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  • The Employment Based Immigration section explains how they will make a task force to prevent illegal workers from being exploited. I don't see anything for legal EB workers other than this 5 year thing which will start counting after this law is passed. :mad:

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  • Tell me about it. My wife didn't have a fancy law degree but she had a decent job before we got married and she came to US. She doesn't have any specific skills that will qualify her H1b but she has a MBA. So there isn't much she can do in terms of furthering her education. So she's been stuck at home for the last 4 years.

    I have been now for 7 years and still waiting... my wife who graudated law with top honors in a top university in india and was pracicing with a leading corporate law firm joined me in US and to make it good we spent around $65K on her law school graduation here and then another 15K on bar exams preparations for NY and CA. She managed to pull through all this. we decided to have a baby and take care of her wihtout day care the 1st 2years. now my wife sits home since she cannot file a H1 though there are willing employers becuase she has stayed here for 6 years on h4 and my llabor filed 2001 was still in BEC.... what can i do... i left a Director job in fortune 50 company and joined as consultant so that i can make use of a pre-approved labor, then another regression happend and i am still waiting to file 485. I just want to let my wife to work for a couple of year and make use of the effort she spent in her US law school and bar exams and want to return back to India.... but when can i get that 2 years.....

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  • Who is logiclife?

    He came he saw and he conquered with his long post on AC21 and Cobra and went away.

    He is currently working on IV work in the background.

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  • Guys if you compare the way people live and spend in India, I think they are more well off then we are. I know some friends here, all they do is, look for coupons. They’ll fight all day with Customer care reps for $1 extra that company charged, they don’t leave tips when they eat out and they eat out once in 6 months. Except for a Camry and a leather chair may be a better bed, what is this guy doing better than he would have done in India. Atleast there he had a ‘Kamwaali’ who did the cleaning for his family. He had a tutor who taught his daughter. Here in US all he’s doing is cleaning bathrooms, kitchen their his children ad driving his Camry.

    Not only they are saving $1 by fighting with customer service rep to dispute the $1 admin fee on the phone bill or some other fake charge on credit card bill, they are also saving a lot of money by not contributing to Immigration Voice.

    So combine all this:

    1. Being cheap patrons at restaurant, not giving tips (buffet restaurants dont deserve tips according to the cheap indians).

    2. Bringing stinky dinner for next day's lunch therby saving lunch money and not eating out with co-workers. Even more savings from potential situations where you have to tip.

    3. Wearing sneakers instead of leather shoes on weekdays. Sneakers are cheaper than leather shoes and sometimes even look good with trousers and dress shirts.(yeah right...)


    See, all this adds up to a fortune when you multiply dollars times 40 (or 43 or 38 whatever the heck the exchange rate is)..........................

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  • especially the reasons you gave as to why this bill is interesting...this bill does not scream employment based immigration but as I see it it does have has employment based visa provisions along with much wider and extensive family based gc provisions ..also there is no mention of temporaray visas / temp workers with tis bill..no mention of legalizing illegals to legal ....it is focussed exclusively on reducing waiting time for GCs for folks who are in the queue with more emphasis on family based

    Salient features of Bill: S.1085

    After analyzing this bill, I found the following:

    1. This bill will recapture all those unused employment based visas (gcs) from 1997 till 2008 and it will add those recaptured visas to this year's employment based quota.

    2. After the passage of this bill, any unused visas will rollover to the next year. So, no more wastage of visas as we go forward.

    3. Per country limit will be increased from 7% to 10%, so more folks from over subscribed countries would be able to come under the normal yearly quota.

    4. We will be able to avail the benefits of the recapture after 60 days of the passage of the bill. That means, if they are able to recapture 220,000 (approx) employment based visas, the employment based category will be able to use all those after 60 days of the passage of this bill. USCIS is pre-adjudicating all I485s pending and if this bill gets passed in say for eg by October 30, almost all (80%) in this community (who filed 485) would be able get their GCs in Jan and Feb of 2010.

    What makes this bill much more interesting is:

    1. This is not a bill targetting the issues of Employment based category - So there won't be a huge backlash against this in the name of the economy and recession. The provisions for the employment category are just one item in this bill.

    2. Family based immigration reform has a wider range of support from all kinds of groups unlike Employment based immigration reform. Just search for this bill "Reuniting Families Act" in google news and you can identify all those organizations supporting this bill (they all have a news release).

    Complete Text of this Bill:

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  • I agree with your suggestion, but for attorney change, do you think any bad effects? Someone told me judge and jury might question why you change attorney?
    Feel shamed on my poor English, yes, I need improve it ASAP after that jury.

    You should consult another attorney, for a second opinion. Agree with reddymjm that there may be option for u r wife to meet with DA and settle this (have heard abt a similar case). U r wasting ur time here replying to posts like reddog's.

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  • We need to get 1000 guys signing up. Please send an email to all.


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  • Yours will be cashed soon.


    I sent a cheque 45 days back..(third contribution so far) it was cashed yesterday

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  • Yes my note was for humor.
    But to answer questions :

    out of all useful land , I guess africa has lots of uninhabited land!, so someone would not mind selling! Its not to offend anyone. I have great respect for africans, being aware that we come from them!
    Me being an indian upper class guy, and this OBC thing going on back home, I dont think I belong to that country that much, where me/my children will be discreminated against!!!
    So dont you guys now think we need our OWN country???

    Your sense of humor is pretty low class, crass and ill-informed.

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  • When you send all the relevant documents to invoke AC21, there is every possibility for the officer to check whether you have an approved EAD or not. In that case there might be a problem. I may not be correct. But to switch to a new employer, you definitely need a EAD card. I switched employers. My new employer asked for work permit(EAD in this case)

    Note : Please check with your attorney, I'm just one like you and this is my experience

    The only thing I agree in post is that check with attorney.

