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  • Hi guys
    on weekend i got email abt my I140 has RFE.Message saying they mailed on Nov14.i am expecting letter to attorny or emplyer in 2 weeks.
    My pd is 2002 Dec. and my Company got merged last year to new company, i have 3year degree and 1plus year diploma which is equal to B.S computer science, when my employer did Education Evalution.

    I am expecting 2 Queries
    1) when company merge they may ask Company tax returns for current year.
    2) or they want again Education Evalution

    Hey "gcphul", Any update buddy on you RFE ?? Also was your 140 filed by your older company (before merger) or by the new one?

    Any info will be helpfull..

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  • Some Background:
    My employer filed for my residency in 2008. Per my employer, my PD is Jan 2008 and my I140 has been approved. My 6th year on H1B will be over in August 2011.

    My questions to Attorney Reddy are as follows:
    1. Can I switch employers now and retain my old PD?
    2. Since I do not have a copy of the I140, would the employer be able to withdraw my I140 application?
    3. Will I be able to get a 3 year extension on my H1B with the new employer based on my approved I140?

    Please let me know. And many thanks to Ms. Reddy for providing this great service to the immigrant community :)

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  • If you are talking about the discussion. then am referring to the items and not the discussions.Have I missed these items some where that are like the above. Then we are good to go. Can you let me know if the action items already there tries to encompass all thes issues and possible solutions. Ofcourse I know every one is talking and discussing but didn't see a concrete list except a description on the front page saying we are fighting for the cause of GC aspirants and some smaller descriptions.

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  • This is a news RK charging for suggestions.
    I spoke to him couple of times prior to becoming his client and he never charged me anything.

    He was very polite and replied all my questions. He even responded to my emails. This was in 2006.

    I also suggest Amarnath Gowda(www.gowda.com), even he won;t charge any money for the suggestions to the general questions.
    I used Gowda and RK and I was satisfied with both of them.

    You should clear most of your questions prior to hire any attorney, then choose them according to to your satisfaction.

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  • ok so when would EB2 come back to its old status of Jan 2003(it was so for past 1.5 yrs atleast b4 jumping to june 2004 and again retogating)...would it be in this current fiscal yr..i.e b4 sept 2008 or it will take whole of nxt fiscal yr to come to that kind of dates?

    I believe once it gets past Jan 2003 PD's, dates will move steadily.

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  • Try this link

    Information is correct and it can be confirmed on Judiciary Committee website.

    I dont see same info at given link ? did they take it out ?

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  • You are way more qualified than me. I only have 2 masters, research work, research papers. My attorney was able to get my EB1 approved without sponsorship. You will definitely get EB1

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  • UPDATE: My company attorney suggested talking about this in April, and I am nervous about waiting till then in limbo - things are only going bad to worse, I might as well find a job at a place which will sponsor a PERM sooner rather than later.

    I request you to PM me if you have any leads for such companies might still be a good bet for filing a PERM.

    uhh..damn immigration process..

    I was in similar situation last year. This what my attorney told me after layoffs. They have to wait 6 months after layoffs in the company before filing PERM again. The perm filing process in big companies take atleast 2-4 months. So if they are planning to file after 6 months then this is right time to start collecting documents. For this to happen it might need little push from your manager.
    If your company is in a situation where they are planning to layoff people continously over the next year(I know one big company which is doing this) then it is better to talk to lawyers right now and decide the course of action because there is no point in waiting until april. If your manager strongly supports your case then some times lawyers can pull off tricks like there are no layoff with this particular skill set or in this division etc..

    I dont know of any big company that is hiring. If your resume is hot(has specialized skills) then put it in dice or monster you will always find employer.
    You can always switch to consulting and find consulting company which applies for GC right away.

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  • Nice search

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  • Personnel message sent.

    Saw your message. Thanks.

    If that is the sole reason for denial, consider filing an appeal and think of a backup plan. Get a good lawyer if you do not have one.

