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  • Please consult with an immigration attorney, to make sure your stay is legal. if your i-94 expired, unless you get the revised I-94 with the valid dates, your stay is illegal. If it is more than 180 days, then you are in deep trouble. Consult with an attorney and prepare to leave.....

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  • this article does nothing other than to raise FUD. Out of whole USA population this article says that 7000 births were from foreigners. and then it assumes
    'Many, but not all, of those mothers could be "birth tourists," '

    words like 'Many', 'could' are used to justify the 'research' someone has done.
    of course it forgets that most of them could be foreign workers long term work visas.
    The cost of average medical birth in hospital is above $50k.. do you think people have that much money to pay for it ? If someone has $50k to blow on medical expenses then probably they don't need US citizenship.
    Secondly the article propagates the 'anchor baby' myth. A person can only sponsor the parents when they reach age of 18.

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  • I got 30 more days for the 240 day calendar rule :mad:

    FYI: I got my I-140 approved on 07/06/2007 after 7 months of wait. This just makes me think that while approving I-140 they didnt even looked at my H1B. The processing of these applications are completely separate. Since my I-140 got approved recently, my employer might not have lot of issues with IRS or INS. ??????????? what do you guys think.

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  • Can you pls let us know when did your Checks cashed if you have received your receipts last week?

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  • You dont have to get NEXUS. It is easier if you do, but you dont Have to.
    The wait during regular commute hours in mostly 15 mins. There may be exceptions. However your facts are wrong. NEXUS is not a reqt.

    Yes you will need a stable job in Detroit. I am not in IT. I would be transfering to Detroit office of my company but serving same clients that I am serving currently.

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  • but its a long shot.. do u've EAD or H1...r u in status to fight while u work

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  • Hi all,

    I don't believe having I-140 filed by a company constitutes a violation of beneficiary's non-immigrant status.

    To be eligible for the student status, among other things, you must demonstrate non-immigrational intent, that's true. When applying for a visa and going through immigration control at the port of entry, the burden of proof is on you. Therefore, the chances of getting F1 visa or being admitted on F1 status with I-140 filed are very slim. Nobody will believe you are entrying to study and go back when you have approved labour and I-140 pending (or even approved). Once you inside the country, however, INS have the burden of proof in the status violation cases. And for them to proove in a court of law that you violated your status by changing your intention to go back would be impossible without some sort of open confession and signed affadevit from you. So, don't worry about it.

    Person's intentions change over time, there's nothing wrong with it. Peolple file adjustment od status applications all the time: B1 to F1, F1 to H1B, etc. Filing I-485 from student status, or from any status, should not be a problem in itself either, as that is precicely what you are declaring by this application: "My intention changed, I don't want to go back anymore, please adjust my status to Permanent resident".

    There is a potential problem here, though. If you apply for a position and initiate LC process shortly after you entered the country on non-immigrant visa, you might be giving INS in future a reason to suspect that you were not truthful on your original non-immigrant visa application, and your "real" intention was not study but work in the USA. That's where there could be trouble, as if they are sucsessful in prooving this, it could lead to deportation and lifetime ban. Per my lawer, the safe time to wait before initiating any status changing process is one year.

    My personal situation: I was on F1 visa for 6 years before I started LC process with a company for a totally unrelated to my field of studies position (EB3). We had PERM approved and filed I-140, with me still on F1. I-140 was approved and now we are stuck in retrogression. Meanwhile, and after I-140 was approved, I graduated and applied for H1B based on my major. I have disclosed on H1B application that I have I-140 approved from another company and attached a copy. Not a question asked. H1B was approved within 9 days (cap exempt). And there's more. Because I violated my F1 status years ago by accepting unauthorized employment (tracable through taxes), my lawer told me to leave the country and re-enter, to cut the tail clean and be eligable for adjustment of status when the quotas open up. I went to Canada, and applied for H1B visa stamp, disclosing on the applicqation that I have I-140 approved and have violated my visa terms previously ("yes" to question 38, in "kiss of death" section of the application). Very stressful time that was. But in the end - no problem, got the stamp and was back in two days.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post. I hope this helps.

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  • 500,000 Legal immigrants in limbo:
    lets say (I mean lets Tell them) 1/5 th of that # buy on an average $300K houses.
    That equates to $30 billion.. Not a bad #. But I am sure all want to buy houses eventually. Thats $150 billion. Not a small #.

    Lets say (again tell them).
    1/100 th of 500,000 start companies, of 5 employees each=25,000 jobs.. Not bad again.
    This idea is inline with our IV campaign that was discussed sometime back. We can tell in different forms to the media. Somebody may publish.

    There are 304,000 houses in some form of foreclosure in Aug 2008 alone. Of 500,000 legal immigrants there may be actually 250,000 families.
    You want to buy properties when it is going down in value? People are walking away from paying mortgages because it doesn't make sense to pay mortgage when the value goes down below what one owes. Are you saying we will save US economy by losing our money?
    If economy is going bad, then there is a lot of pressure on US admin to encourage companies to get the job to American citizens so that they can keep paying their mortgages.
    There is nothing wrong in trying, just that we may get unwanted attention... People are very angry and worried about losing their jobs...

