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  • "If there is a God, He is infinitely incomprehensible, since, having, neither parts nor limits, He has no affinity to us. We are then incapable of knowing either what He is or if He is ... you must wager. It is not optional. You are embarked. Which will you choose then? Let us weigh the gain and the loss in wagering that God is. Let us estimate these two chances. If you gain, you gain all; if you lose, you lose nothing. Wager then without hesitation that he is."
    Blaise Pascal

    The chance is 50/50.

    Seriously, did you just bring up Pascal's wager? You seem to be behind the times, man. Pascal's wager has been knocked down and ridiculed time and time again. Just one of its refutations : Why God? Why not believe in a pink unicorn? or a flying spaghetti monster? Or a giant cosmic turtle? Shouldn't one believe in each and every one of these things for the fear that they might be true since no one can really disprove their existence? Again it comes down to probability. The probability of there being a God is very close to zero, thus making belief in God untenable.

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  • I also got a RFE from nabreska , but finally got approved.
    Same Bsc + MCA
    I think , they do approve , just waste some time and money of everyone , before they approve.

    Could you please give more details of your case?

    1. Job requirements: Masters Or bachelors
    2. Experience required for the position
    3. Did you get your MCA evaluated to US master's? If so, could you give the name of the agency?
    4. Did you use experience gained from the employer to file EB2?

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  • Obama - YOU LIE

    When Obama lied, no one died ! :rolleyes:

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  • 04/28/2007: Sen. Hagel's Immigrant Accountability Act of 2007, S.1225, and Point System for Legalization

    The Senater has released the skeleton of this bill that provides for legalization of illegal aliens as part of his Comprehensive Immigration Reform legislation proposal. This is a companion bill to his High-Tech Worker relief proposal. Supposedly, S. 1225 is to cover the illegal immigration issues and the High-Tech worker relief bill is to cover the legal immigration issues.
    It is uncertain the point system the House Judiciary Subcommittee is scheduled to have a hearing on 05/03/2007 is limited to the legalization legislation or overhaul of the total immigration system. If it is limited to the legalization, we would not necessarily oppose to the idea, but it involves overhaul of the entire immigration systemn, we would strongly oppose to such point system.
    The point system which Senator explained in the press release in S. 1225 includes the following:
    � Military Service (after meeting initial qualifications for adjustment)
    � Advanced English proficiency
    . Civic Engagement � significant community service work (religious or secular), a clean criminal record, and on time payment of income taxes for past work
    � Business ownership (which employs at least 2 unrelated �legal� workers)
    � Home ownership
    � Work History (points for each year of work an alien can prove) (Like Hagel/Martinez)
    � Education (additional points for all levels of education)
    � U.S. Presence (points for length of time in the U.S.) (Like Hagel/Martinez)
    � U.S. Citizen/Permanent Resident Spouse or minor child
    Work :The range of points is based on the number of years a person has worked in the U.S. (Up to 5 points per year possible.) 15-30
    Education :An alien may earn minimal points for primary school, additional points for high school or obtaining a GED, or skilled trade license. 15-30
    Family: A person may earn points for having a U.S. citizen child; additional points may be awarded for a U.S. citizen/legal resident spouse. 10-20
    English: The range of points is based on level of proficiency - the more fluent, the more points. 5-15
    Civic Engagement :Points may be earned for community service, having no criminal or civil infractions, and on time payment of taxes. 5-20
    U.S. Presence: The range of points is based on the number of years a person has lived in the U.S. (Up to 5 points per year possible.) 10-12
    Total Possible Points: Specific point values will be determined by regulation. 60-127
    An alien must earn 65% of available Basic Points to eventually qualify for a green card and citizenship.

