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  • OMG... some imposter called Hrithik is trying to impose himself as paskal... god Save IV :D:D:D:D:D

    It appears that you are cracking a joke, but I cannot stop from replying to your post. Why are you asking God to save IV? For the things we cannot do or for the things we dcon't understand, why do we always have to bring in 'God' in the picture? Can't we even crack a joke without brining in God?

    I am just trying to prevent world war III on these forums. Thats why my request for not referring "God'. We will all be much more happier funnier and peaceful if we try not to bring in 'God' in the mix.

    Next thing you will see, someone will post - "God, when will the VB dates move for my category".


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  • Check the new IV Action Alert Funding Drive please.

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  • There is a story: when seeing a bottle filled half with water, optimistic people would say it's "half full", pessimistic people would say it's "half empty". I think this problem is also just people's perspective. Retrogression is still there, it will not be any better or worse with/without the July event. Some people see that retrogression is still there so they are pessimistic, some people see that at least you get something from this even, so they are optimistic.
    I see this prediction every now and then. Why don't you guys get your facts straight. Retrogression will remain the SAME. The pace at which they process GC's is not going to change. It's just applications moved from your home queue to the USCIS queue. Why would that make retrogression worse?? Think before you talk!!

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  • Quasi-Pro Bono Lobbying?
    Posted by Joseph Schuman

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  • Change the language and target too. I am thinking to draft a letter to send Home Builder Assoc and Car companies that I am not able to buy Home and Car because I am not getting loan. I need a car and home as I am paying rent every month around 1500. I am willing to pay 25% down and have credit score more than 700. No any kind of violation. Paied off first car loan. I am experienced enough to find another job in such bad economy. The only thing that I dont have is GC for which I am waiting for last 8 years. If I get GC probably I will get good loan faster and cheaper. If you lobby for us for GC probably not only me many other immigrant will get loans.

    Never ever mention that it will improve economy.

    Waiting for comments.

    I like this idea of getting assistance from lobbyists in HBA and other assoc. They already have established their presence in Washington. If we can sell them this plan, I think something can be done. We need a horse to ride to DC.

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  • Sent emails to:
    Senator Carl Levin (D- MI)
    Senator Debbie A. Stabenow

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  • I do not think they told us the lies, I think we raised our expecations too much, we did not do our homework. its one of those advertisement gimmicks,
    where they say everthying is free and at the bottom of the page there are all kinds of restrictions written in small fonts.


    BS. i found out about the 10,000 visas rule after 5 years here. before that it was always "you'll do well, you know math and so on".

    how many of you realize that the queue gets longer every year by _seven_ years? how many people applying for h1 know this?

    its not that i didn't read the fine print. _they_ kept the fine print. i was never even allowed to see it.

    and when i asked for the promotions etc due to me for my work, they said, you're free to leave.

    the intimidation is clear.

    in hindsight, yes, i should have paid a US lawyer consulation before coming here. but before coming here i've worked in 4 countries and the experience was always nice.

    except here.

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  • My folks are here visiting... so it will be difficult for me to attend... but i will try

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  • ^^bump^^

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  • This would be the last visa bulletin for this year. The dates should move just like they did last year to consume all numbers.

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  • Outlook is very very grim without a bill from what I understand. EB3 India is going to be in a hole and EB3 PDs that are 2006 and later have a really long wait time ahead that they are not imagining. We are all hopeful by nature and look forward to visa bulletins with a positive attitude but such PD folks may be disappointed month after month for several years. For EB2 India it is important to know number of ported cases. EB3ROW folks also need to worry now. Their journey may not be that smooth due to spillover rules and high demand. We need to get data via FOIA to make a better guesstimate. Without such data we will hear various theories, predictions and interpretations from various websites and blogs that may not be always true.

    You definitely have better resources to know things but I hate to disagree on what you said.

    You said, it is going to be tough for EB2 I (and i guess C too). You also said EB3 ROW need to worry as well. Obviously, per you, EB3 I and C are out of question. so where are the 140K numbers going to go next year???

    Are you saying that EB1 and EB2 ROW are going to consume 140 K minus restricted quoto of retrogressed countries? It is hard to believe.

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  • This links says it is at 1pm EST, I am curious from where are you getting this 3 pm EST.
    @3PM EST

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  • Thanks to all members of IV who have made it possible for our voice to be heard! Keep up the good work!:)

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  • Yes, facing the same issue. I mailed my application on Jan 12th, got the receipt on Jan 28th.

    Hoping the information would get updated today. If not, we would have to wait till 15th. I tried calling the 1800 number, the support person had no idea on the updates since this case is with the National Records Centre.

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  • H1b humane-hear my cannot be as inhuman as it can be..(i have written the story in one of the forums before also..)