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  • Pappu, I sent you a PM

    Does anybody recall an old TV serial in India named 'Appu aur Pappu' about a boy and his elephant?! :D

    Looks like the long GC wait is turning me into a crazy person if I start recalling such old serials! :(

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  • GCPlease,

    I too used "PARLOEE" for both of those questions.

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  • I hope that never, ever, ever happens. Actually, I'm sure it never will. :p

    I second that !

    And also I don't see how that will solve anything. Visa #'s are the problem not the distribution of the #'s.


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  • are sung at a variety of places as a mark of respect.
    we went to make a point. nobody was forced to do anything.
    our point was that we were interested in being american.
    people can disagree and that's fine too. frankly have not
    heard much of that though...

    i think pankaj did a great job and deserves much praise for it!

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  • Hello,

    There is an official way to file a complaint against CBP individuals, see this link: https://help.cbp.gov/cgi-bin/customs.cfg/php/enduser/std_adp.php?p_faqid=1160&p_created=1257459854&p_sid=uJzYJiSj&p_accessibility=0&p_redirect=&p_srch=1&p_lva=&p_sp=cF9zcmNoPTEmcF9zb3J0X2J5PSZwX2dyaWRzb3J0PSZwX 3Jvd19jbnQ9MTQ3LDE0NyZwX3Byb2RzPSZwX2NhdHM9JnBfcHY 9JnBfY3Y9JnBfcGFnZT0xJnBfc2VhcmNoX3RleHQ9Y29tcGxha W50IGFnYWluc3QgQ0JQIG9mZmljZXI!&p_li=&p_topview=1

    I request all affected to file the complaints here and request the revocation/reconsideration of their visas (especially if they have been subjected to deportation).

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  • I am still waiting. I created a SR and reply was to wait for biometrics. I am going to India in dec. Any recommendation on what to do if I still have not got the card?

    Take Infopass appt, take your approval notice and mention that you need to travel and your spouse has a job offer.

    Which service center has processed your case?

    Mine was from CSC to NSC and I am waiting too

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  • can u please email IL at immigrationvoice DOT org with your name and phone number?

    By the way, do not forget to send your letters to the president. This is very very important.

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  • The name check takes 2 years anyway, making a mockery of fast processing times. Even VSC, which is the slowest, takes less than 2 yrs for 485.

    Wait a minute; I thought the name check is part of the I485 approval (and for those who file I-140 and I-485 concurrently, part of the I-140 approval). It wouldn't make any sense if the I-485 is approved and they are still checking the identity.

    Also, the thread has been quiet due to lack of hope regarding the speed of processing centers (Wata, I am with you on the Nebraska one) and the unreliability of promises for improvements.

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  • Is there any website where you can see company names across industry verticals affected by bad economy and has layoff numbers?

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  • Done. Seems like lot of other members have contributed also.

    Great going!

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  • I have left some !!!!

    From now on take off Lou and Tom's clothes in every forum where you can . Point Tom's record for bashing immigrants, non-christians and non-white communities.

    Hey Coolduggar,
    Can u pls give me the number u called...

    Hello All ,

    My application for i485 , i765 and i131 was recvd in Lincoln,Nebraska on July 23 , 2007. (Sent by my company's attorney on July 21) . I have been waiting for over 2 months for any updates or receipt notice but nothing so far . After reading some forums in this website , i called USCIS (number from USCIS website) and got my case escalated to an officer who asked my last name ,first name , date of birth and coutry of birth . He gave me all the three receipt numbers for AOS , AP and EAD . All the receipts numbers are starting with WAC meaning the cases were xferred from Nebraska to California Service Center . When i looked at online status of i485 case , it says the case is xferred to Nebraska since it is in their jurisdiction . The other two cases for EAD and AP are pending . I still have not recvd any receipt notices from my attorney . So , i guess everyone who is waiting for their receipt notices might want to call USCIS and get their numbers .

    Don't mistake what I'm saying. No question the day will come. Just talking about today and the very near future. Today we have to transmit via phone lines at most all venues. The servers at the bureaus and the newspapers have capacity and time constraints as well. Reviewing, editing, captioning and transmitting 3-4 images in 15-20 minutes is a rat race now. On the other end, photo editors are on time constraints as well. There was nothing shortsighted in what I said. I said 4 mp is needed now for that kind of work, and that's why it's there. Down the road things will change. But we're not down the road yet.

    I don't doubt what you say on iota and I've heard stories from the Day in the life of africa talking about the abilities of digital. But I also know the ability of this world to adapt and grow. Today people ay complain about file size but who knows tomorrow. And what about when thos same PJ's want that image for other form factors than may require greater resolution? It's an evolving world and its pretty short sided to believe that a certain file size is all that will be used.


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