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  • Why don't you find someone who is in similar situation ? i.e. who is on EAD or on H1. There several websites that can help you : shaadi.com, jeevansathi.com, bharatmatrimony.com. Now I'm not endorsing these sites. Just providing you with some options you can look at. Man accept it - life is tough. We have to play the hand we have been dealt. Also remember one more important quote:
    No one dies a virgin - Life screws us all.

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  • I got this while I tried to login to my account.

    Is it because I did not pay any donations? It seems to me that the admins are after money than anything else and hence I never paid.

    You have been banned for the following reason:
    No reason was specified.

    Date the ban will be lifted: Never

    Hello nitkad, (your old ID)

    You were banned for the following reason: These are the messages you have been writing to people and people have complained about you several times. Some of them have been quoted below. After several repeat offenses, IV has decided to deny you access to its website. Let others on this forum now see why IV bans some people.

    Stop acting innocent. IV is here for a cause and we are serious in what we do. If you need to pick up fights with members on a forum or want to demean others and use offensive language, this is not a site for you.


    ou keep bumbing, I keep you dumping :)

    Your Status = stupid

    bhaag saale
    tu kisaki baat kar raha hai?
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    mere baap tu bheja mat kha!

    yes, and hence you are getting a green dot.
    just don't like you
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    khalipili kayako reply karata hai

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    tere shaadi ke photo ki link bhej
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    to vapas India ja
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    you are a ghochu

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  • I just received an email from USCIS that my wife's EAD has been approved.

    RD 07/02, FP 09/04, PD 05/06

    Is this a LINxxx or a SRCxxx case number?

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  • I understand that your intention is to get heard. I appreciate your effort at writing letter. However writing to the president will not help us much. Here is why:
    In the USA, infact for that matter in most democracies, Laws are made by elected representatives unless it is an executive order to grant an immediate relief.

    The composition and powers of the House and the Senate are established in Article One of the Constitution. The major power of the House is to pass federal legislation that affects the entire country, although its bills must also be passed by the Senate and further agreed to by the President before becoming law (unless both the House and Senate re-pass the legislation with a two-thirds majority in each chamber). The total number of voting representatives is fixed by law at no more than 435.[1] (United States congressional apportionment - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_congressional_apportionment))

    So, In our case, the president at the most can sympathise with our cause and the hardships we face because of the limbo, But he cannot really help until there is a bill that passes both the house and the senate.

    So, Can I suggest that it will be even more worthwhile if you contact your congressman/woman and go meet them. We need them to understand our plight and anguish.

    We all need to go meet our lawmakers, educate them.

    They already are educated. Do you think they do not know about us?
    They fully know about us. But they will not help us because we are not voters and cannot contribute.
    A better idea is to have our employers contact them. People working in large companies can do this. I am surprised why the big companies have not taken up this issue for us. Why cannot we have big companies issues statements in our favor?

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  • The words "unlawful misrepresentation" might be a big concern. Get in touch with an attorney asap. Either you gave a wrong answer in some document or your H1 filer did.

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  • Or take non stop flights from JFK/EWR for east coast ppl.

    People travelling to India, especially from the West coast should fly via the Pacific. Asian airlines such as Thai, Cathay and Asiana all offer better fares, better service and faster transit times.Plus these countries are not trying to fleece people by requiring that they get a "Direct Airside Transit Visa". It happened with my family when they reached the airport to board their flight on Virgin , they were not allowed.I then bought tickets on Thai for the next day. To compound the pain, Virgin imposed a "No Show" fee on each ticket despite going to the airport. I think it would be best to avoid most European carriers, if for no other reason but they offer higher fares, terrible service, long transit times and last but not the least; the scam of the century(Airport Transit Visas). What do they think the passengers will try to do, jump off the walkway and make a run for it so they can settle illegally in U.K!I think the U.K govt is running out of ways to make money so they have found the most ridiculous way to make a few extra pounds from people foolish enough to travel on one of their carriers! DONT FLY VIA U.K. PERIOD!

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  • Could you please explain this a bit. I am not sure if I am understanding this right.


    My attorney prepared the EVL for my employer to sign. I have handed that over to my boss who has sent it to HR for review. This letter has lot of legal lingo and information related to my LCA and I-140 e.g.,

    "We acknowledge that, according to the Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. �1154 and 8 U.S.C. �1182(a)(5)(A)), ............"

    "We acknowledge that <my name>'s immigration petition filed on <I-140 filing date> listed his job title as <my LCA job title> and <my name>'s current position is in same or similar profession...."

