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  • Thanks nrk. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I was current for two months in 2008 but did not get. So hoping for the best this time but again I would not be surprised if I don't get it, especially looking at USCIS/DOS works.

    All the best sailesh you are current

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  • Looking at the results IV has shown in the past 2 months, now i have a lot of confidence in IV. I have contributed my part. Great job IV volunteers !!!

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  • In addition to email, send regular mail, and fax too.

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  • Thanks pt326bc!
    Interesting and informative info and a great Holiday to celebrate for everyone!

    Happy Diwali!

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  • To me here is KEY.

    Either Country cap or recapture will end current backlog for India and China.

    If both are pass then no more future backlog for india and china given that H1b limit stays 65k and strick rule for l1a / b

    if none passes then no more chances for Eb2 with PD later 2007 and Eb3 with PD later 2004.

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  • congrats redcard. all the best for you as the bulletin is current for your date

    Thanks Nrk.. infact we got our approval email this morning. We had two sets of I-485 wife's date of Oct 2005 was earlier which got approved today. Thanks again.

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  • Hi,

    I've been reading about on Rajeev Khanna's since last few days. I just enrolled and contributed a little something thru Paypal. I am however curious about Rajeev Khanna and his office's role in this new org. Leaving aside costmetic details - the forum is more than similar to the forum on immigrationportal. Please excuse my ignorance here - both websites could be using something readily available, but I would like to know if both sites have common administrators.


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  • Fact Sheet: Who's Looking Out for You?

    Green Card Visa Numbers Situation
    • The GC process involves Labor Certification (2-3 months) + I-140 (0-12 Months) + Wait for priority dates to become current (several years) + security checks (1 month to 2 years) + I-485 processing once priority dates become current (18 months to 3 years).
    • Yearly green cards quota for employment based applicants is 140,000. This includes visas for spouses and children. So on an average; it is given to ~ 60,000 families.
    • Country visas limit is 7%, with almost equal distribution for EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 plus any unused visas from other countries. Generally speaking, for countries like India, approximately 7000 visas (~3000 families) were being issued every year in each of these categories.
    • It is estimated that approximately 500K+ (yes 500K) I-485 applications under skilled worker category were filed between July 2nd and August 17th 2007. Most of these applications were from people of India and China.
    • If you were unmarried at the time of filing, you will need to continue on current status (e.g. H-1B) otherwise you cannot bring your spouse.
    • Employment Based Immigration reforms do not find enough support on the senate floors (Failure of SKIL, STEM etc Bills). As a matter of fact, it does not even get enough support to make it debatable, let alone final voting on the bills.
    • USCIS is a self-funded organization i.e. it is run on fees it receives and is short on resources.

    What do these jargons mean?
    • Priority dates (PD) will remain retrogressed for several years.
    • Those who could not file their I-485 now will now have to waitttttt…..
    • Due to resource constraints, security checks may take years.
    • Once PD becomes current, it takes on an average 1 year to 3 years to get approval.
    • Endless cycle of EAD renewals and Advance paroles.
    • If working on EAD and for any reason, if any of your EAD gets rejected, you will need to stop working, In other words, need to leave your job.
    • You need to be in the same position with same job responsibilities for an indefinite time period otherwise you Green Card application will be rejected.
    • EADs are valid for one year and several employers (and rightly so) view it as a temporary permit and hence reluctant to hire you.
    • Once PD becomes current, it takes on an average 1 year to 3 years to get approval.
    • So virtually you have three options: a) Struggle for several years b) Leave the USA c) Join us.

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  • I assume you might have gone to Rt 23 DMV, try Rt 46 in Wayne. They are more considerate. I had my DL expiring in April 07 but my H1 was Valid till Sep 07 (the DMV officer had a made a mistake in 04 by putting the wrong experation date when I went to update my DL with Motorcycle endorsement. When I pointed this out he said I still have almost 3 years so come back then:mad:) . I went to Rt 46 Wayne and the lady renewd mine till Dec 07. 90 days more than the valid dates on H1. She said she has already included the grace period which is avaliable in situations of visa renewal so I can renew my visa and get back to them in time. This shows that there is a provision for 90 day grace period.

    Try Trenton if Rt 46 in Wayne fails. Best of luck.

    And they say why Albert Pinto "Plassey" is an angry man?

    My current H1 is expiring soon. My 3 year H1 extension is pending. I had receipt notice but NJ DMV at Wayne refused to accept that. My current License is valid only till the middle of the next month.
    Any body in the same boat? What shall I do?

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  • I guess country quota is root of all our green card related griefs. everybody else can dream of getting a green card someday, but EB-3/EB-2 India & China should stop dreaming about Green cards...I am sure this can be prooved illegal.

    We cant say. Even Supreme Court works by voting where judges vote and majority wins.
    In the past courts has said yes to "Affirmative action" and that it doesn't violate the
    equality given by constitution.

    Another option would be to challenge the interpretation of the law. Like unused visa capture whether wasted visa
    should be counted.

    Long back time spent outside US and on H4 visa used to we wasted. Not anymore. This has come about by challenging
    the interpretation of the law.

    Similar challenges are going on interpretation of the Child status protection act that was passed in 2002

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  • I think this is a very interesting topic. Neelima's story is about an American citizen of Indian origin. Since, she is an american she can choose to go to courts whereas we are non-immigrants with very few rights. If you are facing abuse at workplace the only solution for an H1B worker is to change jobs.

