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  • Much of Asia and Africa is bogged down due to unstable political condition, rampant corruption, weak institutions and regulated economies, not to say low literacy and paucity of skilled workers.

    Correction: paucity of skilled workers owing to emigration to the "more competitive" economies. It is the emigrant source countries that need to be complaining, yet in case of the US we find that most of the complaining is coming from the destination country !!! Sometimes I do wonder if the US got too much of a good thing too easily.

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  • oscarzumaran,
    Could you please stop spreading baseless rumours. Atleast on your happiest day . Thanks.

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  • Hello Gurus,

    My I-140 was recently approved. 140-485 filed concurently in July 2007. I have a new job offer and plan to use AC21. However I am worried because the wages at new job would be significantly higher than the old job. There are two reasons for the big difference
    1-Desi employer v/s corporate employer
    2-Dallas v/s New York

    Any comments from people who have faced similar situation will be highly appreciated.


    I would suggest to get in touch with attorney.

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  • Any reason why we are all waiting for the August bulletin??? We alrerady know that the visa numbers aren't available for this year...and its also been mentioned by IV that the breaking news that everyonez expecting isnt about the visa bulletin....I am confused...could somebody throw light on this pls..why the wait?? :confused:

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  • i have been hearing that my case has been with an officer since last month (yes i said last month .. july).
    I have no idea :
    who these officers are,
    why they are sitting on a case for weeks together without doing anything,
    whether they have the copy of the latest bulletin,
    whether they are still employed by NSC,
    whether they are still alive.

    noooo idea..... whatsoever.

    my file has been with officer since aug news ..and now the #'s are all gone....

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  • I came back last month from India via Frankfurt on Lufthansa. Airline does suck badly, but there is no need for transit visa if you got valid AP/visa stamp.

    Folks - Amsterdam, Dubai, Brussels are the best way to go. 4 years back, I had problems with Lufthansa, I did not know I ahd to take transit visa and they never allowed me on flight and I had to travel the next day by going to german consulate in morning get visa and went back in afternoon, and surprisingly they had blocked me for that day. Until then, I always used to travel ONLY by lufthansa, but after that experience, I never wanted to. I always fly emirates and I like it.

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  • This would be a great activity to focus on after the Letter Campaign. We can ask some senior members for Ideas/ help as well

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  • Since you asked what I am exactly doing here:
    I am not here to discuss illegal immigration. I am here to discuss how we can put acceptable proposals out there so we can all get out of this mess, or at least get out of here a little faster !

    Folks, allow me to tell you that we cannot succeed in this fight if our strategy remains wrong. By no means we shall find ourselves supporting what is against public opinion in our host country, which is now America. You guys from time to time, now what is called senior members from IV, pst phrases which may be PERCEIVED as an attempt to disguise the status of illegal aliens movement. Undocumented immigration simply doesn't exist. There are numerous ways one can find oneself without documents. I outlined an example before. "Immigrant" is not the correct designation if you never immigrated here. Start by showing our alignment with this country by using the correct term. We may be better accepted that way. By the way, wake up, is in major part thanks to the illegal aliens that many of us are stuck.

    Tomorrow you can go to India as an immigrant. The day that you find yourself pushing for more immigration than Indians want, it is the day you will not be welcome in that lovely country anymore. Italy is a sweet country, but people are fed up with immigration there. How about France ? America is next. The lack of sympathy for immigration is in the air. Which are our chances to fight against it just because we conceal our proposals ? Minimal.

    Sure. Do you want another one ?

    Main Entry: im�mi�grant
    Pronunciation: 'i-m&-gr&nt
    Function: noun
    : one that immigrates : as a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence b : a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown

    I was amused by..."Undocumented is someone who had documents, but lost them"...Bravo...!!

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  • 28.
    16 Republicans and 12 Democrats.

    Here is the Chicago Tribune editorial on the Senate CIR bill.
    The Senate's better vision
    Published May 26, 2006
    The Senate on a 62-36 vote Thursday approved a far better plan.
    This issue is too important for such heavy-handed partisanship. If the House fails to compromise to get an immigration law, it will reinforce the broad public impression that this GOP-led Congress can't get anything done.
    Against long odds, the Senate has produced a comprehensive immigration bill that looks beyond the House's one-dimensional solution. It deserves to be considered in good faith in conference committee. Building on the lessons of 20 years of failed immigration policy, the Senate bill represents our best chance yet to finally set things right. It's time for negotiation, not noise.

    Copyright � 2006, Chicago Tribune

    LINK (,1,7539910.story?coll=chi-opinionfront-hed) at

    Here is my guess on who will be in Conference from Senate side.