    So my concern is why would any employer sign this letter without knowing anything about my LCA, I-140 etc (I had changed job about 240 days after 485 filing). So my current employer may have issues signing this letter.

    But my attorney insists that this letter (in same format) needs to be signed in order to respond to the RFE. My thinking is that all this lingo and stuff related to LCA can be eliminated from the letter so that my employer is more comfortable signing it.

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  • The issue is taking an appointment in a different city in India, carrying all the documents to India and hope there is no random delays in the visa stamping.

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  • Can you please tell me the letter format and documents to be submitted

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  • I just want to know why people think like that. Whoever I talk to thinks that after getting EAD everything is good and greencard is not that important. Is that true.

    Let us discuss pros and cons of EAD.

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  • Yeah, that means a maximum of three images got more than one vote. So it was either 3 nominees or 17. I guess having more judges might've helped.

    Well maybe Kirupa could've just overridden us and decided for himself.

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  • Eb3India,

    You make very good points.

    Actually a lot of folks who are beyond 6 years are themselves to blame to some extent. We did not realize that its a long process and the sooner you start the better it is.

    Here's the deal. The GC process takes 4 years on average if you are from India/China. Some ppl get it it in 3 years. Some get it in 5 years. The systems is built in a way that it has to take at least 3 years. Back when labor processing used to take 2 years (1yr state + 1yr federal), the rest took 1-2 years. Now labor is really fast and the dates are retrogressed.
    So, now it will take 6 months to get labor and then 2+ years of waiting for dates to become current then processing for 1 year. So about 4 years.

    Off course some of us got the short end of the stick when cases got shipped to BEC's and labor took 4 instead of 2 years. and then some people are stuck in retrogression after getting out of BEC's. Its all about knowing the entire game before getting into it. I kick myself for not starting the process sooner.

    So, your options are 1) Labor subs 2) Go to India and come back as L1 3) Fight the system 4) Do nothing and wait.

    look I have been here for 10 years and I kick my self everyday for not getting card, if I played my cards right I should have been worrying about citizenship now :)

    many of are here for good reasons of our own deed and situations which are beyound our control, 9/11, immigration politics etc. the best way to get around this either to follow some lope hole such as labor subst, L1 etc, or fight the system thru IV, or just simply wait,

    complaining that someone else is getting greencard is nothing but childesh and I hate to say this as it comes from a "Highly educated" guy like who did is MS from US :D

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  • Hi Beppenyc,

    I have a very good friend who is French. He live is Paris. He tells me his view is different than yours.

    Beppenyc, could it be because France did not control the number of immigrants and ended up bringing more pople than what they should and made assimilation harder there ? Some believe that the US is heading to a path similar than the France one. Just look at the US. This is a country known for its immigration tradition. Look at what is happening now. Americans - unfortunately - are starting to become bitter towards immigration. Why ? It is because as everything in life, you need to have a balance. If you start letting too many people in, people may feel immigration becomes an invasion. Like France, this is a democracy. When you have the majority of your citizens pissed off at illegal immigration or even rate of legal immigration, honestly I would listen to the people otherwise the relationship between newcomers and citizens may look a rough road ahead.

    Just to give you an idea, today I have a lunch with folks from my church - some are here illegally - and they acknowledged that there are too many Latinos in Orlando and therefore they do not want to live there anymore. Just to give you an idea how serious the situation is. Even the illegal folks themselves admit that an unbalanced number of immigrants may not be advantageous.

    The problem in French is different. They bring the immigrants from Africa and North Africa to work to build the subway, La Defense (ask yourfriends),Eurostar ect ect. French has a controll of the number of immigrants, is not so difficult. The problem is that they put the immigrants living in the ghetto (Banlieu) and to not give any hope of future. When all the big project were done, they forced to sent the immigrants home, but without success. If you are really interest to see what is the reality in France, get this movie made in 1997, LA HAINE.
    Communique, the problem is different: Illegal immigratin is like poverty , you will never defeat it. The US economy have an enormous advantage with the Illegal immigration, in particulary in Agricolture, they were more competitive in the international market. If you have 12 million of illegals, means that you have at least 6 million of American Citizen who give job to this people, making a HUGE PROFIT. Let`s analyze the restaurant business, how is possible that is cheaper to eat in USA than europe? The reason because here they can use a lot of illegal in the kitchen or as waitress. What about the house building? What about it? About the legal, the difference is that of course we are playing with the rules, but the reality is that we are in the same condition: we are slave, we can not look for another job because of the sponsorship and 4 have this green card we will wait for ever.That`s give an enormous advantage to the company, butis not fair, because the company is really exploit us. You are talking about invasion, it`s funny, I have the same discussion with another american kid. If the American citizens are really angry about that, how is possible that they continue to hire illegal? . YOur economy is growing but US don`t have the capacity to answer to all the needs. Period. Your immigration law was wrong from the beginning, because did not undestand the really needs of the economy. The real challange is to make them integrated in the US society. If not , the situation will be worse in the future. Good luck and good nigt!

