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  • Does anybody recall an old TV serial in India named 'Appu aur Pappu' about a boy and his elephant?! :D

    Looks like the long GC wait is turning me into a crazy person if I start recalling such old serials! :(

    Hey common man i LOVED that TV serial :) For a brief 2-3 months it raised visions of me becoming a Forest officer ;) But yeah i vividly remember that serial too. :)

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  • Am I not reading his post right??

    While I do not want to sound discouraging or pessimistic, this is a very good idea and we must do things like this.

    Now, it is just not enough if we make this suggestion and discuss it - we must walk the talk. Will we?

    To start with, we can do a lot of stuff, get our co workers, families, friends etc.. involved, print flyers, send emails, post blogs, make videos and post them on youtube, hold local community events and increase awareness.

    Our own community is still very ignorant and is indirectly working against us, lok at this post on immigration portal

    just go through the entire thread

    you will understand why things are so difficult for our community.

    Our first step will be to concentrate on community building. This is very important. We need to reqruit more volunteers, and they in turn reqruit more volunteers. We must first build a strong community and have a strong foundation.

    The reason I am posting this message is to say that whatever novel ideas like the above that have come up in the past have not gone towards getting implemented they just were discusssed and got buried into old threads.

    So my question is "can we walk the talk?"

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  • I spoke with USCIS again this morning and this time got hold of a more helping IO. She said it should not pose a problem and NBC should be able to approve I-765 and I131 from their end it self. Also my future employer's immigration team also said it should not pose a problem.

    I am still concerned and I shared my concerns with future employer. They graciously agreed to transfer the H1 which is a much safer bet now.

    I have done couple of H1 transfers in the past. But this is the first with AOS pending and I-140 approved. Is there any thing different or gotchas that gurus want to share.

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  • bump

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  • I think it's fairly common. So don't worry about it too much.

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  • Obama got his Aunt asylum and a 700 dollar per month allowance along with public housing even after she illegally stayed here for the last 10 years. Why should he be worried about legals?

    Obama's aunt says US has "obligation" to grant her citizenship (

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  • Funds, There are more ideas than funds. For every new campaign, plan, we need funds. So it is an ever needed commodity. We can do a lot and lobby effectively, we just need more funds, plain and simple. Inspite of several hundreds contributing, it is not enough. Remember IV is a non-profit, so every penny is accounted for. People handling money (core IV) are sincere, honest hardworking people on work-visas, they have much to lose from not being accountable. And the most important thing is, please take a look at these hard-working IV CORE PEOPLE, please. Some of them have put thousands of dollars (I mean 5 and ten thousand) into this effort. I am not counting personal expenses, travelling to DC, lost work hours etc.
    So your $100 at the bowling arena, or $50 at dinner or $35 bouquet wont get you much farther, but your recurring contribution to IV will.

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  • My friends - if you have already applied for 485, you are reaping benefits of 2 year EAD which IV worked for. This inturn saving some money and giving you peace of mind. Please donate a piece of that money towards advocacy efforts and IV. This will help you get your GC faster and help many other. I did my part 100$ towards this advocacy. I asked my friends to do the same and attend if possible.

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  • I wanted to share some good news with you. My checks got encashed today. Not sure the call I made to CIS made any difference.

    What a relief

    Mailed --> Jul'20 --> accepted Jul'23 NSC

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  • Copsmart/Frostrated/anilkumar0902/Uma001/desitechie/Optimist/Other Guru's,

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can provide

    Here is the current status:

    - Consulted my lawyer and went thru all docs they submitted as part of my I140 package. On my last employer experience, found out that I had submitted only one affidavit from a co-worker and that would cover for less than 60 months of experience at my last my place.
    - Came up with a list of some 30+ documents that include paystubs from US/India, W2/Form16's, letters submitted to CIS by previous company for new H1b back in 2003 and then for an extn in 2006, appreciation letters and other material on previous company letterhead. Discussed this with my lawyer
    - Lawyer is of the opinion that we can prove our case of alternate evidence based on documents i am producing.
    - Plan is to submit an affidavit from me that i was unable to get an exp. letter from my previous employer mentioning reasons on why its not possible, submit 2 affidavits from ex co-workers covering span of 63 months.