    Sen.Specter, Sen.Cornyn, Sen.Kyl, Sen.Sessions, Sen.Brownback, Sen.Graham, Sen.Grassley, Sen.Kennedy, Sen.Durbin, Sen.Feinstein, Sen.Leahy, Sen.Feingold

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  • Hello Krishnam

    Since your GC is for future employment, your current employer might not be able to support you on H1 but you can always get them to support you for future employment and so they can still not revoke your 140 petition process. So if possible be on good terms with them and ask them to keep your 140 process intact

    I have a I-485 pending, and there is a chance I may be laid off after 180 days. Would I have to have another similar job offer at hand, or can I still continue looking for a job after 180 days of I-485 till I find one ?

    Thank you for your help.

    1. What is your current status? H1/EAD? 140 approved/in process

    a) If 140 is approved and you filed 485 and its been 180 days and if you meanwhile have an EAD in hand,
    a1) then you can move to a new employer using the EAD or
    a2) transfer H1 and have no problems with GC process.

    If USCIS asks you then you say you are using AC21. At that time since your 140 is approved/contains all required initial evidence USCIS will not ask anything more. If they do however ask then your new company will need to provide all the required information again.

    Required initial evidence, as specified under 8 CFR 204.5(g)(2), includes copies of: (1) annual reports, (2) federal tax returns, or (3) audited financial statements. The petitioner must submit a copy of at least one of these required documents

    There is big thread on this forum somewhere about Initial evidence. Search should reveal it

    b)If 140 is pending and you filed 485 and its been 180 days but you dont have an EAD, if 140 petition is not withdrawn then you can find an employer to support your H1 ( assuming you are on H1. Not sure abt L1 case)


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  • I am getting mentally prepared for much much longer wait.

    meaning you are also planning to marry a US citizen....nothing wrong
    This trend will accelerate more in years to come.

    When i first came in 1999 marrying us citizen was sort of heard of by IT folks.
    by 2003 i was coming across so many cases of marrying us citizen.

    among non indians its very common resulting in their PD being more recent.
    In fact my friends who went for marrying citizen ...are way better placed in life.

    It become so hard to marry from india now with contract jobs lasting short time and salary being so low after cut form h1b vendors. eventually teh pain will reach the point of yield.

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  • Instead of asking for more bread, we are fighting ferociously for the scraps like dogs!

    It was estimated by Compete America that if the last CIR had passed there would have been more than 500,000 visa numbers recaptured ( don't ask me for the math, I didn't come up with this number). Assuming that the Nurses took away a chunk of it, we still would have a big chunk to statify Eb3, Eb3, ROW, India, China etc. etc. And the nurses are going to walk away with a big chunk folks - whether we like it or not - because we are fighting each other like dogs for the scraps of the spillover, while they will come up well organized and walk away with the cake.

    Our disunity, lack of long-term vision, lack of action is our biggest weakness. We will not win unless we fight this together.

    For the August visa bulletin, USCIS gave all the extra quota to EB2. I don't think this is fair for all the EB3 people. I thougt the reason they gave all the quota to them was the EB2 included NIW. But NIW is just a small portion of EB2. Majority EB2 peopole are like EB3 working for companies and not necessarily important to give all the extra quota to them. If the policy continues, our EB3 will just become fake immigration. You don't know how long we can finalize our case. Gugs, please work together and let our voice to be heard by USCIS. Hope our organization can help us.

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  • is your lawyer saying? You are paying them to answers these kind of questions.

    I have a phone call set with my lawyer. I am going to listen to his recommendation. However knowing how others are handling similar situation will help me in taking decision.

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  • though I agree there is no grace period however practically USCIS has not been rigid about the dates. MOST of the employers do not inform USCIS about firing of H1b. During dot com bust, USCIS has 'unofficially' said that 15-20 days are good enough (again not as a policy decision but informally). It should be avoided, however it may not be always possible, and having few days gap should not be something on which you make life or death decision.

    Yes there is no grace period but INS overlook 3-4 weeks gap after layoff.I have seen lot of cases getting approved, if there were filed in that time period.

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  • Ask him.
    :D :D :D :D :D :D

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  • I will take the beer thanks!!

    and my profile is on the Team IV page :-))

    Didn't know you were a core member; but thanks anyway.


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  • surprising to see EB3 move by 3 months (to Oct 2001).

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  • I'm providing updates here just for future reference for others -

    I called the local airport CBP office (even though my last port-of-entry was different), and talked to an officer there. They said that they will handle this issue as long as I can show my passport and visa information.

    Phew, that is a relief.

    Oh, btw it turns out that the one officer responsible for handling this is on vacation, so I have call again after 2 weeks to schedule an appointment.


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  • I agree. even if we dont change the names. Have multiple domain names which reflect more of high-tech, skilled, or other keywords related to high-tech immigration... just a thought.

    anyway you can check this link..

    I do not need to see for VB.
    I need to look intoonly IV.:)

    Yes Buddy, Everyone Will Get Fp Notices.:)

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