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  • They have extended my and my wife for 8 years more upto 2014.


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  • the number on the back of my check is a 10 digit number.9030******........but it is not same as the number on my EAD card

    i have read that man ppl have put SRC or LIN in fronnt of the umber on the cashed checks.........?

    can someone theow light on that?

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  • Originally Posted by ImmiUser
    Hi Ron,

    DOS moved the bulletin further for EB2 India. I remember you were telling in earlier blogs that you have got information from DOS that there are only a handful of visas left over. So I am not sure what DOS/USCIS is up to. USICIS is adjudicating all the applications for PD 2006 and beyond while putting the 2004 and 2005 applications in dark.

    It would have been much helpful had DOS put forth the no. of visas still left over.

    What's your take on the latest visa bulletin.


    Answer by Ron

    They did say that they only had "a handful" of visas left. This advance is not necessarily inconsistent with that earlier statement. In order to use up visas and avoid waste, the Visa Office has to manage the quota to make sure that there are enough applications AND ADJUDICATIONS to exhaust the quota. They have no control over the CIS, but they do have control over the overseas consular posts.

    What this tells me is that the CIS is doing nothing (or next to nothing) to use up India and China E2 numbers. By advancing the cutoff dates last month, VO was able to make more cases at overseas posts available for close out. Since the CIS obviously did not use many China/India E2 numbers in July and August, VO has had to advance the cutoff dates again to make enough cases pending at consular posts available to use up those few remaining numbers.

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  • I had a delay on a clients site, they needed something changed which took all my time. Business comes first. Here is my entry. I am dissapointed that my notebook PC won't be finished until Friday/Saturday, was looking forward to using it in the battle. The 3D Render was made by me.


    Source File: http://www.danalu.com/images/innovation.psd

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  • You are absolutely right abt the excerpt.
    You need to send the EAD according to where you live (with pending 485 and Q16 answered with C9)



    I hold high regard for your postings...but in the 765 manual, I could not find any such rule that you just mentioned..Here is an excerpt from Pg 9 of


    If your response to Question 16 is (c)(9) ....
    Otherwise, if you filed your I-485 adjustment application with
    a USCIS Service Center, you must file Form I-765 at the
    Nebraska Service Center or the Texas Service Center,
    depending on where you live (see the following addresses)......

    Are you sure ?? :confused:

    I have recently moved from Ohio to Pennsylvania and am about to file for renewal. Thanks....

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  • Not sure if anyone experienced this, but on 2 computers this site, antivirus software detected a virus & my work PC (protected with McAfee) is not booting up, IT said my hard drive has been corrupted. My laptop survived with a freeware anti virus. Please don't give me reds, this is what happened to me, I just wanted to warn any unprotected members of IV.

    This happened with me too yesterday and I wondered why it happened. I did get an alert message asking for this 'Trojan Horse ' to be put in vault'. It happened exactly while I opened this link and went to this site. Someone should send email to the owner of this blog to alert him.

    My computer crashed several times after that and I had to reinstall OS to get rid of this virus. I am now in the process of installing all softwares again. All my strong anti-virus defense systems failed to stop this virus.

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  • Accepting I-485 without PD current also needs legislation...if you don't know about that already !

    Can you please post the source for this information?

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  • Please don't travel thru countries that impose this ridiculous transit Visa requirement on individuals, especially from India.

    I stopped traveling through countries that impose transit visa; Eventually, transit visa requirement will be lifted, if no one flies.

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  • Yeap Core team has done a tremendous job, no words to explain my gratitude. Community also showed support by donating 70k.

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  • Are the sample affadavits floating around the ones to be used (that my parents can fill in and sign) and would that be sufficient. Does it have to be notariazed or parents filling/signing it is sufficient.

    Also do consulates of India etc provide such affadavits/birth certificates?


    it has to be 2 affadavits....right...one by parents (both parents on one i'm assuming) and the other say an uncle (is there a format for that one)...

    You need 2 affidavits, one from each parent. Or from one parent and one close relative. Or two from two close relatives. They do not need to be notarized as long as they are self-attested. Scanned copies are fine. Retain the original with you in case the CIS asks for it.

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  • you might also need a copy of your approved Labour application.
    I am not sure if you can get the documents directly from the UCIS becuase the documents belong to your employer and not you.
    you can try through Freedom of Information Act(foia.com). but it might take a while to get the documents.

