end of period 'x'. For quite a lot of period, the updates will be generic and on the lines of "we are working on getting to our goals and we are making progress". You will not get any more details than this. Turn around and check with the folks who said YES -- is this what they are expecting. Or they are expecting something different.

    25 dollars per month equates to 0.6 % of annual salary for someone making 50k and only 0.3% of someone making 100k. Is this a big amount - Yes and No. It clearly depends on the individual. For lobbying you agree that the amount required is way more than what we currently are able to raise.

    IV has probably 25k+ registered users. This is a good number to look at. Practically, how many of them have logged in and used this system for the last six months and three months and last month. I dont know the exact number but have a strong feeling that this number will probably in the 10-15 percentile only. And guests is not equal to an unregistered IV member. Not every person posts on this site. There are a lot of people who just browse the forums and dont post - they dont need to login everytime they come on to this site - therefore you will see a good chunk of visitors but they necessarily are not unregistered members.

    Your intentions are good - but the approach you took needs to be refined further. None of what I wrote above is personally against you - I appreciate your efforts but feel that we need to approach it differently - probably equating updates with money is not a good approach given that once someone gives money , they may start having a feeling of entitlement and we may not be ready to handle it.

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  • Indian American contributing $5 million to Hilary clinton. THey have already collected $1million in short span of time. How about organizing Sharukh and Amithab to perform a show for IV in major cities like NY/NJ/Chicago and SFO. If anyone has contacts with organisers of these events, we can try to do something.

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  • Guys ... first of all thanks for starting this thread. Worth every bit of space on server.

    I am based in Michigan and would like to get in touch with someone locally to guide me in setting up a LLC. Well saying that, I don't mind venturing with like minded people outside MI too. I have few ideas and would like to work on those, these are in products and industry I am working with (Mechanical/ Industrial). However, I think same approach can be used to generate IP in other fields too. So i am open to collaborate with like minded people to benefit from each other. i emphasize on like minded people, because their would be failures too and so need equal buy in.

    Neverhteless, what I am saying is if their is an opportunity to collaborate to succeed collectively? Write me back what you think and good Luck.

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  • Bump

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  • EADs include special security measures to prevent counterfeiting and forgery. Only certain centers have the machinery needed to produce these cards. Since EADs are used as REAL ID for travel and DL etc., USCIS decided to stop issuing Interim EADs at Field Offices.

    So despite what USCIS memo says I am concerned that Interim EADs are unlikely to be issued (this point in the memo might be an oversight by the officer who issued it). AFAIK Field Offices can only make a request to expedite the case. I would like to know if anyone has got Interim EAD recently. If so let us know!

    You can find your Senators/Congressmen here

    Senate - ( Choose your State in the dropdown)

    Representative - Full ZIP Code + 4 may be needed to find the Rep. You can get your Zip Code + 4 here -

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  • I have nothing more to say guys. what some people are saying is logic and what i'm saying is the fact.

    Anyway, My lawyer used the PERM. right after i received my Labor I had to renew my H1b which took 6 months (regular processing). After i received my renewal I sent my I-140 application. I didn't even bother to use the premium processing for my i140 because the i485 was not current that time, instead it way way back as a EB3. anyway, you know the rest of the story.....

    Shimul999 may not be trying to play or may be doing so, only Shimul999 knows. But there are legitimate observations such as below (Assuming s/he provided all information for his/her case correctly) can lead any person like VKKKK to believe that.

    1) He is claiming labor filed in Feb 06 and he got approval in May 06 (As per
    his signature). Now if his file is in BEC this would not have happened so it is
    safe to assume that either he might have used substitution labor OR his file
    is filed in PERM. Now Feb 06 was the initial stage of PERM and during that
    period there were lot many software glitches in the PERM system so many
    lawyers were almost hesitant to file under PERM. But assuming that his
    lawyer took decision to file under PERM, end to end process was almost 4
    months for PERM so either his file was reached before Feb 06 then only he
    could have labor approval in May 06. So there is definately something
    wrong there.

    2) If my labor is approved in May 06 why would I wait to file I-140 till Feb 07
    (His signature)?

    Now 1st point, considering Shimul lucky even that time one can assume it might have happened. For second point one can assume any reason for that long wait so it is not necessary that by looking to these both points we can fairly say that s/he is not representing the fact. It can be a fact and in that case s/he deserves our congratulations.

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  • Mother fucker I am not married and I dont have kids.

    My friend you use sarcasm all the time :)...some even in bad taste :rolleyes:...what happened to MC sense of humor :)

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  • I was not optimistic about EB3 situation a while ago but the situation has changed, i think we are fast approaching the end of this dark tunnel and we will soon see light :)

    I was not optimistic about that Boeing Jet until a while ago but the situation has changed, I think we are fast approaching the end of this dark tunnel and we will soon see light, err, i mean the Boeings in our driveways.

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  • to site admin>>google adwords on this site will help increase revenue...

    very simple to implement...see for more info...

    hope this helps...

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  • It is july 14 2007 for 'Employment-based adjustment applications'

    what is the latest 485 date for was June 29th in April..

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  • Look, the H1 quota was not sufficient even when it was set at 115,000 pre-2000. It was only when it was set to 195,000 in 2001 that the quota exceeded demand. Now thanks to the report by USCIS last year, we know that about 20% of the H applications had fraud or technical violations. Even if you assume that the USCIS does a perfect job and catches this 20%, the quota that will be freed up won't be enough for the rest of the applicants.

    The issues we face have less to do with fraud and more to do with the anti-immigration forces who dislike the 1965 immigration law. Claiming fraud, cheap labor, harm to the environment from increased population are just convenient means to couch opposition to permanent immigration in.

    actually pre 2000 the visa's were available all year long , then there was a crunch due to the y2K and then when the bubble burst it shrank again.

    when USCIS said 20% were fraudulent , they meant complete fraud like , people paid $$ bought in here as programmers and then worked in gas stations , driving cabs etc

    and again 20% was just taken from a sample space of about 260 or so

    if USCIS were to count every case where a body-shopper has a guy on bench with no pay , h1b procured when no project available that 20% will double up atleast.

    the Anti-immigrant lobby will always be present whatever year/century it is , its human nature , so that fight will always be there , in boom time or recession or whatever

    but this country is smarter in terms of dealing with anti-immigrants unlike UK and parts of europe where they completely cave in.

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  • ----------
    Hi sertha1,
    I have a similar situation. Can you please tell me how you resolved this problem?

    If you knew you wanted to convert back, you should have filed a 539 along with your husband's petition. Not too late, you can still do it but to revert back, they may come back asking for last 3 paystubs to prove you were still in status ona H-1.


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  • It is time to build some momentum.

    IV core needs to follow this and raise funds for this cause if necessary.... peace meal strategy is the only strategy that we can do in this economic conditions... do not go for CIR

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  • Sorry gc_dedo.

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  • Processing times are based on Received date or Notice Date?

    Its a mixed talk..i believe its based on RD

    I appllied on May 12 and did FP on May 31, besides one LUD on July 1st, nothing has happened as of yet. I opened a service request but I ma not expecting anything to happen. Mine expires in Oct., so I still have some more time.

    What's the way to contact the senator? I am from MA.

    Either the OP is posting for time pass or need to read the Immigration for Dummies...

    ahhh i assume you have read Immigration for Dummies...good for you. Unfortunately we are not all as knowledgeable. If you feel its time pass there is no need to reply. But laughing and mocking is not needed

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