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  • so without both of US we cant get the certificate from India. I can go to India but my wife cant ..........she will be out of status....to enter the country....wont be?

    For EB1 I will share info. with you soon...pls hang on.

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  • Try the thedegreepeople.com. These people can evaluate your degree/Diploma course by course specifically for Immigration purpose with in 4-5 business days and you can consult with your lawyer to appeal against the I-140 rejection. They offer you good help when you reach them thru the phone, they have one of the best Free consultation service ( And I dont work for them .. ! lol ! ). Their rates are nominal. Iam sure this is gonna help you.

    Good Luck

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  • Yap both entries were intense and better than anything I could ever do, but Soul's detail and multiple parts made me give him my vote. Awesome job guys!


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  • 17th Feb LUD is for everyone that is system update

    my case
    applied on 14th Nov 2007( 8th Yr ext Vermont Regular Processing)
    Soft LUD on 17th Feb 2008
    LUD on 7th March with Approved status


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  • I Agree, good post, one of the more beneficial ones in here, continue posting articles that you think are of benefit to the community irrespective of the source or what some others think.

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  • skdskd and sanjeev_2004 sound one and the same, what are you doing, trying to have some support because nobody is supporting you, i can see that you are fooling in here all day and blame that somebody wants ead for day to day living ? it is you losers who spend all day here fooling around making fun of others, go get a life outside this kind of cheap jokes.

    sanjeev_2004 forget about sksatmt alias ramhs

    sksatmt alias ramhs is/are selfish and his reply proves that beyond doubt that these people cannot look beyond themself.
    they only feel "I should get everything, I don't care about anyone else" These people want to know from you everything , they want even your sympathy on there misery, and will never sympathise with anybody.

    He is using word "loser" for us when he himself started the thread with foul cry of "Injustice" and now calling everybody "loser" and run. When basically he does not have anything to justify his act.

    sksatmt is talikng about support , You started the thread (foul play ) you know hardly anybody responded your call of "injustice"

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  • Great..Thanks so much for your response. I will definitely consult an attorney as suggested by you, but your response gives me a ray of hope and clarifies quite a few things.

    So, does this mean that same or similar job may not have any meaning? Because, now since I have an EAD, I can change my job in any field and then when my priority date becomes current, I will get my GC if no RFE occurs.
    Also, does it also mean that once I have my I-140 approved and I-485 pending and also have my EAD, i don't need any kind of sponsoring or supporting documents from my new employer? I mean, can I apply to jobs that say Employer cannot sponsor a Visa or GC?

    Thanks in advance.

    I think "same or similar" job is common sense thing to keep in mind. You don't want to specialize in software architecture then switch to building construction architecture ;) Also remember that if you need an attorney to defend you, it will cost you more in money and peace of mind. So it is better to stick with what you know, if you know what I mean.

    In answer to your question, no - you do not need any supporting documents from your new employer except in the case of filing an AC-21 letter which must come from your new employer. You also do not need to file an AC-21 right away. Taken another way, in other words, you can choose to have the AC-21 conversation with the new company after you have been with them for a few weeks and have a degree of comfort with them.

    So you can apply to any jobs that say employers cannot sponsor visa or GC because you are not technically seeking their direct support for your pending I-485 adjustment. If they ask for proof of employability, present your EAD (formally called Form I-766) and you should be good to go. EAD Form I-766 is listed as a LIST A document on Form I-9. See item #4 on page 4 of this document:


    List A means you need only present this document for employment verification. You don't even need to show any other document such as passport, driver's license, old H1-B, etc.

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  • Saw your message. Thanks.

    If that is the sole reason for denial, consider filing an appeal and think of a backup plan. Get a good lawyer if you do not have one.

    Thanks Pappu.

    I am having a good attorney .He is desi , He is reputed , have good experience , he has got good web site also. He is waiting to see what is there in the denial notice.The denial update on website is 18th.so it may take another 3 weeks for him to receive the notice.

    In the mean while I am trying to get an employer to file a Labor as future Employee.since only 6 months left on H1b , I dont know what options are left for me.:confused:

    since the I-140 is not clered, my priority date canot be captured.

