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  • London during World War II

  • How about this education for EB2

    10th + 3 year Polytechnic (Electronics) + 3 years B.E (Computer Science & Engineering) Degree = 16 years of education


    8 Years IT Experiance

    I have same education only difference is Mechanical engineering.My 140 was approved in EB2.

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  • used during World War II.

  • My wife changed her job after getting H1B transfer receipt. Her previous H1B is not expired or revoked. After one month with new employer, her H1B is denied. We didn't appeal, but immediately filed new H1B with another employer and give paystub of the denied employer with all details. She got her H1B approved with the latest employer. This happened 4 years back.
    So, if H1B denied, you can file appeal or find a new job and file new petition ASAP.

    Thank you for your information.I hope you know the situation right now in USA.In jan 2010 H1 people came to Newark Airport were asked to form in a separate queue as soon as they get down from the flight for two levels of interview.Some of them are sent back.Now you can't find employer to transfer your H1 immediately.Before two years it was possible to transfer H1 with out having recent pay stubs and they never asked client letter.Now if you don't have a job you can't transfer your H1 to anybody.
    Before Sep 2009 it was two minutes time to take LCA. Now it takes 1 week time to approve LCA. We never heard about Employer-Employee relationship before 2010.

    world war 2 bombs in london. World War II bombs falling
  • World War II bombs falling

  • based on link -

    It would have been more encouraging had the article said that Pelosi has set the date for floor debate instead of Harry Reid.

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  • during World War II.

  • Thanks, snathan...i shall ask folks around before signing it. :)

    world war 2 bombs in london. #39;World War Two bomb#39; dug up by
  • #39;World War Two bomb#39; dug up by

  • News Clips won't help much. Better to get some documents from your Company that shows it really is on the downside like financial statements. However, make sure you also have a proof that when they applied for I-140 and you applied for GC, the company is still in good financial status; that is was only later that the company suffered losses.

    92 days lapsed after submitting your GC application and you were approved. Do you have anough evidence to say that in June, the Company is doing alright but not now, September? that in June, your position is still available but not anymore in September? that the company did not hire any replacement for you?

    world war 2 bombs in london. London, World War II,
  • London, World War II,

  • I like the New Serif one. Clever! :cowboy:

    world war 2 bombs in london. London being ombed during the
  • London being ombed during the

  • Based on what you believe that "BC has a much higher standard of living than Boston?". I hope that is not one of those silly annual surveys in which they interview low income and beggars on the streets and rate mainly based on health care and welfare for them.

    Regarding raising kids, if you believe that doing that around prostitutes, lesbians and drugs is a good thing, so go ahead and live in BC.

    Read the below for some truth about the Socialist Canada. I lived there and I know how it is.

    Very true, but if you are doing a degree in Canada or US its not that bad.
    Tito_ortiz , yoru country of chargability is Germany which is not in a mess like I, China.
    For you US makes more sense, but someone from I (definitely) or C, Canad makes more sense than go for EB2/3 based US green card.

    PS: I live in Toronto and left US in 2007

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  • in World War II.

  • You mean to say CIR will be introduced to the immigration or judiciary senate committee or introduce directly to the senate. If it is introduced directly to the senate floor that will save a lot of time, on the flip side it will become difficult to add or change provisions if it is directly introduced to the senate bypassing the senate judiciary and immigration committee

    I called Senator Ed Kennedy's office and was told that CIR is likely to be introduced in early March something like first week. They of course told me that there are no guarantees, but more a reasonable probability.

    world war 2 bombs in london. omb from World War Two
  • omb from World War Two

  • Please share your experience with us when done.

    Mine is already done last month. You may have to wait there for couple of hours if you go on weekend. But once your number comes, it will be very fast.

    It takes
    20 minutes - 1.5 hours - Waiting time
    5 minutes for physical checkup
    2 minutes for shots
    1 minute for blood work and PPD
    2 minutes to pay initial fee
    48-72 hours for PPD results ( Since labs are very very busy, they may take upto 4 days to send them blood work report)

    After 48-72 hours
    30-40 minutes wait to show your ppd result
    1 minute - Dr to see PPD result
    10 minutes - for xray if ppd positive
    5 minutes - other shots if your blood report says so
    5-10 minutes - for dr to read x-ray
    2 minutes to pay for remaining fees

    30 minutes - wait to get your sealed envelop ( otherwise go next day)

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  • Just goes to proove how totally screwed up USCIS is. They process cases with 2007 PD while ppl with 2001 PD are waiting without any response.

    world war 2 bombs in london. World War 2, Second World
  • World War 2, Second World

  • Hi,

    My attorney received an EVL RFE for my I-485 case. My PD is 2007 EB3 so I don't have any hope of getting GC but I guess they are just pre-adjucating my case.

    Here is my situation - I filed my !-485 in Aug 2007 and changed job (without filing any AC-21 paperwork with USCIS) in April 2008. My attorney had looked at new job description and given green signal for change. My entire immigration history of 10 years in US is totally clean with no gaps and with all work autorizations.

    Now, my concern is that the letter that my attorney has prepared for my current employer to sign has lot of legal lingo (AC-21 language, lot of CFRs, info related to my LCA and I-140) and has some language to the effect of supporting my LCA and I-140 till my GC is approved. It also states that my current employer was able to afford to pay my salary since the LCA date. My employer is fortune 5 company so money wise there is no problem but my concern is that they may not want to sign such a lengthy (wordy) legal doc without consulting their Immi attorney. I don't have much time to respond (only 8 more days). So if my employer takes long time or tells me that they can not sign it, I want to be ready with Plan B. Can someone suggest what should I do?

