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  • We can send him H1B or immigration law book to him to read it.

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  • Thanks for advice. Yes my last M.Sc. and Ph.D. from the USA.
    Could you please clarify what "find out NIW holders in your / related engg field"? How can I find out?
    Do you believe EB2-NIW is easier than EB1-OR?
    Thank you,

    Your situation is slightly different than many I have come across. If your qualifications, research work, project etc have unique qualities, then you may still have a fighting chance. But you may have to do a lot of homework: find out NIW holders in your / related engg field, ask a few lawyers: do not believe right away if somebody promises they could, try to enroll in as many professional associations as possible, enlarge your skill portfolio etc.

    BTW, is any degree of you from US?

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  • Folks:

    I am one of the frustrated ones under EB-3 (India) with a PD of Jul 2003. My case is as follows:

    I had 3.5 years of experience + MBA from India when I joined the current Job in 2001.

    I applied for my GC in 2003 and the lawyer said since my MBA was not relevant for the current job (software engineer) and since my experience before the current job was less than 5 years, I should apply EB-3.

    Currently, I have 11 years of experience (out of which 7.5 is with the current employer from whom I have applied for GC) and I have moved to Business Development that uses my MBA quals.

    Can I change to EB-2? What do I need to do? What are the risks?

    Any/all pointers will be appreciated

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  • Done...Good work.

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  • thanks for the response.
    do they tell before hand what is the reason for interview . what question to expect.
    will they look through tax filling and other stuff.

    -- my earlier labor had a issue because of education- 3yr BSC course problem--but new one is fine. I think becasue i have 2 I 140 i have some problem.

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  • YouTube - Barack Obama celebrates Diwali in White House (

    White house celebrates diwali

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  • My suggestion is not to insult or hurt anybody. I understand the purpose of immigrationvoice. I am a contributor and will continue to support IV. However the way people hijack threads really pisses me off. The leaders of IV should figure out a better way to motivate people to donate. If people are not inclined then stop calling them names etc. I am not talking about anybody in particular. If somebody is not inclined it is not completely his/her fault. The coercive tactics some people use on the forum to make people donate actually does piss of a lot of people. I am nor talking about anybody in particular, but this is NOT the way to motivate people to contribute.

    Sorry if I heart anybody feelings.
    And I will donate to IV again..

    I just check oxford dictionary to make sure whether I screwed somewhere but what I found is it was request to dollar500 from my side. It was not a advise. Rather you are advising me not to advise.. Is not it contradictory?

    And if at all poster might have felt bad about my request s/he should have replied my post. Why on earth you wanted to jump in?

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  • Update:
    The Doctor admitted his mistake.
    He completely forgot to mark the TB test earlier.
    He was ready to back date to avoid more inconveniance to me.
    But I told him to be sincere in all aspects.
    I basically forced him to give my wife a TB test again and also the x-ray.
    Now the plan is to submit all this information with a nice letter which states that the doctor had forgotten things last time etc etc.
    Hopefully they will mark the case as - resume processing.

    I also had some issues with my medical exam. Lesson learned is to have civil surgeon verify and double verify
    the information entered in the exam.
    Best luck to you.

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  • This database gives me an idea: Can someone who is good at programming extract all the data and build reports on how many labor certifications are there by category and by chargeability? IV tracker can also use this information to a certain extent. Unfortunately I am not a programmer so I cannot do it but I am sure for experienced programmer this should be a piece of cake.

    What do ya guys say? Any takers? Also we should know how to interpret the data. I have asked additional questions in my previous post. Answer to those will help us a lot.

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  • My thread did do some good :)

    Dear fellow IVans - please do not take my first post in the negative sense. At this time we need maximum cooparation from all fellow community members.

    Thanks for coming forward and helping the cause.

    Nice one Chanduv23! I second this. Let's seize this opportunity, embrace it, and hold it tight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! okay, enough of this attempt at poetry. cheers.

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  • Similar situation...

    I am getting married in the 1st week of Sep and am planning to get my spouse by mid Sep.

    Can someone please suggest if I am fine, if I apply alone for I-485 around Jul30(and not for EAD and AP??) and add my spouse around sep20th. I-140 approval is pending and have a valid visa till '08.

    How long does it take for the I-485 'approval' and is 2-3 months a safe window to add ones spouse?

    Any suggestions and help with my planning are greatly appreciated. :)

    I am in a similar situation. I am getting married in July 4th 2007. (What a day to loose my independence) in India. I am planning to come back and file my 485 before July 30th. My spouse is going to endorse her passport and come soon after, but won't be before Aug 15th. I also wanted to know what was the time window after my filing that I could still add my spouse. I have approved I140, PD is Nov 2006.

