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  • As long as you show that your job is atleast 50% different from the previous within the same company, you can use the experience from the current employer. You dont need to be promoted or move to business development.

    You can use the 5 years exp from current employer. But the new position itself should require 5 years exp to qualify for EB2. File your PERM then when you file you 140, include your previous approved EB3 140 with the older PD and ask to port the PD. Then when USCIS will approve your 140, it should have the correct EB2 cat and older PD(from EB3 app).

    Thats all. I was able to recapture my PD but I had a Master's degree. The only issue was that I graduated AFTER I joined my long time employer. So in the old RIR world you could not use that but PERM relaxed/cleared up the 'graduation' issue and we filed for a new EB2 application. In your case you will use your 5 years exp to qualify for EB2 rather than Masters.

    The process is tedious but rewarding at the end. Hopefully your corporate lawyers will help you in this. A lot depends on your company and your supervisor, they need to be motivated.

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  • I have an option of having 2 employers at same time .because i work only 2 weeks in a month .i can have an other employer for other 2 weeks in a month .Even if i work 12 days each for both employes they are OK .and both are willing to help me .I just need advise for best option .attorny probbaly wats to file MTR after receiving notice .

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  • UPDATE: My company attorney suggested talking about this in April, and I am nervous about waiting till then in limbo - things are only going bad to worse, I might as well find a job at a place which will sponsor a PERM sooner rather than later.

    I request you to PM me if you have any leads for such companies might still be a good bet for filing a PERM.

    uhh..damn immigration process..

    I was in similar situation last year. This what my attorney told me after layoffs. They have to wait 6 months after layoffs in the company before filing PERM again. The perm filing process in big companies take atleast 2-4 months. So if they are planning to file after 6 months then this is right time to start collecting documents. For this to happen it might need little push from your manager.
    If your company is in a situation where they are planning to layoff people continously over the next year(I know one big company which is doing this) then it is better to talk to lawyers right now and decide the course of action because there is no point in waiting until april. If your manager strongly supports your case then some times lawyers can pull off tricks like there are no layoff with this particular skill set or in this division etc..

    I dont know of any big company that is hiring. If your resume is hot(has specialized skills) then put it in dice or monster you will always find employer.
    You can always switch to consulting and find consulting company which applies for GC right away.

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  • IV has been endorsed by Dr Vijay N Koli, President of American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin! http://www.aapiusa.org/index.aspx

    American Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (AAPI) is a national organization. Founded in 1981 by a handful physicians, from its humble beginning now AAPI has emerged as premiere ethnic medical organization in the US. Today it represents more than 41,000 + physicians of Indian Origin in the US and 10,000 medical students, residents and fellows in training. Its mission is to provide forum to facilitate and enable Indian American Physicians, to excel in patient care, teaching and research and to pursue their aspirations in professional and community affairs. Its motto is Unity of Purpose, Collegiality in Action, Commitment to Excellence and compassion towards Fellow-beings. To bring to American medicine the distinctive contributions from India. Headquartered in Chicago it serves as an umbrella organization to 130 component associations.

    Its legislative office in Washington D.C. coordinates advocacy efforts and has been a strong voice in the healthcare policies and legislation. Through AAPI Charitable Foundation, AAPI members support and promote philanthropic activities in India and in the US. The distinguished faculty offers medical education programs throughout year.

    AAPI, under the able leadership of Dr Koli and its Legislative Director, Anurag Varma, have been helping us behind the scenes. With acceptance of this Advisory Role Dr Koli has chosen to formalize this relationship.

    Dr Koli is an Internal Medicine physician who has been in practice for over 27 years in San Antonio, TX and who has ably led AAPI on some fresh initiatives. One of these involves AAPI formally providing expertise to the Indian Government in healthcare � this was formally acknowledged by the Prime Minister of India as one of the great initiatives at the latest Pravasi Bharatia Divas.

    Our cause is strengthened by Dr Koli and AAPI & their blessings!

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  • I was excited and I am really interested in this idea.

    alas I am not from Bay Area ...Good Luck anyway

    You can participate even you are not from bay area. Send me PM for more details.

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  • moving into a bigger and better role in your current company? I have been given multiple offers to jump into senior roles [in diff area than my current one] within my company and have had to refuse due to the greencard processing thats ongoing [I-140 approved last week].
    Can I get a 3-yr extension and move into a new role during the extension period, apply for new LC using PERM and use my current PD?

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  • pd_recapturing...Thanks for the link. I've read it earlier and it is very useful.

    ganguteli...what's up your ass? pd just inform the community over a informative link and you go berserk about "hero worship", "trash talk IV" and your $25 contribution. Dude, are you serious?

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  • This date movement could also be to silence amendments like Cantwell's which are based on Backlogs. A parallel GC system to Point based was called a poison pill by Sen. Kyl. I guess may be this is a way to lock up one of those pills. Could be Chertoff's trick to mine-sweep the path for CIR.