    That having been said, this highlights a very important aspect of the american society (or rather any culture) in general. You can become a US citizen but unless you are a european (read caucasian) immigrant you will become a hyphenated american. You can spend all your life in US and you will still be referred to as Indo-American/Asian-American at various points in your life. Some of it will be generic comments, some of it will be racist. Infact, you will always face more harassment from your fellow countrymen (e.g. desi consulting/desi manager) in US than from americans. An industrialist from Punjab visiting US gave me a fine example of this. He said, we employ 75% labor from UP/Bihar because they are cheaper and subservient. We make one of them the foreman and he's the one responsible for getting the work done. The same thing happens in US, the first line managers are Indians and so are the tech employees. [Off course, some of the Indians have risen to great positions on the corporate ladder and that is a testimony to both their abiliity and the general open-mindedness of american people.]

    The choice is yours. Do you want to enjoy the wealth of this great country and tolerate occassional racism or do you want to be in your own land and be not as well off?

    On a lighter note, as far as curry smell is concerned, I have heard goray complain about curries, Indians complain about how chinese ppl stink up the kitchen when they heat food. None of the smells are offensive, ppl just aren't used to those smells.

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  • PD - EB3 from Bangladesh
    i140 got approved on Sep 2007
    Fingerprint Sep 2007

    I have seen applicants from Bangladesh frequently getting 2 - 3 month

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  • whome do you want to kill buddy?

    I wonder if you ever came across a word called "protection" or "self-defense". If one owns a gun does that mean he intends to kill someone? And I know you are not being funny here (as your name suggests) :)

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  • EB3-ROw will continue to move like now or will it slow down in the future? My PD was Sept 13, 2002. Desperately waiting for that. Any idea?

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  • Hi everybody,

    I will post here my query about I-140 because I didn't want to start a new thread only for my question.

    It's still regarding I-140 application.....I wanted to ask you if you need all employment letters that are written on Labor Ceritificate..or is it enough to submit only a few not all the employment letters for every job that was written on Labor certificate?

    How is it working?
    I wwould highly apprecite your help.
    Thank you in advance.
    u have to presnt Exp letters for the term of experience mentioned in labor Cert...
    if its BS+2 yrs..u shud be producing Exp letters for 2 years...

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  • This my personal take on it, I want a GC, i have been in this country for the past 8 years, landed in 2001 finished my masters and have been employed since then. Life is good here, well thats what i think, sometimes better than home (i still call, because i was born there), i am not dissatisfied with the money i am making, although i think i get underpaid (i work in southern calif as permanent employee).
    I came to this country so that i can survive in life, i.e. too much competition in India which means you need to really work hard to keep up with the competition (i am really lazy :D) , now with the fight for GC and all, added with the daily stress and chores, i am really thinking is the effort worth the reward, i keep getting this thoughts, i mean i am the only one with the thought that the effort/patience/sacrifice is not equal to the result ?.
    I really wonder if all this is worth it, the stress is just too much. Reading other's stories makes me laud their patience, i know my struggle has just started, kudos to others who are still holding on :)

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  • Looks like everyone here is on the same boat (getting GC). Why are we wasting time on this when time is of the essence?

    If everyone has so much time to reply to posts, I would really recommend that everyone instead give a phone call to one of the senators mentioned in the other thread and do something constructive. If you are done with that, call your friends and ask them to join. Help us find the emails of CEO/HRs of companies that depend on us!

    If you still have time, PM me and I'll let you know what else you can do.

    Please guys, understand the seriousness of the situation. We need all the help we can right now.

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  • Hello mr sk

    Could you pls help-

    What is I140 tracking number? How to get it?(I don't have any info about my i140 - only that it was approved and I have h1 extension petition of 3 yrs based on that.)

    And did you request part info or full info therein? Your case is a light in tunnel- you got the info in about 3 months - right?

    Thanks much

    Yes, I got a CD from USCIS with all my I-140. I requested for copy of I-140 approval notice corresponding to I-140 tracking number SRC.XXXXXXXXXXX. This is the same number I got from my employer for online tracking on USCIS website. It took over 4 months. I submitted this as soon as got approval on my I-140. If you dont have the tracking number, you may try to get your A# from employer or attorney. You can use the same reason that you are changing address or that you need it for visa stamping. I believe they ask for A# in visa interview form.
    I have heard that few people got the tracking number using Infopass. Not sure how. I would suggest, that do not delay. Submit the FOIA form with whatever info you have. They might be able to pull your records based on the SSN# or I-94# etc. No harm in trying. I didnt had A#, so I left it blank.

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  • Yes, I used nycgal's and made little modification to the intro part. Picked up the IV intro from our home page. Also emphasized on the skilled-immigrants rather than just legal immigrants. Still need to send it to Mr.Sturgeon.

    if this true congratulations are in order!
    it's great...enjoy it! :)

    Just I-140, I think from nashorn's thread. Still its great news :)

    As many have pointed out including I, there is a way to contribute smaller amount to IV if you want to.


    * Login to your paypal account and send your contribution to this email address: donations at immigrationvoice dot org

    We all admit, the we haven't served our birth land as much as we have served America. Maybe there is calling here amongst all the turmoil with getting GCs.

    Our home country wants us back. I know we have huge issues back in India. Population, Politician :-) etc etc.

    U r funny. Just because H1b is being made tough, you want to serve your country, so if you get a Green Card will you not server your country? :D :D :D

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