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  • The approval of h1 will not invalidate H4 visa. The usage of h1 visa invalidates H4 visa.
    if you have h1 approved and don't join the company, then your h4 remains intact. Once you join a company on h1, you will fill out i-9 form, which informs the concerend authorities about your status change.

    All these are correct. But the main issue is tv25's spouse H1 is denied and the reason is "misrepresentation". So, its a serious charge. And if its on the company's side that put any bogus documentation then he is fine...but if its on his wife's documentation then he ought to be worried cause it may/may not(only an attorney can answer) affects his I-484 case...his credibility is at stake now.

    TV25, Ron Gotcher is a good attorney and this is his web site don't know him personally but, he is an American and he replies to most of the queries in his forum, and with very good explanation. Ask him...that's my suggestion...

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  • Its the oldest trick in a spammer's book.

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  • I am working with the Radio Station to get the CD of the recording. I will make it available to the site admin to have it posted on this site as soon as it is available.

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  • My receipt date was 09/12 , approved on 11/20

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  • Just sent the Web fax. Keep up the good work team IV

    Just sent Web fax 15

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  • Link is not opening.

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  • Hi Guys please help me

    Yesterday i got my receipt i check the status online the status is saying

    Receipt Number: LINXXXXXXXX
    Current Status: Fingerprint fee rejected and notice mailed; case in suspense.
    On August 21, 2007, we rejected your fingerprint fee and mailed you instructions for how to submit the necessary payment. This case is now in suspense.
    Please submit your payment with our notice as soon as possible after you receive our notice so we may resume processing of this case.

    But USCIS cashed my checks i didn't know what went worng the total amount i paid is 325+70,170,180.

    Did any guys get same kind of problem?

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  • my I485

    PD = nov, 2003 , EB2
    RD = 2nd July, 2007
    ND = 6th Oct, 2007
    FP = 1st Nov, 2007
    Name check : still pending
    spouse Name check got cleared.

    latest lud updated : 04/18/2008 ?

    Hi Boogie,

    How do you came to know about the name check status? Is there a way to find out?

    Got a mail from USCIS in nov,2007 stating that our case is transfered to NSC from TSC for faster processing. No update after that except couple of LUD's after FP in Feb, 2008

    EB3 -India
    PD:Dec, 2003
    I-140 approved, apr2007
    485 filed: July 2, 2007
    AP/EAD approved, Sep,2007
    FP done, Feb, 2008

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  • IV community is noting but you and me. IV is a friend. IV is there to help people.

    Folks - one must also realize that talking to administration and getting things dione costs a lot of money through advocacy and IV needs a lot of money.

    So please be generous enough to contribute to IV - we need a lot of funds in these times when we really needs help

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  • But again as I mentioned before, if US has shortage of skilled workers, they can fulfill the shortage within few months. If we all go, another batch of temporary workers can be brought in without any loses, that too in few months (On some different VISA if H1 B is abolished), so I don�t see any economic impact on the country like people say �US Economy will go down if there is no H1 B visa�

    It is not that hard to imagine at all.
    500K h1b holders having $60K jobs (on average) means $30 billion to the US economy. That is only .002% of US GDP but that is still a *lot* of money.

    Remember the Swift meat packing plant raids. They cost Swift $45-50M they claim. That is greater than the wages of the workers rounded up. Probably around double. If IBM started feeling that hurt, they'd be summoning their representatives to their offices.

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  • Personally I do think giving this 55,000 annual quota green cards to employment-based Science & Medicine immigrants is better than giving DV-lottery to other lucky people just win the lottery but without any high educational qualification. Also, since international students have stayed in US for long years and they have documents such as social security no. and driver licenses' to run the comprehensive background check. Therefore, it minimizes a lot of the risk to invite the criminals to immigrate.

    However, I am curious whether this bill will be beneficial to all US advanced graduates in Science & Medicine or not. I know some new H-1B workers in those advanced degrees may NOT be the EB-type and they need to wait for certain years and then the employers will sponsor them green cards as the EB-category. And if the employers don't sponsor them green cards due to companies' merging different departments or for other accidental reason, they will lose their green cards.

    Also, some advanced graduates in Science & Medicine cannot get the H-1B working visa smoothly due to H-1B quota is full and need to leave US and some of them can't get the
    H-1B extension and need to leave US. Or some of them got laid off during their employment period due to merge of 2 companies and if they can't find another employer, they need to leave US too.

    Therefore, if they can't get into the EB category, this bill cannot help them out!! Personally I do think if to allow all those advanced graduates in Science & Medicine to enroll online by "first come, first served basis" and once the 55,000 quota is filled, then they need to wait for the next year to immigrate. This will be fair and can retain all those US advanced gradudates in Science & Medicine who are graduated in different years with different luck to get the H-1B working visa.

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  • How come they are staying beyond 6 months?? Did u get an extension??

