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  • Hi Friends,

    I am a permanent employee for "x" company, my 140 filed on May 1,2007 waiting for approval, 485 filed on August 22,2007 not been approved either, we just got our EAD's, also please note that i am on 6th year extension on h1... my company "x" moving all projects to the different company "y" from December 1, 2007. ie we are all moving to "y" with the same job title just everything is same istead of "x" it is now "y" company.

    When i called my legal department and ask them about green card status they simply said nothing to worry... everything will be moved to "y" company, as a transition exployees..

    Be honest with you guys...from the last 4 days... i could not sleep... i really dont know what to do in this situation, this is the reason.. i am seeking your help. can some one guide me or answer below questions please.

    1. 140 filed 05/01/2007 - 11/30/2007 more than 180 days with "X" company
    2. 485 filed 08/22/2007 - 11/30/2007 more than 90 days with "x" company
    3. EAD approved
    4. Travel documents approved
    5. I am on H1 6th year extension.
    6. Transition employee.

    my question is

    1 Can my green card status remains the same and continue the process with the new "y" company ?

    2.Do "y" company has to start processing labour/140 again ??

    3.Is it doable that moving everything from "x" to "y" including GC processings ??

    Thanks in advance...Kindly help me out in this situation like how to proceed from here

    With sincere regards...


    Hi I am in similar situation, My I 140 is approved from company X in June and I applied I485 and EAD in July (receipt is pending). I am on 8th year of H1. My HR said not to worry about anything everything (H1 and GC) will be taken care of by new company (company Y). My Question is-

    Do I need to worry since I will be employee of new company by this month end (less than 180 days of I 485 filing).
    Do 180 days limit still valid from July?
    If I change job (to company Z) after 180 days from July on EAD will it affect my GC? How?

    Please help

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  • Well, my lawyer is shit. You don't need to know his name.

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  • Noone is forcing them to be ehre - you are saying. And I am saying: nobody should be forcing them out, either. They are ehre because they want to be here and because they want to discuss something with other people who are here - administrative problems or philosohpical issues.

    'You should trust the organization in what they do' - you are saying. The organization should not be perceived as an abstract, 'know-it-all' deity that we, tiny humans have to blidnly follow. The organization is us collectively and we should not be following it, but leading it or at least taking it somewhere. Sometimes the road is straight and goes forward, sometimes there seem to be multiple roads that need exploring which may or may not coverge again. Sometimes the journey is not continuous and you need to stop, consult a map or a compass and realing yourself. There is nothing wrong with that. There should never be blind trust because that will sooner or later drive us all down the cliffs.

    'If you have ideas talk to the core and discuss with them in person' - that is exactly what we are doing. Throwing around ideas and discussing them amongst ourselves. Sometimes the discussion is easy and disciplined and constructive and sometimes it is hard and confrontational and destructive. I think that if it is too confrontational or too destrcutive that indicates that not all is well within the group - I would refrain from calling it an organization just yet - and the ideas are not mature or ready yet and/or the group is not really cohesive and it is really not one group. Both of which are problems that need to be addressed and dealt with. By stifling discussion and censoring out ideas that you do not like, you are doing a disservice to the entire group because the group has to discover what is the cause of the destructive confrontation otherwise it cannot successfully function and fulfill its objectives.

    For those who dont agree with what IV is doing, no one's forcing them to follow what IV does and certainly no ones forcing them to be here, but if you are here then you should at least trust the organization in what they do.

    If you have ideas talk to the core and discuss with them in person or call them... i m sure they will be glad to take it up if the idea benefits everyone and not just me or you... breaking off driving folks in different direction is not the solution, it will snow ball into a big problem.

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  • I have used AC21 and have not sent a letter yet to USCIS as it is optional and that is what my attorney recommended...that is to wait for an RFE (I have changed address as I moved to a diff. state; chances of an RFE increases)

    That said, I am wondering that with a G28 representation on the files with USCIS, if I send a AC21 letter all by myself (without attorney), will it be honored by USCIS ? I am comtemplating of doing this as I wanted to prempt the RFE thereby saving precious time (when date is current) and the money that I would have to pay my attorney when the RFE reaches him (I would rather he reply to an RFE but want to give my best to avoid it)

    any ideas ?

    Yeah, yours is a good thought, Murthy law firm charges $2000.00 for Ac21 case and then representing you through 485, any RFE takes $250.00.

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  • Please don't travel thru countries that impose this ridiculous transit Visa requirement on individuals, especially from India.

    I stopped traveling through countries that impose transit visa; Eventually, transit visa requirement will be lifted, if no one flies.

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  • Besides not signing this so called contract

    If you are H1 - as long as you are an employee - the employer has to pay the salary as per H1 papers, whatever be the business issues. If that be the case they can be reported as a violator.

    Non solicitation clause should state a time frame - but otherwise most contracts have them

    And as long as this is a new or potential employer - its a nice red flag to stay out

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  • This is my understanding. Please cross check with a lawyer.

    Once I-140 is approved, the PD is yours to keep for life unless it is revoked by USCIS for fraud reasons.

    Here are posts from Ron Gotcher:

    Does approval of I140 change your status in anyway? (

    Establishment and retentions of employment based priority dates (

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  • Guys,

    I live in NJ and I had sent my EAD renewal package to the following address via USPS certified mail:

    Texas Service Center
    P.O. Box 851041
    Mesquite, TX 75185-1041

    When I tracked my receipt today (for both mine and my wife's package), I got the following status:

    Status: Notice Left

    We attempted to deliver your item at 1:47 PM on May 9, 2008 in MESQUITE, TX 75185 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

    Can any one tell me if I have used incorrect mailing address or is this status normal? Do I need to do anything about it?

