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  • "This is truly landmark legislation produced by a big-league team," said Sen. Arlen Specter, R-Pa., chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee that wrote the legislation.

    "The next step is going to be the conference (with the House) and I believe we can do it," Specter said. "We're going to work as hard to get a bill to the president's desk as we did to get a bill passed today. And I predict success."

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  • You can contact your local Senator's office. They proved very helpful in my case. (I got my EAD within a week of contacting them)

    One thing I noticed was that when I contacted them about my EAD renewal delay, they also followed up on my pending GC app. and sent me a letter saying that the date wasn't current. I guess in your case they might prod USCIS to process your GC quicker...

    ...anyway... best of luck with both apps. Hope you get them soon

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  • I am in the same situation. i got approval notice on sep 1st but no cards...........

    My 485 Case status is like this

    Your Case Status: Card/ Document Production

    On September 3, 2010 we mailed the document to the address we have on file. You should receive the new document within 30 days. If you do not, or if you move before you get it, call customer service at 1-800-375-5283.

    It is almost 45 days??NO FP and nothing happened so far? can anybody in the same situation. please update your status it helps a lot for me.


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  • Proud of you guys who are in DC. No doubt, we have an excellent Team today. Those who are reading silently, ask yourself a question today. Is this the way you want to live by saving those pennies? If not for others, do it for yourself; come forward and contribute. IV is short of funds; If not IV who will fight for your own cause?

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  • I am in the same situation. They say once you start using AP, H4 becomes wife IS working on EAD, she was in India for a while and came back on H4, again resumed job on EAD...then we renewed her EAD and put her current status as issues whatsoever.

    Use EAD, travel on life. I do not see any issue.


    The only reason I want to still enter on H4 is that my H4 is stamped until 2010, hence why not use it and save money and hassle on AP entry. As you have said that working on EAD immediately invalidates the H4 status. This is OK for me, but at least I have avoided the AP procedure stuff. Plus the primary applicant is on H1 and hence we both can enter on H1 and H4 respectively rather than one entering on H1 and the other on AP. Let me know if this clears your doubt and if so, can you think this would work out. Also, if you can, please respond to my other questions


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  • Another link:

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  • I am in US.
    I received RFE for H1b extension PP last week. Original application was Feb 28, RFE came Mar 6

    I am sorry to hear ur situation, but can you tell us more? Like why should someone get a RFE for h1b extension??? I got my h1b extension last year for 3 years without any hasstles and also got stamping, offcourse I provided all tax documents and paystubs (latest) for the H1b extension.

    Just trying to understand if this is a pattern now.

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  • it's not your comp .. I can't see it either

    but I voted because I saw lost's entry earlier today

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  • Damn..F5 button on my keyboard needs replacing:D

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  • I think hopein07's idea of approaching Manmohan Singh is a good idea.

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  • I think a DJ/Unflux crossover would rock hard tasty abs washboard style. And if you made it a "battle" I would be sure to join, in the hopes of competing against two very outstanding performers.

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  • Good initiative!

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  • lets meet obama..

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  • We got our EAD in the mail today - We are late June filers (29th June) and got our receipt numbers last week, - I have some q's-

    -Can one get EAD without completing FInger printing? In the finger priniting colum on the EAD it says - not available, Would that matter?
    -How does one activate his/her EAD?
    -Have any other late june filers already got their EAD?


    I have a question. Did u see any LUDs in the USCIS website before you got EAD? I got FP notice but i didnt see any LUD change. I am also waiting for EAD.
    My service center is Nebraska. Please reply.

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  • I have already written to her asking for more reports in this matter. Here is the email I sent her:

    Hello Ms. Miriam:

    As a long time subscriber to the WSJ and one of the victims of the "bait and switch" by the USCIS and Department of State, I would like to thank you for covering the article in the WSJ. I would like to kindly direct your attention to the stand taken by AILA (American Immigration Lawyers Assoc.) and Immigration Voice (a non profit organization representing skilled immigrants). I feel it is necessary that the impact and the behind the scenes maneuvering at DOS be covered by a respectable publication such as the WSJ. May I point you to some of the links on the internet. Some are yet-unverified rumors. I hope that you will use your journalistic discretion and power to bring more light to this issue -- Congresswoman Lofgren's response Mr. Siskind is a respected lawyer in the immigration field. -- AILA website and potential class action lawsuit against USCIS



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  • I was just quoting that there may be legitimate reasons but this is not a good reason...

    Sorry, but I have to disagree. I don't think there is such thing as "legitimate" reasons to take your own life. What is more legitimate that the other is something very subjective, and if you believe there even exist "legitimate" reasons, then you can always fall into the mistake of thinking that something minor, which you can easily overcome, is "legitimate" just because of your current state of mind and spirit.

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  • Everybody should use this template to e-mail the reporters and Senators. Its point blank and thought provoking.

    I just read the summary prepared by IV core team -a job well done.

    I like to think that being illegal is better than legal as per the provisions in CIR!

    What do you think of H4-spouses who can't work whereas those illegal can now apply for a work-visas!

    What do you think of parents who were not issued visitor visas for silly reasons? Whereas those who by hook or crook got here are being given work-visas?

    How come the illegals are guaranteed a GC within 5 years and the current legal immigrants are NOT?

    How come the illegals can work and the legal residents on certain visas can't?

    How come the illegals can work for any employer while H1Bs can't?

    I am not against giving these benefits to illegals if that's how it needs to fixed. But what about us, the bright and good folks!!

    When did h1b become a joke?

    This grand-compromise is not making sense at all. It's smelling real bad for legal-visa holders.

    I would like to hear from you folks..

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  • Yes there is a security check at I-140 stage, it is not FBI name check. No one
    know what this check is and who gets subjected to it or it is just random. I-140 stuck for 1.5 years without RFE makes it quite likely that your petition is stuck in this check. Take a look at this:

    Best way to find out is, your attorney raise a service request with USCIS.

    Thanks CanadianDream. Your words are encouraging. I will check with the lawyer. The reason we want to file another I-140 is just to safeguard the H-1B status. I am in my 5th year.

    BTW, I have another question. Do they do security check for I-140 also? I never know this. I thought FBI check is only for I-485. My I-140 has been pending for 1.5 years so far. NO RFEs. Nothing. Every time my lawyer calls USCIS, they say it requires additional review and since no REFs are give, adjudication should be forthcoming.

    Are there anything we can do to get the status on the security check? How long usually does it take?

    Anybody seen layoffs in software industry anywhere recently?

    I think the only people who would oppose this are the ones who are not really contributing. I think it is quite appropriate to have that information. Beacause it will encourage people to contribute something like the domino effect.

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