    (B)Extra Credit Points :Extra points may be awarded to those immigrants who have made exceptional contributions. FACTOR POINTS
    U.S. Military Service :Points for being eligible for honorable discharge. Up to 20
    Business Ownership :Points awarded if business is sustained for 18 months and alien employs at least 2 non-relative employees. Up to 10
    Advanced Education: Points for college degree or advanced degree. Up to 15
    Home Ownership :Up to 5
    Other Circumstances: There will be factors that we are unable to anticipate at this time. These factors, and the points to assign to them, are at the discretion of the Secretary of Homeland Security. Up to 20
    The Senator is expected to release the summary of his bill. The full text of the bill will also be published sometime next week. Please stay tuned. Until that time, please refer to the Senator's presss release.

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  • I agree, you will be competing with all the illegals. But.....

    1. How likely are they to file their apps on the first allowable day that USCIS will accept the applications? Not very. Most of us know what's going on and will be ready to send in our apps first. Ofcourse if some EB based guy is pottering around instead of moving fast, thats his problem.

    2. How many illegals can afford the high priced attorneys? Most of these poor guys dont know to speak, read or write english, forget about filing out USCIS forms.

    3. How many illegals maintain perfect records of their time and can recreate a paper trail of the time they spent in the US. I certainly can and most legal wannabe immigrants can definitely prove the time they have been here (paystubs, utility bills, credit card statements, bank statements, etc.)

    The point I am making is - this is the best option I have seen in a long time. Even the stupid point based system had its drawbacks. This is unconditional. It will get vast support from the hispanic community also. The UK has the same thing. Be on a work permit for 5 years and then you are eligible to apply for Permanent Residency. I believe there is also some clause in the UK system that states that you have to have been in the UK illegally for 10 years as against 5 years for a legal immigrant. I'm sure setting the illegal bar at 10 years and legal bar at 5 would be acceptable for most people.

    I am with you. I ugree with you.
    I have been vaiting for nearly 6 ears now to get my GC and I vill have no issue to ubandon it and re-apply in this kategory. What an apportunity.
    Buy the vay how long have you been in Umerica.u jained this forums nearly 1 ear ago, and jast 2 posts. The poynt based cystum is stupid, it gibes independence to upplicants. uver lagic is really grate.

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  • Nature (god) Bless You and Everyone.

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  • In short, what I am trying to say is members are doing what they can in these tough times. Definitely they can and will do more if we have some directions or flexible campaigns.
    we have what we have in terms of participations, donations etc ..why not have an easier campaign (flower/letter) which will get maximum participation and also show that something is happening.
    as for media campaign ..sooner or later more confident speakers will come forward (who knows ..maybe many present members are not confident speakers or media shy)

    The problem that we (including myself) have is work life is more hectic and tense now, since layoffs are happening in front of our eyes. and hence if we have campaigns like going to DC or to go for media interviews is very difficult.

    Wow how did I miss this one. So you only want campaigns that are easy, flexible, not difficult, something we can do without moving our a$$, something that doesn't involve speaking with anyone including reporters, lawmakers/decision makers etc etc. Well thats too many specifications for how and which type of campaigns you want to participate. Do you expect Senators and Congressman to log on to this forum to find out the problems albertpinto is facing because he is a good guy, right?

    I agree things are going to get real VERY VERY bad soon. Things that most us find difficult right now will sound like cake walk as compared to what we are about to experience. So hang tight, we are in for a ride that no one has experienced before. I think things will be so tough that in the future we will remember these times as good times. So design your specifications for the "easy" campaigns and feel good about writing on some blog expecting some Senator will read your post and notice your competence to FedEx you your green card. For now lets count those fantasy land easy campaign of yours.


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  • Vinod,

    As mentioned earlier in this thread send an email to with your details.


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  • We have been watching VBs ever since Jan 2005 when priority dates were added.
    . 1/1/2005 10/1/2008
    All - C 1/1/2005
    CH - 1/1/2002 10/1/2001
    IN - 1/1/2002 7/1/2001
    ME - C 7/1/2002
    PH - 1/1/2002 1/1/2005

    ROW has shown some progress, but CH, IN, ME is behind what was in 2005. Thats almost 4 years after re-introduction of priority dates.

    We need a solution now.