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  • 05/26/2006: Critical Role of House-Senate Conference Committee and Importance of Selection of the Conferees

    More than ever, in the Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation, the role of the upcoming House-Senate Conference Committee will be critically important. Traditionally, once conference committee reaches an agreement, the floors of both Houses usually accepted the compromise report of the conference committee. It is thus critically important to learn who will be selected to the conference committee by each House. The key players in the selection are the Speaker of the House, the President of the Senate, Majority and Minority leaders in both Houses.
    In the Senate, the floor has already decided how the conferees from the Senate will be selected. It proposes to send conferees at the ratio of 14 from the House and 12 from the Senate. On the Senate side, all the conferees will be selected from the Judiciary Committee at the ratio of 7 from the Republicans and 5 from the Democrats. On the Republican side, the Majority leader will select the seven Republican conferees and the Minority leader will select the five Democrat conferees. Without doubt, the Democrats will select the hardcore supporters of the CIR, but it is unclear who the Majority leader Bill Frist will pick on the Republican side. He may attempt to balance between the hardcore supporters and the hardcore opponents within the party. We just wish that the hardcore Republican opponents who posed a roadblock to the today's passage of the bill in the Senate as revealed in the amendment and final roll calls do not take a dominant power on the Republican side of the Senate delegaton. Readers may want to know who these opponents are by checking the voting records of S. 2611.



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  • got database?


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  • I am going to India for couple months and plans to return back on AP.I am planning to get my passport Renewal in India.Is it OK to Renew in India as it shows my India address.

    Thanks In advance

    I think its easier to get the PP renewal done in US as it can be done via mail.
    But i think its equally easy to get it done in India. I got my passport renewed within a week in India just last month. There is a 'Tatkal Service' for passport and you can apply under that and get your passport renewed very quickly.

    One thing though, if you change your address on Passport, then it may go for police verification, but if nothing chnages on ur passport, you can get it back quickly in using Tatkal...hopefully within 1 week like i did.

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  • We need experts advice in the following matter.

    Here is my situation, I have entered US on H-4 and after sometime I have applied for H1(Change of status) through a consulting company. I have worked for this company for 3 months.

    When I went for H1 stamping,visa officer said that my case need to go through Administrative processing . I came back on H-4.

    We have applied for 485 (through my spouse) and got EAD and AP.I have started working on my EAD. Recently we have received a mail from the consulate saying my H1 was denied and there was a note saying

    "section 212 (a) (6) (c) which prohibits unlawful misrepresentation. See form DSL-851 for further details . ". (Not sure what triggered this?). I couldn't find this form anywhere, what is this form?

    We have sent an email to US consulate abroad, asking for reasons and future steps, and we have received a response saying

    "your case has been fowarded to the USCIS for a final determination. As for your H-4 visa, a decision may not be taken until the USCIS makes a final determination in your case by the USCIS."

    Can you advice us what to do next?

    1. Will it be possible to withdraw the H1-B application from USCIS?
    2. Approximately how long it may take to get a final decision?
    3. Is it better to contact USCIS about the case?
    4. Will there be any impact of this on my 485 application? or on any future immigration processes?
    5. Will there be any problem while entering or leaving the country?
    6. Does USCIS notify us about the final decision?
    7. Is it better to seek help from Senator in this matter to know what is the decision on our case?

    Please advice on this matter as we have travel plans next month.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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  • I am totally with you

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  • Are you referring to OP ( ganguteli )

    "I saw this on an anti immigrant site by a M*****r. "

    This is his first line of the post.

    1. First Correct your profile
    2. He deserves it

    Which u buy on your choice. You and your familiy have to eat this and chef won't listen to the choice of your taste.:D:mad::(:o

    Last time around exactly the same time in 2006 CIR took off like crazy because of the tremendous backing of Senate Judiciary committee chairman Arlen Specter and Senate majority Leader Bill Frist (who actually gave a deadline for a the bill to be introduced to the senate floor, to speed it up) and president bush supporting it as well. In spite of all these it took the senate from Feb-march 2006 to around September 2006 to get it passed.

    In 2006 Senate had passed S2611 late may as I remember with a fair margin...

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