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  • Hi,

    My passport expires in Nov, '07 and am planning to travel to India shortly. I would like to know if we are required to submit the original/copy of I-94 for passport renewal.
    Your answers are very much appreciated.

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  • Hello gg_ny,
    It is too scary.. Plz note that the surname change is after mariz.. As per our convention, after mariz, wife's surname changes to that of husbands.. We have the mariz certificate with us.
    Is this still that major problem, as earlier explained by you?

    The problem as I it was traveling on your old passport after you obtained a new one. You could have travelled on the new one attached to the old one and your change of name document.
    I concur with others...you need to sort this out fast before you land in trouble. See an immigration attorney quickly. My 2 cents.

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  • Submit RTI request to Shailesh Gandhi - Chief Information Commissioner, Right To Information India.

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  • How about, those who made incorrect predictions to pay $50 to IV?:D

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  • This signature waived is normal because of something having to do with when they scan the card, and if your signature is there, then it could cross the line where the machine scans your card. So I have heard from others online in these posts this is valid since August 1 FOR EVERYONE and your picture is there, so this is not an issue. What I am wondering about is why is this EAD only valid for one year when first it was valid for two years, why have they changed this? And if your i-485 green card case is pending, and you have gotten your i-765 EAD in your hand do they approve your i-485 green card fast? SOMEONE PLEASE RESPOND
    I could answered better if you would have filled up your profile... anyways... many ppl are scared of even accepting or providing dates..

    what is your PD ? Sooner the PD there is a good chance for being 1 year. if your PD is far away or chance of being current is not soon it will be for 2 years.. unless officer erroneously submitted for one year...anyway there is no work around you need to hang on.

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  • Somewhere in these forums I read somebody�s suggestion to rename the organization to legal-immigrants-first, or a similar sounding name. It may sound wholly redundant exercise to many of us, who are living the retrogression problem everyday, but it will make real difference in achieving our goals. We must first clearly identify and register ourselves in the eyes of leader of this country, before letting them know of our problems.

    I second that wholeheartedly! Making them aware that we are not just about immigration, we are about LEGAL IMMIGRATION should be highlighted.

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  • Being a projct manager, If you cannot influence people to get letter that satisfy the uscis, I will not recommand you for PM.
    FYI, my lc is related to testing. but I am not in testing. so If I need a letter, I will ask them whaterver they want to write + testing. probalby you can do the same.

    Please be sensible when you post such responses on a public forum. What you are saying is wrong. You cannot advise people to falsify documents in an open forum.
    If you cannot get experience letter, why did you go for "previous work experience" requirement in LC? AFAIK, "previous work experience" is optional

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  • Is there any advantage choosing a local lawyer? Can some body please suggest attorney in Chicago area.

    Some ppl prefer to have local attorney in case they want the attorney to accompany them if & when CIS calls for personal interview.

    i-140 was approved on december 2006
    i-485 was filed on 6/2007

    between december 2006 and september 2007 company got worst and worst also real estate market. Some people kept saying it will get better. It never got better.

    First thing is why members have found that title is scary? I dont think it is scary......it might attract your attention. Probably most of people who got scared might be using EAD or are considering using it.<br><br>
    I think using AC21 does not imply that 485 will be denied.<br><br> In a hypothetical situation lets assume it is denied we need to find why it is being denied? One can always switch to h1b (with previous employer - should be valid when AOS is denied) by going to home country and getting h1b stamp on passport but even before you have to do it you can appeal in court and you will be able to stay here.

    <br><br> I was discussing the same issue today with Ron Gotcher ( you can find it on his website as I have the same userid) and he said unless you are inadmissible or commit a fraud or have broken immigration law in past AOS is not denied. Just in case if you have done any of the above three things then your AOS can be denied and you can not even get any type of non immigrant visa..........<br><br> For using AC21 just make sure that:<br><br>
    140 is approved<br><br>Your GC sponsor will not revoke 140<br><br>Your GC job description and new EAD job description are same or similar (title does not matter) <br><br> ONet code for both the jobs match.<br><br><br><br> If you ensure the above things then there is no issue using EAD for a job after 180 day of filing 485.<br><br> Hope this helps and people who got scared does not gives me red dots for speaking aloud.
    <br><br> Support IV and make the difference for yourself and everyone else in the immigrant community.

    Thanks for your input.

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