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  • --That ought to suck every bit of sanity left! I know "should have..would have..." doesn't matter anymore but I am curious why you did not opt to do labor substitution in june-july period. You should have had a crack at it.

    I know people on h1 with consulting companies did better than those who got stuck with one permanent job.Stale career , stale pay and so on...

    Do your best and make most of h1b.

    Switched from one FTE to another FTE where I was probably the only H1B FTE working with a bunch of contractors and company would not file labor until first appraisal was done i.e. 3 months. By the time the slow-arse attorney completed the PERM requirements it was already September end. It's just frickin crazy,I know, stupidity on my part too in changing jobs. But opportunity knocks on the door once and was not unfortunately in sync with the idiosyncrasies of CIS and DOS. Hindsight is always 20/20 and no point whining. But having to constantly look at the lucky guys makes me say "Kick the H1Bs out; they took my greencard" :D

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  • Think that the Democrats and Republicans in Congress will never be able to agree about immigration policy? Better think again! When I started working as an immigration attorney, Jerry Ford was the President of the United States. Over the past 35 years, I have seen the two parties unite to pass dozens of immigration laws. Yes, I know the parties are so divided on the issue of what to do about the 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. that they couldn't even get together a few weeks ago to pass the DREAM Act. However, when it comes to reforming...

    More... (

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  • It really seemed ur in the campaiging team for Dems, hence the reply.

    Admin fix was the wrong thing to do anyways, else your Obama will create 101 rules that affect everyone, the check and balance system is a good thing for US

    Admin fix should happen for small regulations not a big law like the CIR.

    i'm not campaigning for obama...... simply trying to set the record straight.....

    the title of this thread implies that obama is not doing admin fix.... its not always about the campaign & votes, sometimes its about the truth and the truth is that republicans leaked the draft admin memo and wrote letters to oppose admin fix.... but now everyone here is blaming obama..... i'm simply defending the absent.....

    most people pass judgments based on incomplete or incorrect headlines...... i'm merely saying that there is more to the news than just the headlines.... & this is related to immigration.... unless u think that the only valid immigration question is - when will i get my gc......

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    Its is always advisable to file the petition as AILA clearly stated that they are going to identify "class" of people. The court may or maynot give benefit for all classes .so better file and be in the "Best Class" where if AILA wins the case you will get benefited ,Dont be penny foolish as if you already spent money in getting other stuff ..what you are loosig in 1 grand for attorney fee , ( think of desi employers who gets 2 grands every month on you )

    Also with todays's rumor some thing positive is in pipeline ..even july VB flip-flop also started as a rumor

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  • I am in a similar position and am going to wait till the end of the year for the AP. I am hoping to be able to go for the H1B stamping with the AP. So if there is any problem with the H1 I can atleast re-enter using the AP. Its a nice backup...

    What if your AP does not come until July next year ? Are you planning to wait until then to travel ?

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  • also, i think u may need to maintain some sort of residence and retain proof of it (rent lease, utility bills, etc.) to show ur intention to stay here. even though technically GC is for a future job, an absence (even if its not continuous) of 5 yrs will eventually raise red flag(s)

    or better yet... u can avoid all this adjucation crap and convert to consular processing (from ur home country) -- find out from a good lawyer to see if conversion is possible. if u r going to be out of US for 5 yrs, why would want to continuously renew EADs and APs anyway?

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  • have any one applied for AC 21 your self or with advise, I need some guidance can you please help.


    I did. Changed to same/similar job (exact same description). Old employer not revoking I-140. lawyer has asked me not to send AC-21 letter to USCIS, wait for the RFE, if any. so sitting tight.
    Moved from H1 to EAD.

    Singing a country's national anthem and pledging allegiance to it are two different things. Scroll up and read my prev response.

    Pride yourself on being a citizen of the world as you do, in normal course you have to be a citizen of at least one country to be able to receive a passport and travel the same world.... :)

    As someone else pointed out, this thread is to appreciate the passion with which Pankaj sang the anthem. End of Story.


    I did not feel like signing along for two reasons: we are not US citizen yet, and I consider myself citizen of the world and will always be. I do not aspire to become citizen of the United States of America.

    Even when Americans sang their national anthem in a church, I felt not right. Churches are not supposed to be linked to states. There should be no country boundary within the Christian world.

    There should be no country boundary within the world we want to build either.

    By the way, if the United States go to war with your country of birth, who will you side with? Will the United States trust you?

    Consult a good Lawyer. I think there is some rule that you apply 485 for your spouse within 6 months of your 485 approval for her to join you.


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