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  • gceb1:

    Are you kidding me with your posts? I can't decide whether to feel sorry for you or get angry with you. But I guess, I will move on since you obviously have issues to deal card should be the least of your priorities!

    My "bummer" post was specifically in response to WAIT_FOR_EVER_GC and whitecollarslave's posts about Masters in STEM. I read all the three bills and I stand by my statement that Masters in STEM are exempt ONLY from the H-1B cap; not the EB cap. (line 14 on page 2 of H.R. 5630 ( It is only the PhDs who are exempt from the EB cap.

    Before you start throwing "smart alecky" comments at others, please let me know where it explicitly says otherwise. Don't show me anything about PhDs; ONLY Masters and EB caps.

    I (and probably others too) thought this was the STEM bill being reintroduced which deals with EB caps. But it is not, hence the disappointment.


    P.S.: I know you are going to be back to read this thread. So a lack of response from you will be sufficient for me to have proven my case. But an apology for casting aspersions wouldn't hurt......naah, just kidding! :-) You have a lot of growing up to do, so run along.

    Typical response just to card might be least of my priorities....but may be its your only priority for you !!!!!

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  • Thanks man!
    Did you stay in nearby hotel to consulate? If yes please share name.

    See this link
    US Consulate - Mumbai, India (

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  • Damn..F5 button on my keyboard needs replacing:D

    You can use Opera, it has an Automatically Reload Page feature. Pretty useful these days :cool: :cool:

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  • That's very correct. But I think AILA or concerned folks like us should ask USCIS to clarify their stand on it. I am sure they will do it soon.
    Also, an approved extsnsion with the new employer is by no means a approval of your valid status. Simply speaking, there are various H1B approvals granted "that were approvable at the time of application". This doesn't mean that status is valid for the entire duration, one has to maintain the status by keeping the job etc and meeting the other requirements of approved H1B petition. That's true for extensions too it MIGHT be valid/approvable at the time of filling when your I-140 was approved and not revoked. If revoked you could be potentially out of status if indeed that was the CONDITION of the approval.
    Unless we know that CONDITION of approval (it could be unconditional approval too but it must be stated) we are not sure. If the USCIS later clarifies that CONDITION it could be applied retroactively and that means one is out of status during the whole time after the I-140 was revoked.
    I am not saying this will happen but it is essential to find out the CONDITION of apporval whatever it may be.

    The USCIS has not taken any official position on whether they would allow the after I-140 3-year extension to be transferred to another employer.
    Using this loophole looks like many of us have actually sucessfully tranferred the H1B to a new employer after the 6 year limit..

    As long as USCIS does not release any regulations...We can do this ....
    If asked officialy some attorneys say that it cannot be done and some are fine with that...

    Immigration laws are kind of applied sporadically and can be pushed to a certain extent

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  • The poll was enabled for me after I posted this message :)

    Your wife/husband/girl friend/boy friend must have already voted on the poll. Yes, this poll is that duplicates...we(dont ask who the we is) want the exact count. Apparently the exact count is very critical for watever it's intended. :)

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  • I hope USCIS explains to us on how their work distribution process works.

    Forget about that even if they publish every quarter, how many I-485 from each country of chargeability and employment categories are pending any processing, it will help analyse when one can expect their approval.

    At this moment TSC is following some Pilot plus program to adjudicate the I-140 and I-485 filed concurrent, that scrwes up many standalone I-140 for whom the PD is not current. According to USCIS policy your I-140 adjudication is independent of the country of chargeability and PD. Now how in the world we explain their Pilot plus program which ignores the I-140s from the retrogressed countries is only USCIS leadership knows.

    NSC at least not going into this Pilot plus program and consistent in their approval patterns for both I-140 and I-485.

    USCIS is under pressure for both Naturalization cases and the VISA number utilization prior to end of FY2008, which is Sept 30th 2008. We will see some kind of RFEs for July-Aug 2007 I-485 filers during Oct-Dec 2008 timeframe when USCIS has ample time in processing the I-485 petitions.

    I dont see any RFE or any other progress on our I-485s until that time...and obviously the approvals will come later when the PDs for india EB-3 and EB-2 start moving further.

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  • How were you able to file in june 2007 when the dates were not current for eb3. They wont even accept the applications.

    Why do people assume everyone here is from India?

    hopefulgc, count me in. I am EB2 India with PD Oct 2004. But as I have mentioned before lots of my friends and family members are in EB3. You have my unconditional support.

    Yes these emails to congressmen will never be that effective as really walking in the streets of DC. I lived in DC for more than 2 yrs.

    In that 2 yrs period I saw several protests and walks. One of those are from illegal aliens. If they are doing then we MUST do this.

    We need to really ROLL UP our sleeves and get into the business here before April/June (when something will happen)

    Shall I book my tickets ?

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