    My PD-Oct 2001..Eb3..My wife RIR-almost making it thru I140when all hell broke loose in our wife was pregnant and because of stupid gynaecologist..she ended up in hospital with complicated premature preganancy..guess if it was not bad enough..her company got acquired just when she was admitted in hospital...imagine wondering about health insurance when she was kept to bed rest with no mobility allowed..we filed for insurance by mistake..which said that 20% in patient.....we were so shaken that even human resource did not advise us..guess was born..and it was surmised that baby will have long stay in hosiptal...2-3 months(eventually it was 4 months!)..somwhere around the first month..I realized that her insurance..will rip me off..I called right at the end of the first month..and tried several times to put my wife and baby on my insurance so that i don't end up paying was lot of efforts until I found some desi in Blue cross insurance who put the whole family from the first initial month..when normally people get the policy for the following month at that time.

    one down --and then another wife was called to her office from hospital saying that..since there was lot of work in her office..she could come for some days..guess what..she went back..thinking..she could finish work and then take extended leave....guess what..she was laid off..and with baby in hospital..and lay a rush to change her status to H4 visa..imagine the workload.....finally got her status h4 visa..with GC and labor in trash...

    I was so disgusted..that I started writing to Governor Shwarzenegger' office..who put me with Senator Diane Fienstein..and of course labor secretory Chao..after all the correspondings..all I got was my D number listed from Dallas..their sympathies...ALL I WROTE to them..Hey I want to change jobs because in those days I was commuting between LA to San Diego..where my baby was hospitalized...I wanted to be with my baby..and not work..but it was not possible..if I did..then I could get out of status...I even wrote to Department of Homeland security...and got no reply...they don't care..I ahve to be illegal to get sympathies..I guess!

    Situation was bad..finally baby was out of hospital and I weathered all with help of Almighty...and now I am so disgusted with system..that I am moving to vancouver...

    But I have another pleasant boss wants me to work from vancouver and visit office once in a month...I don't know...whether it is possible...stay in vancouver and visit LA for 2 weeks and then go back and still maintain H1 status..

    what do you say..after all the stress!


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  • Why you are posting the 2002 article to add confusion

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    Incorrect. It does not matter if it is initial or a renewal.

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  • My wife has a H1 since oct 2006 till date she hasn't worked and hence has no pay stubs. her passport has a F2 visa. I want to convert her visa to H4. Her employer is asking for 6k to generate 3 paystubs for 3 months. I dont want to pay so much. if we go to canada to get H4 stamping will they ask for her pay stubs or just my pay stubs are enough.

    Is there any chance of rejection. also can I go to canada for stamping or do i have to go to home country.

    is there any site or posting that explains the process of applying for H4 in canada.

    Thanks for any help

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  • Can you please give the details of people whom to send, their name, email id, fax no .. or any other details

    wait, Franklin,

    1. Did you get already your GC approved?

    2. I think you DO need PD to be current for GC approval. In best case scenario, GC could be approved in matter of 10-15 days, so for July filers there were some GC numbers available, and few lucky ones got their approvals. This is how I see it... please correct me if I'm wrong.
    I thought the same too, and I think it was the incredibly rare exception - I must have been assigned a visa number VERY quickly and probably benefited from the confusion at the agencies in the summer. AOS applied early June, FP was completed early July, and I am lucky to have a pretty unusual name. My PD was April 04, my card was received before the DC rally - Visa Bulletin for my category was Aug 02 at the time of approval... .

    3. It would be interesting if shimul99 would share with us as when exactly his status was adjudicated. I've read somewhere that there are cases, that people got their GCs approved by mistake and lawyers suggested to inform CIS and return the GC. These people were then having their statuses adjudicated when their PDs were becoming current.

    Sorry - I missed these questions...

    The system is unfair and broken. Just because I benefited from the current system, doesn't make that statement false

    From -

    What are the steps in Consular Processing and estimated processing times?

    The USCIS forwards the approved immigrant petition (the I-797 Notice of Action) to the National Visa Center (NVC) if the alien indicated his desire to apply for consular processing. Otherwise, he/she has to file a Form I-824 to request consular processing; (6-8 weeks)

    The NVC sends an information and forms packet (Packet 3) to the alien when an immigrant visa number becomes available; (2-3 weeks assuming the immigrant visa number has become available)

    The Alien and his family complete the Packet 3 and return it to the NVC; (2 weeks)

    The NVC processes the Packet 3; (6-8 weeks)

    The NVC notifies the State Department Visa Office of the completed Packet 3 processing and requests allocation of visa numbers for the alien and his family; and (2-4 weeks)

    The NVC schedules an immigrant visa processing appointment for the alien and his family at the U.S. consulate which issues immigrant visa. (6-8 months) The alien must attend the appointment at the U.S. consulate abroad.

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