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  • Ronhia, I appreciate your comments. It needs conviction, dedication and consistent efforts to make such accomplishments. Moreover it also demonstrates the character of a person, who can motivate and inspire other kids in a positive way.. especially in an environment full of negative distractions.

    If spelling bee competition is considered merely as just cramming the dictionary, as you rightly said we need to really spend some time looking beyond your own shell.

    When you open a magazine, for sure, you tend to come across pages that may not be of interest to you. We skip the page and move on rather whining with words (yucky, stupid, senseless) that are inappropriate.

    "Winning a national competition is not so great"... again it depends on what is so great to you !!!..

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  • I received my EAD last month. But no AP yet. However, i received an email from my lawyer today AP got rejected. The rejection letter is saying that I485 got approved that's why the I131 is rejected.....therefore, my lawyer is waiting for the I485 approval.....but my lawyer told me that I can expect my card soon.

    I don't know how to react. The online doesn't have any update about the I485 status yet. They received my application on July 2, 2007.

    who didn't fall to namecheck black hole.

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    They obtained authorization to file the lawsuit. They had it prepared to file and received good response from possible plaintiffs. It was possibility of good strong case by AILA that deterred USCIS to reverse the decision without a formal lawsuit. This is exactly what we need to further our cause. USCIS could care less about other petty tricks. They will only understand language of laws/court. For that we need congress to pass laws favoring us.

    Our decision to send flowers was initiated around 2-3 July and the first of flowers were booked to be sent the same day.

    follow this thread

    the talk of AILA filing a law suit was around 3 week of July and murthy about the same time. The flower campaign got quite a lot of attention and it did play its role

    What we need now is not another flower campaign but something else. We could take the suggestions of other IV members, may be sending a letter is not a bad idea with some extra postage stamps to help out the USPS since they also reduced some of their services due to funding issues. How about sending few $$ donations to the military fund any public fund to be used to spending.

    We need to consolidate all these threads in to a single one and start working on it and quickly.

    'While the jews argued about whether the romans were right or wrong they got sacked'. so lets have some focus and get something underway

    - kris

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  • This is just to let you all know that my I-140 has been approved.

    As a response to an RFE, following evidences were submitted:
    1) Transcripts for all the years (BSc and MCA)
    2) List of courses completed (Just a list without any course by course evaluations)
    3) Education Evaluation Report (Re-submitted)

    Thank you all for your support

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  • It is time for the high skilled immigrants here to take offense with what NUSA puts out ... here is a message that was sent to them a short while ago. We can do more. The collective intelligence, tax dollars and clout of this group of HIGH SKILLED immigrants can call the bluff on Roy Beck and his bunch of fear mongers...

    To Roy Beck:
    Unfortunately, special interest groups such as yours fail to understand the realities of globalization, international trade and commerce. Your views are an arcane throwback to the era of narrow protectionism fueled by fear, uncertainty and doubt. The world's economies are growing at a much faster rate than the US because we have failed to keep pace with the talent race and skill race. We have forgotten the great tradition of adventurism and capitalism, and instead bask in the self-avowed glory of elitist protectionism... hoping that cute scare videos and falsified statistics will deceive people from seeing what NumberUSA is what it is really about = a quest of 'racial purity'. Lets not try to fool hardworking, law abiding economic agents into believing that you stand for a moral cause greater than the collective capitalist good of the United States. Indeed, it is shameful that you should continue to pander your archaic sentiments around 'immigration control' in a land where the ONLY natural citizens are American Indians. You demean the Irish, the Italians, the Germans, the Jews, the Indians and the Chinese by painting a broad brush against 'numeric over crowding' without caring to recognize the net economic value add of these and other ethnic groups. Maybe its time for todays youth to stop fawning over Hannah M, Britney S etc and get cracking at higher education ... and maybe, just maybe, our time is better spent on being parents that can imbibe a new 'gold rush' mentality of adventure and spirit instead of fear mongering and hoping that globalization will go away :). Because, it wont Mr Beck. Never has. Never will.

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  • Come on tri-state folks.

    This get together is a great way to start U'r weekend :D

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  • Bernanke's predecessor Alan Greenspan has written a book (check it on Amazon) where he makes a case for increased high-skilled immigration. He makes a forceful case that its good for the greater economy (and not just limited to housing sector). And yet, we don't see any action on the Capitol (do we?!).

    If Bernanke gives a media statement about the benefits of increased high-skilled immigration to media, it will create a few articles, a few heated discussions. It will peter out after that ( like Bill Gates testimonies to US Congress). Ultimately its the guys sitting in the Capitol and WH who control what becomes the law. And they aren't going to decide on immigration based on what Bernanke states in a brainstorming session.

    Here's the complex process - Someone has to write a bill, work on getting sponsors and co-sponsors, network with other Congressmen to support the bill. Get it through the bureacracy of the Sub-committee on Immigration in the Senate, get a filibuster proof majority of 60 senators to get it passed. Same has to be done in the House. Get it out of House immigration sub-committee. Get a majority vote in the House. In doing all this they shouldn't create a reason for Pres. Bush to veto it. In case he does veto it (for any reason) it will go back to Congress and 2/3rd majority is required to override the veto.

    If it was so easy to get a bill passed [by getting Mr. Bernanke to support it] lobbying business would've been long dead. Companies wouldn't be spending millions of dollars every year to safeguard their interests.

    Point is - getting Bernanke/media support may create a traction for our issue and get it some coverage. I'm not saying the effort is completely useless. It has it's place. But it will not fix the issue by itself. We still need to meet the lawmakers and convince them, we still need to send those letters, make those phone calls, send those faxes and so on. Getting Bernanke/media support will never be an alternative to IV efforts. They will, at best, complement it.