    India Was in 1998 for some time. Not sure if this is right "IN - 1/1/2002 7/1/2001" .

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  • DOS allocates GC numbers to USCIS adjustment cases only as the point of approval is reached. DOS can set/move/retrogress PD based on info provided by USCIS about number of cases at point of approval.
    USCIS is not able to provide a good estimate of this number because

    it can not calculate this number based on USCISs workload, and
    it does not know the number of cases DOL will send to them. DOL again can not calculate the number of cases (it will send to USCIS) based on DOLs worload.

    The following are from page 35 and beginning of page 36

    The key to addressing this management issue at USCIS is to understand the dynamic interplay of priority dates and shifting workloads of three departments, and to know with greater precision and accuracy the size and details of USCIS� workloads.
    The tri-agency meetings seek to expand inter-agency communication regarding expected new demands and surges, workflows, and priority dates. During the meetings, there is an examination of the case management systems and data collection processes used to assess workflows through each entity, particularly USCIS.
    Although USCIS stated in its 2006 Annual Report Response (at p. 8) that it provides detailed data to DOS, the tri-agency group identified gaps in USCIS� data.

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  • 1) what is the best way to attach photos when sending supporting docs so that they won't get lost or mis-placed. What goodies are avaialble in Staples for this?

    I put them in a thin plastic bag my photographer gave me and used a clip to put all documents together

    2) As part of AP e-file process, is it possible to do all the work on a machine which does not have printer and later retrieve the confirmation notice and print it?

    You can do it, you have the option to save the documents as pdf. From what I read from other users, sometimes USCIS website hangs and then you can request (by sending an e-mail) for the pdfs to be e-mailed to you. In either case I would recommend to use a PC with printer, it's more convenient.

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  • Its a question.. THIS IS NOT A RUMOR ...

    Are they even filing a lawsuit ?? If they are SO READY, where is the big press release saying USCIS SUED !!!!!!! :cool:

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  • Lets not hope for results just act. If Gandhi could drive Britishers out of India using this approach, USCIS is also made of human people and sure they will do something to lessen our pains.

    I seriously hope that the Director of the USCIS understands our "Gandhigiiri".

    We dont want the Americans thinking, "hey lets keep screwing these immigrants and getting stuff like free flowers and free blood from them"

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  • May be u guys can quote this report

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  • I have read lot of articles on money transfer.....and all said money can come from India only if it is for education or medical reasons. ....... we need to show proof for the same too....

    Anyway, whoever was able to do it.....good for him :-)

    I found a guy here who is giving me his dollars in US in exchange of rate of Rs40=$1. I am losing some money in this transaction.....but I guess....I will have to take it :(


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  • Wow PCS, your case is great example!!!
    I vote for PCS

    My vote goes to PCS for now.

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  • What is your wife's situation, is it simple H4 to EAD? I have seen dependent EADs delayed if they are coming from F1.

    She is a straight H4 --> EAD


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  • I have traveled out of the country 4 times since my last and only FP on 10/4/07. I had LUD on 10/4/ 07 because of this and have not heard anything from USCIS. I hope they still have my file somewhere in their warehouse.

    The latest rumor is they opened a new warehouse in Guantanamo Bay :) after BO decided to close it for detainees.

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  • chandu, would u mind sharing what the company u are working or worked for? so that we wont be facing hte same in the future

    It was SPL Worldgroup ( (now merged into Oracle Corp) . I guess Oracle may have better HR practices so u don't have to worry.

    It's just bad luck to get that kind of CBP officer. It's upto you to ignore this or escalate it. In my opinion behaviour of CBP officer was wrong.
    If you want, You can write letter to Commisioner of CBP about the incidence, following is the address :

    That IO must be a knucklehead who just hates "Specific type of people" or someone who does know the f** he is doing. I have entered using AP at Boston. San fran, Seattle and never had problems. Only once they asked me for EAD/a valid H1 petition and that was just a question.


    You will still get 3 year H1 extensions after applying 485 as long as your priority date is not current. Anyone with a late PD will be fine.

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