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  • Great update. The TriState will bump up their efforts.

    If you live in TriState, please become a member or you will miss out on updates.

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  • Do you realize that this thread is from 2006.

    Hey folks,
    The proposed bill to give green card to PhDS does not include all the PhDs. PhDs listed as STEM(Science engineering technology majors) are only eligible through this bill in current form. Graduates from pharmacy, medicine, veterinary medicine, animal science are not listed as STEM. I am sure there are many more majors not listed as STEM. I think we should write a letter to congressmen about this anomaly. And I encourage non STEM PhDs to represent their concern so that we can unite and represent our concerns to the congress men. immigrtion service department has listed the subject codes fall under STEM.
    You have to browse through the following link to see code for your major. http://nces.ed.gov/pubs2002/cip2000/ciplist.asp.
    once you know the code for your major you can go to http://www.ice.gov/sevis/stemlist.htm to check weather your program is listed there as STEM.
    good luck

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  • Having a special quota for masters or any other criteria would be absolutely beneficial as long as it does not come from the existing quote (like adding 20000 for Masters on top of 65000). Having any additional numbers would significantly reduce the stress on the exciting queue. I do not think there should be any reason why anyone would object. If we can get any reason to add additional numbers, that should be welcome. Several other reasons can be there including the founders visa which was talked recently as long as they are additional numbers.

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  • Here is my guess on who will be in Conference from Senate side.

    Sen.Specter, Sen.Cornyn, Sen.Kyl, Sen.Sessions, Sen.Brownback, Sen.Graham, Sen.Grassley, Sen.Kennedy, Sen.Durbin, Sen.Feinstein, Sen.Leahy, Sen.Feingold

    See below for Frist's ( Rep. Senate leader) comment:

    Frist said the Senate will send 14 Republicans and 12 Democrats to negotiate with the House, with seven of the Republicans and five Democrats coming from the Judiciary Committee. The remaining seven Republicans will be chosen by Frist and remaining seven Democrats chosen by Reid.

    At least one oppoenent of the compromise measure, Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, will be among the remaining seven Republicans appointed to the committee, spokesman Don Stewart said.

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  • Hi to all,

    MY I 485 RD is August 14, 2007, 180 days rule will end on 10 Feb 2008.
    I am planning to use AC21 on Jan 20th itself with three weeks vacation notice to current GC filing employer to go for Contract to Hire job.

    Is it safe to do?

    I do maintain good relationship with current employer.
    But not sure, what will be his reaction after three vacation notice ends and he comes to know I have switched job.

    Also my LC as Programmer Analyst, but the new job would be Database Administrator.
    Is this will be issue?

    Could you advise on these questions?

    Thanks to all.


    ** Sponsor of two IV members to attend DC rally.

    Keep in mind that employer can revoke I-140 before your 180 days are up. If its just a question of a few weeks, why are you taking a chance ?

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  • This is about illegals. Do not fall for that trap.

    These organizations are looking for bodies to send faxes. Illegals do not know computer and English. But programmers who sit in a cubicle all day and have plenty of time to go on websites and post, are a perfect fit to further the agenda of this organization.

    Just ask yourself:
    Has this organization leader spoken to you or IV asking for support and promised that they will work for legals?

    So why are you promoting them?
    They will not do anything for you if CIR comes.

    Ganguteli, I hope you are not just a 'body'. Has anyone on this thread faxed anything through that website supporting illegals?? People @ IV (may be not all) are smart enough to use their tool for our advantage.

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  • just I got a news from Greg Siskind's Blog.


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  • Nice search

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  • Sub: Legal Immigration and CIR


    I am here to talk about LEGAL immigration. In all the noise about illegal immigration and their path to legalization a very important subject is lost and that is LEGAL immigration, and delays and problems they are facing.
    I came to US in 2000 with a perfect business plan and dream to start a company and spread prosperity, but the path I had to take was H1B visa. After coming here my last 9 years have been spent on getting Green Card ( I have recently filed for my 10th year H1B Extension), and my GC application with a priority date of 2003 March is still waiting in Backlog.
    While there is some opposition for illegal immigration more than 90% of people I meet support the improvement in process for LEGAL immigrants. I hope in this CIR while looking at illegal immigration you pay special attention to LEGAL immigration.

    Together we can build a happy and prosperous America for future generations.


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  • I totally agree, you should first have an RFE in hand and the decide if it is urgent or a simple one which one can handle.......... if URGENT then do search threads to see what solutions are stated, if none match your criteria then you are welcome to post on a new thread.

    Without RFE in hand, you will only get unrelated answers, instead of giving you solace it will worry you more. Like people might suggest, your old employer may have revoked your petition or you might have done something wrong in filing for AC21 (IF you have done that)............... so let it just come and then decide.