    Thanks a bunch. Your replies will be appreciated.

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  • Anyone can throw light into this one. Can we track APs now for NSC.
    NSC is receipting late and also their AP documents are mailed very late. Please let us know when we receive our AP document after getting the receipts? for eg. 10 days, 20 days etc..
    It will help lot of us who want to make some travel plans.. [some like us are eagerly waiting for past 4 yrs!!!]
    Thanks to IV and all the members

    I don't think anyone will be able to predict when someone will get AP approved. USCIS has mentioned that they are concentrating on EAD more than anything else (read AP). Also, unlike TSC, NSC only issued receipts so I suppose they are issuing EAD's now. AP seems far away. Even TSC is behind in processing AP.

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  • I mean... this is nonsense. You are employing 50K+ people and you behave so irresponsibly. This guy should be hanged.

    But in India nothing happens, things go in court forever and government helps them once they get the money they want. I am sure this guy has diverted all that money internally to his son's companies or swiss bank.

    How can a IT company with so many projects and clients can not have cash in hand to pay the employees. So unbelievable.

    PWC is again showing their lack of integrity. It looks like for Fraud it does not depend whether it is Indian, MNC, big, small, government, private, reputation...It's just greed. Remember Enron, walstreet guy who scammed billions, Illinois governer, chinese milk products...

    still i can not believe how much more he want even after owning such a big company... Is he mad?

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  • Folks,

    I'm sure you must have debated this already. But, I'd post this anyways:

    Is it possible to take out(or substitute) the need to have a IV handle or register with IV, inorder to participate and meet the law-makers on the Advocacy Day?

    I'm thinking that could bring in more people. People who wants to register will register anyways and who don't want to can also participate. There are other ways to check the validity of the person registering


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  • I joined this club.

    My status shows case recieved and its pending, but for my wife, its this status despite the fact that we she got her fingerprinting appointment.

    I have appointment with my attorney tomorrow to discuss this. Will update with what she says.

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  • Get enrolled in GNIIT course. They will teach you Java, .net, networking, datbase, algorithms and everything else that I did not put here and may be after that you can apply in EB-1 category. I am not mad but, if you do not have 4 year college degree, you should not have gone for EB-2 that too with labor substitution. It is a F***ed up system.

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  • My wife is also in a similar situation. She went for stamping on Feb 1st and then she received a 221g yellow form. We submitted the docs and we are just waiting for a response for more than 3 months. I researched quite a bit on this one, but there is no way to expedite this process. I even contacted the local senator. This is happening quite a bit now. If the case is genuine then it will get approved, but it might take some time.

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  • Done

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  • Just got my I-94 updated with the correct dates at the local airport - the CBP officer was very courteous and immediately knew what was to be done.

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  • Citizenship comes 5 years later, if one's interested (and may not be everyone's goal).

    Singing a country's national anthem is also different than taking the pledge of allegiance (the latter means you are pledging your loyalty to the United States):

    Having said that, excellent job Pankaj!! You had the crowds mesmerized!


    Everyone here aspires to be a future citizen of the United States of America. If GC process didn't have problems, we would already have been citizens. Those who haven't learn't to sing it, should do so soon. It can be asked in the naturalization quiz.

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  • We should take help from "Paul the Octopus" :)

    when is Aug 2010 visa bulletin expected?

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  • ....
    11) is it possible to switch the GC processing to "future employment", although the Labor/I-140 were approved with the understanding that I was to continue working for the same employer?

    Yes. GC is always for future employment.

    12) is the H1 visa/Priority Date of approved labor/I-140 carried over when the individual changes citizenship - from Indian to Canadian?

    Changing citizenship does not affect how Priority Dates are recaptured.

    13) when do the dependents' citizenship come into the picture in the GC process? If I continue to be an Indian citizen but my spouse becomes a Canadian citizen, will my approved Labor/I-140 be affected in any way?

    It is country-of-birth that matters. if your spouse is born in another country that is not subject to PD backlog, you may apply your I-485 to your spouse�s country of birth.

    Not a legal advice.
    US citizen of Indian origin

    Please someone who is net savvy or from the core team could you please create something like this: where we can track people's contribution.

    This is not so that people can finger point but so that people who have not paid are "tempted" and people who have made major contributions are recognized.


    That is a very good idea. But, I don't know how IV will associate the paypal email addresses with the member IDs in this forum.

    July 2nd Filer

    I Got Eads For Me And My Wife On Sept13th

    I Called The Lawyer And Asked For Reciept Number

    I Check The Status Online Of All Rnos And Found The Error Msg

    I Got The Same Error Mail Of Fp Notice Rejected For Me And Not My Wife
    Amount Is Correct 395 ( 325 + 70)

    Lawyer Called Me Today And Asked If I Had Got Fp Notice And Said No But The Lawyer Got The Notice And Said She Has Mailed Me The Fp Notice Which Is Scheduled On Set 26th

    Probably Will Call Lawyer And Ask Her What's Going On

    Hope It Helps Others
    Today My Lawyer Called Me And Told She Got Fp Appointment Notice On Set26th And Mailed Me The Notice

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