    Bernanke gets called often to talk about the economy and that gets Media attention (so even if he says everything should be done to increase demand and if he mentions immigration ..that would help) ..that is commonsense 101. it is definitely worth trying.

    ofcourse Ben may not read our letters but hopefully someone in his staff would (Approaching Ben or the realtors has more chance of success than sending mails to VP or to Bush) ...and maybe suggest the same during their brainstorming ..ofcourse all of this is hopes ..and with ifs and buts ..but I dont see lot of other options ..

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  • I was debating the fact that we need to ask India government to device some sort of parity between Capital acceptance from U.S. firms. It takes us, who respresent Intellectual capital, 5 to 6 years to get some kind of permanent residency in U.S. and that too in a grudging manner. Why do U.S. MNCs demand immediate clearence of their projects and complain about delay etc. If you look at comparative delays, Indian system is still light years ahead of so called efficient American system. Its just that we need to look at things from a correct perspective. Monetary capital needs to be treated at par with Intellectual capital. Just a thought.

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  • Now this seems to be a light at the end of the tunnel ( not of an incoming train. hope so)

    Lets support this bill, there is a website I am trying to remeber the address, I heard while driving on kfyi radio station, where all the bills are listed and people can poll on bills and this will help the lawmakers to find what bill is popular and which one is not.

    I'll try to find and post it on the forum, we can poll and support this bill.

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  • Relax buddy.
    As long as you sent it by certified mail and have the return receipt, if it does not make into your file and if later they issue an RFE, you have covered your base. As long as your new job satisfied the AC21 parameters and you have the certified mail receipt, you are fine. Relax and enjoy new job.

    Hmm, we did not send it by certified mail, my Attorney sent it by DHL. Does that matter?

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  • Hey Payton.,

    Once you receive your DS230 form from the NVC you can find the NVC case number on the bar codded sheet. After you submit your DS230 to NVC using that NVC case number you can dial a number and check the status. Mine after 4 weeks says that NVC has completed the processing and forwarded to the Madras consulate on June 5th. Thats how I came to know.

    By the way mine is EB2

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  • Once you login you should have been able to vote... are the options grayed out for you?

    It worked now. Voted.

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  • Mother fucker I am not married and I dont have kids.

    And I thought I should give the forum website a visit in the afternoon during my tea break to see in what sort of disarray it is in. Not surprised, I am not surprised. :(

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  • My first PERM (through company A) was denied, as I told before, just because the PERM software automatically denies application with requirements that exceed "normal" SVP level. (Moreover, it accuses you in claiming that the requirements are normal, even if you didn't claim that!) I am not preparing a second appeal. I am preparing a second PERM filing through another company.

    I couldn't really find any information about the appeal process on the LC once it is denied. the ironic thing is that my first LC was approved then after I got promoted to a senior position and applied for a second LC, the 2nd LC was denied because they think there is no difference between the 1st and 2nd position. does the DOL have an automatic system that processes the LC and that why it coudn't see the difference between the 2 positions??
    where can i find more info about the appeal process?? any links to go to??

    Styrum: did your lawyer give you any info on how long the appeal process takes? and the probability of success in the appeal?? Thanks

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  • Dear Mr. President: Immigration Reform Won’t Be Enough To Stop The Brain Drain (

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  • `Sec. 245B. (a) In General- The Secretary of Homeland Security may adjust the status of an alien to that of an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence if the alien--

    `(1) was physically present in the United States for a continuous period of not less than 5 years immediately preceding the date on which this provision was enacted and has maintained continuous physical presence since then.

    This if i am reading and understanding right may not be too bad. Let me kow if i am missing anything......

    Looks good, but is it talking about legal residents. If legal residents, then good chance to pass, else if its some type of amnesty, then it may not see light.

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  • Thanks! That's helpful... from what you say, sounds like PD is still quite important. RD comes into the picture only after the PD becomes current. However, if a range of PD's are current, then they would sort those by RD and not by PD.

    For eg, if they move the dates forward by a year, and Jan 04 and Jan 05 are both now current, a person with PD of Jan 05 but an earlier RD would still get processed prior to an application with PD Jan 04 and a later RD (according to the FIFO principle)...

    you are right there but USICS does not follow any principle so in your range person with Jan 05 PD could be last (Decorator pattern).

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  • This is a good development. I used the same template and have sent the email to WSJ.

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  • Well,that's fine then. Let's see how posts you will get saying how to find good jobs in Canada. Bye.

    All I can say is that everyone has their personal reasons for the decisions they make. This thread is information exchange thread for those who are looking to move to Canada. This isn't about why one should go one place vs another.

    I welcome you to start another thread where ppl can debate whether they should move to India or consider moving elsewhere. In fact, I will be happy to discuss the options there. But I request ppl to not divert the focus of this thread.

    Here is the news from the Little Rock newpaper. Apparently the criminal shot dead another guy right after this incident

    Thanks for the link. The robber was indeed targeting a particular group/race...Hispanics. And us Indians look like Hispanics in the eye of African-Americans ( and some whites think we are Arabs, that's a whole different story).

    Police also say the suspect in these latest crimes matches the description of a man wanted for a string of robberies apparently targeting Hispanic men in the parking lots of apartment complexes in other parts of west Little Rock.


    My EAD renewal was filed in TSC in the middle of June. Now it is more than 2 months I haven't heard anything from them. I wonder do they request for FP during EAD renewal ? When I applied for EAD first time in 2007 there was no request for FP and the EAD was approved without FP. But I have seen several posts where folks mentioned that they have got FP notification after they filed their EAD renewal. I have done one FP beginning of 2008 as part of my AOS filed on July 2, 2007. So, I wonder do I receive another FP notification as part of my EAD renewal or USCIS can use my existing FP (they may have in their system) ?


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