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  • and 2 years exp. listed. Why does EB2 require 5 years?. The Job description that was included during my LC had masters plus 2 years exp DOL audits have increased for small companies for sure

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  • Just ignore them...If you guys remember we had the same problem with techworkers yahoo group. At a critical time some guys tried to side track and demoralize us. May be they have other interests in their mind :(

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  • This is completely wrong. Once you are in EAD and got laid lose your status. There is one more thread in this forum where one guy applied for unemployed benefit in EAD, in a weeks times the ICE was coming to his home and severed the notice to appear in the court. That guy started the thread and every one bashing him for applying the unemployment benefit. But he later came to know that his employer notified the USCIS that he got laid off during EAD. So he lost his status and they wanted to deport him. I am not sure about the outcome. He is here in only in the IV. That thread was created in the last 2-3 months time. So search for it.

    There is definitely some legal implication otherwise why your employer wants to inform USCIS. They wanted to be in the safer side. So if anything happens you are the one going to face the music. So check with some good attorney.

    here is the link he is talking about

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  • techy2468 same here. i had deleted part of my last post even before u replied because i felt it was going off topic.

    "post office monthly income scheme" - that is good info i will definitely check on that.

    In short as long as a person is on H1B he is no better than his indian counter part working in a multinational or maybe he is worse, atleast person in india is close to family ,spouse can work anywhere etc etc.
    So the sooner the person gets GC the faster he has made his efforts worthwile - otherwise he will find his story similar to what sai posted in first article of this thread.

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  • ... Although, USCIS will not give you a 3 year H1B extension because you have already filed AOS.

    not true. Irrespective of whether your 485 is filed or not, if your PD is not current, you can get a 3 year extension of your H1 if your I-140 is filed.
    Saying this based on personal experience, and this has also been clarified by USCIS in its FAQ. Your attorney needs to mention that and ask for 3 years when the extension request is made. If they request one, they'll get one.

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  • I heard that's the way it should be from Aug 1st... :confused:

    Someone advise...

    heard what?

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  • Please do vote..
    Guys how does one edit a poll after creation.

    Can somebody from Iv admin modify the poll so users can see who has voted what here.

    So, obviously, you are not expecting any EB3 I to vote, right?

    Or do you want EB3 I also to vote?

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  • From what i know, if you have an Indian Passport and a US Green card, the only countries you can travel to without any visitor/tourist visa requirements are India, USA, Canada, and Bahamas

    Are there any other countries I can go to which don't require a Visa or will grant a visa on arrival?


    I think switzerland does not reqire a visa (did not until few years ago). There are other Carribean countries such as Domincan Rep, Jamaica etc that don't require a visa, if you have a GC.

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  • Voters: 155. You may not vote on this poll

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  • Mahatma Gandhi, bless his soul, had the balls to stand up and fight back. On the other hand, majority of our community live in the fear of their own shadows. We should stop comparing our sorry selves to that great man when we lack an atom of the courage he had.

    We don't want to goto DC Rally in March as it's too cold. Summer is too hot and in the spring we have family vacations planned. We deserve the punishment we are receiving for our inaction.

    Can we do something about this.

    Isn't it something similar that happened when Gandhiji was thrown out of a train is South Africa. Gandhi was discriminated based on his color. We are being discriminated on immigration status for our right to work.

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  • Great to see that things are moving in DC at just the right time.

    Also note to all the readers. I hope people realize that all the folks who are in DC right now (from Florida, NJ and other places) have

    1) Paid for their trip at their personal expense
    2) Are staying at hotels at their personal expense
    3) Taken days off from work at personal expense
    4) Paid for Rental Car/meals at personal expense

    We are running short of funds and there is only so much the core volunteers can contribute (monetarily as well as timewise). Each of us have an equal stake in the outcome of what we are trying. Please consider contributing to Immigration Voice. If you have already contributed once, we urge you to please do so again. Also try and rope in your friends who are in the same boat.

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  • Maintaning F1 status while I-485 pending is not a clearly defined area by USCIS. There are some resources I provided in the following link. There is no definite answer for this.

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  • Q1: Yes
    Q2: I-140 does not include any dependents. Without visa availability Child protection act does not work.

    I guess that leaves only two options. Either leave US or file for his/her own Green Card application. Too bad.

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  • Applied Nov 7
    Still waiting

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  • I am in a similar situation. My current H1B and my wife's H4 expire on June 20th, 2007. I have filed for my 7th year extension as well as my wife's H4 extension in Dec 2006. I got receipt notices for both the application with a notice date of Dec 21st, 2006.

    I am planning to apply for my wife's H4-H1 in April this year under premium processing and I was wondering what would happen to her H4 application if her H1 petition gets approved first. Will she be out-of-status between June 21 and Sept 30, as her H1 would start on Oct 1st. Also, what happens to her H1 if her H4 is approved after H1.

    Any thoughts.

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  • Your lawyer is cheap. I paid 7500 for 1 labor certification.
    Question for you. What USCIS fees did you pay. I don't recall any USCIS fee on labor stage.

    I think your lawyer is screwing you. $7,500 just for labor certification.

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  • I have listened to the three main "Conservative" talk show hosts, Michael Savage, Sean Hannety & Glenn Beck. They are just like politicians and will do anything to retain their popularity. They are experts at twisting sentences and putting words in the caller's mouth. And when they feel they are losing the discussion, they start shouting 'GOMP' (Get Off My Phone) - very much like kids.

    Sure they like the food, but thats where it ends. Their main audience is the WASP crowd.

    It's better to avoid. Plus what do we stand to gain - hardly anything.

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  • My DL was renewed for four years, much beyond my I-94 expiry, both the guys, come on to CA...Golden land of jobs, good weather, cosmopolitan and accomdating/tolerant ppl of all races/religions :-). I am still on H1-B though..


    See the above reply. I assume if they allow -I-94 , then EAD should be treated the same way.

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  • Webfax: $0
    Contribution to IV: $100
    Coercing your friends to join & contribute: $240
    Getting a GC: Priceless
    nice one!
    you should be in advertising.

    How can I do it? I could not find an option to change it.

    Good one Arihant :D :D

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