    1 - should I prepare a simple document with job duties, responsibilities, start date, salary etc that my employer will be willing to sign. So at last moment I can atleast get that signed. Something will be better than nothing.
    2 - Should I / (bigger question is can I) ask USCIS to give me more time to respond to RFE?
    3. Provide simple letter from employer with an affedavit or something stating that the new job is same / similar as the old job.

    Sorry for a long post and thanks for any suggestions.

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  • Hello,

    Yes, as my PD is Feb 2005, this implies that the case has been pre-adjudicated as of now pending new finger prints.

    My case was originally at NSC, was then send to MSC (National Benefits Center) and then was sent to local USCIS office in San Francisco where I went for an interview and then had this request for documents. The processing dates for San Francisco field office as of now for I-485 are Aug 1, 2008. So, I'm assuming that they have cleared all the cases that reached them by 31 July 2008 and that NSC sent my case file to them by 31st July 2008.

    The IO who interviewed me was different than the one who has worked on my case since.

    Yes, thanks for the wishes...but in this process, nothing is certain till the physical receipt of the cards, right? :)

    PS: As far as I know, fingerprints and medical records are the two documents that may expire...apart from the applicant! ;)

    Good reminder to all of us, which we keep forgetting (about our own expiry) :).

    Anyway, I would suggest to cut short your trip if possible and finish this pending work ASAP.
    In any case, my wishes are with you, even though you are cutting the line :).

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  • World War II bombs wreaked

  • Today's work will definitely bring fruits tomorrow !

    tattoo London, World War II, world war 2 bombs in london. US and World War II Europe:
  • US and World War II Europe:

  • The attorney gets the AP documents.

    I did get my EAD cards at home but the AP went to Attorney.

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  • the suspicious part was the "utter rascals"

    lol u asked the question...i was politely restating it for others

    Hmmm so what if I find your description "suspicious" because of the word "suspicious"? Me just stated facts buddy. Here is definition of rascal from online free dictionary:

    ras�cal (rskl)
    1. One that is playfully mischievous.
    2. An unscrupulous, dishonest person; a scoundrel.

    I mean #2 here. Unscrupulous because they misuse the forum for ranting and bashing others, dishonest because they bash others they perceive as "bad" for their own GC while pretending to be in IV for everyone's good. Scoundrel, because because they operate on multiple ID's

    Some are plain old #1, but they harm too.

    So, this is my explanation why I used the words "utter rascals". Come on, now you can give me some greens, because it "helped" you to understand what I meant :p

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  • The only thing USCIS can do without issue Public Notice
    How funny, right?

    or take back one of their Public Notices....the ony thing they can do, is take back the Public Notice - that 485's will be rejected.....

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  • sent

    girlfriend US and World War II Europe: world war 2 bombs in london. Though London suffered badly
  • Though London suffered badly

  • It typically comes after 12 of every month.

    It comes 12th of every month but it is always good to see after 12 months(1year)...

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  • World War II London

  • Congrats on getting your green card. Your post and attitude is the exact reason why DOL has made it almost impossible to get EB2 certification especially in the software field and why people despice consultants like you and your desi employer.

    You said in your post "Appiled for EB3 labor in jan 2004, even though i am qualified for EB2" dear sir its not your qualification that determines whether you get to file in eb2 or not but it is what the job requirements are that determine whether it is eb2 or eb3.

    Another line from your post "After realizing that the dates will never become current for EB3, my desi employer files for EB2 labor" this and the previous line clearly show that you and your desi employer have no respect for the law. It is because of blatant abuse like this that DOL is cracking down on eb2 filings. Now thanks to people like you and your desi employer who have abused the law now even eb2 india might never become current because tons of people have already ported and spillover to eb2 is not happenning anymore like previous years. People have realized even eb2 india is never going to move beyond 2003 so "consultants" like you and desi companies have moved on to abusing eb1. Seems like you are proud of your achievement just like the L1 folks from desi companies who brag about getting green card in less than an year by abusing L1.

    To all the people who think they can pull a trick like mr salawrene by filing in eb2 again hard luck there are 120000 485 applications with USCIS with eb3 and eb2 having about 60000 each, because of abuse in Eb1 no more spillover of visa numbers to eb2 india wil occur so eb2 india will not move forward, on top of it dol is cracking down on eb2 filings. eb2 might start moving backward to 2003 or 2002 and will remain stagnant like eb3 because no visa spillover is happenning.

    because of desi consultants and desi employers abusing the system the whole EB community is suffering, high time we respected the law and stop this practise. for speaking the bitter reality if eb2 and eb1 abusers, consultants, desi employers want to give me a red go ahead and do it, but ask yourself have I said anything which is incorrect

    Well he got his GC. Dont be jealous.

    Congrats !

    AILAs take

    Immigration In Conference

    There are the three possible scenarios now that S.2611
    has been handed to the House:

    (1) the House does not name the conferees, hence no conference report and immigration reform dies this Fiscal year;

    (2) the House names conferees and goes into a contentious conference, resulting in no conference report and immigration reform dies this Fiscal year;

    (3) the House produces a conference report, immigration reform legislation is passed.

    If immigration reform fails in conference, a statute could still ensue. There is still opportunity for a Republican vision of immigration reform, i.e. emphasis on enforcement, to be enacted, if House Republicans choose to attach such legislation with the appropriations bill during budget reconciliation. Stay tuned.

    Carl Shusterman says that State Department's Charles Oppenheimer indicating that there will big advances for EB2 China & India. Hopefully it is true

    Immigration Attorneys, Schedule a Legal Consultation with Former INS Trial Attorney Carl Shusterman (

    how is this guys' track record in the past? i dont want to raise my hopes too much and get disappointed...

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