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  • Fax sent

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  • NO.

    Mailed is not equal to received or applied for transfer. Until you have proof that USCIS has received your application, dont start at the new employer. Waiting for the receipt # is the safe route down the road even though you have to delay by a week or so.

    Thanks for the info dear.
    I will wait for the receipt number.
    I do have one more question if someone can anser :
    I have to start with new employer on 3/29/2010. Definately i will get receipt before that.
    Now my question is, is it ok if i leave my current employer on 3/26/2010 ?
    There will be a 2 day period(weekend) where i will be travelling for the new job.
    I am worried what would be my status for those two days.
    What could i do in this situation ?

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  • 1997 Mercedes Benz Cl600 S600

  • Done. Nice work!

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    Thanks for contacting IV with your SOS.
    An IV core member is going to be helping you to fix this with USCIS. Let us know if you need help. He already tried contacting you yesterday.

    As IV grows maybe this is a help IV can extend to all its donor members and help them if they get in such extreme distress situations. This is one of the ideas we are thinking for our members in the donor group.

    I appreciate your response even if the guy is not a donor. Great job.

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  • Well I was in touch with Pratik. They have same plans and I am working with them. We will be discussing about this sometime in next week.

    Meanwhile this post is just to gather the creative minds together before making any plans.

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  • I only have something to say, everyone is looking for its own turf, and if you really want diversity in the forum, the hard count will not attract anyone else other than Indians and Chinese. I am few months from working due to EB2- Worlwide category (current), so any change on the hard count is not on my benefit, same for anyone who is not from India or China, the EB3 is not current worlwide but the line of all the other countries is still shorter, if you really want to reach more than Indians and Chinese the goal has to be good for everyone, and the hard count is not. Thanks.

    Latest update: Latina explained that the hard count doesn't affect the place in the line for the Worlwide category, it just affects the unused numbers and that this will go to other skilled workers from no worldwide categories other than to not skilled people, I am all for that, I just do not want to have to wait any longer and if Latina was correct my assumptions were mistaken.

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  • Only my opinion, Janey, but since you are moving up I wud be looking to the future. Meaning, the D70 will be a great camera for you and then you'll be eventually experimenting and wanting different/better lenses.

    Canon offers IMHO far more superior lenses and more choices.

    The 300D or the 10D both Canon, would be my choice.
    Ok, in defense of Nikon, how are Canon's lenses "far superior"? Yes, they have IS (VR) in long teles, and their wide T/S lens has a bit more flexibility. But say Janey wants to do some extreme macro photography? Yeah, Canon has the MP-E 65mm that goes from 1x to 5x, but it's expensive, and for the same cost (or less) one might be able to get a PB-6, enlarger lens, movie camera lens, 50mm lens, and various accessories to link them all together, and in the end have a much more flexible macro system.

    2010 1997 Mercedes Benz Cl600 S600 mercedes benz s600 v12. 2007 Mercedes-Benz S600 V12
  • 2007 Mercedes-Benz S600 V12


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  • Do everything from scratch. File a new labor for a job position that requires a master's degree or bachelors + 5 years of exp. Then when applying for 140, attach a copy of the old 140 to use the earlier PD. There is no relation between the new job position and the job from the old 140. They do not have to match.

    Risks? Zero. You just have to spend time and effort in getting the new 140.

    The benefits of doing this far outweigh the trouble that you have go through to get bumped up to EB2.

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  • This news was actually long coming. Right after USCIS announced I140 Premium filing, they said they would consider to stop concurrent filing. This is U.S.; they are looking to mik out more $, so here you premium for I140 and feel "free" to file I485. I think that's the basic idea; lots of extra income for USCIS.


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  • I just sent one from NY

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  • Thought morons like you never existed..after reading your post I believe definitely they do exists. Do everyone a favor by just keeping your hands off the keyboard or this website.

    Why do you think that you are doing a favor to the country as a whole by buying a house. The fact is that you are really scared to get a mortgage and put money into a asset that may continue to its value in future. The reason you are not buying the house is weak heartiness to invest money and not the immigration scare, you were just looking around a excuse to let go the idea of not buying the house.