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  • Well I was in touch with Pratik. They have same plans and I am working with them. We will be discussing about this sometime in next week.

    Meanwhile this post is just to gather the creative minds together before making any plans.

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  • I have two passports one with H4 Visa stamped and another Surname changed. While entering US, I have used my name as in the Visa (new surname) in the I-94 card.

    I have applied for H1B with new surname in this May and change of Status with that I-94.
    During H1 processing, I have travelled out of US and while entering back I have used old surname( as sometime back DMV ppl told that the name on I-94 should match with H4 Visa)

    Now I got H1 approval and COS approval with my middle name taken as first name and new surname.

    1) First thing is, the I-94 on COS approval and I-94, currently present in my Passport does not match.
    2) First name and middle name are interchanged in the passport and H1 approval.
    Is this going to create any problem while applying SSN? What are the possible consequences..

    Also, any similar scenarios, plz respond..

    oh boy this really tikkles my funny bone,

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  • webfax sent

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  • If you guys don't mind I am opening this thread.

    I am just trying to find out the average Lawyer Fee and Cost of GC (including Labor, I-140, 485, AP, EAD etc)

    So far I have paid 8K to Lawyer and USCIS.

    PERM: $1400 (case approved)
    I-140: $1200 (case approved)

    I-485: $1200 for primary applicant, $750 spouse, $500 per child

    My company paid for H-1B and GC

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  • I am a july 2nd filer, NE , originally I-140 approved from NE also, just got email that my EAD card production ordered today. Earlier got the same email from my spouse too.

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  • It's getting tough day by day on H1b extension
    Read this case

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  • gsc u r a lil confused

    speaker pelosi is the head of the house of representatives (Lok Sabha) with Steny Hoyer serving as majority leader in the House and Senator Reid is the majority leader of the Senate (Rajya Sabha). The president of the senate is the VP

    Both have floor schedules and have issues that need to be debated on. the bill has to pass in both houses..either with the exact same wording or alternate text that will be reconciled in conference committee



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  • Great, please contact pappu. He is a part of the core group. I have already contacted him. BTW do you have PHP exp?

    I can work on this over a weekend. However, the contribution information is known only to the core group. So someone in the core group will have to enter contribution info into the database and set up the procedure call to return only the member level and not the contribution amount to shield info.

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  • Noone is forcing them to be ehre - you are saying. And I am saying: nobody should be forcing them out, either. They are ehre because they want to be here and because they want to discuss something with other people who are here - administrative problems or philosohpical issues.

    Being here and being a part are two different things, you are either for or against a thing, if you are for eb improvement then be 100% for it - not i m EB2 so i support eb2 or I'm masters so i support masters, such discussions are fruitless and meaningless... we don't need this

    'You should trust the organization in what they do' - you are saying. The organization should not be perceived as an abstract, 'know-it-all' deity that we, tiny humans have to blidnly follow. The organization is us collectively and we should not be following it, but leading it or at least taking it somewhere. Sometimes the road is straight and goes forward, sometimes there seem to be multiple roads that need exploring which may or may not coverge again. Sometimes the journey is not continuous and you need to stop, consult a map or a compass and realing yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. There should never be blind trust because that will sooner or later drive us all down the cliffs.

    Everyone is intelligent enough to know whats right and whats wrong... if you feel what an organization is doing is wrong then do not associate yourself with it. If you see a cliff ahead then there is a good chance everyone else will see it too if there is one.... but dont start yelling i see a cliff i see a cliff (when there is none) follow me follow me and disperse the group

    'If you have ideas talk to the core and discuss with them in person' - that is exactly what we are doing. Throwing around ideas and discussing them amongst ourselves. Sometimes the discussion is easy and disciplined and constructive and sometimes it is hard and confrontational and destructive. I think that if it is too confrontational or too destrcutive that indicates that not all is well within the group - I would refrain from calling it an organization just yet - and the ideas are not mature or ready yet and/or the group is not really cohesive and it is really not one group. Both of which are problems that need to be addressed and dealt with. By stifling discussion and censoring out ideas that you do not like, you are doing a disservice to the entire group because the group has to discover what is the cause of the destructive confrontation otherwise it cannot successfully function and fulfill its objectives.

    You are not doing what you think you are... if you have solid ideas call the core, they know a lot more then what we do about how things work when it comes to lobbying. I guess you only have to look at the flower campane to know what organization and unity means, thanks to their efforts USCIS reversed there decision!

    One of my colleagues got audit for two consecutive years and he received his green card last month.


    It should be how many non-citizen children.
    But you both missed one more applicant, the spouse.

    The question should be,
    Are you married and if so, how many children you have who are non-citizens. We do hope most of them should be unmarried:D.

    Am I smart too..


    Well the smart question would simply be a multiple choice

    How many derivate/dependent applications filed along with your I-485 applications?

    a) 1 (just spouse)
    b) 2 (spouse + kid)
    c) 3 (spouse + 2 kids)
    4) I should get vasectomy

    Peace. :)

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