    Since this was your first RFE , do not worry. I believe all of us pass through this stage of RFE , now it may be at any stage. I too got mine on 140, but gotaway with it.

    Relax you will be fine.

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  • IV is the only group that is trying something for EB gc's!!! If you don't agree with IV mission statement - least you can do is SHUT UP! If you have other selfish agenda's take them some place else...

    I am for it. It is high time that we stopped this ever emerging division through some censoring.

    Anything against IV mission should be shot down.

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  • when my lawyer applied my 2nd I-140, he clearly asked PD to be ported so I got the PD ported but since, I already applied I-485 a few days ago, so I could not include my new I-140 with that. Now, my attorney is going to request USCIS, to update my I-485 file with the new I-140.
    I am not sure if this case has anything to do with PD needs to be current.

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  • if you have EAD and 140 is approved (And 180 passed since 485filed), then why are you worried about H1 status ?
    am I missing something here ..I let my H1 expire and am using EAD now.
    I had another question - if one has EAD and 140 is approved (and 180 days passed and a person does not hav H1) - then how long can that person stay unemployed ? please reply if you know ..Thanks !!

    I read in some other thread. I believe that you can be unemployed till you get I-485 approval. If I-485 is not yet approved, then you become out of status and in the case of no fall back upon, one needs to leave the country within 180 days.

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  • Pappu,
    Do I need to post my question on this thread or I can pass it on before in time to StarSun or you? B'cause posting my GC issue with personal information would not look appropriate on a public forum.
    Let me know.
    If there are personal details that is related to the question, please send the details to IVCOORDINATOR@GMAIL.COM Have the subject line:
    IV Username, Aug 19, Conf call.

    Can we post a question now or only after 8:30PM Thursday?
    You have to be present to ask the question on the call, and therefore we prefer if you posted the questions on Thursday.

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  • Thombi... You have some very good point... It will definitely be another lawsuit in the making

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  • it might sound cliched by now, but what IV has achieved so far is truly unbelievable, especially given the historical laissez-faire attitude of our community.Remember what this group is essentially about : a bunch of people fighting for their just cause within their limited rights in an alien country. Its a huge pity that all those folks who think of IV and their GC as their entitlement get a free ride through the blood and sweat of a handful of people, whom they accuse of incompetance and worse. Great job core team .. with all this effort, success of some sort is inevitable.

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  • You got a success story in 1 month time frame. Be happy.

    The documents being asked, all are always in your hand, just keep few copies and keep sending for every H1 transfer.

    Hope you are not doing H1 transfer every three months.

    To make you more sad, there is a change in the process (read in murth news letter), that all the documents must be attached even if you want to make an amendment in your petition. So, you have your name misspelled, date misspelled, birth date wrong, prepare one more set of documents for that too.

    Thank you.I just waned to let others knows about that you have to give two weeks notice to your current employer and join the new employer which is not possible according to the new system.Also there are lot of denials and you are not sure about the H1 is goint to get approved.At this point of time I don't think it is a better idea to start working for a company with out getting approval.Because you won't get more than one offer at this time.Also your previous employer may not want you be back.

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  • Thanks KevinKris for sharing the info.

    Your documents represents the I-140 info.
    I was trying to check what is the priority date attached to I485 application. Seems there is no such info. attached to pending I-485 application.

    Also, just now I checked my 485 receipt. The PD column in my I-484 receipt is blank. Is this common for every one? Just curious?

    Yes, That is very common. You just need to verify the priority date is correct in your 140 approval notice.

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  • Dude, I have also donated to IV but i am not sure why that "donor" doesn't come next to my name. I wish everyone donates atleast $25 to support IV and for you "tonyHK12" stopping being a Jerk and accusing people as being attackers (when you don't know about anyone), if you need to encourage people to donate start a new thread and direct people to the new thread.

    Well its good you decided to join as a Donor. You will understand if I am obligated to call you a "Jerk" as well, since you started it. Lets instead behave like mature adults and not fight among ourselves.

    People who can afford to donate, please go ahead and donate.
    People who cannot afford to donate, dont worry and donate when you can.

    Yes agreed. most of us do earn just an average salary, including myself.

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Please let us know where did you get your stamping and also what questions and documents were asked?


    Mumbai consulate.
    They asked for zero documents.
    I had taken a ton of documents
    Salary slips
    Tax returns
    I129 petition copy
    H1 approval
    Name it I had it

    But he asked me nothing

    Received card production ordered email today for my application.

    EB3: I-485 applied on July 23rd at NSC
    I-140 approved from NSC

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