    EAD has nothing to do with invoking AC-21. Please do some research before posting any information. Remember GC is for the future job and not for the current job.

    Permanent Resident since May 2002

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  • <I know Robinder Personally for a long time.> :D :D hardly anyone knows you in this forum dude....stay cool in india

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  • I liked permfilings idea about a mass day off from work...and a small meetup in each town..however this has to be publicised that its going to happen...I guess this should be the first symbolic thing..the next thing..i really loved the sweeping streets idea...we shud do this in front of capitol hill...much better if we all wear suits and carry brooms to brush the dirt off..and have posters that say..PLEASE BRUSH THE DUST OFF - OF MY GREENCARD APPLICATION AND PROCESS IT....

    I would love to take part...also..i have a small thread running here that tries to bring USCIS in the red about what they are doing with I140 processing..they should be attacked from more than 1 end...would be greatful if you guys support that petition..i have the draft posted in the thread also...the name of the thread is : Let's Do something about the I140 dates moving back!!

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  • EB3-India PD Dec2003 / FedEx delivered it on July 2nd 10:35am at NSC

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  • Well, there are many folks here including me who filed around first week of june.. I haven't heard anyone getting the EAD yet. I haven't seen any lud's after the receipts. Hopefully, one more week to go and then we are all good to get the 2yr EAD....

    Same experience. The checks were cashed super quick and the receipt notices were also mailed out. Now we wait in anxiety to see whether we receive the 1 year or the 2 year EADs.

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  • This is a rough draft..I would revise again...I need to think a title too

    It is that time of the year again. Immigartion reform is in the air. Recently there were raids on many businesses and arrests ensued.The Bush administration is showing its zeal to pursue the 'illegal immigrants', 'Undocumented workers'.The pro-immigration and anti-immigrantion organizations are racheting up their activities. You would hear a common refrain from the anti-immigration ideologues like 'If they want to come to this country, let them come legally'. So let's see what the people trying to immigrate legally face.
    A major category of the people who immigrate to America come through a channel known as 'Employment Based' immigrants. They constituted almost 16% of the total immigrants to United States in year 2005. The immigration
    process consists of three steps
    1. Labor Certification - The US Department of labor administers this program. This process takes anywhere from 3 to 5 years. There are people in this queue who had applied for certfication in 2001. Now imagine waiting that long for the first step.
    2. Immigrant Visa application - The US Department of State allocates a visa number to the individual.
    3. Adjustment of Status - The US Citizenship and formally grants permanat resident status
    The whole process can take 3 to 10 years..There are people waiting to be sure of their status for even more than that. No wonder people are coming over the border rather than waiting in this hell. Some of these people have come together to find the organization http://immigrationvoice.org/. The goals include reduced waiting time for green card applications,increased numbers for employment based green cards, ability to get certain benefits if the wait time exceeds 5 years.

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  • I am a "she" by the way and perfectly capable of walking back after 1 paid for and 2 free drinks:cool:

    Do they have good food too?

    Heard snacks are good - good enough for the sides when you do your 1 to 3 drinks - well get an alcohol meter with u, just to make sure u r doing fine.

    laborchic - is doing a chic dance for all of us

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  • I appreciate all the cowards, who gave me red, just because I'm talking about basic rights for all, including them and they are hell bent on finding the legal ways how not to raise your voice. They will wait decades and then kicked out, but wont raise there voice.

    Well thanks for the green as wel, for those , who really are willing to stand up for there rights.

    We are in this mess, because the majority of the stake holders are just scared to even stand up for themselves. But I ain't loosing hope.

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  • Processing Times page not working--are they updating??

    Its working for me. I noticed that when I clicked on your link it did not work, your link has "..." embdded in the url.

    Try this.

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  • let us start May 2009 predictions.

    EB3-I 2003 October

    Do you have any reason for just starting this thread? Anything you can do about the numbers moving by trying predict?

    Instead please focus on the efforts by IV core and support it in anyway you can so that we send out an united message.

    - cheers

    Need your valuable advice on this serious issue. Involved in shoplifting case, got arrested and plead guilty. Served the community service, and paid fine. Got the �Court Disposition Document� which states that I am all clear. My status is I-485 pending and have EAD, AP documents.
    1. Is it safe to travel to India and come back on AP?
    2. What are the possible chances that visa officer may not let me into the USA?
    3. Do I need to carry any letters from my criminal attorney explaining the situation?
    4. Any one in similar situation, please update me on this?
    5. Please list of documents I need to carry during my travel

    Please reply and post your valuable opinions/suggestions/advices.

    Appreciate all your inputs.

    Have a nice day!!!

    Thank you,

    You should be ok. Just in case , carry all your documents including the disposition with you.

    - cheers

    Like RAgz4u said, with a tight rope walk, it will be extremely difficult to get our amendments to pass.

    Without that, even if the bill pasess and lets 12 million undocumented
    folks get in the line, it is drastically going to clog USCIS which
    may screw us up badly.

    So what good is the CIR if our amendments dont get in ? Seriously....

    Maybe we are better of without the CIR if our amendments are not in it.

    Yes. It all depends on where they get in line.

    Ragz4u, Do you have any idea about the process itself? Ppl are talking about illegals becoming legals. But what is going to be the process? I hope they dont jump in front of the people who are waiting at various stages now. For example if an illegal from a non-retrogressed country is allowed to apply for 485 today, he will get the GC ahead of all of us. Plus that would eat into the unused visas reclaim idea as well (if there is such a thing).

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