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  • "So my wife and me are shuttling between India and US to even meet each other. "

    Can't you bring her on H4...???

    She is on H4 right now, but working in India, so visits when she gets a vacation and I do the same, hence the shuttling :(


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  • This is why I said 221G is a good initiative. Even if people have to suffer a little bit, full check is needed for every visa stamping and every green card application.

    221g is become a unwritten norm in India, sort of like putting roadblocks. The whole visa system was based on "Honor" system but cheating became rampant. Thus the unfortunate need to use unusual measures like 221g

    There was a time when marriage to US citizens for GC was used and abused like anything and some US citizen made it their profession (still happens now but lot lesser). Then in 1986 they added a 2 year wait period for GC permanency for GC based on marriage to USC and whole bunch of penalty rules for abuse. They are talking of introducing this even for Canada now (with conservative majority might happen)

    pictures 2003 Mercedes-Benz S600 V12 mercedes benz s600 v12. MERCEDES BENZ S600 V12

  • Good to see nice welcome gesture from you.

    You did not earn red comments were more on humane side to not worry too much about anything.
    You are right, we need to be cautious, lest things go wrong and feel sorry later. You (IV) all are doing great work. I love this site.

    I fully agree with you we all are frustrated with this mess, but my idea is...For many things as many can go wrong....there will be equal if not more things turning right.

    Off is a question for you, how does one becomes a member from junior member and so forth.

    take care

    these honorific titles- junior member/member/senior member represent nothing but the number of posts a member has written. you become a senior member automatically at 100 posts. the red/green squares by your name on the other hand represent the other member's opinions of your posts.

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  • For H1B: use your vacation time to be associated with your current employer for as long as possible, try pay without leave if possible. No hard and fast rule how much gap is allowed. In principle, there can be no gap but lawyers claim 10days, 2weeks is okay. USCIS asks for recent pay stubs to check for gaps.

    You are in much better shape with >180 days in AOS. Can work in EAD if needed.

    Don't worry.

    Thanks grupak! I was able to use PTO with my employer..
    Is it possible to start working for the New employer (After filing H1B Transfer and getting the receipt) when on a PTO with current employer? Is this Legal to do so?

    If first option is NOT legal, then can i have a GAP of 3 days (without Pay) between current employer (Last date) and new employment start date?


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  • I am in a similar situation but last year I got a marriage certificate from the Consulate in NY but I am not sure whether this will be enough. I am going to talk to my lawyer tomorrow.



    i dont have a marriage certificate, can an affidavit from both parents be used instead of a marriage certificate?

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  • I have seen some in my Inbox too...:)

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  • We have 8000+ members but only 200+ contributed. I have been thinking about it and here is one possible answer. If you look at the poll result about whether we should push for 485 or not, there are about 280 guys supporting this goal. Maybe almost all recurring contributions are from this group. :confused:

    I did not follow the I-485 filing debate; it was sickening. I made a one time contribution. I don't think I am included in the 220 count. I think there are very few members who have made a one time payment recently and are not included in 220.

    I think, the count 220 includes only recurring payments that started this month. Some persons paid before this count started.

    The only useful thing we can do is to work on contributions. It is hard to figure out reasons why persons are not paying. I think it will be useful if we guess all possible reasons and work on all of them.

    We should not insult any non-paying member or anyone for that matter. I still want to know

    1. What is the use of a non-paying member?

    2. What is lost if a non-paying member leaves?

    hi,I am dmjy,510 has a special meaning so I add to my username,you also can all me dm.I am new here,nice to meet you all .we will be frineds.can we?

    Please contact Pappu for this request.

    It is FBI that is responsible for namecheck ... not sure USCIS has any control over them. My understanding is I-485 premium processing would apply only to USCIS processing of the paperwork.

    Then, of course, it won't help much because for most people name check is taking 2 years, and 485 processing via the regular route takes less time than that.

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