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  • I might had refresh immigration-law and travel.state.gov websites atleast for 100 times in last half an hour just to get glimpse of Aug bulletin :(

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  • i dont have a marriage certificate, can an affidavit from both parents be used instead of a marriage certificate?

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  • my lawyer as always only wanted me to pay in full :mad: however yesterday I got fp code #2 for 10/2/7 so i will take that day off and get appointment again!!! :eek: and will be back with news

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  • Got the status update email from USCIS stating a card has been issued for my 485 application.

    I am not married yet. What are the implications if I get married to a citizen of india residing in India.

    Kindly refer me to appropriate material if you know of any.



    Then, your spouse should comes in family catagory. You should sponser I-130for a spose of LPR. But FB catagory backlogged very bad now the PD is 2003. It takes many years.

    Other option is wait for 5 more years. You will become US citizen after 5 years. Then apply 130 for your spouse (spose of citizen). As there is no numatical limt, your spouse can come immediatly.

    Other option is she/he can come in H1,L1 and any othe non-immigrant catagories. However, they wont give certain non-immigrant visa like student, for your spouse if they kow she/he is a spose of LPR. Consult a lawyer.

    Other easy optin is marry a person in US.

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  • It just means somebody touched the case. The case is still at NSC.
    What is your PD? Are you current?


    My 485 status online just changed today. Here's the new message:

    Current Status: This case is now pending at the office to which it was transferred.

    The I485 APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO ADJUST STATUS was transferred and is now pending standard processing at a USCIS office. You will be notified by mail when a decision is made, or if the office needs something from you. If you move while this case is pending, please use our Change of Address online tool to update your case with your new address. We process cases in the order we receive them. You can use our processing dates to estimate when this case will be done, counting from when USCIS received it. Follow the link below to check processing dates. You can also receive automatic e-mail updates as we process your case. To receive e-mail updates, follow the link below to register.

    The previous message said that "my case was transfered from CA to NSC on Sept 12th 2007". I had been seeing the previous message for the past 9 months. Anyone knows what the new message means?

    Coincidentally, I had called today and spoke with an IO to check on the status of my 485. He said that within 30-60 days it should get assigned to an officer. Would this have any bearing on the new status message? I see an LUD with today's date.

    Thanks much for any help,

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  • If you are legal now I don't think they'll consider you illegal because you did somethin 2-3 years back.

    If you attended college on F1 in the US I'm sure most worked off books. That should qualify you as an illegal but I don't think they'll consider what u did before if you're legal now.

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  • As per USCIS official report as of end-August, there were more than 500,000 pending AOS applications:

    http://www.uscis.gov/files/article/APPLICATIONS%20FOR%20IMMIGRATION%20BENEFITS_Aug07. pdf

    So, if we estimate that there were about 100,000 more AOS applications receipted during September and October, that is a total of 600,000.

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  • :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D
    Buddy let me know ASAP if its really going to make a difference, I will try to speed up the process.:D

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  • Let me try in other branch.Online application works fine in IE , doesn't work in Firefox.

    Also I dont see anywhere the real PD mentioned anywhere.
    Sorry I might be blind or really really drunk.
    But if someone can point me that PD mentioned anywhere above.

    I dont understand how my specific PD would help answer my questions , atleast in this case !! The PDs for EB3 india have moved from May 8 2001 to Aug 8 2001. Not a big move not a huge range of PDs in this bucket of PDs getting current in March. So I assume specific PDs within that bucket won't experience totally different results based on PD alone.

    Anyway my PD is May 11 2001.

    And looks like some one gave me a red dot with a comment "Asking too many questions, just relax !" ...

    May be this person wants me to create a separate thread for each question :) Sorry friend for consolidating all my questions into one single thread and post!

    On the first page of 485, my employer put his address.

    So I am guessing the 485 receipt will go to him even without any G-28.

    EAD and AP will directly come to you anyway.

    ah man!

    That is possible. Since they don't need your signatures on each and every page of I-485, they can do that without your knowledge and have USCIS send all communication to them...

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