    Based on your scenario or known people, can one of you respond to how should i approach following issues:
    1) I am going to draft content for experience letter non-availability. I have mail trail from last 1 year following up on asking for details of $12K. Same mail mentions that am asking for experience letter and provident fund amount back from HR. Will it be a good idea to attach deputation letter mentioning 5 lac indian rupee to be paid for breach of terms and a 100 rupee bond paper contents which i signed before US deputation. Will it be Ok to mention that previous employer is asking for $12K settlement amount to provide experience letter and attach copies of bond and deputation note OR only mention that am unable to get experience letter and i have been following up with HR for last 1 year and attach email trail as evidence. Any pros and cons from CIS perspective on which approach to choose.
    2) Any other documentation that needs to be submitted ? Supporting evidence alongwith company lawyer detailed letter, 2 affidavits from co-workers for skills and duration, self affidavit for experience letter not available will be -
    > Paystubs from US/India, not for all 63 months but for some months in 2004/6/7/8.
    > W2's for 2005/6/8.
    > Form 16 for 2005-6/2007-8
    > Offer letter, yearly appraisal letters, US deputation letters, appreciation letters, ID Cards, 3 Business cards showing change in designations.

    I would highly value the following since you already have them; Offer letter (hopefully having some of your duties and benefits indicated), yearly appraisal letters (for all 5 years if possible), copy of the Indian income tax forms, appreciation letters + affidavit from couple of your colleagues.
    The idea is to have atleast a few solid evidences and then add in the rest but dont clutter the whole thing in a way that they miss the most important ones.
    List the evidence on a seperate paper in the order of importance and then arrange the actual evidence or notarized copies in that order.
    It will work out so dont worry.

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  • Well Said.

    Seems nothing is believable unless you see the GC in mail box;).

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  • We can email the whole report to all the major news corporations, I can email it to Colorado's local media too with the hope that some of them might publish it if not all. Doesn't hurt to try.


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  • Are you sure he is an attorney? May be he is a normal guy like me still in his halloween costume as Attorney.:D

    You are funny guy

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  • “It has been an intractable wall we have been chipping away at for years, but this time, we feel they are convinced that there is a sound social security sytem in India,” the official said. If India succeeds in formalizing the pact, it will be only the second Asian country after South Korea to do so. Once signed, the US President will have to report the deal to the Congress with a report on the estimated number of individuals affected and its effect on the Social Security fund’s flows.

    I don't think that India has any system comparable to social security so far. I wish they develop some kind of system though.

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  • it must be hoax. India does not qualify for GC lottery.

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  • HI,

    Can any one tell me is it necessary to Get medical done by Dr. only around ur location.

    Reason for asking is I live in NJ. And i got an appointemt with DR. Kim in NY as i know him through somebody else.
    He is also more reasonable asking around 190/-


    He is definitely not reasonable if he is asking only 190/- becuase that should just be the physical. Immunization and xray might increase your cost. Check with your doc.

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  • My 8th year H1B extension applied 10/03/2007. Approved on 12/22/2007.

    My wife's H4 extension applied 10/03/2007, status still pending.

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  • I saw that as well. Thanks for the pointer. On the form 129 Part 2, Question 4 it asks for prior receipt number. Would the current receipt number and the old I 94 suffice? I dont see her H1 being approved ahead of her H4 as there will be a deluge of applications on Apr 1st.

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  • Nikon will have to make some major adjustments in their operations to keep in the game. They seem to be much less agile than Canon. Nikon is somewhat less innovative, and my sense is the are mainly trading on reputation instead of innovation.

    Nikon is more or less forced into being the way they are because they do not have the diversification into other product lines, as is the case with Canon.

    usually, non-profit work may seem thankless & there'll always be someone who can find something -ve...I mean you have so much population that difference of opinion is easy. But, non-profit work is always more close to the chugging...IV team has done GREAT work till now...appreciate it much!

    I am a little concerned with the timing of these developments. I am in the same boat as everyone getting ready to file 485. But I am equally worried about this. These messages are not even getting enough attention and getting pushed down the active list.

    They might pull the Rug off from under our feet while we are clamoring about various 485 application issues. Everyone should keep an eye out for it.

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