    6years( 4 years for labor , almost 2years for I-140) of waiting and $12000 gone to drain.:mad:

    thank you very much for suggestions

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  • i'm just putting my opinion in my way. that's what this forum is for. atleast not talking BS, just staying on the main topic.

    btw u answered for ur urself, i'll just repeat with a change "why are you replying to this!" go see a doctor, is my advise.

    Sir with High Regard,
    My request is that if you are starting something like personal discussion then
    Please don't put message which look like something is confirmed like your topic �Secret news! Per country limit would be removed�.
    this sense like something confirmed and people will come and read.

    don't feel bad if people are pointing you for something good for everybody.

    Thanks with high regard again :)

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  • Hi folks

    Can spouse apply for OPT ( F1 student) while a pending EAD (thru 485) is awaited. Appreciate your response.


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  • Wish we would not getinto United States Civics discussions and concentrate on Increasing memberships and contributing.

    Dont forget the goal....there are a lot of hurdles ahead as pointed out by Sen Durbin and elk already

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  • All pls PM each other and exchange phone numbers and emails so that you can start building your local IV community. Once you have contacted each other, you can start the action items for state chapters.

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  • <quote>"Just as an Example we LOST 32,000 This year, just in Lawyer fees for H1b's not selected in the lottery."</quote>
    $32000 in lawyer fees ? How may H1s were that for ? 50 ? 100 ?

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  • Berkeleybee is a gal.

    should we believe someone who justs says he/she has insider information? Who is this guy berkeleybee anyway?

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  • Today, I filed an official complaint with IRS about this employer. They told, they are going to send a notice asking the employer to reply to the tax bearer within 10 days from the receipt of the letter. I don't know how the employer is going to react and if they would still provide a corrected W2. Hoping, they would provide, otherwise I would have to call IRS again after another 2 weeks time. I had to be on the phone line for almost 30 mins to reach the IRS customer representative. It is a real pain.

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  • Guys I had posted this yesterday IV is a non-profit. Check the video below - there is nothing to hide:
    Immigration Voice funds disclosure on Yahoo! Video (http://video.yahoo.com/watch/234998/1863489)

    The fact that IV is helping Donors is because all its activities are only possible because of Donors, and we are still short of funding. If this was for all for free, then no campaign could be acheived.
    And believe it or not , we get a lot of spam and rogue users visiting IV.

    BTW I am not in IV management

    We need you and a lot more to join. I can't believe you cannot trust IV a non-profit organization with even $25

    I know Immigration voice is not for profit organization and it is doing a great job.

    My intention is not to belittle IV, my intention is just to express my opinion as a user, most of the problem will be solved if the links are not shown to non members if they are not allowed to see the content.

    I just saw your post in YouTube, it is very informative.

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  • Another way to look at this issue is get rid of rule not permitting GC holders to bring their spouses into the country,if marriage happens after GC.

    This is something that needs to be fixed.Why cant there be a K-Visa or something using which spouses can be brought in.Why a Citizen is allowed to file a K visa to get their spouse and GC holders are punished for getting married. Any GC holder is in path to Citizenship in 5 years-dont see any logic in this rule.

    This is a morally wrong and stupid thing which needs to be fixed ASAP.

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  • usually, non-profit work may seem thankless & there'll always be someone who can find something -ve...I mean you have so much population that difference of opinion is easy. But, non-profit work is always more close to the heart...so...keep chugging...IV team has done GREAT work till now...appreciate it much!

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  • http://www.prlog.org/10022648-no-celebration-for-thousands-of-highly-skilled-future-americans-this-july-4th.html

    i'm just putting my opinion in my way. that's what this forum is for. atleast not talking BS, just staying on the main topic.

    btw u answered for ur urself, i'll just repeat with a change "why are you replying to this!" go see a doctor, is my advise.

    Your heading seemed to indicate there is a secret news that you knew about in advance. If it is a speculation please add so in the header so that people don't get excited as soon as they see the header.

    Thanks a lot for all of ur suggetions..
    I am glad to inform you all that despite of all these various varities of problems, SSN is issued and currently preparing to apply for jobs...
    I will still try to move USCIS to correct my name..

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